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Pacific Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.11Jake Lundy11.54cWAWillapa Valley
2.11Kevin Acdal11.92aWAOcosta
3.10Ben Connor11.93aWANW Christian (Lacey)
4.12Kevin Newman12.10aWARaymond
5.10Matt Friese12.14cWAWillapa Valley
6.11Matt Wetterauer12.24cWASouth Bend
7.11Zach Boyes12.26aWASouth Bend
8.9Gabe Wadsworth12.34cWANW Christian (Lacey)
9.11Shane Rankin12.39aWANW Christian (Lacey)
10.11J.J. Carney12.42aWAWillapa Valley
12Roger Vongmixay12.42aWARaymond
200 Meters
1.12Kristian Burger23.15aWASouth Bend
2.11Jake Lundy24.04cWAWillapa Valley
3.11Kevin Acdal24.44cWAOcosta
4.9Gabe Wadsworth24.62aWANW Christian (Lacey)
5.10Ben Connor24.64aWANW Christian (Lacey)
6.11Kyler Scott-Subsits25.19aWANW Christian (Lacey)
7.11Chris Miller25.44cWANorth Beach
12Nate Paro25.44cWANorth Beach
12Conor Smith25.44cWANaselle
10.12Kevin Newman25.44cWARaymond
400 Meters
1.10Ben Connor52.88aWANW Christian (Lacey)
2.10David Lorton53.04cWASouth Bend
3.11Feseha Doelman53.41aWANW Christian (Lacey)
4.12Tony Luoma54.13aWAWillapa Valley
5.11Drew Macy55.93aWANaselle
6.11Dylan Spoor56.39aWASouth Bend
7.11Jake Lundy56.94cWAWillapa Valley
8.12Alex Feero56.95aWANW Christian (Lacey)
9.12Conor Smith57.14cWANaselle
10.11Joel Morrow57.64cWAWillapa Valley
12Daniel Hardin57.64cWASouth Bend
800 Meters
1.10David Lorton1:57.12aWASouth Bend
2.9Lucas Graham2:02.14aWANW Christian (Lacey)
3.12Tony Luoma2:04.67aWAWillapa Valley
4.12Alex Feero2:05.7WANW Christian (Lacey)
5.9Aaron Michael2:07.23aWANW Christian (Lacey)
6.11Nathan Rogers2:07.97aWASouth Bend
7.12Conor Smith2:08.5WANaselle
8.10Justin Holden2:09.7WANW Christian (Lacey)
9.12Micah Cushman2:10.2WANW Christian (Lacey)
10.11Levi Bale2:18.2WASouth Bend
1600 Meters
1.9Lucas Graham4:30.04aWANW Christian (Lacey)
2.11Nathan Rogers4:35.9WASouth Bend
3.10Justin Holden4:37.29aWANW Christian (Lacey)
4.12Micah Cushman4:43.79aWANW Christian (Lacey)
5.9Cramer Smith4:54.8WANaselle
6.9Aaron Michael4:56.78aWANW Christian (Lacey)
7.10Nathan Reitz4:59.1WANaselle
8.12Alex Feero4:59.28aWANW Christian (Lacey)
9.9Ben Grover5:00.3WANorth Beach
10.12Taylor Graves5:02.0WASouth Bend
3200 Meters
1.10Justin Holden10:01.74aWANW Christian (Lacey)
2.9Lucas Graham10:04.98aWANW Christian (Lacey)
3.12Micah Cushman10:19.79aWANW Christian (Lacey)
4.11Nathan Rogers10:27.50aWASouth Bend
5.12Taylor Graves10:31.84aWASouth Bend
6.9Ben Grover10:45.4WANorth Beach
7.12Alex Feero10:53.1WANW Christian (Lacey)
8.10Nathan Reitz10:55.8WANaselle
9.9Josiah Shelman11:05.48aWANW Christian (Lacey)
10.9Cramer Smith11:11.0WANaselle
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Nate Paro15.94cWANorth Beach
2.10Matt Friese16.04aWAWillapa Valley
3.12Sebastian Makinson16.13aWANorth Beach
