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District 2 Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.12Jess Bethel11.04cNEPlattsmouth
2.11Ben Benshoff11.223aNEPlattsmouth
3.12Jeremy Peck11.74cNEFalls City
4.11Ryan Karst12.04cNEFalls City
5.10Jesse Weinert12.14cNEFalls City
6.9Dakota Schulenberg12.24cNEFalls City
7.11Alex Maddox12.34cNEFalls City
8.9Terry Handley12.44cNEFalls City
9.10Lucas Auffert13.74cNEFalls City
10.10Dillon Shafer18.54cNEFalls City
200 Meters
1.12Jess Bethel22.54cNEPlattsmouth
2.11Ben Benshoff22.64cNEPlattsmouth
3.11Cody Linder23.74cNEPlattsmouth
4.10Jesse Weinert25.04cNEFalls City
5.10Devin Moore25.14cNEFalls City
6.11Ryan Karst25.14cNEFalls City
7.9Dakota Schulenberg25.24cNEFalls City
8.12Jeremy Peck25.74cNEFalls City
9.10Dillon Shafer40.74cNEFalls City
400 Meters
1.12Spencer Kathol51.34cNEPlattsmouth
2.9Andrew Mitteis53.44cNEPlattsmouth
3.11Jared Elliott53.54cNEFalls City
4.10Devin Moore55.84cNEFalls City
5.12Andrew Frazier56.44cNEPlattsmouth
6.9Terry Handley61.44cNEFalls City
800 Meters
1.9Andrew Mitteis1:58.697aNEPlattsmouth
2.11Adam Mitteis2:00.2NEPlattsmouth
3.10Ben Bedell2:01.5NEPlattsmouth
4.12Andrew Frazier2:04.4NEPlattsmouth
5.12Spencer Kathol2:04.86aNEPlattsmouth
6.11Joel Beckman2:22.1NEPlattsmouth
7.10Brian Pick2:23.0NEPlattsmouth
8.11Lane Merz2:24.6NEFalls City
9.9Jake Babb2:25.0NEFalls City
10.9Trent Scheitel2:26.0NEFalls City
1600 Meters
1.11Adam Mitteis4:25.637aNEPlattsmouth
2.9Andrew Mitteis4:44.0NEPlattsmouth
3.12Brett Boltz4:47.5NEFalls City
4.10Ben Bedell4:50.7NEPlattsmouth
5.10Tim von Behren4:58.0NEFalls City
6.9Brandon Weekly5:03.2NEPlattsmouth
7.10Tyler O'Neill5:07.7NEPlattsmouth
8.9Trent Scheitel5:08.0NEFalls City
9.9Jake Babb5:10.0NEFalls City
10.11Joel Beckman5:15.8NEPlattsmouth
3200 Meters
1.11Adam Mitteis9:25.82aNEPlattsmouth
2.10Ben Bedell10:14.1NEPlattsmouth
3.12Brett Boltz10:34.0NEFalls City
4.9Brandon Weekly10:36.9NEPlattsmouth
5.10Tim von Behren11:00.2NEFalls City
6.11Joel Beckman11:49.0NEPlattsmouth
7.9Kent Stejskal12:04.6NEFalls City
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Michael Binder15.44cNEFalls City
2.11Anthony LaRosa15.94cNEPlattsmouth
3.9Tanner Merz17.94cNEFalls City
4.11Brandon Morland18.34cNEPlattsmouth
5.11Alex Maddox18.74cNEFalls City
6.10Derek Rowan18.84cNEFalls City
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Mike Colgrove40.94cNEPlattsmouth
2.11Anthony LaRosa43.44cNEPlattsmouth
3.11Alex Maddox44.84cNEFalls City
4.11Brandon Morland45.74cNEPlattsmouth
5.11Michael Binder46.74cNEFalls City
6.10Devin Moore47.94cNEFalls City
7.9Tanner Merz49.64cNEFalls City
8.9Michael Huettner50.74cNEFalls City
9.10Derek Rowan50.84cNEFalls City
4x100 Relay
1.-Jess Bethel
Mike Colgrove
Ben Benshoff
Spencer Kathol
2.-Jeremy Peck
Ryan Karst
Jesse Weinert
