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Region 7 Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.12Cody Bowlin11.40aKYWhitley County
2.9Chase Rose11.90aKYWhitley County
3.10Alec Wooldridge12.00aKYPulaski County
4.12Tyler Vanover12.32aKYWhitley County
5.12Thomas Tallon12.38aKYWhitley County
6.10Joshua Nichols12.43aKYWhitley County
7.10Kevin Hendrickson12.72aKYWhitley County
8.10Dillon Smallwood12.77aKYWhitley County
11Cameron Reeves12.77aKYWhitley County
10.10John Rose12.79aKYWhitley County
200 Meters
1.11Mark Davis23.47aKYGeorge Rogers Clark
2.12Tyler Vanover23.87aKYWhitley County
3.12Cody Bowlin24.52aKYWhitley County
4.10Dillon Smallwood26.19aKYWhitley County
5.10Jon Siler26.80aKYWhitley County
6.9Cody Swafford26.89aKYWhitley County
7.11Cameron Reeves27.54aKYWhitley County
8.10Nathan Ellis27.88aKYWhitley County
9.12William Bryant29.09aKYWhitley County
10.11Seth McCoy30.93aKYWhitley County
400 Meters
1.10Marc Von Kolln54.23aKYPulaski County
2.12Tyler Vanover54.48aKYWhitley County
3.11Aaron Petrey59.82aKYWhitley County
4.10Blake Marlow60.23aKYWhitley County
5.10Brian Kurzeika61.20aKYWhitley County
6.10Solomon Vanover61.24cKYWhitley County
7.12William Bryant63.00aKYWhitley County
8.11Ethan Hamilton63.63aKYWhitley County
9.11Seth McCoy66.00aKYWhitley County
10.9Johnathan Keltner74.78aKYWhitley County
800 Meters
1.11Clay Dixon2:01.81aKYGeorge Rogers Clark
2.11Jerome Williams2:03.81aKYMadison Central
3.10Blake Marlow2:21.87aKYWhitley County
4.12Brandon Dugger2:36.15aKYWhitley County
5.9Alex Philpot2:47.70aKYWhitley County
6.12Jacob Harp2:54.73aKYWhitley County
7.9Travis Jones3:07.78aKYWhitley County
8.10Brian Kurzeika3:18.36aKYWhitley County
1600 Meters
1.9Jimmy Goldson4:34.74aKYPulaski County
2.11Alex White4:45.97aKYGeorge Rogers Clark
3.10Blake Marlow5:28.9aKYWhitley County
4.12Brandon Dugger5:35.92aKYWhitley County
5.12Brandon Archer5:51.82aKYWhitley County
6.12Jacob Harp6:11.0aKYWhitley County
7.10Matt Lawson6:14.22aKYWhitley County
8.11Charlie Pruitt6:33.1aKYWhitley County
3200 Meters
1.11Alex White10:09.15aKYGeorge Rogers Clark
2.9Mason Blevins10:34.89aKYPulaski County
3.12Brandon Dugger12:36.00aKYWhitley County
4.12Jacob Harp14:01.53aKYWhitley County
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Zach Wooldridge16.45aKYPulaski County
2.11Corey Hyde17.36aKYNorth Laurel
3.10Brian Kurzeika18.16aKYWhitley County
4.11Seth McCoy23.24aKYWhitley County
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Zach Wooldridge42.13aKYPulaski County
2.12Charlie Gaskin44.04aKYSouth Laurel
3.10Brian Kurzeika47.65aKYWhitley County
4.12Brandon Archer48.30aKYWhitley County
5.11Aaron Petrey50.90aKYWhitley County
6.12Tyler Vanover52.32aKYWhitley County
7.10Jon Siler52.95aKYWhitley County
8.10Blake Marlow55.93aKYWhitley County
4x100 Relay
1.-Austin Coyle
Darion Coleman
Daniel Guy
Clayton Lane
46.17aKYMadison Central
2.-Chase Rose
John Rose
Jon Siler
Tyler Vanover
48.20aKYWhitley County
4x200 Relay
1.-Dawson Marcum
Austin Coyle
Clayton Lane
Damien Harris
1:35.30aKYMadison Central
2.-Cody Bowlin
Aaron Petrey
Charles Cumpston
Tyler Vanover
1:39.99aKYWhitley County
4x400 Relay
1.-Jacob Koch
Andrew Ping
Clay Dixon
Mark Davis
3:36.40aKYGeorge Rogers Clark
2.-Zach Wooldridge
Michael Eads
Jimmy Goldson
Marc Von Kolln
3:38.93aKYPulaski County
3.-Blake Marlow
Brandon Archer
Aaron Petrey
Tyler Vanover
3:56.9aKYWhitley County
4x800 Relay
1.-Zach McDaniels
Lincoln Shade
Zack Jarvis
Jerome Williams
