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AA Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.12Davon Moore10.89aPABrentwood
2.12Zac Smith11.07aPABishop Guilfoyle
3.11Philip Mccargo11.24cPABeaver Falls
4.10Travon Cleckley11.54cPABeaver Falls
11Justin Ruffner11.54cPAUnited
6.12Jacob Librizzi11.64cPABishop Guilfoyle
12Lajon Henderson11.64cPABeaver Falls
8.11Stephan Skelley11.65aPABishop Guilfoyle
9.12David Cunningham11.84cPALancaster Catholic
10.-Jordan Baird11.86aPAAthens Area
200 Meters
1.12Davon Moore22.64cPABrentwood
2.12Zac Smith22.97aPABishop Guilfoyle
3.11Akeem Moore23.04cPABrentwood
4.11Jesse Howarth23.34cPABeaver Falls
5.11Cody Stover23.74cPAPenns Valley
6.12David Cunningham23.94cPALancaster Catholic
7.12Jesse McElwee24.04cPAUnited
8.10Travon Cleckley24.14cPABeaver Falls
9.10Greg Artuso24.24cPALancaster Catholic
10.11Stephan Skelley24.40aPABishop Guilfoyle
400 Meters
1.12Davon Moore51.14cPABrentwood
2.11Philip Mccargo52.24cPABeaver Falls
3.11Ben Shenk53.44cPALancaster Catholic
4.11Mike Burdelsky54.24cPABrentwood
10Jared Long54.24cPAUnited
6.12Tim Townsend54.94cPAUnited
7.12Nick Conrad55.31aPABishop Guilfoyle
8.9Matt Jones55.74cPAUnited
9.12Tom Wardrop56.21aPABishop Guilfoyle
10.-Nate Townsand56.44cPAAthens Area
800 Meters
1.11Nate Brown2:05.6PAPenns Valley
2.12Drew Wissler2:05.93aPABrentwood
3.12Tim Varner2:08.8PAUnited
4.11David Phillips2:10.0PABeaver Falls
5.12Brent Digiorgio2:11.0PAUnited
6.12Billy Ford2:12.0PAPenns Valley
11Mark Stock2:12.00PABrentwood
8.12Nick DeAngelis2:12.5PALancaster Catholic
9.11Matt Baronner2:14.0PABishop Guilfoyle
10.12Mike Gress2:15.3PALancaster Catholic
1600 Meters
1.12Brent Digiorgio4:29.53aPAUnited
2.11Nate Brown4:37.4PAPenns Valley
3.10Matt Brooker4:47.7PAPenns Valley
4.12Drew Wissler4:52.00PABrentwood
5.12Billy Ford4:54.0PAPenns Valley
6.12Ryan Spiardi4:57.0PAUnited
7.11Pat Himes4:59.0PABishop Guilfoyle
8.12Ryan Himmelsbach4:59.1PALancaster Catholic
9.11Cullen Farrell5:06.3PALancaster Catholic
10.10Adam Foust5:10.9PAUnited
3200 Meters
1.12Duke Opdyke9:47.4aPATroy Area
2.10Matt Brooker9:59.8PAPenns Valley
3.12Brent Digiorgio10:01.3aPAUnited
4.11Seth Lynch10:41.8PAPenns Valley
5.11Scott Hammer10:49.0PABishop Guilfoyle
6.12Ryan Himmelsbach10:50.2PALancaster Catholic
7.9Peter Kistler10:55.6PAPenns Valley
8.12Ryan Spiardi10:55.7PAUnited
9.11Cullen Farrell11:02.3PALancaster Catholic
10.11Pat Himes11:05.0PABishop Guilfoyle
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Jacob Librizzi14.78aPABishop Guilfoyle
2.10Neal Fox15.54cPALancaster Catholic
3.10Jared Long15.84cPAUnited
12Austin Fox15.84cPALancaster Catholic
11Akeem Moore15.84cPABrentwood
6.12Nick Conrad16.43aPABishop Guilfoyle