Dakota Schulenberg
46.74cNEFalls City
4x400 Relay
1.-Mike Colgrove
Andrew Mitteis
Andrew Frazier
Adam Mitteis
2.-Devin Moore
Jared Elliott
Justin Yoesel
Travis Buckminster
3:46.8NEFalls City
4x800 Relay
1.-Ben Bedell
Andrew Frazier
Andrew Mitteis
Adam Mitteis
2.-Brett Boltz
Jared Elliott
Trent Scheitel
Tim von Behren
9:07.2NEFalls City
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Trevor Wilson53' 4.75NEPlattsmouth
2.11Jarod Martin46' 8NEPlattsmouth
3.12Jacob Bartek43' 4.5NEFalls City
4.11Josh Arnold43' 3.5NEPlattsmouth
5.12Trent Scholl42' 11.5NEFalls City
6.11Lee Weaver40' 2.5NEFalls City
7.10Lucas Auffert36' 6NEFalls City
8.9Bubba Gay36' 2.5NEFalls City
9.11Kyle Coonce32' 7NEFalls City
10.9Landon Scholl31' 8NEFalls City
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Jacob Bartek161' 5NEFalls City
2.12Trevor Wilson147' 8NEPlattsmouth
3.11Josh Arnold127' 8NEPlattsmouth
4.11Jarod Martin118' 3NEPlattsmouth
5.11Kyle Coonce118' 1NEFalls City
6.11Lee Weaver111' 9NEFalls City
7.9Landon Scholl90' 8NEFalls City
8.12Dustin Willey71' 7NEFalls City
9.9Bubba Gay71' 1NEFalls City
10.9Jamison Frenzel66' 0NEFalls City
High Jump
1.11Jordan Snyder6' 4NEPlattsmouth
2.12Mike Colgrove6' 3NEPlattsmouth
3.11Travis Buckminster6' 0NEFalls City
4.12Jacob Bartek5' 6NEFalls City
5.9Trent Scheitel5' 2NEFalls City
6.12Justin Yoesel5' 0NEFalls City
Pole Vault
1.12Jess Bethel11' 0NEPlattsmouth
2.11Lane Merz10' 0NEFalls City
3.9Tanner Merz9' 0NEFalls City
4.9Jake Babb8' 6NEFalls City
5.9P.J. Scott7' 0NEPlattsmouth
10Jake Rasure7' 0NEPlattsmouth
Long Jump
1.11Cody Linder20' 8.25NEPlattsmouth
2.9Dakota Schulenberg19' 5NEFalls City
3.12Kasey Huppert18' 11.5NEFalls City
11Jared Elliott18' 11.5NEFalls City
5.11Brandon Morland17' 9NEPlattsmouth
6.10Jesse Weinert17' 8NEFalls City
7.12Dan Werner17' 7.5NEFalls City
Triple Jump
1.11Cody Linder45' 3NEPlattsmouth
2.11Brandon Morland40' 8.5NEPlattsmouth
3.11Jordan Snyder40' 2.5NEPlattsmouth
4.12Kasey Huppert38' 8.25NEFalls City
5.12Dan Werner38' 0.75NEFalls City
6.9Michael Huettner36' 6.5NEFalls City
7.10Jesse Weinert36' 5.5NEFalls City
8.10Alan Carney34' 10NEPlattsmouth

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.9Nicole Dorzweiler13.94cNEPlattsmouth
2.11Michelle Wintz14.14cNEFalls City
3.11Nicole Merz14.44cNEFalls City
4.10Jordan Bahr14.74cNEFalls City
5.9Justina Strecker14.84cNEFalls City
6.11Hailey Dixon15.14cNEFalls City
9Jaydee Schulenberg15.14cNEFalls City
8.9Aimee Hillyard15.34cNEFalls City
9Akasha Moyer15.34cNEFalls City
200 Meters
1.12Nikki Kraus28.54cNEPlattsmouth
2.9Nicole Dorzweiler29.14cNEPlattsmouth
3.11Michelle Wintz29.84cNEFalls City
4.12Hayley Milam30.14cNEFalls City
5.9Justina Strecker31.04cNEFalls City
6.9Akasha Moyer32.14cNEFalls City
7.9Aimee Hillyard32.64cNEFalls City
400 Meters
1.10Becky Kubiaczyk70.94cNEPlattsmouth
