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100 Meters
1.12Brandon Pullen11.52aORDufur
2.12Kelly Thompson11.54aORIone
3.12Darcy Staples11.79aORArlington
4.10Ty Wyman11.93aORDufur
5.12James Acock12.03aORIone
6.10Michael Madison12.14cOREcho
7.11Vicente Escalante12.34cOREcho
8.9Ethan Weiser12.41aORArlington
11Victor Gonzalez12.41aORDufur
10.12Gordon Wegwerth12.44cORIone
200 Meters
1.12Kelly Thompson23.31aORIone
2.10Michael Madison24.04cOREcho
3.12Brandon Pullen24.14cORDufur
4.12Darcy Staples24.34cORArlington
5.9Ethan Weiser25.64cORArlington
6.12Gordon Wegwerth25.84cORIone
7.12James Acock26.14cORIone
8.11Tyler Grindstaff26.54cORGriswold
9.12Nick Kamp26.74cORIone
10.10Ty Wyman26.87aORDufur
400 Meters
1.12Kelly Thompson50.45aORIone
2.10Michael Madison52.84aOREcho
3.12Darcy Staples55.12aORArlington
4.11Vicente Escalante55.24cOREcho
11Tyler Grindstaff55.24cORGriswold
6.9Cory Peterson55.65aORIone
7.9Ethan Weiser57.60aORArlington
8.10Jerod Warnock59.44cORSouth Wasco County
9.9Chance Raymond59.54cORGriswold
10.11Shawn Barry60.64cORArlington
800 Meters
1.11CJ Zita2:07.7aOREcho
2.10Paul Hams2:14.07aORIone
3.11Tyler Grindstaff2:15.0ORGriswold
4.11Jose Gutierrez2:18.4OREcho
5.12Kelly Thompson2:19.2ORIone
6.12Kyle Palmateer2:21.8ORIone
7.10Dennis Arthur2:24.12aORDufur
8.9Chance Raymond2:30.0ORGriswold
9.11Vicente Escalante2:39.19aOREcho
10.9Codey Johnson2:40.00aORSouth Wasco County
1500 Meters
1.11Tyler Grindstaff4:35.0ORGriswold
2.10Jerod Warnock4:41.4ORSouth Wasco County
3.12Kyle Palmateer4:45.07aORIone
4.11Vicente Escalante4:45.8OREcho
5.11CJ Zita4:47.5OREcho
6.12Nick Kamp4:49.9ORIone
7.12Darcy Staples5:10.0ORArlington
8.10Kris Belozer5:12.5ORSouth Wasco County
9.12Jake Deswert5:21.0ORDufur
10.10Richard Bohna5:23.01aORIone
3000 Meters
1.11Tyler Grindstaff10:54.0ORGriswold
2.10Blaine Maley10:54.6ORCondon/Wheeler
3.12Kyle Palmateer10:57.80aORIone
4.12Nick Kamp10:59.94aORIone
5.11Richard Lowes11:28.2ORSouth Wasco County
6.10Richard Bohna11:42.4ORIone
7.10Dennis Arthur11:56.63aORDufur
8.9Nic Mueller12:43.07aORSouth Wasco County
9.10Antonio Balderrama14:35.88aORSouth Wasco County
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Tyler Froemming16.94cORSouth Wasco County
2.12Ray Palmquist17.08aORSouth Wasco County
3.11Victor Gonzalez18.74cORDufur
4.9Codey Johnson19.34cORSouth Wasco County
5.11Robbie Hinckley19.44cORSouth Wasco County
6.12Darcy Staples19.64cORArlington
9Clay Morter19.64cORIone
8.12Jeff Espeland21.58aORSouth Wasco County
9.10Mick Lofthouse22.47aORSouth Wasco County
10.12Kelly Thompson23.54cORIone
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Stephen Kresse41.94cORSouth Wasco County
2.12Tyler Froemming42.42aORSouth Wasco County
3.9Ethan Weiser45.69aORArlington
4.11Victor Gonzalez45.75aORDufur
5.11CJ Zita46.99aOREcho
6.10Alan Rietmann47.04cORIone
7.9Clay Morter47.17aORIone
8.11Robbie Hinckley47.74cORSouth Wasco County
9.9Codey Johnson50.14cORSouth Wasco County
10.10Mick Lofthouse55.81aORSouth Wasco County
4x100 Relay
1.-Ty Wyman
Victor Gonzalez
Tom Akre
Brandon Pullen
