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Rocky River Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.11Kedrick Davis10.54cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.11Germone Hopper10.74cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
3.11Cameron Hudson10.84cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
4.11Frederick Kiser11.24cNCForest Hills
12Quentin Hood11.24cNCForest Hills
11Matt Russell11.24cNCCuthbertson
7.11Jamael Lotharp11.34cNCForest Hills
8.12Carson Hinson11.54cNCWest Stanly
10Emmitt Afam11.54cNCCuthbertson
10Maurice Little11.54cNCCuthbertson
200 Meters
1.11Cameron Hudson21.54cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.11Kedrick Davis21.64cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
3.11Germone Hopper22.14cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
4.11Frederick Kiser22.54cNCForest Hills
5.11Matt Russell22.64cNCCuthbertson
6.11Jamael Lotharp22.94cNCForest Hills
9William Baynard22.94cNCPiedmont
8.12Kirby Carpenter23.24cNCWest Stanly
12John Lewthwaite23.24cNCCuthbertson
10.12Quentin Hood23.34cNCForest Hills
400 Meters
1.11Larry Gibson50.34cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.11Matt Russell50.64cNCCuthbertson
3.12Kenny Patterson51.54cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
4.10Jonathan Wingo52.14cNCForest Hills
5.11Terrance Winchester52.24cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
6.11Gregory Belin52.74cNCForest Hills
7.12Devontez Leak53.04cNCForest Hills
8.12Ryan Jones53.54cNCNorth Stanly
9William Baynard53.54cNCPiedmont
10.12Brandon Glenn53.74cNCForest Hills
800 Meters
1.12Jaquan Dupree2:03.10NCBerry Academy Of Tech
10Traevin Drayton-Ferguson2:03.10NCBerry Academy Of Tech
3.11Dominick Harris2:06.70NCBerry Academy Of Tech
4.11Caleb Jirgal2:08.70NCPiedmont
5.12Morgan Funderburk2:08.93aNCPiedmont
6.12Erik Rabut2:10.00NCNorth Stanly
7.11Daniel McCuiston2:10.68aNCCuthbertson
8.10Zach Denson2:13.73aNCCuthbertson
9.9Cole Bernard2:15.07aNCCuthbertson
10.11Joseph Small2:15.55aNCPiedmont
1600 Meters
1.12Morgan Funderburk4:46.50NCPiedmont
2.10Zach Denson4:53.53aNCCuthbertson
3.11Darion Horner4:53.71aNCCuthbertson
4.11Daniel McCuiston4:58.51aNCCuthbertson
5.9Cole Bernard5:03.20NCCuthbertson
6.10Traevin Drayton-Ferguson5:06.10NCBerry Academy Of Tech
7.11Uriel Zagada5:09.30NCWest Stanly
8.11Blake Reed5:10.50NCCuthbertson
9.9Baliey Simpson5:13.40NCPiedmont
10.12Abdul Shute5:16.80NCBerry Academy Of Tech
3200 Meters
1.11Darion Horner10:33.80NCCuthbertson
2.11Spencer Middleton11:06.10NCPiedmont
3.12Abdul Shute11:34.10NCBerry Academy Of Tech
4.11Uriel Zagada11:40.80NCWest Stanly
5.9Spencer Crane11:45.00NCCuthbertson
6.9Steven McClure12:05.50NCNorth Stanly
7.12Erik Rabut12:06.00NCNorth Stanly
8.10Eli Privette12:11.30NCCuthbertson
9.9Landon Morrison12:16.60NCWest Stanly
10.9Baliey Simpson12:17.90NCPiedmont
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Paul Sileo16.24cNCCuthbertson
2.12Chris Doster16.76aNCPiedmont
3.11Justin Warren17.40aNCCuthbertson
4.12Chase Lane17.54cNCNorth Stanly
5.11Jake Summerour17.62aNCCuthbertson
6.12Devontez Leak18.24cNCForest Hills
7.11Johnny McLendon18.94cNCNorth Stanly
10Jonathan Wingo18.94cNCForest Hills
