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100 Meters
1.11Randy Nichols11.22aIDCouncil
2.12Dustin Rinker11.41aIDSalmon River
3.10Zach Siegel12.04cIDMeadows Valley
4.11Kyle Brady12.64cIDSalmon River
11Casey Hileman12.64cIDGarden Valley
11Justin Swift12.64cIDMeadows Valley
7.11Bryan Dixon12.94cIDMeadows Valley
9Caleb Jepsen12.94cIDCouncil
9.12Brian Libby13.04cIDMeadows Valley
10.11Tucker Scott13.14cIDCascade
200 Meters
1.11Randy Nichols23.84cIDCouncil
2.10Zach Siegel23.85aIDMeadows Valley
3.12Dustin Rinker24.13aIDSalmon River
4.12Hunter Lambirth24.94cIDCascade
5.12Kannon Hemenway25.68a18IDCouncil
6.11Kyle Brady25.74cIDSalmon River
7.11Tucker Scott26.04cIDCascade
11Tyler Bentz26.04cIDMeadows Valley
9.9Jake Brady26.14cIDSalmon River
10.12Nick Stocks26.54cIDCascade
400 Meters
1.11Joey Kennedy55.54cIDCascade
2.11Dave Hearold60.24cIDMeadows Valley
3.10Paddy Libby61.04cIDMeadows Valley
10Cade Hollon61.04cIDSalmon River
5.9Wraeith Vinson61.14cIDHorseshoe Bend
6.9Graham Briley62.80aIDCouncil
7.10Jake Schimpf63.24cIDCascade
8.11Brandon Long63.54cIDHorseshoe Bend
9.9Kurt Charlton63.74cIDCascade
10.9Jac Cook64.14cIDCouncil
800 Meters
1.11Eric Klobetanz2:03.26aIDSalmon River
2.10Dylan Crevelt2:13.80IDCascade
3.12Kannon Hemenway2:17.3018IDCouncil
4.9Wraeith Vinson2:27.00IDHorseshoe Bend
5.12Olen Gellein2:35.70IDMeadows Valley
6.9Jake Brady2:36.80IDSalmon River
7.12Trevor Hearold2:37.40IDMeadows Valley
8.11Dustin Clay2:40.00IDMeadows Valley
9.10Shadyn Wallace2:54.10IDMeadows Valley
1600 Meters
1.10Dylan Crevelt4:38.10IDCascade
2.12Trevor Hearold5:13.30IDMeadows Valley
3.11Eric Klobetanz5:23.90IDSalmon River
4.9Wraeith Vinson5:32.90IDHorseshoe Bend
5.9Charlie Sheperd5:38.50IDSalmon River
6.11Dustin Clay5:52.30IDMeadows Valley
3200 Meters
1.10Dylan Crevelt9:50.26aIDCascade
2.12Trevor Hearold11:34.60IDMeadows Valley
3.9Wraeith Vinson12:35.90IDHorseshoe Bend
4.11Dustin Clay12:38.70IDMeadows Valley
5.10Cade Hollon13:28.80IDSalmon River
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Jared Black17.94cIDHorseshoe Bend
2.10Zach Siegel18.14cIDMeadows Valley
3.10Paddy Libby18.52aIDMeadows Valley
4.10Josh Vandenburg19.24cIDCascade
5.12Kannon Hemenway19.84c18IDCouncil
6.11Brandon Long21.94cIDHorseshoe Bend
7.10Killian Sampo23.74cIDGarden Valley
8.9Wraeith Vinson26.04cIDHorseshoe Bend
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Kannon Hemenway46.24c18IDCouncil
2.10Zach Siegel46.34cIDMeadows Valley
3.10Josh Vandenburg46.94cIDCascade
4.10Paddy Libby47.94cIDMeadows Valley
5.11Jared Black50.54cIDHorseshoe Bend
6.9Charlie Sheperd53.24cIDSalmon River
7.9Wraeith Vinson53.54cIDHorseshoe Bend
8.11Brandon Long57.90aIDHorseshoe Bend
4x100 Relay
1.-Tyler Bentz
Nick Ralls
Brendan McConnor
Zach Siegel
49.14cIDMeadows Valley
2.-Jimmy Gridley
Stanton Schaeffer
Nick Stocks
Zach Walter
4x200 Relay
1.-Tyler Bentz
Brendan McConnor
Justin Swift
