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District 3 Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.11Dylan Christie11.96aWACrescent
2.10Titus Pascua12.09aWANeah Bay
3.12Dylen Heaward12.22aWACrescent
4.11Evan Bowechop12.26aWANeah Bay
5.9DeShawn Halttunen12.29aWANeah Bay
6.12Jon Tolliver12.40aWANeah Bay
7.11Luke Wonderly12.80aWAClallam Bay
8.8Josiah Greene13.00aWANeah Bay
9.12Jascha Lagoda13.01aWACrescent
10.8Zeke Greene13.29aWANeah Bay
200 Meters
1.11Dylan Christie24.14cWACrescent
2.10Titus Pascua24.44aWANeah Bay
3.12Dylen Heaward25.04aWACrescent
4.10Joel Williams25.74cWACrescent
5.8Josiah Greene26.70aWANeah Bay
6.9Donovan Christie26.79aWACrescent
7.12Andy Pascua26.92aWANeah Bay
8.11Andrew Trerise27.69aWACrescent
9.8Tyler McCaulley28.73aWANeah Bay
10.12Gonzalo Albendea28.80aWACrescent
400 Meters
1.11Dylan Christie52.15aWACrescent
2.12Nick Ward55.97aWANeah Bay
3.9DeShawn Halttunen56.40aWANeah Bay
4.12Jascha Lagoda57.44cWACrescent
5.12Jonathon Waldrip58.24cWACrescent
6.11Luke Wonderly58.39aWAClallam Bay
7.9Ryan Willis59.76aWAClallam Bay
8.8Evan Messinger59.81aWAClallam Bay
9.8Josiah Greene60.89aWANeah Bay
10.11Evan Bowechop61.04cWANeah Bay
800 Meters
1.12Jascha Lagoda2:10.63aWACrescent
2.10Connor McKay2:21.07aWAClallam Bay
3.8Zeke Greene2:23.59aWANeah Bay
4.12Jon Tolliver2:25.80aWANeah Bay
5.9Ryan Willis2:30.21aWAClallam Bay
6.8Jesse Wonderly2:31.81aWAClallam Bay
7.12Robert Moss2:33.12aWANeah Bay
8.11Luke Wonderly2:38.38aWAClallam Bay
9.9Justin Welever2:42.27aWAClallam Bay
10.9Donald Hanson ll2:42.80aWAClallam Bay
1600 Meters
1.9Ryan Willis5:04.25aWAClallam Bay
2.10Connor McKay5:14.89aWAClallam Bay
3.12Robert Moss5:17.00WANeah Bay
4.11Cole Buchanan5:20.11aWAMuckleshoot Tribal
5.8Zeke Greene5:26.00WANeah Bay
6.8Jesse Wonderly5:27.07aWAClallam Bay
7.10Cameron Dias6:33.08aWANeah Bay
3200 Meters
1.10Connor McKay11:54.75aWAClallam Bay
2.8Jesse Wonderly13:20.39aWAClallam Bay
3.8Evan Messinger15:20.47aWAClallam Bay
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Denis Claes16.80aWACrescent
2.10Matthew Waldrip18.24aWACrescent
3.11Andrew Trerise18.40aWACrescent
4.12Jonathon Waldrip19.03aWACrescent
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Denis Claes42.97aWACrescent
2.10Matthew Waldrip44.20aWACrescent
3.12Jascha Lagoda46.14cWACrescent
4.12Robert Moss47.44cWANeah Bay
5.11Andrew Trerise48.44cWACrescent
6.11Luke Wonderly49.68aWAClallam Bay
4x100 Relay
1.-DeShawn Haltunnen
Jon Tolliver
Andy Pascua
Titus Pascua
46.24cWANeah Bay
2.-Dylan Christie
Dylen Heaward
Denis Claes
Jascha Lagoda
3.-Ryan Willis
Matt Mohr
Justin Welever
Luke Wonderly
51.33aWAClallam Bay
4x400 Relay
1.-Jascha Lagoda
Joel Williams
Josh Anderson
Dylan Christie
2.-Zeke Greene
Evan Bowechop
Andy Pascua
DeShawn Haltunnen
4:00.95aWANeah Bay
3.-Ryan Willis
Luke Wonderly
Jesse Wonderly
Connor McKay
4:01.15aWAClallam Bay