7.12Wes Alexander16.94cPAPenns Valley
8.9Tyrell Varner18.74cPAUnited
12Jon Bruce18.74cPALancaster Catholic
10.9Frank Kwisneck20.34cPAUnited
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Jacob Librizzi39.22aPABishop Guilfoyle
2.10Jared Long40.41aPAUnited
3.12Wes Alexander41.74cPAPenns Valley
4.12Austin Fox42.54cPALancaster Catholic
5.10Neal Fox44.34cPALancaster Catholic
6.11George Bodziock44.37aPABishop Guilfoyle
7.12Jon Bruce44.74cPALancaster Catholic
8.12Nick Conrad45.44cPABishop Guilfoyle
9.12Josh Dentel46.74cPABrentwood
10.10James Searfoss47.34cPAPenns Valley
4x100 Relay
1.-Lajon Henderson
Kendell Dreher
Travon Cleckley
Philip Mccargo
43.64cPABeaver Falls
2.-Akeem Moore
Davon Moore
DJ Clark
Mike Burdelsky
3.-Eric Horell
Stephan Skelley
Tom Wardrop
Zac Smith
44.74cPABishop Guilfoyle
4.-David Cunningham
Jon Markley
Jeremy Weaver
Greg Artuso
45.64cPALancaster Catholic
5.-Justin Ruffner
Tyler Capitosti
Eric Skedel
Jesse McElwee
6.-Relay Team48.84cPAPenns Valley
4x400 Relay
1.-Philip Mccargo
Dak Mobely
Jesse Howarth
David Phillips
3:32.0PABeaver Falls
2.-Jared Long
Justin Ruffner
Chris Friedhoff
Matt Jones
3.-George Bodziock
Tom Wardrop
Nick Conrad
Jacob Librizzi
3:40.03aPABishop Guilfoyle
4.-Relay Team3:41.4PAPenns Valley
5.-Charles Linares
Mike Gress
Austin Fox
Ben Shenk
3:42.6PALancaster Catholic
6.-Mike Burdelsky
Mark Stock
Josh Dentel
Tom Cummings
4x800 Relay
1.-Ryan Spiardi
Tim Varner
Tim Townsend
Brent Digiorgio
2.-Mike Gress
Geoffrey Arentz
Mike Fischer
Nick DeAngelis
8:52.0PALancaster Catholic
3.-Drew Wissler
Jeremy Niziol
Mark Stock
Tom Cummings
4.-Relay Team9:03.0PAPenns Valley
5.-Pat Himes
Christian Mull
Scott Hammer
Matt Baronner
9:07.84aPABishop Guilfoyle
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Eric Skedel47' 6PAUnited
2.10Ross Moreau44' 2.5PAUnited
3.12Joe Maszkiewicz42' 9.50PABrentwood
4.11Matt Johnson42' 9PAPenns Valley
5.11Alex Chinchilli42' 6PALancaster Catholic
6.10John Ventura41' 1PAPenns Valley
7.11Ethan Covalt39' 11PAPenns Valley
8.12Josh Cavender39' 10PALancaster Catholic
9.11RJ Kunkel38' 11.50PABrentwood
10.11Russell Baird38' 3PAUnited
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Matt Johnson133' 10PAPenns Valley
2.10Ross Moreau119' 8PAUnited
3.10DJ Clark116' 2.00PABrentwood
4.11Alex Chinchilli115' 3.5PALancaster Catholic
5.12Josh Cavender109' 5PALancaster Catholic
6.11Chris Gulick106' 6PALancaster Catholic
7.11RJ Kunkel106' 1.00PABrentwood
8.11Aric Wolf100' 3PAUnited
9.11Eric Skedel98' 4PAUnited
10.11Ethan Covalt98' 3PAPenns Valley
Javelin - 800g
1.11Eric Skedel207' 2PAUnited
2.-Davaun Stedge193' 4PAAthens Area
3.12Joe Maszkiewicz169' 9.00PABrentwood
4.11Matt Johnson161' 11PAPenns Valley
5.12Bobby Bushong160' 0PALancaster Catholic