Zach Siegel
1:38.20IDMeadows Valley
2.-Tucker Scott
Chris Ferroni
Nick Stocks
Zach Walter
4x400 Relay
1.-Stanton Schaeffer
Nick Stocks
Tracy Rountree
Tucker Scott
2.-Relay Team4:16.50IDMeadows Valley
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Dustin Rinker
Eric Klobetanz
Kyle Brady
Cade Hollon
3:52.30IDSalmon River
2.-Hunter Lambirth
Jordan Speer
Jake Schimpf
Josh Vandenburg
3.-Caleb Jepsen
Daniel Cameron
Kannon Hemenway
Jac Cook
4.-Leonard Wallace
Tyler Bentz
Dave Hearold
Trevor Hearold
4:42.80IDMeadows Valley
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Steve Lucas48' 11.00IDCouncil
2.12Tyler Shelton48' 8.00IDCouncil
3.12Charles Jaramillo-swan45' 11.00IDSalmon River
4.12Brian Libby44' 5.50IDMeadows Valley
5.10Chris Ferroni44' 0.75IDCascade
6.11Tyler Bentz42' 9.25IDMeadows Valley
7.9Hunter Lucas37' 5.00IDCouncil
8.12Ben Jaramillo36' 7.50IDSalmon River
9.11Nick Ralls35' 3.00IDMeadows Valley
10.11Zach Walter34' 6.50IDCascade
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Tyler Shelton146' 8.00IDCouncil
2.12Brian Libby138' 4.00IDMeadows Valley
12CJ Bledsoe138' 4.00IDHorseshoe Bend
4.11Steve Lucas135' 2.00IDCouncil
5.12Dustin Rinker119' 1.00IDSalmon River
6.10Chris Ferroni114' 4.00IDCascade
7.11Nick Ralls109' 5.00IDMeadows Valley
8.11Zach Walter106' 9.00IDCascade
9.11Jason Kirpatrick101' 2.00IDMeadows Valley
10.9Daniel Cameron91' 1.00IDCouncil
High Jump
1.11Justin Swift6' 0.00IDMeadows Valley
12Brian Libby6' 0.00IDMeadows Valley
3.12Hunter Lambirth5' 10.00IDCascade
4.9Jonathan Lawler5' 8.00IDGarden Valley
5.12Jordan Speer5' 6.00IDCascade
11Brandon Long5' 6.00IDHorseshoe Bend
7.11Jared Black5' 4.00IDHorseshoe Bend
8.12Kannon Hemenway5' 0.2418IDCouncil
9.9Wraeith Vinson3' 10.06IDHorseshoe Bend
Pole Vault
1.12Mike Wurtz11' 6.00IDCascade
2.11Stanton Schaeffer10' 0.00IDCascade
3.11Kyle Kimmel9' 6.00IDCascade
11Jared Black9' 6.00IDHorseshoe Bend
5.9Kurt Charlton9' 5.00IDCascade
6.9Charlie Sheperd8' 6.00IDSalmon River
10Jimmy Gridley8' 6.00IDCascade
8.11Brandon Long7' 6.00IDHorseshoe Bend
Long Jump
1.11Casey Hileman20' 4.50IDGarden Valley
2.12Dustin Rinker20' 2.50IDSalmon River
3.11Justin Swift20' 1.25IDMeadows Valley
4.12Hunter Lambirth18' 10.00IDCascade
5.12Jordan Speer18' 9.25IDCascade
6.9Jonathan Lawler17' 10.75IDGarden Valley
7.10Jake Schimpf17' 9.50IDCascade
8.12Kannon Hemenway17' 4.5018IDCouncil
9.10Josh Vandenburg16' 11.50IDCascade
10.11Tyler Bentz16' 8.00IDMeadows Valley
Triple Jump
1.12Hunter Lambirth40' 8.00IDCascade
2.11Justin Swift40' 7.75IDMeadows Valley
3.12Jordan Speer38' 11.00IDCascade
4.12Brendan McConnor37' 5.00IDMeadows Valley
5.10Josh Vandenburg36' 10.00IDCascade
6.10Paddy Libby36' 3.75IDMeadows Valley
7.11Dave Hearold35' 8.00IDMeadows Valley
8.9Jonathan Lawler35' 7.00IDGarden Valley
9.11Jared Black35' 6.00IDHorseshoe Bend
10.10Jake Schimpf34' 6.50IDCascade

Womens xshow...

