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Peninsula Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

50 Meter Dash
1.8Garrett Steuk6.46aWAGoodman
2.8Logan Carroll6.64cWAGoodman
3.7Ben Weymiller6.76aWAKopachuck
4.7Josh Cook6.84cWAHarbor Ridge
8Chris Krieger6.84cWAKey Peninsula
6.8Austin Vasquez6.88aWAHarbor Ridge
7.8Gubidxa Gutierrez6.94cWAKey Peninsula
8.6Hunter Tucker7.06aWAHarbor Ridge
9.7Joel Jacobsen7.11aWAGoodman
10.6Riley Smart7.12aWAGoodman
100 Meters
1.8Garrett Steuk11.84cWAGoodman
2.8Tayler Smart12.84cWAGoodman
3.6Noah Samsen12.94cWAHarbor Ridge
4.8Royce Stewart13.14cWAGoodman
5.8Austin Vasquez13.34cWAHarbor Ridge
8Adam Barker13.34cWAHarbor Ridge
7.8Dylan Griffith13.44cWAKey Peninsula
8.7Joel Jacobsen13.54cWAGoodman
9.6Beau Madison13.64cWAGoodman
10.6Connor Tovey13.74cWAKopachuck
6Riley Smart13.74cWAGoodman
200 Meters
1.8Garrett Steuk24.04cWAGoodman
2.8Tyler Anderson25.78aWAKopachuck
3.8John Corey26.10aWAHarbor Ridge
4.6Noah Samsen26.77aWAHarbor Ridge
5.8Chris Krieger27.35aWAKey Peninsula
6.7Joel Jacobsen27.63aWAGoodman
7.7Bobby Blaser27.75aWAKopachuck
8.8Adam Barker28.44cWAHarbor Ridge
9.7Muata Hunt28.64cWAGoodman
10.6Connor Tovey28.66aWAKopachuck
400 Meters
1.8Garrett Steuk56.84cWAGoodman
2.8John Corey58.95aWAHarbor Ridge
3.8Logan Carroll60.84cWAGoodman
4.7Sam Andrews61.00aWAKopachuck
5.7Muata Hunt61.16aWAGoodman
6.7Luke Holsinger61.25aWAHarbor Ridge
7.8Gubidxa Gutierrez61.66aWAKey Peninsula
8.8Calvin Hardy62.32aWAKopachuck
9.8Luke Bonnell63.51aWAGoodman
10.8Brendan Greetham65.14cWAKey Peninsula
800 Meters
1.8Wolfgang Beck2:10.08aWAKopachuck
2.8Logan Carroll2:15.10WAGoodman
3.7Tristan Peloquin2:19.35aWAKopachuck
4.7Osten Vogel2:28.16aWAHarbor Ridge
5.8Ian Hodge2:28.73aWAHarbor Ridge
6.8Robert Brown2:31.78aWAGoodman
7.8Brendan Greetham2:33.64aWAKey Peninsula
8.8Nolan Winter2:36.00WAHarbor Ridge
9.7John Reinke2:36.05aWAGoodman
10.8Lucas Batanian2:36.96aWAKopachuck
1600 Meters
1.8Wolfgang Beck4:39.19aWAKopachuck
2.8Logan Carroll4:44.25aWAGoodman
3.7Tristan Peloquin4:59.00aWAKopachuck
4.7Osten Vogel5:13.98aWAHarbor Ridge
5.7Daniel Rees5:26.90aWAHarbor Ridge
6.7Michael Hammer5:27.03aWAKopachuck
7.8Nolan Winter5:32.10WAHarbor Ridge
8.8Nathan Dobie5:32.87aWAHarbor Ridge
9.8Chris Krieger5:34.38aWAKey Peninsula
10.8Mathew Rogers5:41.61aWAKopachuck
4x100 Relay
1.-Austin Vasquez
Bailey Burrows
Adam Barker
Stetson Turpin
51.01aWAHarbor Ridge
2.-Ben Weymiller
Bobby Blaser
Hunter Clarke
Sam Andrews
3.-Alec Johnson
Tayler Smart
Tyler Martin
Royce Stewart
4.-Nathan Olson
Dylan Griffith
Gubidxa Gutierrez
Chris Wisberger
53.33aWAKey Peninsula
4x200 Relay
1.-Tayler Smart
Dylan Connor
Jacob Thomson
Alec Johnson
2.-Ben Smith
Bailey Burrows
Drake Forsyth
John Corey
1:51.09aWAHarbor Ridge
3.-Hunter Clarke
Tristan Peloquin
Issac Northstrom
Bobby Blaser
4.-Brendan Greetham
Chris Wisberger
Nathan Olson
Justin Lauderbaugh
1:59.28aWAKey Peninsula
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8Zach Howard37' 8.00WAHarbor Ridge
2.8Adam Barker36' 6.00WAHarbor Ridge