2.12Sarah Hansen73.74cNEPlattsmouth
3.9Raven Foster78.34cNEFalls City
4.9Britney Warren79.14cNEFalls City
5.9Jaydee Schulenberg81.14cNEFalls City
800 Meters
1.12CJ Larsen2:40.8NEPlattsmouth
2.11Bree Nott2:44.6NEPlattsmouth
3.9Jessica Moseman2:46.8NEPlattsmouth
4.11Leah Novich2:51.6NEPlattsmouth
5.10Anna White2:52.7NEPlattsmouth
6.11Laura Stevens2:59.0NEFalls City
1600 Meters
1.9Jessica Moseman5:55.2NEPlattsmouth
2.9Liz Johnson6:00.0NEPlattsmouth
3.10Jessica Kelz6:03.0NEFalls City
4.12CJ Larsen6:04.5NEPlattsmouth
5.11Bree Nott6:11.3NEPlattsmouth
6.10Anna White6:13.2NEPlattsmouth
7.9Melissa Herrick6:13.3NEPlattsmouth
8.11Krista Kopf6:29.0NEFalls City
9.11Laura Stevens7:03.0NEFalls City
3200 Meters
1.9Jessica Moseman12:20.3NEPlattsmouth
2.9Liz Johnson12:22.4NEPlattsmouth
3.10Anna White13:01.5NEPlattsmouth
4.10Jessica Kelz13:06.0NEFalls City
5.9Melissa Herrick13:40.0NEPlattsmouth
6.11Krista Kopf14:05.0NEFalls City
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Emily Pierson16.94cNEFalls City
2.9Samantha Lampe17.84cNEFalls City
3.12Casey Currans18.14cNEPlattsmouth
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Casey Currans49.04cNEPlattsmouth
2.11Emily Pierson51.24cNEFalls City
3.9Samantha Lampe55.04cNEFalls City
4x100 Relay
1.-Michelle Wintz
Justina Strecker
Hayley Milam
Emily Pierson
54.84cNEFalls City
2.-Relay Team55.04cNEPlattsmouth
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team4:32.8NEPlattsmouth
2.-Jessica Kelz
Krista Kopf
Kayla Fritz
Hayley Milam
4:54.5NEFalls City
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team10:51.9NEPlattsmouth
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Blair Brennan36' 7.5NEFalls City
2.10Kaylee Yelick36' 1NEPlattsmouth
3.11Casey Maddux35' 11NEPlattsmouth
4.9Andrea LaRosa35' 2.5NEPlattsmouth
5.11Kayla Fritz29' 4NEFalls City
6.11Hailey Dixon22' 2NEFalls City
Discus - 1kg
1.9Shelby Smith109' 3NEPlattsmouth
2.11Erica Dukes107' 1NEPlattsmouth
3.11Blair Brennan102' 0NEFalls City
4.11Kayla Fritz77' 11NEFalls City
High Jump
1.9Jillana Scanlan5' 4NEPlattsmouth
2.12Raquel Smith5' 0NEPlattsmouth
3.12Kelly Petereit4' 10NEPlattsmouth
4.9Justina Strecker4' 8NEFalls City
5.11Kayla Fritz4' 6NEFalls City
6.9Britney Warren4' 4NEFalls City
Pole Vault
1.11Krista Kopf8' 0NEFalls City
2.11Molly Thomas7' 6NEFalls City
10Becky Kubiaczyk7' 6NEPlattsmouth
12Nikki Kraus7' 6NEPlattsmouth
Long Jump
1.9Jillana Scanlan16' 4NEPlattsmouth
2.12Hayley Milam15' 0.75NEFalls City
3.11Michelle Wintz13' 10.75NEFalls City
4.10Jordan Bahr13' 7.25NEFalls City
5.11Nicole Merz13' 0NEFalls City
Triple Jump
1.9Jillana Scanlan34' 3NEPlattsmouth
2.9Samantha Lampe31' 1NEFalls City
3.9Justina Strecker29' 11.25NEFalls City
4.12Hayley Milam29' 9.5NEFalls City

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