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Mens xshow...

100 Meters
1.12David Ajibero10.82aTXCypress Christian
2.12Durwesh Khalfe11.40aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
3.11Lekan Kassim11.47aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
4.11Clayton Holmes11.65aTXFaith West Academy
5.10William Wheeler11.74aTXThe Woodlands Christian
6.10Jason Groll12.00aTXCypress Christian
7.12Chase Oliver12.14cTXRosehill Christian
8.10Brant Lipscomb12.20aTXThe Woodlands Christian
9.9David-Jessalynn Steele-Bright12.27aTXFaith West Academy
10.10Levi Link12.28aTXCypress Christian
200 Meters
1.11Cameron Davis22.86aTXThe Woodlands Christian
2.10William Wheeler23.43aTXThe Woodlands Christian
3.11Usman Mohammed23.56aTXCypress Christian
4.11Adam Weesner23.91aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
5.11Clayton Holmes24.03aTXFaith West Academy
6.12Chase Oliver24.32aTXRosehill Christian
7.9Cameron Tipton24.43aTXCypress Christian
8.11Toby Onyiton24.48aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
9.11Michael Gamble24.54cTXCypress Christian
10.10Levi Link24.80aTXCypress Christian
400 Meters
1.10Marc Liu53.69aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
2.10Barnabas Odeyomi54.62aTXCypress Christian
3.11Cameron Davis54.91aTXThe Woodlands Christian
4.11Adam Weesner55.99aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
5.10Josh Litton56.27aTXRosehill Christian
6.12Matt Gonzalez56.28aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
7.11Anthony Masterson56.57aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
8.12Jonathan Davis57.24cTXCypress Christian
9.10Mitchell Lockyear57.74aTXFaith West Academy
10.9Jalen Twine58.13aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
800 Meters
1.10Aaron Murray2:05.87aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
2.10Marc Liu2:08.84aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
3.10Ian Ramirez2:10.00TXRosehill Christian
4.11Mark Holland2:15.69aTXRosehill Christian
5.9Jalen Twine2:17.11aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
6.11Andrew Coulter2:18.31aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
7.12Matt Gonzalez2:19.15aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
8.10Mitchell Lockyear2:20.83aTXFaith West Academy
9.12Brandon Galloway2:21.14aTXCypress Christian
10.10Casey Dunn2:22.28aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
1600 Meters
1.10Aaron Murray4:38.94aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
2.11Andrew Coulter4:51.60TXSt Thomas Episcopal
3.9Andrew Hawk4:55.20TXSt Thomas Episcopal
4.10Ian Ramirez4:57.10aTXRosehill Christian
5.10Marc Liu4:58.59aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
6.10Matthew Hawk4:58.60TXSt Thomas Episcopal
7.11RJ Anderson5:23.43aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
8.11Mark Holland5:26.85aTXRosehill Christian
9.11J.P Ambler5:29.50TXThe Woodlands Christian
10.10Casey Dunn5:29.76aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
3200 Meters
1.9Andrew Hawk10:11.90TXSt Thomas Episcopal
2.10Matthew Hawk10:38.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
3.11Andrew Coulter10:40.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
4.11J.P Ambler12:00.39aTXThe Woodlands Christian
5.11Mark Holland12:30.00TXRosehill Christian
6.9Nathaniel Regier12:31.26aTXThe Woodlands Christian
7.10Shawn Guice12:35.76aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
8.9Conner McColl12:41.03aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
9.12Tony Lozada12:56.44aTXCypress Christian