2.-Tyler Froemming
Michael Burgett
Nelson Hernandez
Stephen Kresse
47.14cORSouth Wasco County
3.-Clay Morter
Alan Rietmann
Kelly Thompson
Cory Peterson
4.-CJ Zita
Michael Madison
Vicente Escalante
Jose Gutierrez
5.-Darcy Staples
Shawn Barry
Evan Haney
Ethan Weiser
4x400 Relay
1.-Tyler Froemming
Michael Burgett
Michael Carter
Stephen Kresse
3:32.6ORSouth Wasco County
2.-Cory Peterson
Alan Rietmann
Paul Hams
Kelly Thompson
3.-CJ Zita
Michael Madison
Vicente Escalante
Jose Gutierrez
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Kasey McCullough51' 9.5ORDufur
2.12Teren Humphrey47' 4ORCondon/Wheeler
3.12Dan Long46' 9.5ORIone
4.11Schon Hybertson44' 8.5ORDufur
5.11Aaron Dove41' 9ORSouth Wasco County
6.12Ray Palmquist41' 2.75ORSouth Wasco County
7.11Michael Carter40' 0ORSouth Wasco County
8.10Kip Krebs39' 6ORIone
9.12Darcy Staples38' 4ORArlington
10.12Gordon Wegwerth36' 7ORIone
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Schon Hybertson137' 4ORDufur
2.11Michael Carter129' 4ORSouth Wasco County
3.12Ray Palmquist127' 8ORSouth Wasco County
4.10Kasey McCullough125' 7ORDufur
5.12Nelson Hernandez119' 4ORSouth Wasco County
6.12Dan Long118' 7ORIone
7.10Kip Krebs111' 2ORIone
8.10Junior Rodriguez105' 1.5OREcho
9.9Mitch Correa103' 9OREcho
10.11Michael Moore103' 4ORCondon/Wheeler
Javelin - 800g
1.10Ryan Standiford160' 6ORCondon/Wheeler
2.12Cody Nelson152' 6ORSouth Wasco County
3.10Paul Hams150' 7ORIone
4.12Teren Humphrey149' 7ORCondon/Wheeler
5.11Shawn Barry143' 7ORArlington
6.11Michael Carter141' 10ORSouth Wasco County
7.10Ty Wyman137' 8ORDufur
8.12Ryan Seely135' 7ORGriswold
9.12Dan Long134' 0ORIone
10.11CJ Zita133' 0OREcho
High Jump
1.12Ryan Seely5' 8ORGriswold
12Kelly Thompson5' 8ORIone
3.12Ray Palmquist5' 6ORSouth Wasco County
12Nick Kamp5' 6ORIone
9Clay Morter5' 6ORIone
6.11Soren Meinken5' 4ORCondon/Wheeler
11Robbie Hinckley5' 4ORSouth Wasco County
8.12Darcy Staples5' 2ORArlington
12James Acock5' 2ORIone
10.9Chris Schell5' 0ORCondon/Wheeler
9Chance Raymond5' 0ORGriswold
10Kip Krebs5' 0ORIone
Pole Vault
1.9Ethan Weiser10' 6ORArlington
2.11Richard Lowes9' 0ORSouth Wasco County
3.10Cameron Manning8' 6ORDufur
10Kris Belozer8' 6ORSouth Wasco County
5.12Gordon Wegwerth8' 0ORIone
6.10Jerod Warnock7' 6ORSouth Wasco County
Long Jump
1.12Brandon Pullen20' 11.25ORDufur
2.12Ryan Seely19' 9.5ORGriswold
3.12Joseph Street19' 8.5ORCondon/Wheeler
4.12Stephen Kresse19' 8ORSouth Wasco County
5.10Michael Burgett19' 7.5ORSouth Wasco County
6.10Alan Rietmann18' 10ORIone
12Darcy Staples18' 10ORArlington
8.11Vicente Escalante18' 6OREcho
9.10Ty Wyman18' 5.5ORDufur
10.11Richard Lowes18' 4.5ORSouth Wasco County
Triple Jump
1.12Tyler Froemming41' 7.75ORSouth Wasco County
2.10Michael Burgett40' 10ORSouth Wasco County
3.12Joseph Street40' 5ORCondon/Wheeler
4.12Ryan Seely40' 4ORGriswold
5.11Richard Lowes37' 3.75ORSouth Wasco County
6.10Paul Hams36' 9.5ORIone
7.11Shawn Barry36' 6.5ORArlington
8.11Tyler Grindstaff36' 0ORGriswold
9.11Tom Akre35' 10ORDufur
10.11Robbie Hinckley35' 4.75ORSouth Wasco County

Womens xshow...

