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District 10 Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.12Sean May11.14cNEWallace
2.12Shawn Christensen11.54cNEWallace
9Landon Swedberg11.54cNEWallace
12Kyle Pohlman11.54cNEBrady
5.11Garrett Schimonitz11.84cNEPaxton
6.12Matt Simpson11.94cNEArthur County
7.12Christian Arterburn12.14cNEBrady
8.10Michael Neiman12.44cNEBrady
9.10Josh Boon12.74cNEBrady
10.9Chris Porter16.04cNEBrady
200 Meters
1.12Sean May23.14cNEWallace
2.9Landon Swedberg24.14cNEWallace
3.11Garrett Schimonitz24.24cNEPaxton
4.12Matt Simpson24.34cNEArthur County
5.11Sawyer Burke24.54cNEBrady
12Christian Arterburn24.54cNEBrady
7.11Russel Miller24.84cNEBrady
8.10Michael Neiman25.14cNEBrady
9.12Ryan Sowle26.34cNEWallace
10.10Zach Mann26.44cNEBrady
400 Meters
1.12Sean May52.24cNEWallace
2.12Bryan Ferguson54.04cNEHyannis
3.11Garrett Schimonitz54.54cNEPaxton
4.9Tyler Schimonitz55.64cNEPaxton
5.10Michael Neiman55.74cNEBrady
11Russel Miller55.74cNEBrady
7.9Landon Swedberg56.44cNEWallace
8.12Lane Swedberg56.64cNEWallace
9.12Christian Arterburn57.74cNEBrady
10.12Dalton Riedel59.54cNEBrady
800 Meters
1.12Collin Perlinger2:17.90NEPaxton
2.9Tyler Cassell2:18.10NEPaxton
3.10Bryley Roper2:18.60NEBrady
4.10Zach Mann2:21.00NEBrady
5.10Cole Viter2:25.30NEBrady
6.11Tyrel Grasz2:26.44aNEBrady
7.11Micah Most2:32.00NEBrady
1600 Meters
1.11Koby Archuletta4:59.70NEPaxton
2.11Brad Vasa5:13.90NEArthur County
3.10Garrett Perlinger5:14.20NEPaxton
4.10Bryley Roper5:18.90NEBrady
5.12Dalton Riedel5:23.50NEBrady
6.10Cole Viter5:26.00NEBrady
7.10Zach Mann5:38.50NEBrady
10Taylor Nielson5:38.50NEWallace
9.10Kaleb Arterburn5:39.30NEBrady
10.10Marc Kramer-Davis6:05.39aNEBrady
3200 Meters
1.11Koby Archuletta10:38.60NEPaxton
2.10Garrett Perlinger11:10.30NEPaxton
3.10Bryley Roper11:51.80NEBrady
4.10Kaleb Arterburn12:01.70NEBrady
5.10Marc Kramer-Davis12:07.60NEBrady
6.12Dalton Riedel12:10.50NEBrady
7.10Taylor Nielson12:22.80NEWallace
8.11Micah Most13:42.09aNEBrady
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Bryan Ferguson16.44cNEHyannis
2.11Tyrel Grasz17.54cNEBrady
3.9Eric Roe19.74cNEBrady
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Bryan Ferguson42.24cNEHyannis
2.11Tyrel Grasz44.84cNEBrady
3.9Tyler Schimonitz45.64cNEPaxton
4.9Tristan Brott46.14cNEPaxton
5.9Eric Roe48.84cNEBrady
4x100 Relay
1.-Sean May
Lane Swedberg
Landon Swedberg
Shawn Christensen
2.-Christian Arterburn
Kyle Pohlman
Sawyer Burke
Brad Ward
3.-Brad Vasa
Jordan Trimble
Matt Simpson
Derek Powers
49.14cNEArthur County
4x400 Relay
1.-Sean May
Ryan Sowle
Lane Swedberg
Landon Swedberg
2.-Michael Neiman