10.10Andrew Galloway13:18.80TXCypress Christian
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Helcio Sumbe14.89awTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
2.11Travis Takacs16.21aTXCypress Christian
3.12Ryan Rachal16.52aTXFaith West Academy
4.10Bintliff- Jonathan Haley-Zama18.38aTXFaith West Academy
5.11Micah Adkins19.41aTXRosehill Christian
6.9Eric Borlasca20.31aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
7.9Timothy Starbuck20.36aTXCypress Christian
8.9Matt Bancroft20.38aTXCypress Christian
9.11Reese McDonald20.49aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
10.10Eli Anton21.36aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Helcio Sumbe39.89aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
2.12Brandon Galloway42.84aTXCypress Christian
3.11Travis Takacs44.94cTXCypress Christian
4.12Ryan Rachal45.22aTXFaith West Academy
5.11Carrington Boone45.45aTXFaith West Academy
6.11Micah Adkins47.47aTXRosehill Christian
7.10Bintliff- Jonathan Haley-Zama48.04aTXFaith West Academy
8.9Timothy Starbuck49.89aTXCypress Christian
9.9Matt Bancroft50.49aTXCypress Christian
10.11Reese McDonald51.08aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
4x100 Relay
1.-Travis Takacs
David Ajibero
Levi Link
Usman Mohammed
45.12aTXCypress Christian
2.-Daniel Brito
Andrew Phillips
Durwesh Khalfe
Lekan Kassim
46.38aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
3.-Mason Martin
Matthew Gordon
Josh Litton
Chase Oliver
46.84cTXRosehill Christian
4.-Brant Lipscomb
Timothy Anderson
Brandon Glover
William Wheeler
47.75aTXThe Woodlands Christian
5.-David Little
Bryan Tran
Jacob Bowers
Michael Hrncir
49.22aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
6.-David Steele
Ryan Rachal
Michael Olivares
Carrington Boone
49.97aTXFaith West Academy
4x200 Relay
1.-Helcio Sumbe
Lekan Kassim
Adam Weesner
Durwesh Khalfe
1:34.80aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
2.-Travis Takacs
David Ajibero
Levi Link
Usman Mohammed
1:35.13aTXCypress Christian
3.-William Wheeler
Timothy Anderson
Jeffrey Chen
Cameron Davis
1:37.23aTXThe Woodlands Christian
4.-Matthew Gordon
Mason Martin
Chase Oliver
Josh Litton
1:37.83aTXRosehill Christian
5.-David Steele
Jonathan Farr
Carrington Boone
Clayton Holmes
1:45.10TXFaith West Academy
6.-David Little
Jacob Bowers
Anthony Masterson
Saurendro Ghosh
1:46.78aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
4x400 Relay
1.-Brandon Galloway
Jonathan Davis
Barnabus Odeyomi
Usman Mohammed
3:40.53aTXCypress Christian
2.-Daniel Brito
Matt Gonzalez
Adam Weesner
Aaron Murray
3:45.34aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
3.-Marc Liu
Anthony Masterson
Bryan Tran
Jalen Twine
3:46.91aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
4.-Caleb Ludrick
Timothy Anderson
Jeffrey Chen
Cameron Davis
3:47.82aTXThe Woodlands Christian
5.-Matthew Gordon
Josh Litton
Ian Ramirez
Mark Holland
3:52.96aTXRosehill Christian
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Robert Beach48' 2.50TXRosehill Christian
2.11Mason McCollum37' 7.00TXCypress Christian
3.10Patrick Carter37' 0.50TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
4.10Austin Vinson36' 7.50TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
5.9Stephen Mason36' 2.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
6.10Brant Lipscomb36' 1.00TXThe Woodlands Christian
7.12Ryan Rachal36' 0.50TXFaith West Academy
8.9Brennan Tighe34' 11.00TXRosehill Christian
9.10Jason Groll34' 7.50TXCypress Christian
10.11Jarren Brown34' 2.75TXFaith West Academy