9.12Patrick Horton19.54cNCForest Hills
10.11Aidan Riney19.84cNCCuthbertson
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Paul Sileo41.74cNCCuthbertson
2.12Chris Doster41.94cNCPiedmont
3.12Devontez Leak42.14cNCForest Hills
4.11Abram Miller42.54cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
5.12Patrick Horton43.84cNCForest Hills
6.11Aidan Riney45.44cNCCuthbertson
7.11Justin Warren45.74cNCCuthbertson
8.9Tyrus Huntley46.44cNCForest Hills
9.11Jake Summerour47.06aNCCuthbertson
10.10Carson Elmore47.34cNCCuthbertson
11Ethan Kuehl47.34cNCNorth Stanly
4x100 Relay
1.-Kedrick Davis
Camron Hudson
Taris Jackson
Germone Hopper
42.06aNCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.-Jamael Lotharp
Quentin Hood
Frederick Kiser
Derrick Graham
43.94cNCForest Hills
3.-John Lewthwaite
Matt Russell
DeMarco Singleton
Emmitt Afam
4.-Ernest Graves
David White
Cameron Sabol
Wesley Brown
46.24cNCNorth Stanly
5.-Chris Doster
William Baynard
Montana Ivey
Wesley Marsh
4x200 Relay
1.-Cameron Hudson
Taris Jackson
Kedrick Davis
Germone Hopper
87.30NCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.-Jamael Lotharp
Frederick Kiser
Jonathan Wingo
Quentin Hood
89.10NCForest Hills
3.-Matt Russell
Emmitt Afam
John Lewthwaite
Austin Seibert
4.-Montana Ivey
William Baynard
Cody Boling
Chris Doster
5.-Ernest Graves
Cameron Sabol
David White
Ryan Jones
1:37.80NCNorth Stanly
4x400 Relay
1.-Larry Gibson
Jaquan Dupree
Kenny Patterson
Cameron Hudson
3:25.96aNCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.-Gregory Belin
Patrick Horton
Jonathan Wingo
Brandon Glenn
3:29.60NCForest Hills
3.-William Baynard
Montana Ivey
Joseph Small
Caleb Jirgal
4.-Daniel McCuiston
Paul Sileo
Austin Seibert
Chris Duchateau
5.-Chase Lane
Ethan Kuehl
Desmond Tyson
Ryan Jones
4:00.70NCNorth Stanly
6.-Jeremy Clark
Jonny Russell
Adam Furr
Dillion Dail
4:02.50NCWest Stanly
4x800 Relay
1.-Traevin Drayton-Ferguson
Jaquan Dupree
Dominick Harris
Larry Gibson
8:15.00NCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.-Morgan Funderburk
Joseph Small
Spencer Middleton
Caleb Jirgal
3.-Zach Denson
Cole Bernard
Daniel Duchateau
Daniel McCuiston
4.-Erik Rabut
Justin Allman
Ryan Jones
Steven McClure
9:01.90NCNorth Stanly
5.-Gregory Belin
Ryan Kennedy
Trent Cox
Patrick Horton
9:43.17aNCForest Hills
6.-Chandler Barbee
Uriel Zagada
Jeremy Clark
Jonny Russell
9:46.60NCWest Stanly
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Braxton Hicks46' 6.75NCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.11Nick Dawson46' 6.50NCBerry Academy Of Tech
3.12Landon Allen46' 1.00NCWest Stanly
4.9BJ Hill44' 6.00NCWest Stanly
5.11Justin White44' 4.75NCForest Hills
6.12Glenn Preslar43' 6.50NCNorth Stanly
7.11Brandon Rodriguez42' 5.00NCBerry Academy Of Tech
11Austin Ibele42' 5.00NCPiedmont
9.10Wesley Marsh41' 0.00NCPiedmont
10.11Mahlon(DJ) White39' 9.00NCForest Hills
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Landon Allen141' 5.00NCWest Stanly
2.11Nick Dawson128' 10.00NCBerry Academy Of Tech
3.12Glenn Preslar128' 6.00NCNorth Stanly
4.11Mahlon(DJ) White123' 5.00NCForest Hills
5.12Xavier Shaw121' 8.00NCBerry Academy Of Tech
6.11Austin Ibele119' 5.50NCPiedmont
7.9BJ Hill119' 4.80NCWest Stanly
8.11Justin White107' 6.00NCForest Hills