6.10Tyler Capitosti159' 1PAUnited
7.11James Hedden147' 0PAPenns Valley
8.11Brandon Moran140' 2.00PABrentwood
9.12Allan Stover136' 9PAPenns Valley
10.11George Bodziock133' 2PABishop Guilfoyle
High Jump
1.12Greg Yaworski6' 2PAUnited
2.10Neal Fox5' 10PALancaster Catholic
9McCade Lynch5' 10PAPenns Valley
12Tim Townsend5' 10PAUnited
5.11George Bodziock5' 9PABishop Guilfoyle
6.10DJ Clark5' 8.00PABrentwood
7.11Spencer Warfel5' 6PALancaster Catholic
10Marquis Hudson5' 6PAPenns Valley
11Nathan Gordon5' 6PAPenns Valley
10Eric Horell5' 6PABishop Guilfoyle
Pole Vault
1.11Cody Stover12' 0PAPenns Valley
2.12Windsor Bisbee10' 9PAUnited
3.11Matt Myers10' 6PAPenns Valley
11Philip Pyle10' 6PAPenns Valley
5.10Toby Hicks9' 0PAUnited
6.11Luke Schriefer8' 6PAPenns Valley
11Spencer Warfel8' 6PALancaster Catholic
8.10Tyler Capitosti8' 0PAUnited
9Orry Corman8' 0PAPenns Valley
12Allan Stover8' 0PAPenns Valley
Long Jump
1.11Akeem Moore21' 10.00PABrentwood
2.12David Cunningham20' 4.5PALancaster Catholic
3.12Tom Wardrop20' 3PABishop Guilfoyle
4.11Kenny Cottman19' 6PABeaver Falls
11Justin Ruffner19' 6PAUnited
6.10DJ Clark19' 1.00PABrentwood
7.11Spencer Warfel17' 10.25PALancaster Catholic
8.12Josh Dentel17' 6.50PABrentwood
9.12Nick Conrad17' 3PABishop Guilfoyle
10.9Jeremy Dentel17' 1.00PABrentwood
Triple Jump
1.11Akeem Moore43' 8.75PABrentwood
2.10DJ Clark43' 4.00PABrentwood
3.12Austin Fox42' 6PALancaster Catholic
4.11Chris Friedhoff41' 7.25PAUnited
5.11Kenny Cottman40' 6PABeaver Falls
6.12Nick Conrad40' 3.25PABishop Guilfoyle
7.11David Phillips39' 6PABeaver Falls
8.10Eric Horell39' 5PABishop Guilfoyle
9.12Robert McClenehan39' 4PAPenns Valley
10.10Jared Long39' 2PAUnited

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.11Stacy Stefanowicz13.11aPABrentwood
2.12Tasia Mccargo13.14cPABeaver Falls
3.9Kaitlyn Diffenderfer13.24cPALancaster Catholic
4.9Lauren Moody13.64cPABrentwood
5.10Melissa Pilarski13.74cPABrentwood
6.11Leslie Bartlebaugh14.04cPAUnited
7.10Emma Ruggery14.10aPABishop Guilfoyle
8.9Latoya Smith14.34cPABeaver Falls
10Molly Mack14.34cPAUnited
10.10Molly McCall14.54cPABishop Guilfoyle
200 Meters
1.9Kaitlyn Diffenderfer28.94cPALancaster Catholic
2.11Rachel Erny29.04cPABrentwood
3.11Teresa Mull29.33aPABishop Guilfoyle
4.11Leslie Bartlebaugh29.34cPAUnited
5.10Emma Ruggery30.05aPABishop Guilfoyle
6.9Katie O'Dell30.74cPALancaster Catholic
7.11Megan Ramsden31.24cPAUnited
8.10Molly Mack31.54cPAUnited
10Nicole Rensko31.54cPAUnited
10.10Molly McCall31.64cPABishop Guilfoyle
400 Meters
1.11Rachel Erny60.14cPABrentwood
2.9Kristen Cummings64.14cPABrentwood
3.12Sarah Fulcher64.54cPALancaster Catholic
4.10Olivia Von Neida66.94cPALancaster Catholic
5.10Melissa Pilarski67.14cPABrentwood