4.12Roger Vongmixay16.54cWARaymond
5.10Tyson Heo17.34cWANW Christian (Lacey)
6.10Robert Bevens17.54cWAWillapa Valley
7.10Stephen Goff18.04cWANW Christian (Lacey)
8.11Justin Hinz18.34cWASouth Bend
9.9Tyler Tucker18.94cWAOcosta
10.10Shane Titherington19.14cWAOcosta
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Nate Paro42.03aWANorth Beach
2.12Roger Vongmixay42.06aWARaymond
3.12Jon Pulsifer42.73aWAWillapa Valley
4.12John Pulsipher43.44cWAWillapa Valley
5.10Robert Bevens44.64cWAWillapa Valley
6.12Sebastian Makinson45.24cWANorth Beach
7.9Ty Lorton45.34cWASouth Bend
8.10Tyson Heo48.04cWANW Christian (Lacey)
9.10Stephen Goff48.25aWANW Christian (Lacey)
10.10John Johnson50.94cWANorth Beach
4x100 Relay
1.-Ryan Vongmixay
Zach Boyes
Nathan Rogers
Kristian Burger
45.99aWASouth Bend
2.-Kevin Acdal
Ethan Wentz
Kenneth Kautzman
Shane Titherington
3.-Brian Mai
Roger Vongmixay
Danny Xaysy
Kevin Newman
4.-Jake Lundy
Tony Luoma
Micheal Neumeyer
Matt Friese
48.34cWAWillapa Valley
5.-Shane Rankin
Kyler Scott-Subsits
Gabe Wadsworth
Jesse Stacy
48.54cWANW Christian (Lacey)
6.-Nate Paro
Chris Miller
Kevin Braden
Tyler Bushmiller
48.84cWANorth Beach
7.-Nathan Reitz
Ollie Baker
Tylor Nortrup
Rob Baker
4x400 Relay
1.-Ty Lorton
Dylan Spoor
Terrell Boyes
David Lorton
3:39.44aWASouth Bend
2.-Ben Connor
Justin Holden
Kyler Scott-Subsits
Aaron Michael
3:41.28aWANW Christian (Lacey)
3.-Jake Lundy
Tony Luoma
Micheal Neumeyer
Jon Pulsifer
3:42.61aWAWillapa Valley
4.-Sebastian Makinson
Kevin Braden
Chris Miller
Nate Paro
3:43.2WANorth Beach
5.-Cramer Smith
Randy Hamm
Drew Macy
Conor Smith
6.-Shane Titherington
Ethan Wentz
Kenneth Kautzman
Cache Kirschenman
7.-Dane Camenzind
Izzy Newton
Chris Metcalf
Mitch Hatfield
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Will Rockett53' 10WAWillapa Valley
2.12Will Kanavan43' 1WAOcosta
3.11Jordan Wilkeson42' 10WAWillapa Valley
4.12Kristian Burger42' 7WASouth Bend
5.10Shane Titherington41' 6WAOcosta
6.11Tim Blaylock39' 9WANaselle
7.11Zach Boyes39' 1WASouth Bend
8.11J.J. Carney37' 10WAWillapa Valley
9.12Kyle Hillery37' 7WASouth Bend
10.12John Wightman37' 3WANW Christian (Lacey)
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Will Rockett164' 0WAWillapa Valley
2.12Will Kanavan119' 11WAOcosta
3.11Chris Miller118' 2WANorth Beach
4.11Levi Bale115' 0WASouth Bend
5.12Kyle Hillery111' 8WASouth Bend
6.11Randy Hamm111' 3WANaselle
7.10Bryant Oman102' 10WANaselle
8.10Ollie Baker101' 9WANaselle
9.12John Wightman100' 2WANW Christian (Lacey)
10.11Tim Blaylock100' 0WANaselle
Javelin - 800g
1.12Brett Rose165' 0WASouth Bend
2.12Kevin Newman159' 1WARaymond
3.10Dakota Oblad156' 3WAWillapa Valley
4.10Shane Titherington150' 9WAOcosta
5.12Danny Xaysy142' 11WARaymond
6.11Zach Boyes137' 2WASouth Bend