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Denis Claes41' 3.50WACrescent
2.12Josh Anderson40' 2.00WACrescent
3.8Tyler McCaulley36' 6.00WANeah Bay
4.10Andrew Colvin31' 6.00WACrescent
5.12Jonathon Waldrip30' 10.50WACrescent
6.9Austin Ritter24' 2.00WAClallam Bay
7.8Joe Maneval22' 8.50WAClallam Bay
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Josh Anderson132' 3.00WACrescent
2.11Cole Buchanan83' 7.50WAMuckleshoot Tribal
3.8Tyler McCaulley82' 5.00WANeah Bay
4.12Jonathon Waldrip75' 0.00WACrescent
5.8Joe Maneval62' 9.00WAClallam Bay
6.9Austin Ritter60' 11.00WAClallam Bay
7.9Donald Hanson ll51' 7.00WAClallam Bay
Javelin - 800g
1.12Josh Anderson166' 6.00WACrescent
2.12Dylen Heaward150' 3.00WACrescent
3.12Andy Pascua144' 0.00WANeah Bay
4.11Drexler Doherty128' 11.00WANeah Bay
5.8Harold Tyler117' 9.00WANeah Bay
6.12Bayarjargal Tsolmon117' 8.00WACrescent
7.9Austin Ritter111' 1.00WAClallam Bay
8.12Kevin Della107' 2.00WANeah Bay
9.8Joe Maneval80' 5.00WAClallam Bay
10.8Alex Wise64' 5.00WANeah Bay
High Jump
1.11Andrew Trerise5' 8.00WACrescent
2.12Nick Ward5' 6.00WANeah Bay
3.9Donovan Christie5' 4.00WACrescent
4.10Joel Williams5' 2.00WACrescent
9Greg Gross5' 2.00WACrescent
Pole Vault
1.12Jonathon Waldrip8' 6.00WACrescent
Long Jump
1.10Titus Pascua19' 3.50WANeah Bay
2.12Nick Ward18' 3.00WANeah Bay
12Andy Pascua18' 3.00WANeah Bay
4.9Greg Gross17' 0.00WACrescent
5.12Jascha Lagoda16' 11.00WACrescent
6.11Andrew Trerise16' 7.00WACrescent
7.12Gonzalo Albendea16' 4.50WACrescent
8.9Donovan Christie16' 3.50WACrescent
9.10Joel Williams15' 10.00WACrescent
10.9Ryan Willis15' 8.75WAClallam Bay
Triple Jump
1.11Dylan Christie40' 6.25WACrescent
2.11Andrew Trerise38' 5.00WACrescent
3.12Jonathon Waldrip37' 4.50WACrescent
4.10Matthew Waldrip36' 6.50WACrescent
5.10Joel Williams36' 0.00WACrescent
6.12Gonzalo Albendea34' 9.50WACrescent
7.12Bayarjargal Tsolmon33' 8.00WACrescent
8.9Ryan Willis33' 3.00WAClallam Bay

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.12Allesha Welever14.04aWAClallam Bay
2.12Kylie Mitts14.54cWACrescent
3.10Courtney Winck14.99aWANeah Bay
4.9Kellie Belford15.00aWACrescent
5.10Jamie Parker15.64aWAClallam Bay
6.12Virginia Smith15.76aWACrescent
7.12Ae Leier15.88aWACrescent
8.10Kailee Rose15.94cWACrescent
9.9Jandi Frantz16.09aWACrescent
10.9Kersten Sauve16.51aWAClallam Bay
200 Meters
1.12Allesha Welever28.67aWAClallam Bay
2.11Cayla Cariker30.06aWACrescent
3.9Jandi Frantz30.59aWACrescent
4.10Courtney Winck30.68aWANeah Bay
5.9Kellie Belford31.05aWACrescent
6.11Anne Grover31.80aWACrescent
7.8Merissa Murner32.06aWANeah Bay
8.10Jamie Parker32.80aWAClallam Bay
9.10Kailee Rose33.95aWACrescent
400 Meters
1.12Dakota Coffey68.39aWACrescent
2.10Rikki Manuel69.84aWANeah Bay
3.8Merissa Murner71.34aWANeah Bay
4.10Rebecca Thompson73.74cWANeah Bay
5.10Cherish Moss77.91aWANeah Bay
6.10Kailee Rose79.56aWACrescent
7.9Jazz Randall80.90aWAClallam Bay
800 Meters
1.11Cayla Cariker2:42.00WACrescent
