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Pacific Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.8Kai Leach12.24cWANaselle
2.8Alec Oatfield12.64cWARaymond
3.8Wyatt Wullger12.74aWAIlwaco
7Ally Phansisay12.74cWARaymond
5.8Nathan Krigbaum13.14cWAOcosta
8Dakota Halverson13.14cWASouth Bend
7.7Carson Ketter13.24cWANorth Beach
8.8Raleigh Esp13.34cWANorth Beach
9.7Hunter Stockfleth13.43aWAIlwaco
10.7Alex Sida13.61aWARaymond
200 Meters
1.8Alec Oatfield26.14cWARaymond
2.7Ally Phansisay26.74cWARaymond
3.8Wyatt Wullger26.81aWAIlwaco
4.8Jake Condon27.14cWANaselle
5.8Brenden Greenfield27.54cWAIlwaco
8Ray Tucker27.54cWAOcosta
7.8Dakota Halverson28.44cWASouth Bend
8.8Andrew Hamilton29.14cWASouth Bend
9.7Hunter Stockfleth29.16aWAIlwaco
10.8Clark Wilson29.44cWAIlwaco
400 Meters
1.8Wyatt Wullger57.36aWAIlwaco
2.8David Rockett58.14cWAWillapa Valley
3.8Max Murdock61.84cWARaymond
4.8Brenden Greenfield63.16aWAIlwaco
5.8Devon Tiekamp64.32aWARaymond
6.8Nathan Krigbaum64.94cWAOcosta
7.8Thunder Markistrum65.24cWANorth Beach
8.8James Long65.34cWAOcosta
9.8Quinton Porter65.44cWANorth Beach
10.8Corbin Sutherland65.77aWAIlwaco
800 Meters
1.8David Rockett2:12.4WAWillapa Valley
2.8Corbin Sutherland2:35.0WAIlwaco
3.7Matt Konigsberger2:40.3WAWillapa Valley
4.8Max Murdock2:45.1WARaymond
5.7Darol Ratsavongsy2:46.0WARaymond
6.8Eric Shepard2:50.2WANorth Beach
7.8James Long2:51.3WAOcosta
8.8Joseph Wagner2:51.5WANorth Beach
9.8Josh Camenzind2:57.8WARaymond
10.8Shayd Wells2:58.1WANorth Beach
1600 Meters
1.8Corbin Sutherland5:33.3WAIlwaco
2.8Levi Wasmundt5:43.8WANaselle
3.8Joseph Wagner5:47.3WANorth Beach
4.7Alex Sida5:54.0WARaymond
5.8Chandler Chapman6:07.0WANaselle
6.7Matt Konigsberger6:07.5WAWillapa Valley
7.8David Rockett6:08.2WAWillapa Valley
8.8Marcus Lundy6:08.7WARaymond
9.7Zane Johnson6:13.0WASouth Bend
10.8Shayd Wells6:23.3WANorth Beach
110m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Kai Leach16.90aWANaselle
2.8Devon Tiekamp18.14cWARaymond
3.7Alex Sida18.54cWARaymond
4.8Cohen Hansen19.04cWASouth Bend
5.8Juan Arellano19.34cWASouth Bend
6.8Eric Shepard19.74cWANorth Beach
7.8Andrew Hamilton20.14cWASouth Bend
8.8Nathan Krigbaum20.54cWAOcosta
7Levi Leach20.54cWANaselle
10.7Hunter Borden21.24cWARaymond
4x100 Relay
1.-James Long
Drew Angelus
Ray Tucker
Nathan Krigbaum
2.-Juan Arellano
Carte Bisbee
Dakota Halverson
Andrew Hamilton
54.34cWASouth Bend
3.-Relay Team55.74cWANorth Beach
4.-Brenden Greenfield
Clark Wilson
Cody Wright
Frank Matthai
5.-Stephen Clevenger
Darol Ratsavongsy
Grant Camenzind
Alex Sida
4x400 Relay
1.-Brenden Greenfield
Frank Matthai
Zack Berteaux
Corbin Sutherland
2.-Juan Arellano
Joe Crow
Andrew Hamilton
Cohen Hansen
4:47.9WASouth Bend
3.-Relay Team4:47.9WANorth Beach
Discus - 1kg
1.8Joe Crow123' 8WASouth Bend
2.8Marcus Lundy112' 1WARaymond
3.7Spencer Case107' 11WARaymond
4.8Ray Tucker100' 5WAOcosta
5.8Frank Matthai99' 3.00WAIlwaco
8Josh Camenzind99' 3WARaymond
7.8Zak Berteaux96' 6.00WAIlwaco
8.8Levi Wasmundt96' 5WANaselle
9.8Clark Wilson91' 2.00WAIlwaco
10.7Stephen Clevenger83' 4WARaymond
High Jump
1.8Alec Oatfield5' 7WARaymond
2.8Devon Tiekamp5' 4WARaymond