7.10Ollie Baker136' 4WANaselle
8.10Ori Tanner132' 8WAOcosta
9.11Jordan Wilkeson131' 8WAWillapa Valley
10.11Randy Hamm131' 3.5WANaselle
High Jump
1.10Terrell Boyes6' 0WASouth Bend
2.10David Lorton5' 10WASouth Bend
11Drew Macy5' 10WANaselle
12Nate Paro5' 10WANorth Beach
5.9Tyler Tucker5' 8WAOcosta
12Conor Smith5' 8WANaselle
12Sebastian Makinson5' 8WANorth Beach
8.9Rob Baker5' 6WANaselle
9Tyler Bushmiller5' 6WANorth Beach
10.9Micheal Neumeyer5' 4WAWillapa Valley
12Kevin Newman5' 4WARaymond
11Ethan Wentz5' 4WAOcosta
Pole Vault
1.12Tylor Nortrup13' 0WANaselle
2.10Matt Friese12' 6WAWillapa Valley
3.11Andrew Friese12' 0WAWillapa Valley
12Jon Pulsifer12' 0WAWillapa Valley
5.11Kevin Acdal11' 6WAOcosta
12John Pulsipher11' 6WAWillapa Valley
7.10Robert Bevens10' 6WAWillapa Valley
8.12Alex Bennett10' 0WANaselle
9.9Dale Howerton8' 0WAOcosta
Long Jump
1.11Jake Lundy19' 5.5WAWillapa Valley
2.12Kevin Newman19' 3WARaymond
3.12Kristian Burger19' 1WASouth Bend
4.10Terrell Boyes18' 8WASouth Bend
5.12Danny Xaysy18' 7WARaymond
6.12Ryan Vongmixay18' 5.25WASouth Bend
7.10Ben Connor18' 5WANW Christian (Lacey)
8.10Matt Friese18' 2WAWillapa Valley
9.12Brian Mai18' 1.5WARaymond
11Matt Wetterauer18' 1.5WASouth Bend
Triple Jump
1.12Jon Pulsifer41' 3.25WAWillapa Valley
2.10Terrell Boyes40' 11.25WASouth Bend
3.12Roger Vongmixay40' 8.75WARaymond
4.12John Pulsipher39' 8.5WAWillapa Valley
5.12Danny Xaysy39' 0.75WARaymond
6.12Kevin Newman38' 11WARaymond
7.12Ryan Vongmixay38' 2WASouth Bend
8.9Micheal Neumeyer38' 0WAWillapa Valley
9.12Brian Mai37' 9WARaymond
10.10Robert Bevens37' 6WAWillapa Valley

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.9Hannah Borden13.12aWARaymond
2.12Janaye Lockett13.43aWANW Christian (Lacey)
3.11Kayleigh Peterson13.64cWAOcosta
4.12Lexi Joyce13.74cWANorth Beach
5.9Jazmin Alfaro13.84cWANorth Beach
6.9Kristen Lazelle13.94cWASouth Bend
7.11Lindsey Raymond14.03aWAWillapa Valley
8.9Emily King14.24cWAOcosta
11Andrea Waldrop14.24cWANW Christian (Lacey)
10.9Jamie Carter14.60aWAOcosta
200 Meters
1.9Hannah Borden26.94cWARaymond
2.11Kayleigh Peterson28.21aWAOcosta
3.11Andrea Waldrop28.77aWANW Christian (Lacey)
4.11Nicole Laney28.84cWANaselle
12Lexi Joyce28.84cWANorth Beach
6.12Janaye Lockett29.02aWANW Christian (Lacey)
7.9Jazmin Alfaro29.24cWANorth Beach
8.11Lindsey Raymond29.50aWAWillapa Valley
9.10Courtney Wagner29.64aWANW Christian (Lacey)
10.9Jessica Waldrop29.84cWANW Christian (Lacey)
400 Meters
1.11Nicole Laney63.89aWANaselle
2.10Joanna Sowers64.28aWANW Christian (Lacey)
3.9Jazmin Alfaro65.29aWANorth Beach
4.10Courtney Wagner65.86aWANW Christian (Lacey)
5.11Jodi Christie67.49aWANaselle
6.9Alexa McFadden68.74cWARaymond
7.12Lexi Joyce70.14cWANorth Beach
8.9Emily King72.04cWAOcosta
9.9Kayla Passolt72.14cWASouth Bend
