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North Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

200 Meters
1.11Chavez Cheatham24.31aMDAberdeen
2.12Jermaine Mabon24.74aMDAberdeen
400 Meters
1.12Alphonso Greene56.34aMDDigital Harbor
2.12Jermaine Mabon57.92aMDAberdeen
3.12Delonte Braxton57.99aMDDigital Harbor
4.10Andrew Montgomery58.95aMDAberdeen
800 Meters
1.12Delonte Braxton2:05.10MDDigital Harbor
2.11Evan Anderson2:05.96aMDHereford
3.12Mason Rivera2:06.02aMDHereford
4.10Jonathan Cook2:06.10MDDigital Harbor
5.12Tyler Bogert2:06.56aMDFranklin
6.11Lemuel Lawrence2:06.90MDBaltimore City College
7.10Jon Luckin2:07.65aMDHereford
8.11Martin Jones2:07.67aMDFranklin
9.10John Cheeks2:08.30MDBaltimore City College
10.12Drew Landerman2:08.44aMDTowson
1600 Meters
1.12Ben Bemis4:34.70MDHereford
2.12Mason Rivera4:36.59aMDHereford
3.10Jon Luckin4:40.91aMDHereford
4.11Ramon Brown4:42.88aMDDigital Harbor
5.10Matt Lehnert4:44.41aMDHereford
6.12Drew Landerman4:45.75aMDTowson
7.12Sam Cornwell4:54.47aMDHereford
8.12Brian Leonard4:55.60MDTowson
9.10Danny Battle4:59.11aMDHereford
10.11Matthew Bender5:01.30MDTowson
3200 Meters
1.12Mason Rivera9:53.77aMDHereford
2.12William Fesperman10:09.02aMDTowson
3.11Ramon Brown10:15.77aMDDigital Harbor
4.12Ben Bemis10:21.98aMDHereford
5.10Jon Luckin10:24.66aMDHereford
6.10Kevin Payne10:45.58aMDHereford
7.10Danny Battle10:52.80aMDHereford
8.11Zachary Simmons10:58.20MDTowson
9.12Jason Besser10:58.75aMDFranklin
10.10Matt Lehnert10:59.90aMDHereford
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team1:35.00MDDigital Harbor
2.-Afees Abolurin
Kashief Burton
Ange Nmah
Darius Holloway
1:35.03aMDMilford Mill
3.-Santana Baskerville
Timothy Canady
Daquan Smith
Shawn Thorpe
1:38.00MDBaltimore City College
4.-Relay Team1:38.50aMDFranklin
5.-Relay Team1:38.63aMDParkville
6.-Janai Billips
Davon Moore
Michael Moore
Jalen Owens
7.-Eric Miles
Anothony Johnson
Daniel Carter
Windell Graves
8.-Relay Team1:45.70MDAberdeen
9.-Jonathan Kennedy
Edward Miklewski
Alex Pak
Alexander Pfannenstein
1:46.10MDEastern Tech
10.-Alexander Anastasi-Hill
Marc Harris
Damen Jones
Ronald Butler
4x400 Relay
1.-Alphonso Greene
Anthony Young
Darian Wilson
George Flaviano
3:35.17aMDDigital Harbor
2.-Darius Holloway
Courtney Winstead
Ange Nmah
Kashief Burton
3:40.56aMDMilford Mill
3.-Esanye Ogbe
Scott Luthy
Dan Plaut
Mike Skaro
4.-Relay Team3:45.67aMDHereford
5.-Michael Moore
Jalen Owens
Greg Williams
Melvin Velines
6.-Relay Team3:52.06aMDParkville
7.-Relay Team4:04.70MDBaltimore City College
8.-Relay Team4:07.30MDAberdeen
9.-Relay Team4:08.30MDEastern Tech
10.-Relay Team4:13.80MDTowson
4x800 Relay
1.-Evan Anderson
Brendan Jennings
Sam Cornwell
Ben Bemis
2.-Ramon Brown
Jonathan Cook
Darian Wilson
Delonte Braxton
8:39.02aMDDigital Harbor
3.-Relay Team8:45.50MDFranklin
4.-Nathan Cash
Alexander Flagle
Matthew Bender
Max Beker
5.-Relay Team9:26.00MDWoodlawn
6.-Evan Heffner
Dylan Poremski
Alfred Shoetan
Ryan James