8Andrew Hamilton5' 4WASouth Bend
4.8Jake Condon5' 2WANaselle
5.7Spencer Case5' 0WARaymond
8Cody Wright5' 0WAIlwaco
7Ally Phansisay5' 0WARaymond
8.8Raleigh Esp4' 10WANorth Beach
9.7Matt Konigsberger4' 9WAWillapa Valley
10.8Chandler Chapman4' 8WANaselle
8Joseph Wagner4' 8WANorth Beach
Pole Vault
1.8David Rockett10' 0WAWillapa Valley
8Kai Leach10' 0WANaselle
3.8Nathan Krigbaum9' 0WAOcosta
4.8Jake Condon8' 6WANaselle
8Max Murdock8' 6WARaymond
6.7Spencer Case8' 3WARaymond
7.7Hunter Stockfleth8' 0WAIlwaco
8Drew Angelus8' 0WAOcosta
9.8Dustin Eaton7' 0WANaselle
8Jayson Cooley7' 0WANaselle
7Levi Leach7' 0WANaselle
8Matt Horne7' 0WAOcosta
Long Jump
1.7Ally Phansisay18' 7WARaymond
2.8Kai Leach18' 4WANaselle
3.8Wyatt Wullger16' 9WAIlwaco
4.8David Rockett16' 2WAWillapa Valley
8Drew Angelus16' 2WAOcosta
6.8Jake Condon15' 10WANaselle
7.8Cohen Hansen15' 2WASouth Bend
8.8Max Murdock15' 1WARaymond
9.8Levi Wasmundt14' 10WANaselle
10.7Caine Carr14' 8WANorth Beach
Triple Jump
1.7Ally Phansisay38' 2WARaymond
2.8Alec Oatfield36' 8WARaymond
3.8David Rockett35' 11WAWillapa Valley
4.8Juan Arellano32' 5.25WASouth Bend
5.8Drew Angelus32' 5WAOcosta
6.7Alex Sida32' 0WARaymond
7.8Chandler Chapman31' 8.75WANaselle
8.8Carte Bisbee31' 6WASouth Bend
9.8Cohen Hansen31' 1WASouth Bend
10.8Marcus Lundy30' 1WARaymond

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.7Hannah Dykes13.94cWARaymond
2.7Rebekah Saul14.24cWAOcosta
3.7Lauren Nelson14.44cWAOcosta
8Kira Dunsmoor14.44cWARaymond
5.7Kaelani Collins14.54cWASouth Bend
6.8Michaela Huber14.58aWAWillapa Valley
7.8Chloe Werner14.64cWANorth Beach
8Shayla Wilber14.64cWANaselle
9.7Makenzie Russell14.84cWASouth Bend
7Lauren Friese14.84cWAWillapa Valley
200 Meters
1.8Kira Dunsmoor30.24cWARaymond
2.7Natasha Olivera30.74cWAOcosta
3.8Michaela Huber30.84cWAWillapa Valley
4.7Katie Green30.94cWANaselle
5.7Katlyn Sawyer31.14cWASouth Bend
6.8Shayla Wilber31.24cWANaselle
7.8Jasmine Olivera31.34cWAOcosta
8.7Audrey Barnes31.74cWAOcosta
9.8Mara Harwood31.84cWAOcosta
10.7Alyssa Phillips31.99aWAOcosta
400 Meters
1.8Mara Harwood70.54cWAOcosta
2.7Sierra Cearns72.74cWASouth Bend
3.8Danielle Larson74.34cWANaselle
4.8Grace McPhail74.38aWAIlwaco
5.7Alyssa Phillips74.44cWAOcosta
6.8Courtney Hagain75.54cWARaymond
7.8Shylo Boyes76.14cWARaymond
8.7Brooke Harden79.24cWAWillapa Valley
9.7Kiana Ballo80.24cWAOcosta
10.7Christy Zelepuza81.83aWAOcosta
800 Meters
1.8Cindy Pacheco2:44.64aWAIlwaco
2.7Brittany Starheim2:48.9WAIlwaco
3.8Mara Harwood2:50.8WAOcosta
4.8Morgan Walker2:53.9WAWillapa Valley
5.8Brianne Goodin3:01.6WARaymond
6.7Alyssa Phillips3:03.8WAOcosta
7.7Hailey Hosler3:06.6WAWillapa Valley
8.7Kiana Ballo3:06.8WAOcosta
9.7Aubrey Boyes3:08.45aWARaymond
10.7Emily Fluke3:09.3WAWillapa Valley
1600 Meters
1.8Cindy Pacheco5:56.5WAIlwaco
2.8Mara Harwood5:57.2WAOcosta
3.7Brittany Starheim6:06.11aWAIlwaco
4.7Katie Green6:25.1WANaselle
5.7Alexandria Gilbert6:34.7WARaymond
6.7Kayti Nelson6:35.6WANaselle
7.7Kiana Ballo6:47.4WAOcosta
8.8Morgan Walker6:53.0WAWillapa Valley
9.7Katelyn Magie6:54.4WANaselle
10.8Macy Karlsvik7:02.9WARaymond
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Chloe Werner18.24cWANorth Beach