2.10Rikki Manuel2:53.18aWANeah Bay
3.10Cherish Moss3:04.00WANeah Bay
4.10Kailee Rose3:07.87aWACrescent
5.8Maya Lind3:13.41aWANeah Bay
6.12Dakota Coffey3:15.36aWACrescent
1600 Meters
1.10Rikki Manuel6:34.29aWANeah Bay
2.10Cherish Moss6:45.08aWANeah Bay
3.8Maya Lind6:49.03aWANeah Bay
3200 Meters
1.12Dakota Coffey16:13.93aWACrescent
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Courtney Winck18.50aWANeah Bay
2.11Anne Grover18.80aWACrescent
3.9Kellie Belford20.46aWACrescent
4.12Nikki Norbisrath22.17aWACrescent
5.10Mikela Williams22.30aWACrescent
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Anne Grover50.98aWACrescent
2.9Kellie Belford51.96aWACrescent
3.9Jazz Randall70.29aWAClallam Bay
4x100 Relay
1.-Kellie Belford
Virginia Smith
Jandi Frantz
Kylie Mitts
2.-Relay Team58.41aWAMuckleshoot Tribal
3.-Jamie Parker
Melissa Willis
Sarah Reeves
Allesha Welever
58.96aWAClallam Bay
4x200 Relay
1.-Kellie Belford
Jandi Frantz
Anne Grover
Cayla Cariker
2.-Jamie Parker
Melissa Willis
Sarah Reeves
Allesha Welever
2:03.25aWAClallam Bay
3.-Cherish Moss
Merissa Murner
Rikki Manuel
Rebecca Thompson
2:06.91aWANeah Bay
4x400 Relay
1.-Anne Grover
Cayla Cariker
Kellie Belford
Dakota Coffey
2.-Merissa Murner
Cherish Moss
Rebecca Thompson
Rikki Manuel
4:59.83aWANeah Bay
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Kylie Mitts30' 6.50WACrescent
2.11Kirstin Erickson29' 0.00WAClallam Bay
3.12Sarah Reeves25' 10.00WAClallam Bay
4.12Dakota Coffey25' 3.50WACrescent
5.12Ae Leier23' 3.00WACrescent
6.8Alexis Greene22' 2.50WANeah Bay
7.8Amanda Butler20' 5.00WANeah Bay
8.12Katheryn Stubbs20' 4.00WAClallam Bay
Discus - 1kg
1.12Kylie Mitts97' 10.00WACrescent
2.11Kirstin Erickson93' 9.00WAClallam Bay
3.10Rebecca Thompson79' 0.00WANeah Bay
4.8Merissa Murner52' 7.00WANeah Bay
5.8Amanda Butler48' 7.00WANeah Bay
6.12Nikki Norbisrath46' 7.00WACrescent
7.9Kellie Belford44' 5.00WACrescent
8.8Alexis Greene43' 3.00WANeah Bay
9.10Mikela Williams37' 8.00WACrescent
10.9Amanda Oravitz29' 8.00WAClallam Bay
Javelin - 600g
1.12Kylie Mitts135' 6.00WACrescent
2.10Rebecca Thompson108' 2.00WANeah Bay
3.12Sarah Reeves93' 9.00WAClallam Bay
4.11Kirstin Erickson85' 0.00WAClallam Bay
5.12Ae Leier68' 9.00WACrescent
6.10Mikela Williams53' 8.00WACrescent
7.9Amanda Oravitz37' 6.00WAClallam Bay
High Jump
1.10Melissa Willis4' 8.00WAClallam Bay
2.9Jandi Frantz4' 4.00WACrescent
Long Jump
1.10Courtney Winck15' 3.25WANeah Bay
2.10Melissa Willis13' 3.50WAClallam Bay
3.12Virginia Smith11' 9.50WACrescent
4.10Kailee Rose11' 6.00WACrescent
5.10Mikela Williams11' 2.50WACrescent
6.11Anne Grover10' 8.00WACrescent
7.8Merissa Murner10' 6.00WANeah Bay
8.12Dakota Coffey9' 4.00WACrescent
Triple Jump
1.10Courtney Winck29' 4.75WANeah Bay
2.12Virginia Smith27' 4.25WACrescent
3.10Kailee Rose25' 11.00WACrescent
4.12Ae Leier23' 7.00WACrescent

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