100 Meters
1.12Paola Escobedo13.51aORArlington
2.11Cierra Eby13.68aOREcho
3.12Jessica Dale14.34cORArlington
4.10Kaylee Palmateer14.51aORIone
5.12Cara Greenfield14.54cORCondon/Wheeler
6.12Rebecca Reese14.74cOREcho
10Kylee Svetich14.74cORIone
8.9Megan Williams14.94cOREcho
9.10Kaitlyn Muller15.14cORGriswold
10.9Tori Heagy15.17aORIone
200 Meters
1.11Cierra Eby27.76aOREcho
2.10Andrea Ashbrook28.48aORDufur
3.12Angela Harsin28.67aORCondon/Wheeler
4.10Kylee Svetich29.34aORIone
5.12Rebecca Reese29.38aOREcho
6.9Megan Williams29.68aOREcho
7.9Tori Heagy30.94aORIone
8.9Cassandra Broeckel31.54cORDufur
9.9Jill Pearson31.72aORDufur
10.9Shelby Kramer32.54cORDufur
400 Meters
1.11Cierra Eby63.93aOREcho
2.11Annie Larlee64.14aORSouth Wasco County
3.12Rebecca Reese65.34cOREcho
4.10Kylee Svetich65.49aORIone
5.9Megan Williams67.56aOREcho
6.12Lacey Tibbets68.14cORDufur
7.12Angela Harsin68.34cORCondon/Wheeler
8.10Julianna Vanden Brink69.14cORIone
9.9Jill Pearson69.15aORDufur
10.11Stephanie Holland69.80aORIone
800 Meters
1.10Julianna Vanden Brink2:35.43aORIone
2.12Ryuko Fujita2:47.93aOREcho
3.9Crystal McMurray2:57.0ORGriswold
4.12Rebecca Reese2:58.6OREcho
5.12Amy Jepson2:59.5ORIone
6.12Jamie Schell3:00.5ORCondon/Wheeler
7.12Julie Tibbets3:03.0ORDufur
8.10McKenzie Henderson3:10.5ORDufur
9.9Jill Pearson3:13.4ORDufur
10.11Kayla LaRue3:36.30aORIone
1500 Meters
1.10Julianna Vanden Brink5:18.47aORIone
2.12Rebecca Reese5:42.6OREcho
3.10kayla Kilby5:46.72aORDufur
4.10Kimmie Larlee5:47.35aORSouth Wasco County
5.12Ryuko Fujita5:54.57aOREcho
6.12Amy Jepson6:03.91aORIone
7.11Anna Sonnenberg6:17.5ORCondon/Wheeler
8.10McKenzie Henderson6:49.2ORDufur
9.12Julie Tibbets6:53.68aORDufur
10.9Elizabeth Hartley7:36.14aORDufur
3000 Meters
1.10Kimmie Larlee12:50.2ORSouth Wasco County
2.10kayla Kilby13:00.2ORDufur
3.12Amy Jepson13:16.58aORIone
4.12Rebecca Reese13:25.3OREcho
5.11Anna Sonnenberg14:08.3ORCondon/Wheeler
6.9Megan Williams14:13.51aOREcho
7.11Rachel Nelson14:13.8ORCondon/Wheeler
8.11Marisa Ohmiya14:52.04aOREcho
9.12Rebecca Ferge15:29.43aOREcho
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Cierra Eby16.92aOREcho
2.12Ashly Grams17.45aORIone
3.9Tiana Camarillo18.54aORIone
4.9Megan Ferrell18.58aORSouth Wasco County
5.9Tori Heagy19.64cORIone
6.11Michelle Rucker20.70aORArlington
7.12Simone Zwaga22.14cORDufur
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Annie Larlee49.33aORSouth Wasco County
2.11Cierra Eby49.74cOREcho
3.12Ashly Grams50.46aORIone
4.9Tiana Camarillo55.54cORIone
5.9Megan Ferrell55.67aORSouth Wasco County
6.9Tori Heagy60.34cORIone
7.11Michelle Rucker62.14cORArlington
8.12Simone Zwaga65.18aORDufur
4x100 Relay
1.-Katie Stevens
Cara Greenfield
Megan Greenfield
Angela Harsin
2.-Kylee Svetich