100 Meters
1.10Kara Vinson13.36aIDHorseshoe Bend
2.10Randi Smith14.24cIDMeadows Valley
3.10Jill Folwell14.44cIDSalmon River
4.10Cassidy Brown14.74cIDCascade
10Ashley Cereghino14.74cIDSalmon River
6.9Baylee Moore14.84cIDMeadows Valley
7.9Ashley Flaming15.14cIDMeadows Valley
8.9Rebecca Baird15.54cIDMeadows Valley
9Logan Pergande15.54cIDGarden Valley
10.12LaDawn Vinson15.74cIDHorseshoe Bend
200 Meters
1.11Kyanne Hemenway27.81a17IDCouncil
2.10Kara Vinson29.04cIDHorseshoe Bend
3.9Baylee Moore29.44cIDMeadows Valley
4.9Nicole Kleint29.64cIDCascade
5.10Jill Folwell30.44cIDSalmon River
6.12LaDawn Vinson30.84cIDHorseshoe Bend
7.10Cassidy Brown31.14cIDCascade
8.9Ashley Flaming31.54cIDMeadows Valley
9.12Addie Edmunson32.44cIDCouncil
10.9Rebecca Baird32.94cIDMeadows Valley
400 Meters
1.10Kara Vinson64.84cIDHorseshoe Bend
2.12Jordan Simonson65.34cIDSalmon River
3.12LaDawn Vinson68.24cIDHorseshoe Bend
4.12Sierra Atnip71.44cIDMeadows Valley
5.10Chance Cooney73.14cIDCascade
6.12Addie Edmunson74.44cIDCouncil
7.10Brittany Patterson74.54cIDHorseshoe Bend
8.10Kami Spence77.24cIDGarden Valley
9.11Shawna Bennett80.24cIDMeadows Valley
800 Meters
1.11Lily Holmes2:32.73aIDCouncil
2.10Tabitha Holden2:37.10IDCascade
3.12LaDawn Vinson2:41.00IDHorseshoe Bend
4.11Kyanne Hemenway2:49.1017IDCouncil
5.10Kara Vinson2:49.60IDHorseshoe Bend
6.12Jordan Simonson2:51.40IDSalmon River
7.11Shawna Bennett3:02.90IDMeadows Valley
8.9Liz Thurman3:07.40IDMeadows Valley
9.10Emily Dovel3:20.60IDGarden Valley
1600 Meters
1.11Lily Holmes6:07.90IDCouncil
2.12Casey Salas6:16.60IDMeadows Valley
3.12LaDawn Vinson6:27.20IDHorseshoe Bend
4.12Sharlee Smith7:00.00IDCascade
5.10Allie Gertsch8:39.00IDHorseshoe Bend
3200 Meters
1.11Lily Holmes13:26.46aIDCouncil
2.12Casey Salas13:52.86aIDMeadows Valley
3.10Kara Vinson14:34.00IDHorseshoe Bend
4.12Sharlee Smith15:43.00IDCascade
5.10Allie Gertsch18:32.00IDHorseshoe Bend
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Kyanne Hemenway16.84c17IDCouncil
2.9Saige McDonald17.84cIDMeadows Valley
3.10Tessa Stocks18.34cIDCascade
4.10Kara Vinson18.74cIDHorseshoe Bend
5.9Katie Dovel21.64cIDGarden Valley
6.9Taylor Cole21.94cIDCouncil
7.9Cassidy Flake25.14cIDHorseshoe Bend
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Kyanne Hemenway49.66a17IDCouncil
2.9Saige McDonald51.54cIDMeadows Valley
3.10Kara Vinson52.74cIDHorseshoe Bend
4.9Taylor Cole57.44cIDCouncil
5.10Tessa Stocks58.14cIDCascade
6.9Ashley Flaming60.44cIDMeadows Valley
4x100 Relay
1.-Saige McDonald
Baylee Moore
Casey Salas
Randi Smith
56.24cIDMeadows Valley
2.-Lily Holmes
Elizabeth Edmunson
Addy Edmunson
Kyanne Hemenway
3.-Cassidy Brown
Eve Weston
Tessa Stocks
Nicole Kleint
4.-Jordan Ader
Alisha Cereghino
Ashley Cereghino
Jill Folwell
58.24cIDSalmon River
