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100 Meters
1.11Marcial Lawson11.03CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 22Division I Championships
2.12Peter Roman11.21CAShastaMay 08Sweet Elite District Meet
3.11Jerrick Wallace11.29 (.3)CAPleasant ValleyMay 08Nevada Union Invitational
4.11Nick Sloggy11.34cCAChicoApr 01Pleasant Valley
10Colin Dahlberg11.34CARed BluffMay 08Dave Allen Twilight Classic
11Casey McCartin11.34cCAParadiseApr 15Paradise vs Chico
7.10Jeff Foster11.44cCARed BluffMar 12Red Bluff/Corning/Mercy
12Tim Pullen11.44cCAParadiseMar 25Paradise vs. Pleasent Valley
9.10Tayler Welch11.58 (1.7)CAPleasant ValleyMay 08Nevada Union Invitational
10.12Jordan Tucker11.60CAShastaMay 08Sweet Elite District Meet
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200 Meters
1.11Jerrick Wallace22.70CAPleasant ValleyMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
2.12Peter Roman22.74CAShastaMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
3.11Marcial Lawson22.75CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
4.12Tim Pullen22.84cCAParadiseApr 15Paradise vs Chico
5.10Colin Dahlberg23.18CARed BluffMay 22Division I Championships
6.11Nick Sloggy23.21 (-1.4)CAChicoApr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
7.11Jourdan Trevino23.64CARed BluffMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
8.11Casey McCartin23.64cCAParadiseApr 15Paradise vs Chico
9.12Jordan Tucker23.74cCAShastaApr 29Pleasant Valley/Shasta
11Zack Schwabauer23.74CARed BluffMay 08Dave Allen Twilight Classic
12Logan Grimes23.74cCAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 29Chico/Red Bluff/Foothill
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400 Meters
1.12Tim Pullen49.59CAParadiseMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
2.12Colter Hedden50.59CARed BluffMay 22Division I Championships
3.11Daniel Parker51.24cCAChicoMay 06Enterprise/Paradise
4.11Marcial Lawson51.34cCAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 22Paradise/Foothill/Pleasant Valley
5.11Anthony Williams51.64cCAEnterpriseMay 06Enterprise/Paradise
6.10Trevor Hope51.84cCAEnterpriseMay 06Enterprise/Paradise
7.11Hunter Kepon52.19CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 11John Frank Invitational
8.11Josh Cherrington52.44cCAChicoApr 22League-Oroville vs Shasta/Chico
9.9Zach Iverson52.50CARed BluffMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
10.12Carson Bee52.82CAPleasant ValleyMay 08Nevada Union Invitational
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800 Meters
1.11Daniel Parker1:56.10CAChicoApr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
2.12Phillip Graber1:59.82CAChicoMay 08Nevada Union Invitational
3.10Trevor Hope2:00.28CAEnterpriseMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
4.10Jordan Wright2:00.59CAOrovilleMay 08Nevada Union Invitational
5.11Chas Burton2:00.61CAChicoApr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
6.12Colter Hedden2:02.8hCARed BluffApr 29Chico/Red Bluff/Foothill
7.11Zach Kaylor2:03.0hCAEnterpriseApr 29Pleasant Valley/Shasta
8.10Garfield Gonzales2:04.69CAOrovilleMay 22Division I Championships
9.11Marc Steiner2:04.74CAPleasant ValleyMay 08Nevada Union Invitational
10.11Devin Shoop2:05.6hCARed BluffMay 06Pleasant Valley vs. Orovill/Red Bluff
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1600 Meters
1.11Zach Kaylor4:16.78CAEnterpriseJun 05CIF State Championship Trials
2.11Daniel Parker4:21.03CAChicoMay 22Division I Championships
3.11Marc Steiner4:31.13CAPleasant ValleyApr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
4.12Phillip Graber4:33.75CAChicoApr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
5.11Devin Shoop4:33.87CARed BluffMay 22Division I Championships
6.9Dylan Chamberlen4:36.88CAParadiseApr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
7.10Jordan Wright4:38.49CAOrovilleMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
8.10Eli Stillman4:39.64CAParadiseMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
9.11Chas Burton4:40.0hCAChicoApr 15Chico vs Paradise
10.12Grant Reed4:40.6hCAParadiseApr 15Paradise vs Chico
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3200 Meters
1.11Zach Kaylor9:21.17CAEnterpriseJun 06CIF State Championships -- Finals
2.12Grant Reed10:00.58CAParadiseApr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
3.11Dustin Gibbs10:00.70CAPleasant ValleyMay 29NSCIF Championships