10.11Lindsey Raymond76.34cWAWillapa Valley
800 Meters
1.9Elizabeth Weber2:26.47aWANW Christian (Lacey)
2.11Nicole Laney2:36.5WANaselle
3.11Ashlee Giesman2:38.4WANW Christian (Lacey)
4.12Natalie Bollen2:42.8WAOcosta
5.9Nicole deMontigny2:42.9WASouth Bend
6.9Alexa McFadden2:48.95aWARaymond
7.12Lexi Joyce2:49.54aWANorth Beach
8.11Jodi Christie2:54.9WANaselle
9.11Daynah Harris3:00.1WAOcosta
10.10Heidi Elliott3:00.3WASouth Bend
1600 Meters
1.9Elizabeth Weber5:33.09aWANW Christian (Lacey)
2.9Nicole deMontigny5:54.10aWASouth Bend
3.12Natalie Bollen5:56.88aWAOcosta
4.11Ashlee Giesman6:05.68aWANW Christian (Lacey)
5.9Tasha Stenvall6:32.45aWANaselle
6.10Heidi Elliott6:43.5WASouth Bend
7.11Chelsea Dick6:47.45aWANW Christian (Lacey)
8.9Tristan Graves6:56.0WASouth Bend
9.9Natasha Ruys7:21.9WAOcosta
10.11Whitney Buck7:25.51aWARaymond
3200 Meters
1.12Natalie Bollen12:40.04aWAOcosta
2.11Ashlee Giesman12:43.50aWANW Christian (Lacey)
3.9Elizabeth Weber12:53.8WANW Christian (Lacey)
4.9Nicole deMontigny13:31.5WASouth Bend
5.9Tasha Stenvall13:35.25aWANaselle
6.10Jessica Jackson14:10.6WARaymond
7.10Heidi Elliott15:26.30aWASouth Bend
8.11Chelsea Dick15:50.5WANW Christian (Lacey)
9.11Beth Atkinson16:20.7WAOcosta
10.12Sam Metcalf19:44.0WARaymond
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Kristen Lazelle17.53aWASouth Bend
2.11Daynah Harris18.43aWAOcosta
3.9Molly Khammala18.59aWARaymond
4.11Gabbie Makinson18.64cWANorth Beach
5.11Lindsey Raymond19.23aWAWillapa Valley
6.9Jamie Carter21.34cWAOcosta
11Leeanna Mong21.34cWANorth Beach
8.12Sam Metcalf21.39aWARaymond
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Hannah Borden47.68aWARaymond
2.10Joanna Sowers50.55aWANW Christian (Lacey)
3.10Rosa Rojas51.62aWASouth Bend
4.12Brianna Dueber52.45aWAOcosta
5.11Daynah Harris56.34cWAOcosta
6.9Molly Khammala62.84aWARaymond
4x100 Relay
1.-Molly Khammala
Mallory Maneman
Alexa McFadden
Hannah Borden
2.-Kristen Lazelle
Hannah Dennis
Rosa Rojas
Vanessa Eang
53.90aWASouth Bend
3.-Daynah Harris
Emily King
Jamie Carter
Kayleigh Peterson
4.-Lexi Joyce
Leanna Mong
Savannah Hieronymus
Jazmin Alfaro
56.74cWANorth Beach
5.-Rebecca Gibbons
Mercedes Larkin
Maza Hutson
Andrea Waldrop
56.78aWANW Christian (Lacey)
4x200 Relay
1.-Joanna Sowers
Courtney Wagner
Elizabeth Weber
Andrea Waldrop
1:54.4WANW Christian (Lacey)
2.-Daynah Harris
Emily King
Jamie Carter
Kayleigh Peterson
3.-Jazmin Alfaro
Savannah Hieronymus
Lexi Joyce
Leanna Mong
1:56.8WANorth Beach
-Vanessa Eang
Rosa Rojas
Kayla Passolt
Hannah Dennis
1:56.8WASouth Bend
5.-Jaymie Hanson
Molly Khammala
Alexa McFadden
Paige Oatfield
4x400 Relay
1.-Janaye Lockett
Elizabeth Weber
Joanna Sowers
Courtney Wagner
4:20.88aWANW Christian (Lacey)
2.-Samantha Bauer
Jodi Christie
Nicole Laney
Taylor Wasmundt
3.-Kayla Passolt