Tyrel Grasz
Christian Arterburn
Sawyer Burke
3.-Devin Hicks
Jack Babbitt
Tristan Brott
Zach Morland
4.-Cole Dubs
Colton Hoover
Pierce Sanchez
Bryan Ferguson
4x800 Relay
1.-Tyrel Grasz
Cole Viter
Zach Mann
Dalton Riedel
2.-Collin Perlinger
Koby Archuletta
Zach Morland
Wade Waugh
3.-Relay Team10:42.00NEWallace
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Ryan Porter46' 1.00NEBrady
2.12Shawn Christensen45' 0.50NEWallace
3.11Tyler Egenberger41' 9.50NEBrady
4.10Matt Litzenberger40' 5.50NEBrady
5.12Jeff Simants39' 1.50NEBrady
6.11Ethen Scott31' 10.00NEWallace
7.9Dalton Simants31' 4.00NEBrady
8.10Mark Jameson31' 0.00NEWallace
9.9Jacob Brown26' 1.00NEBrady
10.9Austin Widick25' 7.50NEBrady
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Shawn Christensen121' 4.00NEWallace
2.11Levi Widick119' 3.00NEBrady
3.11Wade Waugh117' 1.12NEPaxton
4.12Derek Powers113' 10.93NEArthur County
5.12Jeff Simants111' 7.00NEBrady
6.12Cole Dubs110' 7.95NEHyannis
7.11Ryan Porter110' 2.00NEBrady
8.11Tyler Egenberger103' 1.00NEBrady
9.12Dalton Riedel97' 7.00NEBrady
10.9Austin Widick86' 8.00NEBrady
High Jump
1.12Brad Ward6' 2.00NEBrady
2.11Sawyer Burke5' 8.00NEBrady
3.12Lane Swedberg5' 6.00NEWallace
4.9Tristan Brott5' 5.75NEPaxton
5.10Zach Mann0'NEBrady
Pole Vault
1.12Collin Perlinger10' 11.89NEPaxton
Long Jump
1.12Kyle Pohlman22' 5.00NEBrady
2.12Matt Simpson22' 1.00NEArthur County
3.12Brad Ward21' 4.00NEBrady
4.12Lane Swedberg17' 6.00NEWallace
5.10Josh Boon16' 6.25NEBrady
Triple Jump
1.12Kyle Pohlman43' 11.75NEBrady
2.12Brad Ward42' 4.25NEBrady
3.10Bryley Roper40' 4.25NEBrady
4.11Ethen Scott34' 5.50NEWallace
5.10Mark Jameson33' 4.75NEWallace

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.11Megan Polt13.14cNEBrady
2.12Taina Taullie13.84cNEBrady
3.9Kenzie Walker14.14cNEArthur County
4.9Alexis Mann14.84cNEBrady
5.11Leonie Alldorf15.14cNEArthur County
6.9Paige Aylward15.44cNEWallace
7.9Sydney Widick15.64cNEBrady
8.9MaKenzie Nansel16.24cNEBrady
9.9Sierra Schumm16.94cNEBrady
200 Meters
1.11Megan Polt27.24cNEBrady
2.12Taina Taullie28.74cNEBrady
3.10Mikaela Eckholt30.14cNEBrady
4.11Tatiana Hill31.04cNEArthur County
5.9Paige Aylward31.94cNEWallace
6.9Sydney Widick33.84cNEBrady
7.10Krista Kleinow35.36aNEBrady
8.9MaKenzie Nansel36.24cNEBrady
9.9Sierra Schumm37.84cNEBrady
400 Meters
1.12Whitney Smith64.34cNEWallace
2.11Megan Polt65.54cNEBrady
3.9Sammy Riedel69.44aNEBrady
4.9Paige Aylward72.54cNEWallace
5.10Anna Griffiths73.24cNEWallace
6.9Valerie Most75.59aNEBrady
800 Meters
1.9Frances Young2:38.30NEHyannis
2.11Courtney Widick2:38.50NEBrady
3.9Lexi Franzen2:40.00NEBrady