4.11Anthony Moore10:08.61CAShastaMay 08Sweet Elite District Meet
5.11Payton Laurie10:10.73CAPleasant ValleyMay 08Nevada Union Invitational
6.10Ryan Teesdale10:13.50CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
7.11Daniel Parker10:18.7hCAChicoApr 15Chico vs Paradise
8.12Anthony Ferretti10:27.68CAOrovilleApr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
9.11Chas Burton10:28.2hCAChicoApr 29Chico/Red Bluff/Foothill
10.12Matt Stansbury10:43.63CAChicoApr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
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110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Eli Copsey15.25CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Mar 20North State Relays (Varsity Only)
2.12Kayhan Karatekeli15.56 (-.7)CAChicoApr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
3.11Corrie Emmons15.68 (-1.4)CAChicoMay 29NSCIF Championships
4.11Anthony Williams15.71CAEnterpriseMar 18Enterprise vs. West Valley
5.11James Williams15.75CAEnterpriseApr 04Hornet Invitational
6.11Taylor Hickson16.03CARed BluffMay 08Dave Allen Twilight Classic
7.12Russell Rabut16.14cCAChicoApr 01Pleasant Valley
8.10Bryston Potillor16.24cCAEnterpriseMay 06Enterprise/Paradise
9.12Brett Edwards16.27CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 08Sweet Elite District Meet
10.10Jason Weinrich16.44cCAChicoApr 22League-Oroville vs Shasta/Chico
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300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Corrie Emmons39.88CAChicoMay 29NSCIF Championships
2.11Anthony Williams39.95CAEnterpriseMay 29NSCIF Championships
3.11James Williams40.34CAEnterpriseMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
4.10Jason Weinrich40.44cCAChicoApr 29Chico/Red Bluff/Foothill
5.12Eli Copsey40.76CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
6.12Peter Roman41.44cCAShastaMay 06Shasta/Foothill
7.11Taylor Hickson41.76CARed BluffMay 22Division I Championships
8.12Brett Edwards42.24cCAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 29Chico/Red Bluff/Foothill
9.10Matt Reiser42.44cCAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 29Chico/Red Bluff/Foothill
10.12Russell Rabut42.44cCAChicoApr 15Chico vs Paradise
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4x100 Relay
1.-Brooks Beaudette
Jordan Tucker
Peter Roman
Brett Lahorgue
43.52CAShastaMay 29NSCIF Championships
2.-Joshue Cherrington
Russell Rabut
Kayhan Karatekeli
Nick Sloggy
43.65CAChicoMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
3.-Relay Team44.44cCAPleasant ValleyApr 22Pleasant Valeey vs Foothill/Paradise
4.-Marcial Lawson
Michael Faris
Brett Edwards
Logan Grimes
44.48CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
5.-Daniel Carlson
Sam Dixon
Tim Pullen
Casey McCarten
44.64cCAParadiseApr 22Paradise/Foothill/Pleasant Valley
6.-Sam Gibson
Jourdan Trevino
Zack Schwabauer
Colter Hedden
45.23CARed BluffMay 08Dave Allen Twilight Classic
7.-James Williams
Eric Parsons
Ian Williams
Brian Coleman
45.41CAEnterpriseMay 08Sweet Elite District Meet
8.-Josh Sorenson
Will Page
Yahya Dosu
Julian Lee
47.14cCAOrovilleMay 06League-Oroville vs Red Bluff/PV
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4x400 Relay
1.-Ian Williams
Zack Kaylor
Eric Parsons
Will Laskowsky
3:24.85CAEnterpriseMay 29NSCIF Championships
2.-Grant Blaser
Jourdan Trevino
Colter Hedden
Zack Schwabauer
3:27.44CARed BluffMay 29NSCIF Championships
3.-Daniel Parker
Nick Sloggy
Chas Burton
Phillip Graber
3:28.42CAChicoMay 29NSCIF Championships
4.-Sam Dixon
Casey McCarten
Riley Stringer
Tim Pullen
3:30.06CAParadiseMay 22Division I Championships
5.-Will Porter
Logan Valencia
Jerrick Wallace
Carson Bee
3:31.93CAPleasant ValleyMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
6.-Marcial Lawson
Eli Copsey
Hunter Kepon
Brett Edwards
3:32.92CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 08Sweet Elite District Meet
7.-Garfield Gonzales
Will Page
Russel Brandt
Jordan Wright
3:36.97CAOrovilleMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
8.-Anthony Moore
Jordan Avery
Brandon Osuna
Brooks Beaudette
3:49.6hCAShastaMay 06Shasta/Foothill
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Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Justin Hassel52' 0CARed BluffMay 29NSCIF Championships
2.12Ryan Gates50' 1CAParadiseMay 08Gary Burton Invitational