6.12Brandy Gibbons68.14cPABrentwood
7.10Molly Wroblewski69.14cPABrentwood
8.11Stevie Pfister69.34cPALancaster Catholic
9.11Nicole Ciambotti71.04cPABishop Guilfoyle
10.10Molly McCall72.14cPABishop Guilfoyle
800 Meters
1.10Maggie Wissler2:16.8aPABrentwood
2.12Dani Williams2:28.66aPABishop Guilfoyle
3.11Rachel Erny2:30.00PABrentwood
4.11Nicole Ciambotti2:39.0PABishop Guilfoyle
5.10Abby Frey2:44.6PALancaster Catholic
6.9Kyla Perry2:47.0PAUnited
7.10Molly Wroblewski2:47.70PABrentwood
8.10Maura Murphy2:52.8PABishop Guilfoyle
9.11Chelsea Wallace2:54.0PAUnited
10.12Nina Long2:55.9PAUnited
1600 Meters
1.10Maggie Wissler5:35.00PABrentwood
2.12Dani Williams5:35.71aPABishop Guilfoyle
3.11Rachel Erny5:36.00PABrentwood
4.10Abby Frey6:13.0PALancaster Catholic
5.11Nicole Ciambotti6:17.0PABishop Guilfoyle
6.9Kyla Perry6:22.5PAUnited
7.12Amanda Jones6:23.1PAUnited
8.11Tina Pelone6:27.00PABrentwood
9.12Nina Long6:30.2PAUnited
10.10Maura Murphy6:36.0PABishop Guilfoyle
3200 Meters
1.11Rachel Erny11:10.36aPABrentwood
2.12Dani Williams13:13.0PABishop Guilfoyle
3.11Nicole Ciambotti13:38.8PABishop Guilfoyle
4.10Maura Murphy13:57.0PABishop Guilfoyle
5.12Amanda Jones13:58.0PAUnited
6.9Mary Kantoski14:44.0PABishop Guilfoyle
7.9Megan Bryne14:46.8PALancaster Catholic
8.11Kelly Williams14:48.9PALancaster Catholic
9.12Nina Long14:58.0PAUnited
10.12Alixanne McGowan15:08.00PABrentwood
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Christine Conrad16.98aPABishop Guilfoyle
2.12Abby Waltz17.74cPALancaster Catholic
3.11Stacy Stefanowicz18.24cPABrentwood
4.10Kate Sigmond18.34cPABrentwood
5.11Emma Rovnak18.74cPALancaster Catholic
6.11Maggie Mack19.14cPAUnited
7.12Brandy Gibbons19.44cPABrentwood
8.12Katie McHale20.94cPALancaster Catholic
9.9Nicole Ringler24.14cPAUnited
10.12Emily Lasinsky25.84cPAUnited
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Abby Waltz52.34cPALancaster Catholic
2.10Olivia Von Neida52.44cPALancaster Catholic
3.11Christine Conrad53.98aPABishop Guilfoyle
4.11Emma Rovnak54.34cPALancaster Catholic
5.10Kate Sigmond54.64cPABrentwood
6.11Teresa Mull56.05aPABishop Guilfoyle
7.12Brandy Gibbons56.54cPABrentwood
8.11Maggie Mack58.04cPAUnited
9.11Tina Pelone60.44cPABrentwood
10.10Cathie Baker64.54cPABishop Guilfoyle
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team53.74cPABrentwood
2.-Lindsay Filling
Katie Diffenderfer
Destiny O'Neal
Sarah Fulcher
55.94cPALancaster Catholic
3.-Leslie Bartlebaugh
Jessica Bloom
Molly Mack
Karina Kindya
4.-Molly McCall
Maura Murphy
Cathie Baker
Emma Ruggery
58.54cPABishop Guilfoyle
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team4:37.00PABrentwood
2.-Dani Williams
Nicole Ciambotti
Emma Ruggery
Teresa Mull