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Robert Beach138' 10.00TXRosehill Christian
2.11Michael Olivares112' 7.00TXFaith West Academy
3.9Stephen Mason111' 3.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
4.11Mason McCollum111' 1.00TXCypress Christian
5.10Austin Vinson107' 0.00TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
6.12Adam Rincon97' 0.00TXCypress Christian
7.10Brooks Hinnant91' 8.00TXThe Woodlands Christian
8.12Ben Bosse89' 0.00TXFaith West Academy
10Patrick Carter89' 0.00TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
10.12Brandon Galloway88' 9.00TXCypress Christian
High Jump
1.12Chase Oliver6' 2.00TXRosehill Christian
2.12Jonathan Davis5' 8.00TXCypress Christian
3.11Timothy Anderson5' 6.00TXThe Woodlands Christian
10Barnabas Odeyomi5' 6.00TXCypress Christian
5.12Daniel Pivalliza5' 2.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
6.11Caleb Ludrick5' 0.00TXThe Woodlands Christian
Long Jump
1.12Chase Oliver20' 2.50TXRosehill Christian
2.11Travis Takacs19' 10.75TXCypress Christian
11Helcio Sumbe19' 10.75TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
4.12David Ajibero19' 6.75TXCypress Christian
5.12Jan Poquiz19' 3.00TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
6.11Clayton Holmes18' 7.75TXFaith West Academy
7.12Jonathan Davis18' 3.75TXCypress Christian
8.11Lekan Kassim18' 2.00TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
9.11Timothy Anderson17' 7.50TXThe Woodlands Christian
10.11Bryan Tran17' 5.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
Triple Jump
1.11Helcio Sumbe42' 9.25TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
2.11Cameron Davis41' 1.00TXThe Woodlands Christian
3.11Usman Mohammed40' 10.00TXCypress Christian
4.11Travis Takacs37' 5.50TXCypress Christian
5.12Jonathan Davis37' 1.50TXCypress Christian
6.10Josh Litton36' 10.75TXRosehill Christian
7.11Lekan Kassim36' 1.00TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
8.10Bintliff- Jonathan Haley-Zama35' 4.00TXFaith West Academy
9.12Ryan Rachal34' 10.50TXFaith West Academy
10.11Andrew Coulter32' 8.50TXSt Thomas Episcopal

Womens xshow...

100 Meters
1.11Colleen Moore13.02aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
2.12Shanay Briscoe13.03aTXCypress Christian
3.10Karly Krantz13.75aTXRosehill Christian
4.10Courtney Young13.84cTXThe Woodlands Christian
5.9Ashley Dalton14.25aTXRosehill Christian
6.10Amanda Allen14.39aTXThe Woodlands Christian
7.10Gant Natalie14.40aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
8.11Hannah Mackey14.49aTXFaith West Academy
11Mande Driggers14.49a16TXRosehill Christian
10.12Morgan Martin14.54cTXRosehill Christian
11Jennifer Ma14.54cTXSt Thomas Episcopal
200 Meters
1.12Shanay Briscoe28.32aTXCypress Christian
2.11Jennifer Ma28.58aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
3.12Johonna Cox28.80aTXRosehill Christian
4.10Rebecca Earle28.99aTXThe Woodlands Christian
5.11Hannah Mackey29.00aTXFaith West Academy
6.11Natalie Moore29.44aTXCypress Christian
7.10Karly Krantz29.64cTXRosehill Christian
8.10Lora Nino29.66aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
9.11Colleen Moore29.72aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
10.12Morgan Martin30.31aTXRosehill Christian
400 Meters
1.11Mande Driggers64.92a16TXRosehill Christian
2.11Claire Coulter66.03aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
3.9Lindsey Frank66.28aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
4.12Morgan Martin67.24cTXRosehill Christian
5.9Jourdan Gabriel67.59aTXFaith West Academy