Ashly Grams
Kaylee Palmateer
Julianna Vanden Brink
3.-Relay Team56.55aORDufur
4.-Relay Team57.38aORArlington
5.-Relay Team59.04cOREcho
6.-Relay Team60.69aORSouth Wasco County
4x400 Relay
1.-Kylee Svetich
Stephanie Holland
Julianna Vanden Brink
Ashly Grams
2.-Angela Harsin
Jamie Schell
Cara Greenfield
Megan Greenfield
3.-Relay Team4:48.59aORDufur
4.-Rebecca Reese
Megan Mavis
Rebecca Ferge
Ryuko Fujita
5.-Hailey Hauser
Annie Larlee
Malori Ambrose
Megan Ferrell
5:10.56aORSouth Wasco County
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Rachael Jackson34' 10OREcho
2.10McKenzie Henderson34' 9ORDufur
3.12Caitlin Bartlemay34' 3.25ORArlington
4.11Kayla LaRue28' 1ORIone
5.10Alena Akre26' 7.5ORDufur
6.12Jillian Bender25' 1.25ORSouth Wasco County
7.11Rachel Nelson24' 6ORCondon/Wheeler
8.9Whitney McNary24' 4.5ORIone
9.11Stephanie Holland23' 0ORIone
10.9Nicole Wetherell22' 7ORArlington
Discus - 1kg
1.12Caitlin Bartlemay114' 5ORArlington
2.11Rachael Jackson110' 8OREcho
3.12Kaitlin Mead94' 5ORDufur
4.11Kayla LaRue92' 9ORIone
5.10McKenzie Henderson89' 0ORDufur
6.12Malori Ambrose88' 6ORSouth Wasco County
7.10Kaitlyn Muller82' 0ORGriswold
8.10Kimmie Larlee75' 0ORSouth Wasco County
9.9Jammie Harvey72' 0ORDufur
10.12Jamie Schell60' 0ORCondon/Wheeler
Javelin - 600g
1.12Kaitlin Mead115' 9ORDufur
2.12Angela Harsin114' 9ORCondon/Wheeler
3.12Cara Greenfield103' 11ORCondon/Wheeler
4.12Jillian Bender95' 8ORSouth Wasco County
5.12Malori Ambrose89' 7ORSouth Wasco County
6.11Rachael Jackson88' 8OREcho
7.9Jammie Harvey86' 10ORDufur
11Michelle Rucker86' 10ORArlington
9.10Kaylee Palmateer83' 8ORIone
10.12Simone Zwaga80' 8ORDufur
High Jump
1.12Lacey Tibbets5' 4ORDufur
2.10Andrea Ashbrook4' 8ORDufur
9Shelby Kramer4' 8ORDufur
4.9Megan Williams4' 4OREcho
11Stephanie Holland4' 4ORIone
9Whitney McNary4' 4ORIone
7.11Maria Dressel0ORArlington
Pole Vault
1.11Michelle Rucker7' 6ORArlington
2.12Simone Zwaga6' 6ORDufur
3.11Maria Dressel5' 6ORArlington
Long Jump
1.11Annie Larlee15' 6ORSouth Wasco County
2.12Jessica Dale15' 2.25ORArlington
3.12Paola Escobedo14' 9.5ORArlington
4.11Cierra Eby14' 3OREcho
5.9Cassandra Broeckel13' 11ORDufur
6.12Rebecca Ferge13' 10OREcho
11Jessica Bonnell13' 10ORDufur
8.9Megan Ferrell13' 9.5ORSouth Wasco County
9.10Kaitlyn Muller13' 9ORGriswold
10.10Kaylee Palmateer13' 7ORIone
Triple Jump
1.11Annie Larlee32' 11ORSouth Wasco County
2.10Kaitlyn Muller32' 7.25ORGriswold
3.10Kylee Svetich29' 10ORIone
4.12Jessica Dale29' 9.5ORArlington
5.12Rebecca Ferge29' 8OREcho
6.11Jessica Bonnell29' 5ORDufur
7.11Stephanie Holland29' 3ORIone
8.10Alena Akre28' 11.5ORDufur
9.9Jammie Harvey27' 10ORDufur
10.11Rachel Nelson27' 0ORCondon/Wheeler
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