7.-Relay Team9:29.00MDAberdeen
8.-Relay Team9:36.50MDMilford Mill
9.-Relay Team9:53.00MDEastern Tech
10.-Relay Team10:33.10MDPatapsco
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12John Randall49' 9.25MDFranklin
2.12Charlie Ryan49' 0.00MDHereford
3.11Luke Kurtz45' 11.00MDHereford
4.11Azubuike Ukandu40' 8.25MDTowson
5.12Justin Lee39' 10.00MDWoodlawn
6.10Graham Hensley39' 8.50MDHereford
7.11Javon Keene39' 5.25MDWoodlawn
8.11Javron Keene39' 4.00MDWoodlawn
9.11Alex Roth37' 8.50MDFranklin
10.12Pat Keller36' 6.00MDBel Air
High Jump
1.12Joshua Mathis6' 4.00MDFranklin
2.11Michael Cronauer6' 2.00MDFranklin
3.11Kashief Burton6' 0.00MDMilford Mill
4.11Darian Wilson5' 10.00MDDigital Harbor
5.11Anthony Young5' 8.00MDDigital Harbor
12Mike Skaro5' 8.00MDFranklin
11Cody Abbott5' 8.00MDFranklin
12Christian Hoff5' 8.00MDTowson
12Kyle Passmore5' 8.00MDHereford
10.10Justin Robey5' 6.00MDHereford
12Ange Nmah5' 6.00MDMilford Mill
Pole Vault
1.10Kevin Payne11' 6.00MDHereford
2.12Brendan Martello11' 0.00MDHereford
3.12Kyle Passmore9' 0.00MDHereford
4.10Duncan Whitaker8' 6.00MDHereford
5.10Connor Collins7' 0.00MDHereford
10Kaz Turkowski7' 0.00MDHereford
Long Jump
1.12Ange Nmah20' 11.25MDMilford Mill
2.10Michael Jones18' 1.00MDMilford Mill
3.12Kyle Passmore17' 4.00MDHereford
4.11David Maker16' 4.25MDMilford Mill
Triple Jump

Womens show...

200 Meters
1.9Imani Jackson26.64aMDFranklin
2.11Ashley Brannock27.51aMDFranklin
3.11Aliyah Reese29.72aMDAberdeen
4.9Sonya Malone30.22aMDAberdeen
400 Meters
1.12Regina Summerville60.85aMDDigital Harbor
2.11Chartia Hurt61.76aMDDigital Harbor
3.9Imani Jackson62.79aMDFranklin
4.10Kayla Ball63.44aMDAberdeen
5.9Melissa Meehling67.09aMDHereford
6.11Caroline Clancy68.23aMDHereford
7.11Aliyah Reese68.65aMDAberdeen
800 Meters
1.11Emily Vandewater2:28.00MDHereford
2.12Regina Summerville2:29.13aMDDigital Harbor
3.11Rennie Tankersley2:29.97aMDHereford
4.9Melissa Meehling2:32.24aMDHereford
5.11Sarah Chase2:32.33aMDFranklin
6.11Bailey Wilhelm2:34.55aMDHereford
7.9Erin Causey2:36.90MDHereford
8.10Shannon Martello2:37.33aMDHereford
9.10Samara Miller2:38.10aMDAberdeen
10.11Lauren Kennedy2:38.30MDHereford
1600 Meters
1.11Emily Vandewater5:26.92aMDHereford
2.9Erin Causey5:32.80MDHereford
3.11Lauren Kennedy5:33.50MDHereford
4.11Kelly Fernandez6:05.00MDEastern Tech
5.11Elizabeth Peper6:09.10MDTowson
6.11Caitlin Marciszewski6:10.36aMDEastern Tech
7.9Casey Ryan6:11.30MDTowson
8.9Merritt Dermer6:14.50MDFranklin
9.10Laura Gede6:15.00MDFranklin
10.-Dermes Merritt6:15.20MDFranklin
3200 Meters
1.9Erin Causey11:39.82aMDHereford
2.11Emily Vandewater11:47.14aMDHereford
3.11Lauren Kennedy12:04.60aMDHereford
4.12Rachel Barkley12:23.20MDHereford
5.11Kelly Fernandez13:01.50MDEastern Tech
6.-Merritt Deimer13:06.70MDFranklin
7.12Casey Paton13:07.10MDHereford
8.9Merritt Dermer13:09.90MDFranklin
9.11Jillian Cornwell13:45.10MDHereford
10.12Sarah Hull13:46.00MDTowson
4x200 Relay
1.-Regina Summerville
Shawdae Frederick
Chasity Jackson
Chartia Hurt