4.9Taylor Holzfaster2:41.10NEPaxton
5.9Alex Lundvall2:57.50NEWallace
6.10Dakota Terry2:58.00NEBrady
1600 Meters
1.10Brekkan Martinosky6:14.10NEPaxton
2.9Lexi Franzen6:20.30NEBrady
3.10Molly Hannon6:23.90NEBrady
4.9Alex Lundvall6:32.80NEWallace
5.10Dakota Terry6:43.70NEBrady
3200 Meters
1.9Lexi Franzen13:36.60NEBrady
2.10Molly Hannon14:09.00NEBrady
3.9Jaclyn Nelson15:18.50NEWallace
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Jessica Schrad18.34cNEBrady
2.10Molly Hannon18.54cNEBrady
3.9Valerie Most18.84cNEBrady
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Brittney Christophersen52.74cNEBrady
2.9Hannah Haney54.94cNEHyannis
3.9Valerie Most56.74cNEBrady
4.12Jessica Schrad57.84cNEBrady
5.11Neyva Flores58.04cNEArthur County
6.9Sammy Riedel59.24cNEBrady
4x100 Relay
1.-Taina Taullie
Valerie Most
Courtney Widick
Megan Polt
2.-Relay Team56.14cNEWallace
4x400 Relay
1.-Megan Polt
Brittney Christophersen
Dakota Terry
Courtney Widick
2.-Whitney Smith
Sara Hubbard
Emily Hasenauer
Laura O'Brien
4x800 Relay
1.-Molly Hannon
Dakota Terry
Lexi Franzen
Courtney Widick
2.-Laura O'Brien
Emily Hasenauer
Alex Lundvall
Whitney Smith
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Shanice Harris35' 3.00NEWallace
2.11Shelby McClellen31' 3.50NEBrady
3.9Kenzie Walker30' 8.90NEArthur County
4.11Carli Holz30' 6.14NEPaxton
5.10Krystan Hood29' 10.00NEBrady
6.9Taylor Bourge26' 2.00NEBrady
7.9Carissa Rayburn23' 1.00NEBrady
8.9Crystal Pedersen21' 4.50NEBrady
9.10Krista Kleinow20' 5.50NEBrady
Discus - 1kg
1.11Shelby McClellen95' 0.00NEBrady
2.9Carissa Rayburn77' 8.00NEBrady
3.10Krystan Hood68' 9.00NEBrady
4.9Taylor Bourge62' 3.00NEBrady
5.9Crystal Pedersen59' 10.00NEBrady
6.9Jaclyn Nelson52' 7.00NEWallace
7.10Krista Kleinow47' 0.00NEBrady
High Jump
1.9Valerie Most5' 0.00NEBrady
2.10Brekkan Martinosky4' 9.87NEPaxton
3.10Mikaela Eckholt4' 6.00NEBrady
10Brittney Christophersen4' 6.00NEBrady
Pole Vault
1.12Taina Taullie8' 0.00NEBrady
2.9Valerie Most7' 6.00NEBrady
3.9Alexis Mann6' 6.00NEBrady
Long Jump
1.11Courtney Widick14' 9.75NEBrady
2.9Sara Hubbard14' 8.50NEWallace
3.9Kenzie Walker14' 2.50NEArthur County
4.11Emily Hasenauer12' 9.25NEWallace
5.10Brittney Christophersen12' 0.00NEBrady
6.9Sydney Widick11' 10.50NEBrady
7.9Sierra Schumm11' 6.00NEBrady
8.11Leonie Alldorf11' 1.00NEArthur County
Triple Jump
1.12Laura O'Brien32' 5.50NEWallace
2.9Hannah Haney31' 2.41NEHyannis
3.10Dakota Terry30' 5.00NEBrady
4.9Sammy Riedel28' 10.25NEBrady
5.10Anna Griffiths28' 8.00NEWallace
6.11Emily Hasenauer28' 6.25NEWallace
7.9Sierra Schumm26' 2.00NEBrady

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