5.-Relay Team60.74cIDHorseshoe Bend
4x200 Relay
1.-Baylee Moore
Saige McDonald
Ashley Flaming
Casey Salas
1:58.80IDMeadows Valley
2.-Addy Edmunson
Taylor Cole
Elizabeth Edmunson
Lily Holmes
3.-Relay Team2:24.40IDHorseshoe Bend
4x400 Relay
1.-LaDawn Vinson
Kara Vinson
Brittany Patterson
Holly Patterson
4:44.20IDHorseshoe Bend
2.-Jill Folwell
Ashley Cereghino
Jordan Ader
Jordan Simonson
5:00.40IDSalmon River
3.-Chance Cooney
Tabitha Holden
Tessa Stocks
Sharlee Smith
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Holly Patterson
LaDawn Vinson
Kara Vinson
Keisha McReynolds
2:03.40IDHorseshoe Bend
2.-Jill Folwell
Ashley Cereghino
Jordan Simonson
Jordan Ader
2:09.80IDSalmon River
3.-Rebecca Baird
Baylee Moore
Sierra Atnip
Randi Smith
2:11.60IDMeadows Valley
4.-Eve Weston
Erin Casqueira
Nicole Kleint
Tabitha Holden
5.-Kami Spence
Logan Pergande
Katie Dovel
Emily Dovel
2:25.00IDGarden Valley
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Alyssa Brown37' 0.00IDMeadows Valley
2.10Elizabeth Edmunson32' 5.25IDCouncil
3.11Kyanne Hemenway28' 7.3117IDCouncil
4.11Ashley Gustafson26' 2.50IDMeadows Valley
5.10Eve Weston25' 7.25IDCascade
6.9Hannah Munson25' 1.50IDSalmon River
7.10Allie Gertsch24' 11.00IDHorseshoe Bend
8.9Abbie Crogh24' 5.50IDMeadows Valley
9.9Blake Simonson24' 2.00IDSalmon River
10.9Katie Dovel23' 4.00IDGarden Valley
Discus - 1kg
1.12Addie Edmunson96' 3.00IDCouncil
2.11Alyssa Brown91' 1.00IDMeadows Valley
3.12Jordan Ader89' 3.00IDSalmon River
4.10Allie Gertsch82' 6.00IDHorseshoe Bend
5.12Sierra Atnip81' 0.00IDMeadows Valley
6.10Elizabeth Edmunson76' 11.00IDCouncil
7.9Blake Simonson75' 2.00IDSalmon River
8.10Eve Weston73' 5.00IDCascade
9.11Ashley Gustafson68' 5.00IDMeadows Valley
10.11Kyanne Hemenway66' 11.5417IDCouncil
High Jump
1.11Kyanne Hemenway5' 6.0017IDCouncil
2.9Saige McDonald4' 8.00IDMeadows Valley
3.12Sierra Atnip4' 6.00IDMeadows Valley
9Nicole Kleint4' 6.00IDCascade
5.12Alisha Cereghino4' 0.00IDSalmon River
6.10Brittany Patterson3' 10.00IDHorseshoe Bend
Pole Vault
1.10Tabitha Holden7' 0.00IDCascade
10Eve Weston7' 0.00IDCascade
Long Jump
1.11Kyanne Hemenway15' 11.7517IDCouncil
2.9Ashley Flaming14' 8.00IDMeadows Valley
3.10Tessa Stocks14' 7.75IDCascade
4.9Nicole Kleint14' 3.50IDCascade
5.12LaDawn Vinson13' 8.00IDHorseshoe Bend
6.10Kara Vinson12' 11.75IDHorseshoe Bend
7.9Saige McDonald12' 9.00IDMeadows Valley
8.9Keisha McReynolds12' 1.00IDHorseshoe Bend
9.11Annika Kunath11' 11.00IDGarden Valley
10.10Dixie Carpenter10' 1.50IDMeadows Valley
Triple Jump
1.10Tessa Stocks29' 6.75IDCascade
2.12LaDawn Vinson28' 4.00IDHorseshoe Bend
3.10Brittany Patterson27' 7.00IDHorseshoe Bend
4.10Dixie Carpenter22' 8.75IDMeadows Valley
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