8Abby Maneman18.24cWARaymond
3.7Hannah Dykes18.64cWARaymond
4.8Emily Burbank18.74cWASouth Bend
7Lauren Friese18.74cWAWillapa Valley
6.8Rachael Black19.94cWASouth Bend
7.8Kira Dunsmoor20.14cWARaymond
8.7Kaelani Collins20.24cWASouth Bend
8Amanda Koski20.24cWARaymond
10.7Mikayla Sunde20.25aWAOcosta
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Chloe Werner18.34cWANorth Beach
2.8Raven Rogers18.63aWAIlwaco
3.8Abby Maneman19.04cWARaymond
4.7Hannah Dykes19.44cWARaymond
5.7Lauren Friese19.64cWAWillapa Valley
7Mikayla Sunde19.64cWAOcosta
7.7Audrey Barnes19.64cWAOcosta
8.8Tawnie Nesbitt19.71aWAIlwaco
9.7Natasha Olivera19.74cWAOcosta
10.8Amanda Bell19.87aWAIlwaco
4x100 Relay
1.-Mikayla Sunde
Audrey Barnes
Natasha Olivera
Rebekah Saul
2.-Raven Rogers
Amanda Bell
Tawnie Nesbit
Cindy Pacheco
3.-Jamiee Boggs
Alexandria Gilbert
Hannah Dykes
Talia Johnson
4.-Sierra Cearns
Kaelani Collins
Maddy Klus
Makenzie Russell
61.04cWASouth Bend
5.-Relay Team61.34cWANorth Beach
6.-Relay Team63.24cWAWillapa Valley
7.-Katie Green
Katelyn Magie
Kayti Nelson
Haley Pine
4x200 Relay
1.-Grace McPhail
Raven Rogers
Cindy Pacheco
Eli Rose Fox
2.-Sierra Cearns
Maddy Klus
Katlyn Sawyer
Keesa Wilson
2:13.8WASouth Bend
3.-Christy Zelepuza
Leanna Miles
Becke Shurtz
Alyssa Phillips
4.-Relay Team2:18.1WAWillapa Valley
5.-Shayla Wilber
Jordan Badger
Kristen Scrabeck
Danielle Larson
6.-Megan Leighty
Crystal Lynch
Blythe Beebe
Emily Johns
2:52.1WANorth Beach
Discus - 1kg
1.8Amanda Bell81' 1WAIlwaco
2.7Becke Shurtz79' 0WAOcosta
3.8Danielle Williams70' 7WAOcosta
4.8Katrina Ege66' 11WAWillapa Valley
5.8Crystal Lynch65' 2WANorth Beach
8Courtney Hagain65' 2WARaymond
7.8Koral Frost64' 9WANorth Beach
8.7Talia Johnson60' 0WARaymond
9.7Alyssa Phillips59' 9WAOcosta
10.7Maria Garman57' 7WANorth Beach
High Jump
1.8Abby Maneman4' 9WARaymond
8Tawnie Nesbitt4' 9WAIlwaco
3.8Kenadee Miller4' 6WASouth Bend
4.7Kaelani Collins4' 5WASouth Bend
5.7Lauren Nelson4' 4WAOcosta
6.8Jasmine Olivera4' 2WAOcosta
7Mikayla Sunde4' 2WAOcosta
7Rebekah Saul4' 2WAOcosta
7Makenzie Russell4' 2WASouth Bend
7Katie Green4' 2WANaselle
8Hayden Hottendorf4' 2WANorth Beach
8Kira Dunsmoor4' 2WARaymond
Pole Vault
1.8Michaela Huber7' 4WAWillapa Valley
2.8Danielle Larson7' 0WANaselle
7Lauren Friese7' 0WAWillapa Valley
4.8Danielle Williams6' 6WAOcosta
5.7Emily Fluke6' 0WAWillapa Valley
6.7Lexie Schmeling5' 6WAOcosta
7Lauren Nelson5' 6WAOcosta
7Maia Sholin5' 6WAIlwaco
Long Jump
1.8Abby Maneman13' 8WARaymond
2.7Lauren Nelson13' 0.5WAOcosta
3.8Morgan Walker12' 6WAWillapa Valley
4.8Tawnie Nesbitt12' 5.5WAIlwaco
5.7Mikayla Sunde12' 4WAOcosta
6.7Rebekah Saul12' 3WAOcosta
7.8Grace McPhail12' 0.5WAIlwaco
8.7Emily Fluke11' 9WAWillapa Valley
9.7Haley Pine11' 5WANaselle
10.8Alexa York11' 4.5WANaselle
Triple Jump
1.7Hannah Dykes30' 2.75WARaymond
2.8Abby Maneman29' 5WARaymond
3.8Cindy Pacheco29' 2WAIlwaco
4.7Rebekah Saul28' 6WAOcosta
5.8Mara Harwood28' 5WAOcosta
6.8Raven Rogers27' 11WAIlwaco
7.8Danielle Williams27' 6WAOcosta
8.8Elli Fox26' 9.75WAIlwaco
9.7Lauren Nelson26' 8.5WAOcosta
10.8Shylo Boyes26' 2WARaymond

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