6.10Katherine Chase69.49aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
7.9Abby Gleuk70.54aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
8.10Samantha Izquierdo70.73aTXFaith West Academy
9.11Emily Sebo71.04cTXRosehill Christian
10.9Shannen Longridge71.74cTXCypress Christian
800 Meters
1.11Claire Coulter2:33.65aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
2.12Shanay Briscoe2:39.13aTXCypress Christian
3.9Lindsey Frank2:39.34aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
4.10Lindsay Winkel2:43.37aTXFaith West Academy
5.10Taylor Duroy2:43.79aTXThe Woodlands Christian
6.9Lexi McNitt2:46.80TXRosehill Christian
7.12Jennifer Allen2:49.21aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
8.10Katherine Chase2:50.10TXSt Thomas Episcopal
9.9Kate Barnhart3:03.37aTXRosehill Christian
10.11Peyton Lamendola3:04.48aTXFaith West Academy
1600 Meters
1.11Claire Coulter5:31.10TXSt Thomas Episcopal
2.11Christine McGough5:58.70TXSt Thomas Episcopal
3.9Kate Barnhart6:18.81aTXRosehill Christian
4.9Lexi McNitt6:21.30TXRosehill Christian
5.9Bethany Vuyk6:25.61aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
6.10Lindsay Winkel6:25.68aTXFaith West Academy
7.10Taylor Duroy6:30.90TXThe Woodlands Christian
8.11Kaitlin Cummings6:39.33aTXThe Woodlands Christian
9.12Jennifer Allen6:54.64aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
10.9Kristen Wheeler6:59.57aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
3200 Meters
1.11Claire Coulter12:11.80TXSt Thomas Episcopal
2.9Kate Barnhart13:36.02aTXRosehill Christian
3.11Kaitlin Cummings13:46.02aTXThe Woodlands Christian
4.9Bethany Vuyk14:30.00aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
5.11Christine McGough14:45.16aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Shanay Briscoe14.75awTXCypress Christian
2.10Courtney Young17.74aTXThe Woodlands Christian
3.10Kathleen Franks20.04aTXRosehill Christian
4.10Bri Ferguson20.66aTXCypress Christian
5.11Kori Frank21.19aTXFaith West Academy
6.9Jourdan Gabriel21.23aTXFaith West Academy
7.10Tricia Pena21.24aTXRosehill Christian
8.9Ashley Dalton21.47aTXRosehill Christian
9.9Findley McIntyre23.26aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Shannen Longridge54.49aTXCypress Christian
2.9Jourdan Gabriel54.94aTXFaith West Academy
3.10Tricia Pena56.63aTXRosehill Christian
4.10Kathleen Franks58.25aTXRosehill Christian
5.9Lexi McNitt59.44cTXRosehill Christian
6.11Emily Sebo59.56aTXRosehill Christian
7.11Kori Frank60.76aTXFaith West Academy
8.9Findley McIntyre62.34cTXSt Thomas Episcopal
9.9Kate Barnhart64.14cTXRosehill Christian
10.9Breena Moore75.17aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
4x100 Relay
1.-Ashley Daulton
Karly Krantz
Mande Driggers
Morgan Martin
55.04aTXRosehill Christian
2.-Elena Ray
Caroline Pinto
Natalie Moore
Lexus Van Pelt
55.21aTXCypress Christian
3.-Claudia Sequeira
Diana Sequeira
Gant Natalie
Colleen Moore
55.34aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
4.-Samantha Isquierdo
Hannah Mackey
Laura Brand
Laryn Griffith
57.54cTXFaith West Academy
5.-Courtney Young
MacKenzie Plum
Rachael McDaniel
Rebecca Earle
58.44cTXThe Woodlands Christian
6.-Holly Probst
Gabriella Lozano
Andrea Hernadez
Felicia Lawrence
61.46aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
4x200 Relay
1.-Shannen Longridge
Lexus Van Pelt
Natalie Moore
Shanay Briscoe
1:51.77aTXCypress Christian
2.-Mande Driggers
Morgan Martin
Karly Krantz
Johonna Cox
1:56.50aTXRosehill Christian
3.-Abby Gleuk
Colleen Moore
Lora Nino
Gant Natalie
2:00.15aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