1:48.61aMDDigital Harbor
2.-Racquel Moses
Ayomide Adebayo
Medinah Spencer
Sakina Goode
1:51.11aMDMilford Mill
3.-Adanna Poole
Jasmine Yarborough
Christian Byrd
Destiny Johnson
4.-Imani Jackson
Ashley Brannock
Sierra Morris
Sam Mims
5.-Relay Team1:55.67aMDHereford
6.-Dreshauna Stallworth
Gabriella Gensheimer
Olivia Lynes
Kourtney Anderson
1:58.80MDBaltimore City College
7.-Ashley Bassell
Yazmin Burns
Michaelina Poindexter
Lenaya Stewart
8.-Maxine Anderson
Cheniel Ferguson
Labre James
Destiny Miller
9.-Relay Team2:02.00MDPatapsco
10.-Relay Team2:03.00MDTowson
4x400 Relay
1.-Shawdae Frederick
Devoria Whitaker
Chartia Hurt
Regina Summerville
4:07.90aMDDigital Harbor
2.-Melissa Meehling
Rosemary Hall
Emily Randall
Bailey Wilhelm
3.-Relay Team4:24.38aMDParkville
4.-Relay Team4:30.40MDFranklin
5.-Sakina Goode
Racquel Moses
Samantha Toon
Ayomide Adebayo
4:30.60MDMilford Mill
6.-Maxine Anderson
Cheniel Ferguson
Labre James
Destiny Miller
7.-Eleni Loukas
Nakira Cox
Casey Grieb
Whitney Woods
8.-Danielle Bolling
Kourtney Anderson
Jerdene Forbes
Aliyah Watson
4:57.60MDBaltimore City College
9.-Rachel Weeks
Madeline Tribbe
Hannah Tennies
Aylish Ptak
10.-Relay Team5:12.90MDEastern Tech
4x800 Relay
1.-Shannon Martello
Melissa Meehling
Bailey Wilhelm
Emily Vandewater
2.-Sarah Chase
Jenna Rohde
Lindsay Montanye
Becca Chase
3.-Casey Ryan
Mary Thorne
Becky Regan
Sydney Cockerille
4.-Kelly Fernandez
Summer Stone
Caitlin Marciszewski
Samantha Lucas
11:37.74aMDEastern Tech
5.-Relay Team11:46.10MDParkville
6.-Relay Team11:53.90MDMilford Mill
7.-Danielle Bolling
Keshara Cochrane
Karima Brown
Amani Medlock
12:04.93aMDBaltimore City College
8.-Relay Team12:35.50MDDigital Harbor
9.-Ashlynn Durika
Karina Watson
Cassidy Webb
Rachel Lynch
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Shelby Frink42' 6.00MDWoodlawn
2.12Sharae Davis38' 0.00MDWoodlawn
3.11Shawnta Bradford35' 7.00MDAberdeen
4.12Sharae Davis-Wanzer34' 0.00MDWoodlawn
5.12Sharise Marshall33' 8.50MDParkville
6.11Allana Arkward29' 9.00MDFranklin
7.9Christine Agoris29' 7.00MDFranklin
8.11Amber Robinson28' 3.50MDDigital Harbor
9.10Tess Vance28' 1.50MDHereford
10.10Rya Inman27' 5.00MDTowson
High Jump
1.12Jessica Gee4' 10.00MDHereford
11Ashley Brannock4' 10.00MDFranklin
3.12Jessie Gee4' 8.00MDHereford
12Cherise Jones4' 8.00MDHereford
5.11Jasmine Jones4' 6.00MDDigital Harbor
6.12Roslyn Murray4' 4.00MDTowson
11Lindsey McEvoy4' 4.00MDHereford
10Parrisa Sakinejad4' 4.00MDHereford
11Elizabeth Schofield4' 4.00MDHereford
10.10Caroline Goode4' 2.00MDTowson
9Aylish Ptak4' 2.00MDTowson
9Carolyn Peper4' 2.00MDTowson
Pole Vault
1.12Jordana Lehmann10' 0.00MDHereford
2.12Jordanna Lehman9' 6.00MDHereford
3.11Abby Wenck8' 6.00MDHereford
11Abigail Wenck8' 6.00MDHereford
5.11Elizabeth Schofield6' 0.00MDHereford
Long Jump
1.10Dana-Lei Alsol11' 11.50MDAberdeen
Triple Jump
1.12Jessica Gee31' 4.50MDHereford
2.12Samantha Toon29' 4.25MDMilford Mill

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