3.12Chase Taylor49' 8.25CAEnterpriseMay 22Division I Championships
4.10Jordon Dobrich48' 4CAParadiseApr 29Leaue-Oroville vs Paradise
5.11Doug Harlow48' 3CAEnterpriseMay 22Division I Championships
6.10Austin Wobbe46' 8CARed BluffApr 11John Frank Invitational
7.10Cole Taylor45' 5CAEnterpriseApr 22Red Bluff/Enterprise
8.-Dakota Bearquiver45' 4CARed BluffMar 12Red Bluff/Corning/Mercy
9.10Tyler Fagan45' 2CAShastaApr 11John Frank Invitational
10.11Chase Boydstun45' 1.75CAShastaApr 24West Valley/Chico Invitational
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Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Ryan Gates149' 3CAParadiseMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
2.10Tyler Lamott147' 9CAChicoMay 22Division I Championships
3.12Mark Lotakoon147' 0CARed BluffMay 22Division I Championships
4.12Justin Hassel140' 3CARed BluffMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
5.11Jesse Miranda140' 0.5CAEnterpriseMay 06Enterprise/Paradise
6.10Cody Ramage136' 11CAShastaMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
7.11Matthew Rix135' 10.8CAPleasant ValleyMar 01PV vs Oroville and Red Bluff
8.11David Ashby135' 1CAShastaApr 29Pleasant Valley/Shasta
9.12Cody Schumacher134' 5CAChicoMar 18Yuba City
10.10Zak Stroing131' 0CARed BluffApr 24PV JV Invite (JV Only)
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High Jump
1.12Russell Rabut6' 6CAChicoMar 18Yuba City
12Eli Copsey6' 6CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 29NSCIF Championships
3.10Jordon Dobrich6' 4CAParadiseMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
11Anthony Williams6' 4CAEnterpriseMar 21Gilroy Avis Kelley Invitational
5.11Jordan McDaniel6' 2CAChicoApr 22League-Oroville vs Shasta/Chico
11Hunter Kepon6' 2CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 04Hornet Invitational
7.10Jason Weinrich6' 0CAChicoMay 22Division I Championships
11Robert Schatz6' 0CARed BluffMar 20North State Relays (Varsity Only)
10Jovon Cunningham6' 0CAEnterpriseMar 18Enterprise vs. West Valley
11Garrett Moore6' 0CAEnterpriseApr 01Oroville/Foothill/Enterprise
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Pole Vault
1.11Garrett Moore14' 0CAEnterpriseApr 04Hornet Invitational
2.10Nathan McFarlane12' 6CAEnterpriseMay 22Division I Championships
3.11Mitchell Engrasser11' 6CAEnterpriseMay 22Division I Championships
4.11Tyler Wilkins10' 0CAShastaMay 22Division I Championships
11Will Laskowsky10' 0CAEnterpriseApr 11John Frank Invitational
6.11William Evola9' 0CAEnterpriseApr 22Red Bluff/Enterprise
12Charlie Bierwirth9' 0CAShastaMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
8.10Tommy Beeman7' 6CAShastaApr 11John Frank Invitational
9.9Drake Lerma7' 0CAEnterpriseApr 04Hornet Invitational
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Long Jump
1.11James Williams21' 9CAEnterpriseMay 29NSCIF Championships
2.12Peter Roman21' 7.5CAShastaMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
3.10Jovon Cunningham21' 6.5CAEnterpriseApr 04Hornet Invitational
4.12Mike Canalin21' 6CAPleasant ValleyMay 08Nevada Union Invitational
5.12Colter Hedden21' 5.75CARed BluffMay 29NSCIF Championships
6.12Chase Taylor21' 3.5CAEnterpriseApr 22Red Bluff/Enterprise
7.12Gino Gagliano20' 9.5CARed BluffApr 22Red Bluff/Enterprise
8.11Nick Sloggy20' 9.25CAChicoMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
9.10Colin Dahlberg20' 9CARed BluffApr 22Red Bluff/Enterprise
10.11Garrett Moore20' 8CAEnterpriseApr 29Pleasant Valley/Shasta
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Triple Jump
1.10Jovon Cunningham46' 8CAEnterpriseApr 10Arcadia Invitational Day 1
2.11James Williams46' 4 (3.5)CAEnterpriseMay 29NSCIF Championships
3.11Jordan McDaniel44' 3CAChicoMay 08Nevada Union Invitational
4.11Jeremy Carter42' 4 (3.2)CAPleasant ValleyMay 29NSCIF Championships
5.11Garrett Moore42' 0.25CAEnterpriseApr 22Red Bluff/Enterprise
6.12Mike Canalin41' 9CAPleasant ValleyMar 01PV vs Oroville and Red Bluff
7.11Taylor Hickson41' 2CARed BluffApr 22Red Bluff/Enterprise
8.10Dan Putman40' 11CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 22Paradise/Foothill/Pleasant Valley
9.12Scott Jenkins40' 3CAPleasant ValleyMay 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
10.10Dreu Depaoli39' 9.25CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 15Eastern Athletic League Championships
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