4.-Courtney Young
Kirsten Ham
Rachael McDaniel
Rebecca Earle
2:01.56aTXThe Woodlands Christian
5.-Katherine Chase
Jennifer Ma
Jordan Diemer
Lindsey Frank
2:02.56aTXSt Thomas Episcopal
6.-Hannah Mackey
Lindsay Winkel
Kori Frank
Samantha Isquierdo
2:05.33aTXFaith West Academy
4x400 Relay
1.-Shannen Longridge
Lexus Van Pelt
Natalie Moore
Shanay Briscoe
4:21.24aTXCypress Christian
2.-Lindsey Frank
Jennifer Ma
Jordan Diemer
Claire Coulter
4:36.90TXSt Thomas Episcopal
3.-Rachael McDaniel
Lauren Himsel
Kirsten Ham
Rebecca Earle
4:41.98aTXThe Woodlands Christian
4.-Colleen Moore
Emily Gary
Gant Natalie
Abby Gleuk
4:43.08aTXSt. John XXIII College Prep
5.-Mande Driggers
Morgan Martin
Emily Sebo
Johonna Cox
4:44.70TXRosehill Christian
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Shanay Briscoe40' 3.00TXCypress Christian
2.11Jessica Woodard32' 6.00TXRosehill Christian
3.11Felicia Lawrence30' 7.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
4.9Blessing Ajibero28' 10.50TXCypress Christian
5.11Rachel Krenek28' 1.00TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
6.11Mande Driggers26' 5.0016TXRosehill Christian
7.12Ana Tallackson24' 0.00TXCypress Christian
9Findley McIntyre24' 0.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
9.9Lynley Alldridge23' 0.50TXCypress Christian
10.10Rebecca Earle21' 7.50TXThe Woodlands Christian
Discus - 1kg
1.12Shanay Briscoe95' 7.00TXCypress Christian
2.11Rachel Krenek88' 8.00TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
3.9Blessing Ajibero83' 5.00TXCypress Christian
4.10Amanda Allen83' 0.00TXThe Woodlands Christian
5.11Jessica Woodard79' 6.00TXRosehill Christian
6.11Felicia Lawrence73' 10.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
7.11Lexus Van Pelt70' 7.00TXCypress Christian
8.10Laryn Griffith68' 2.00TXFaith West Academy
9.9Findley McIntyre68' 1.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
10.11Mande Driggers63' 6.0016TXRosehill Christian
High Jump
1.12Shanay Briscoe5' 8.00TXCypress Christian
2.11Lexus Van Pelt4' 10.00TXCypress Christian
3.10Karly Krantz4' 8.00TXRosehill Christian
4.9Ashley Dalton4' 6.00TXRosehill Christian
11Emily Sebo4' 6.00TXRosehill Christian
6.9Shannen Longridge4' 4.00TXCypress Christian
7.9Andrea Hernandez4' 2.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
Pole Vault
1.11Hannah Mackey7' 6.00TXFaith West Academy
Long Jump
1.10Courtney Young16' 4.75TXThe Woodlands Christian
2.11Colleen Moore15' 11.00TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
3.10Karly Krantz15' 3.00TXRosehill Christian
4.12Morgan Martin14' 4.00TXRosehill Christian
5.10Lindsay Winkel13' 9.75TXFaith West Academy
6.10Elena Ray13' 8.75TXCypress Christian
7.12Ana Tallackson13' 7.50TXCypress Christian
8.11Jennifer Ma13' 7.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
9.11Rachel Krenek13' 3.00TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
10.11Emily Sebo13' 0.25TXRosehill Christian
Triple Jump
1.12Shanay Briscoe36' 2.00TXCypress Christian
2.10Courtney Young35' 11.50TXThe Woodlands Christian
3.11Natalie Moore32' 10.50TXCypress Christian
4.11Colleen Moore30' 3.00TXSt. John XXIII College Prep
5.11Jennifer Ma29' 5.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
6.9Shannen Longridge28' 6.00TXCypress Christian
7.10Tricia Pena27' 0.00TXRosehill Christian
8.10Allie Riemold25' 2.00TXThe Woodlands Christian
9.9Lindsey Frank24' 10.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
10.9Jordan Diemer23' 6.00TXSt Thomas Episcopal
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