3.8Robert Brown36' 5.00WAGoodman
4.8Max Norton36' 4.50WAHarbor Ridge
5.8Austin Vasquez34' 7.00WAHarbor Ridge
6.-Jesse Long34' 2.25WAHarbor Ridge
7.8Landon Skoglund33' 9.00WAKey Peninsula
8.8Jackson Evans33' 8.75WAGoodman
9.7Major Ali32' 11.25WAHarbor Ridge
10.7Charles Dahlstrom30' 11.50WAKopachuck
Discus - 1kg
1.8Mavric Mason115' 10.00WAHarbor Ridge
2.8Brendan Greetham100' 4.00WAKey Peninsula
3.8Landon Skoglund99' 8.00WAKey Peninsula
4.7Charles Dahlstrom98' 9.00WAKopachuck
5.8Tyler Anderson97' 8.00WAKopachuck
6.8Dylan Connor93' 2.00WAGoodman
7.8Elijah Savage91' 8.00WAHarbor Ridge
8.8Ian Hodge90' 3.00WAHarbor Ridge
9.8James Derrer88' 5.00WAHarbor Ridge
10.7Hayden Smith85' 9.00WAHarbor Ridge
High Jump
1.8Stetson Turpin5' 6.00WAHarbor Ridge
2.7Ben Weymiller5' 4.00WAKopachuck
3.8Matthew Knutson5' 2.00WAKopachuck
8Trevor Adams5' 2.00WAHarbor Ridge
5.7Noah Focht4' 10.00WAHarbor Ridge
8Will Hopkins4' 10.00WAHarbor Ridge
8Dallas Kistenmacher4' 10.00WAKey Peninsula
7Stevie Horwath4' 10.00WAGoodman
9.8Dylan Connor4' 8.00WAGoodman
8Hunter Westmorland4' 8.00WAGoodman
8Lukas Engstrom4' 8.00WAGoodman
Long Jump
1.8Garrett Steuk18' 7.00WAGoodman
2.8Stetson Turpin18' 2.00WAHarbor Ridge
3.8Tyler Anderson17' 2.50WAKopachuck
4.8Alec Johnson17' 0.00WAGoodman
5.7Joel Jacobsen16' 0.50WAGoodman
6.8Adam Barker15' 11.00WAHarbor Ridge
7.6Riley Smart15' 5.50WAGoodman
8.6Hunter Tucker15' 4.50WAHarbor Ridge
9.7Luke Holsinger15' 3.00WAHarbor Ridge
10.8Max Norton15' 1.25WAHarbor Ridge
6Connor Tovey15' 1.25WAKopachuck

Womens show...

50 Meter Dash
1.8Hannah Derby7.26aWAKopachuck
2.7Aurora Martin7.44aWAKey Peninsula
3.7Hannah Waldron7.69aWAKopachuck
4.8Shyanne Carter7.73aWAHarbor Ridge
5.6Troi Carter7.74aWAGoodman
6.8Jessalyn Wood7.75aWAKey Peninsula
7.6Mesa Brewer7.83aWAKopachuck
8.7Hannah Williams7.85aWAGoodman
9.8Jennifer Vo7.94cWAGoodman
8Morghan Tomaras7.94cWAGoodman
100 Meters
1.7Aurora Martin13.84cWAKey Peninsula
2.7Natalie Root13.94cWAHarbor Ridge
7Katelyn Poitras13.94cWAGoodman
4.8Katy McLennan14.04cWAGoodman
5.8Madeline Misterek14.14cWAHarbor Ridge
7Hannah Waldron14.14cWAKopachuck
7.6Troi Carter14.24cWAGoodman
8.6Megan Sawyer14.34cWAGoodman
9.-Kalen Keim14.49aWAHarbor Ridge
10.6Leah Meyer14.64cWAKopachuck
7Kayla Gleza14.64cWAHarbor Ridge
8Kaitlyn Walker14.64cWAKopachuck
200 Meters
1.8Brianne Moore28.74cWAHarbor Ridge
2.7Megan Eberhardt29.14cWAHarbor Ridge
3.8Deionne Skusek29.20aWAKopachuck
4.7Katelyn Poitras29.27aWAGoodman
5.8Katy McLennan29.48aWAGoodman
6.6Emma King30.55aWAGoodman
7.7Megan Ross30.94cWAKey Peninsula
8.7Amber Stephens31.08aWAKopachuck
9.8Naphtali Ward31.14cWAGoodman
7Hannah Bukata31.14cWAGoodman
400 Meters
1.8Hannah Derby63.25aWAKopachuck
2.7Megan Eberhardt63.94cWAHarbor Ridge
3.7Katelyn Poitras65.32aWAGoodman
4.8Madeline Misterek67.00aWAHarbor Ridge
5.6Tess Parker67.71aWAKopachuck
6.8Morghan Tomaras68.08aWAGoodman
7.6Lauren Hatteberg69.25aWAGoodman
8.7Cadence Michel70.96aWAKey Peninsula
9.6Troi Carter71.04cWAGoodman
10.7Aurora Martin71.14cWAKey Peninsula
800 Meters