8:34.11aKYMadison Central
2.-Robert Melton
Stephen Causey
Layne Gaynor
Gregory Randolph
8:43.72aKYNorth Laurel
3.-Brandon Archer
Blake Marlow
Aaron Petrey
Brandon Dugger
9:31.81aKYWhitley County
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Brandon Parks41' 11.75KYMadison Central
2.10Jamez Chenault41' 8.75KYMadison Central
3.11John Madon40' 4.50KYWhitley County
4.10Boston Bryant39' 8.50KYWhitley County
5.10Solomon Vanover34' 4.00KYWhitley County
6.9Johnathan Keltner30' 0.00KYWhitley County
7.12Noah Cole29' 10.00KYWhitley County
8.12Jacob Harp27' 10.00KYWhitley County
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Kyle Upchurch115' 5.00KYPulaski County
2.11John Madon108' 10.00KYWhitley County
3.11Tyler Abney106' 0.00KYPulaski County
4.10Boston Bryant97' 6.00KYWhitley County
5.9Johnathan Keltner74' 3.00KYWhitley County
6.12Noah Cole73' 3.00KYWhitley County
7.10Solomon Vanover70' 2.00KYWhitley County
8.11Mitchell Lambdin69' 0.00KYWhitley County
9.12Jacob Harp57' 0.00KYWhitley County
Javelin - 800g
1.11John Madon80' 1.00KYWhitley County
High Jump
1.12Zach Hill6' 4.00KYLincoln County
2.11Jonathon Hubbard6' 2.00KYGeorge Rogers Clark
3.11Tyler Jackson6' 0.00KYPulaski County
4.10Brian Kurzeika5' 6.00KYWhitley County
5.11Seth McCoy0KYWhitley County
Pole Vault
1.11Jacob Heinen12' 6.00KYPulaski County
2.12Michael Eads10' 6.00KYPulaski County
3.10Dillon Smallwood7' 0.00KYWhitley County
Long Jump
1.11Jacob Koch18' 2.00KYGeorge Rogers Clark
2.12Rhyne Beeding17' 11.50KYLincoln County
3.10Solomon Vanover16' 0.00KYWhitley County
4.12Brandon Archer15' 8.00KYWhitley County
5.10Jon Siler15' 5.50KYWhitley County
6.11Ethan Hamilton15' 2.50KYWhitley County
7.9Alex Philpot14' 11.50KYWhitley County
8.12William Bryant14' 10.25KYWhitley County
12Tyler Vanover14' 10.25KYWhitley County
10.10Tyler Bryant14' 7.00KYWhitley County
11Seth McCoy14' 7.00KYWhitley County
Triple Jump
1.9Kaleb Rowe38' 8.50KYPulaski County
2.11Drew Marcum38' 0.25KYNorth Laurel
3.11Seth McCoy36' 0.50KYWhitley County
4.11Andrew Ping35' 0.00KYGeorge Rogers Clark
5.10Jon Siler31' 5.50KYWhitley County
6.12Cody Bowlin31' 3.00KYWhitley County
7.9Alex Philpot31' 0.50KYWhitley County
8.11Ethan Hamilton29' 0.00KYWhitley County

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.10Mariah Jackson12.60aKYWhitley County
2.11Taylor Elam13.52aKYLincoln County
3.9Destiny Beattie14.10aKYWhitley County
4.9Leighanna Siler14.50aKYWhitley County
5.11Shawnee Holbrook14.77aKYWhitley County
6.9Kameron Wright15.27aKYWhitley County
7.-Shayla Hensley15.53aKYWhitley County
8.10Veronica Wynn15.60aKYWhitley County
9.9JeniAnn Lawson15.83aKYWhitley County
10.9Katelyn Lawson16.04aKYWhitley County
200 Meters
1.10Mariah Jackson27.20aKYWhitley County
2.11Samantha Proffitt27.66aKYNorth Laurel
3.9Destiny Beattie31.42aKYWhitley County
4.9Leighanna Siler31.90aKYWhitley County
5.11Shawnee Holbrook32.61aKYWhitley County
6.10Veronica Wynn33.07aKYWhitley County
7.9JeniAnn Lawson33.50aKYWhitley County
8.9Katelyn Lawson34.09aKYWhitley County
9.-Kayla Bennett35.84aKYWhitley County
10.-Shayla Hensley36.35aKYWhitley County
400 Meters
1.10Brittany Warren60.27aKYPulaski County
2.12Rachel Colyer62.29aKYPulaski County
3.9Kameron Wright69.89aKYWhitley County
4.11Sierra Anderson71.17aKYWhitley County
5.10Tiffany Siler76.94aKYWhitley County
6.10Veronica Wynn78.32aKYWhitley County
7.-Sierra Woods89.62aKYWhitley County
800 Meters
1.10Gabriella Sabino2:24.17aKYMadison Central