4:47.1aPABishop Guilfoyle
3.-Kyla Perry
Chelsea Wallace
Laura Merle
Nina Long
4x800 Relay
1.-Rachel Erny
Kristen Cummings
Molly Wroblewski
Maggie Wissler
2.-Nicole Ciambotti
Teresa Mull
Maura Murphy
Dani Williams
10:46.0PABishop Guilfoyle
3.-Amanda Jones
Kyla Perry
Chelsea Wallace
Laura Merle
4.-Sarah Fulcher
Kelly Williams
Julia Goldbach
Abby Frey
11:56.6PALancaster Catholic
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Kate Kendrick36' 4PAUnited
2.11Amanda Young36' 2.5PALancaster Catholic
3.11Teresa Mull28' 11PABishop Guilfoyle
4.10Kate Neidermeyer28' 10.00PABrentwood
5.12Jen Stengel28' 3PALancaster Catholic
6.11Tiffany Fry27' 4PAUnited
7.12Mary Forr27' 3PABishop Guilfoyle
11Melinda Clark27' 3PAUnited
9.10Cathie Baker22' 11PABishop Guilfoyle
10.12Sara Blankenship21' 6PAUnited
Discus - 1kg
1.11Kate Kendrick108' 11PAUnited
2.11Teresa Mull93' 2PABishop Guilfoyle
3.11Amanda Young87' 9PALancaster Catholic
4.12Mackenzie O'Grady86' 6.5PALancaster Catholic
5.12Charlene Kaysan78' 8.00PABrentwood
6.11Tiffany Fry76' 7PAUnited
7.11Melinda Clark75' 4PAUnited
8.12Amanda Jones72' 4PAUnited
9.10Kate Neidermeyer68' 6.00PABrentwood
10.9Katlynn Wigman68' 2PABishop Guilfoyle
Javelin - 600g
1.11Amanda Young108' 8PALancaster Catholic
2.12Jen Stengel96' 5PALancaster Catholic
3.12Mary Forr84' 9PABishop Guilfoyle
4.11Laura Merle84' 5PAUnited
5.10Katie Riccio62' 6PABishop Guilfoyle
6.10Cathie Baker56' 7PABishop Guilfoyle
7.12Charlene Kaysan51' 9.00PABrentwood
8.10Kate Neidermeyer50' 6.00PABrentwood
High Jump
1.12Karina Kindya4' 8PAUnited
2.11Megan Ramsden4' 6PAUnited
9Betsy McGinnis4' 6.00PABrentwood
9Lauren Moody4' 6.00PABrentwood
12Mary Forr4' 6PABishop Guilfoyle
6.10Olivia Von Neida4' 4PALancaster Catholic
7.12Jessica Bloom4' 2PAUnited
9Allison Plowman4' 2PAUnited
9.11Katie Danz4' 0PALancaster Catholic
9Katlynn Wigman4' 0PABishop Guilfoyle
Pole Vault
1.11Kaitlyn Garbarino6' 6PALancaster Catholic
Long Jump
1.11Christine Conrad15' 4PABishop Guilfoyle
2.9Lauren Moody13' 10.50PABrentwood
3.12Jessica Bloom13' 10PAUnited
4.11Megan Ramsden13' 6.25PAUnited
5.12Karina Kindya13' 2.5PAUnited
6.9Hanna Hazeltine12' 9PALancaster Catholic
7.9Betsy McGinnis12' 8.00PABrentwood
8.9Allison Plowman12' 4PAUnited
9.10Amanda James11' 9PABishop Guilfoyle
10.12Brittany Skedel11' 4PAUnited
Triple Jump
1.9Lauren Moody34' 3.00PABrentwood
2.11Stevie Pfister31' 9PALancaster Catholic
3.11Christine Conrad30' 7.75PABishop Guilfoyle
4.12Jessica Bloom30' 3PAUnited
5.12Karina Kindya28' 7.5PAUnited
6.12Mary Forr28' 5PABishop Guilfoyle
7.9Betsy McGinnis28' 0.00PABrentwood
8.11Megan Ramsden27' 9PAUnited
9.11Maggie Mack26' 10PAUnited
10.10Nicole Rensko24' 4PAUnited

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