1.7Julia Kilcup2:38.71aWAHarbor Ridge
2.6Tess Parker2:41.44aWAKopachuck
3.7Sarah Manning2:41.51aWAHarbor Ridge
4.6Miranda Nelson2:41.59aWAGoodman
5.8Katie Dewhirst2:41.92aWAHarbor Ridge
6.8Kailyn Tovey2:41.99aWAKopachuck
7.8McKenzie Bravo2:44.68aWAHarbor Ridge
8.8McKenzi Bravo2:46.80WAHarbor Ridge
9.8Melissa Browne2:48.46aWAGoodman
10.8Maria Greco2:50.49aWAKopachuck
7Gina Greco2:50.49aWAKopachuck
1600 Meters
1.7Julia Kilcup5:42.75aWAHarbor Ridge
2.8McKenzie Bravo5:56.35aWAHarbor Ridge
3.8Katie Dewhirst6:02.34aWAHarbor Ridge
4.8McKenzi Bravo6:04.00WAHarbor Ridge
5.7Sarah Manning6:05.21aWAHarbor Ridge
6.8Maria Greco6:07.46aWAKopachuck
7.8Jessica Sharp6:09.31aWAKopachuck
8.6Nicole Smith6:13.68aWAHarbor Ridge
9.6Miranda Nelson6:24.30WAGoodman
10.7Lauren Harrison6:25.08aWAKopachuck
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team56.45aWAHarbor Ridge
2.-Deionne Skusek
Kaitlyn Walker
Nicole Walker
Kailyn Tovey
3.-Lauren Hatteberg
Megan Sawyer
Seely Hartman
Troi Carter
4.-Emily Echternach
Haili Crow-Cyr
Olivia Bowmer
Myriah Monzon
61.04cWAKey Peninsula
4x200 Relay
1.-Deionne Skusek
Kailyn Tovey
Hannah Derby
Maria Greco
2.-Cadence Michel
Jazlyn Coburn
Aurora Martin
Megan Ross
2:05.87aWAKey Peninsula
3.-Emma King
Lauren Hatteberg
Seely Hartman
Miranda Nelson
4.-Ciera Haase
Julia Kilcup
Aliyah Fleming
Lauren Mercuri
2:06.41aWAHarbor Ridge
Shot Put - 8lb
1.7Madison Anderton31' 9.25WAHarbor Ridge
2.8Ries t'Sas30' 7.00WAGoodman
3.-Jamilynn Groff28' 4.00WAHarbor Ridge
4.8Naphtali Ward26' 6.50WAGoodman
5.8Summer Adams25' 1.00WAGoodman
6.8Chloe Ray24' 9.00WAHarbor Ridge
7.8Hannah McKeever23' 3.00WAGoodman
8.8Alayna Piwonski23' 2.75WAKey Peninsula
9.8Raine Hibbits22' 1.00WAKopachuck
10.8Erica Shipp20' 8.00WAKopachuck
Discus - 1kg
1.8Summer Adams80' 2.00WAGoodman
2.8Ries t'Sas76' 5.00WAGoodman
3.7Livia T'sas71' 0.50WAGoodman
4.7Madison Anderton70' 4.00WAHarbor Ridge
5.8Alayna Piwonski69' 4.00WAKey Peninsula
6.7Julie Kealy66' 1.00WAKopachuck
7.8Chloe Ray65' 11.00WAHarbor Ridge
8.7Erica Hanisch62' 11.00WAKey Peninsula
9.7Elizabeth Everett60' 9.00WAKey Peninsula
10.6Elyse Miyake56' 7.00WAKopachuck
High Jump
1.8Naphtali Ward4' 8.00WAGoodman
2.6Alexandra Pugmire4' 6.00WAGoodman
8Kash Serock4' 6.00WAHarbor Ridge
4.7Megan Ross4' 4.00WAKey Peninsula
8Shyanne Carter4' 4.00WAHarbor Ridge
8Kaitlyn Walker4' 4.00WAKopachuck
7.6Lauren Hatteberg4' 0.00WAGoodman
8Vanessa Moreno4' 0.00WAGoodman
7Ashlynn Holley4' 0.00WAGoodman
8Kelsea Willenbrock4' 0.00WAGoodman
6Jordan Bertram4' 0.00WAKopachuck
7Aliyah Fleming4' 0.00WAHarbor Ridge
6Nicole Smith4' 0.00WAHarbor Ridge
Long Jump
1.7Katelyn Poitras15' 1.50WAGoodman
2.7Natalie Root14' 5.00WAHarbor Ridge
3.8Katy McLennan14' 4.00WAGoodman
4.8Naphtali Ward14' 1.50WAGoodman
5.7Megan Eberhardt14' 0.50WAHarbor Ridge
6.8Madeline Misterek14' 0.00WAHarbor Ridge
7.8Brianne Moore13' 7.50WAHarbor Ridge
8.6Natalie Roger13' 6.00WAKopachuck
9.7Lauren Sutton13' 5.00WAGoodman
10.8Kailyn Tovey13' 2.00WAKopachuck

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