Rosa Rojas
Nicole deMontigny
Hannah Dennis
4:39.6WASouth Bend
4.-Daynah Harris
Brianna Dueber
Emily King
Natalie Bollen
5.-Kayla Lev
Jaymie Hanson
Paige Oatfield
Bong Khammala
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Rebekah Hutson40' 2WANW Christian (Lacey)
2.12Cheresse Weidman38' 11WANorth Beach
3.11Elizabeth Thatcher38' 1WANorth Beach
4.12Sara Richards33' 6WASouth Bend
5.11Brenda Yi33' 4.75WASouth Bend
6.10Melanie Hahn29' 9WANorth Beach
7.11Grace Hamilton29' 8WANW Christian (Lacey)
8.11Breana Prentice29' 4.5WARaymond
9.12Bong Khammala29' 4WARaymond
10.11Haley Hubbard28' 7.5WARaymond
Discus - 1kg
1.11Elizabeth Thatcher138' 5WANorth Beach
2.12Cheresse Weidman116' 5WANorth Beach
3.12Bong Khammala105' 1WARaymond
4.12Rebekah Hutson101' 3WANW Christian (Lacey)
5.12Sara Richards97' 7WASouth Bend
6.11Haley Hubbard91' 11WARaymond
7.11Breana Prentice84' 10WARaymond
8.10Taylor Wasmundt83' 11WANaselle
9.11Grace Hamilton79' 10WANW Christian (Lacey)
10.10Jackie Summers73' 8WAOcosta
Javelin - 600g
1.11Nicole Miller118' 2WAWillapa Valley
2.11Brenda Yi107' 3WASouth Bend
3.11Breana Prentice106' 6WARaymond
4.12Bong Khammala97' 10WARaymond
5.11Haley Hubbard92' 6WARaymond
6.11Mia Dant91' 5WAWillapa Valley
7.12Jennifer Rosales90' 0WAWillapa Valley
8.12Jerika Miller88' 7WASouth Bend
9.12Brianna Verrall85' 6WAWillapa Valley
10.10Tiffany Powell85' 1WASouth Bend
High Jump
1.9Mallory Maneman4' 10WARaymond
9Emily King4' 10WAOcosta
3.12Sara Richards4' 8WASouth Bend
9Alana Darcher4' 8WANaselle
9Kayla Passolt4' 8WASouth Bend
6.9Paige Oatfield4' 6WARaymond
10Vanessa Eang4' 6WASouth Bend
8.9Jazmin Alfaro4' 2WANorth Beach
11Whitney Buck4' 2WARaymond
11Jaymie Hanson4' 2WARaymond
Pole Vault
1.11Elizabeth Thatcher8' 6WANorth Beach
2.11Nicole Laney8' 0WANaselle
3.11Jodi Christie7' 6WANaselle
10Taylor Wasmundt7' 6WANaselle
5.10Kevanna Acdal6' 0WAOcosta
6.10Stephanie Williams5' 0WAOcosta
Long Jump
1.10Vanessa Eang15' 10WASouth Bend
2.12Janaye Lockett15' 5.75WANW Christian (Lacey)
3.9Mallory Maneman14' 11WARaymond
4.11Kayleigh Peterson14' 4WAOcosta
5.9Aizelle Sobrera13' 8WAOcosta
6.9Kristen Lazelle13' 2.25WASouth Bend
7.11Gabbie Makinson13' 0.5WANorth Beach
8.11Lindsey Raymond13' 0WAWillapa Valley
9.10Thinh Oneprachanh12' 10WASouth Bend
10.9Molly Khammala12' 9WARaymond
9Alexa McFadden12' 9WARaymond
Triple Jump
1.10Vanessa Eang34' 7WASouth Bend
2.12Janaye Lockett33' 2.75WANW Christian (Lacey)
3.10Joanna Sowers31' 0WANW Christian (Lacey)
4.9Mallory Maneman30' 9WARaymond
5.9Molly Khammala30' 7.5WARaymond
6.9Nicole deMontigny30' 1WASouth Bend
7.11Nicole Laney29' 4WANaselle
8.9Aizelle Sobrera28' 7.5WAOcosta
9.11Kayleigh Peterson28' 3WAOcosta
10.11Savannah Hieronymus27' 11WANorth Beach

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