2.10Alex Bunch2:24.78aKYLincoln County
3.11Sierra Anderson2:36.48aKYWhitley County
4.12Kate Evans2:40.58aKYGeorge Rogers Clark
5.11Rachel Johnson3:57.50aKYWhitley County
1600 Meters
1.12Emily Frith5:23.14aKYLincoln County
2.10Gabriella Sabino5:28.95aKYMadison Central
3.10Megan Cole6:59.52aKYWhitley County
3200 Meters
1.12Emily Frith11:48.45aKYLincoln County
2.11Tiffany Toler12:22.63aKYGeorge Rogers Clark
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Angelica Shkraba17.20aKYMontgomery County
2.11Shawnee Holbrook17.44aKYWhitley County
3.9JeniAnn Lawson19.28aKYWhitley County
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Mallary Turner51.35aKYMadison Central
2.11Shawnee Holbrook52.80aKYWhitley County
3.12Shelby Selig53.65aKYSouthwestern
4.9JeniAnn Lawson54.22aKYWhitley County
5.9Katelyn Lawson63.56aKYWhitley County
4x100 Relay
1.-Mallary Turner
Riley Lane
Zadara Dawson
Bri DeBord
52.75aKYMadison Central
2.-Taylor Elam
Ciara Saylor
Tracy Smith
Rachael Spangler
54.03aKYLincoln County
3.-Mariah Jackson
Destiny Beattie
Leighanna Siler
Shawnee Holbrook
55.35aKYWhitley County
4x200 Relay
1.-Maryssa Stewart
Zadara Dawson
Chandler Jones
Bri DeBord
1:52.18aKYMadison Central
2.-Shelby Selig
Frankie Haynes
Laura Norris
Danay Fothergill
3.-Mariah Jackson
Destiny Beattie
Leighanna Siler
Shawnee Holbrook
1:57.89aKYWhitley County
4x400 Relay
1.-Rachel Colyer
Allie Tilley
Makayla Sidwell
Brittany Warren
4:16.34aKYPulaski County
2.-Bri DeBord
Gabriella Sabino
Riley Lane
Chandler Jones
4:20.53aKYMadison Central
3.-Megan Cole
Kameron Wright
Jenniann Lawson
Sierra Anderson
5:05.5aKYWhitley County
4x800 Relay
1.-McKenze Stewart
Kaitlin Eckman
Sarah Franklin
Gabriella Sabino
10:08.71aKYMadison Central
2.-Tiffany Russell
Katie Goff
Emily Belwood
Laura Norris
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Jessica Pierce30' 5.25KYSouthwestern
2.11Brittany Norris28' 10.75KYMontgomery County
3.11Latosha Calton24' 7.00KYWhitley County
4.9Maria Johnson23' 4.00KYWhitley County
5.11Amber Bowling20' 7.00KYWhitley County
6.11Autum Prewitt19' 10.00KYWhitley County
7.10Tiffany Siler19' 0.00KYWhitley County
8.9Leighanna Siler17' 4.50KYWhitley County
9.9Terri Rush16' 9.00KYWhitley County
Discus - 1kg
1.12Jessica Pierce96' 7.00KYSouthwestern
2.11Hannah Grant83' 8.00KYSouthwestern
3.11Brittany Norris82' 3.00KYMontgomery County
4.9Maria Johnson75' 2.00KYWhitley County
5.11Latosha Calton67' 10.00KYWhitley County
6.11Amber Bowling55' 1.00KYWhitley County
7.10Tiffany Siler49' 8.00KYWhitley County
8.11Autum Prewitt45' 7.00KYWhitley County
9.9Terri Rush41' 0.00KYWhitley County
10.9Leighanna Siler37' 9.00KYWhitley County
Javelin - 600g
1.11Latosha Calton42' 3.00KYWhitley County
High Jump
1.12Danay Fothergill4' 10.00KYSouthwestern
2.11Sierra Anderson4' 6.00KYWhitley County
3.-Sierra Woods0KYWhitley County
Pole Vault
1.12Elizabeth Patrick9' 6.00KYWhitley County
2.12Rachel Colyer8' 0.00KYPulaski County
Long Jump
1.11Samantha Proffitt15' 11.75KYNorth Laurel
2.11Mallary Turner15' 1.50KYMadison Central
3.11Sierra Anderson12' 9.00KYWhitley County
4.9Kameron Wright12' 2.50KYWhitley County
5.12Elizabeth Patrick11' 2.00KYWhitley County
6.11Rachel Johnson10' 9.00KYWhitley County
Triple Jump
1.9Maryssa Stewart34' 2.50KYMadison Central
2.8Sandra Skinner30' 8.00KYGeorge Rogers Clark
3.12Elizabeth Patrick26' 11.00KYWhitley County
4.11Rachel Johnson21' 8.00KYWhitley County

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