9.12Braxton Hicks107' 2.00NCBerry Academy Of Tech
10.11Graham Bowers101' 10.00NCNorth Stanly
High Jump
1.12Brandon Glenn6' 2.00NCForest Hills
2.10Jonathan Wingo6' 1.00NCForest Hills
3.12Kirby Carpenter6' 0.00NCWest Stanly
4.11Cameron Sabol5' 8.00NCNorth Stanly
12Chase Lane5' 8.00NCNorth Stanly
11Brian Latimore5' 8.00NCCuthbertson
12Michael Cuthbertson5' 8.00NCCuthbertson
8.9Seth Shurley5' 6.00NCPiedmont
11Cody Boling5' 6.00NCPiedmont
11Marces Thomas5' 6.00NCForest Hills
Pole Vault
1.11david Clouse12' 6.00NCPiedmont
2.11Sal D'Angelo11' 0.00NCCuthbertson
3.10Ethan Briggs10' 6.00NCPiedmont
4.10Devin Johnson10' 0.00NCCuthbertson
5.10zach Cruz9' 6.00NCPiedmont
Long Jump
1.11Cameron Hudson23' 0.38NCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.12Brandon Glenn21' 5.00NCForest Hills
3.12DeMarco Singleton20' 7.00NCCuthbertson
4.10Jonathan Wingo20' 5.75NCForest Hills
5.10Michael Zimmerman19' 10.75NCBerry Academy Of Tech
6.12Trabazz Bruce19' 6.00NCForest Hills
7.10Emmitt Afam19' 4.00NCCuthbertson
8.11Marces Thomas19' 1.50NCForest Hills
9.12Ernest Graves18' 6.00NCNorth Stanly
12Wesley Brown18' 6.00NCNorth Stanly
Triple Jump
1.12Brandon Glenn42' 9.50NCForest Hills
2.12Abdul Shute42' 3.50NCBerry Academy Of Tech
3.12Trabazz Bruce41' 7.25NCForest Hills
4.12Michael Cuthbertson39' 10.00NCCuthbertson
5.12DeMarco Singleton39' 1.50NCCuthbertson
6.10Michael Zimmerman38' 9.25NCBerry Academy Of Tech
7.12Wesley Brown37' 7.00NCNorth Stanly
8.12Wilson Broadway36' 11.50NCPiedmont
9.11Justin Warren36' 6.50NCCuthbertson
10.11Cody Boling36' 5.50NCPiedmont

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.11Raven Covington12.34cNCCuthbertson
2.12Valerie Afam12.94cNCCuthbertson
3.11Natobian Allen13.04cNCForest Hills
4.12Kinya Adams13.14cNCForest Hills
5.10Shuntel Kirkland13.24cNCForest Hills
6.11Quiara Shade13.31aNCBerry Academy Of Tech
7.9Manneja Cordray13.44cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
8.9Passion Firms13.74cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
9.11Marie Jones13.84cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
10.9Tayshondlyn Huntley13.87awNCBerry Academy Of Tech
200 Meters
1.11Raven Covington26.54cNCCuthbertson
2.12Valerie Afam26.94cNCCuthbertson
3.9Camile Mason27.14cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
4.12Kinya Adams27.24cNCForest Hills
5.12Shinese Allen27.34cNCPiedmont
6.10Shuntel Kirkland27.54cNCForest Hills
7.11Quiara Shade27.74cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
8.9Rachel Oxendine28.34cNCPiedmont
9.11Natobian Allen28.44cNCForest Hills
10.9Miranda Rushing28.64cNCWest Stanly
400 Meters
1.12Shinese Allen60.31aNCPiedmont
2.10Micalyne Zimmerman63.04cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
3.9Camile Mason64.34cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
4.9Rachel Oxendine65.74cNCPiedmont
5.10Veronica Pfaff66.54cNCCuthbertson
6.9Deja Burks67.04cNCCuthbertson
7.10Nicole Kippes68.04cNCWest Stanly
8.10Tyneshia Walker68.34cNCCuthbertson
9.9Arden Hudson69.01aNCPiedmont
10.9Megan Shew70.14cNCPiedmont
10Destiny DeMoss70.14cNCForest Hills
800 Meters
1.10Micalyne Zimmerman2:23.70NCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.11Ashlann Barbee2:32.20NCPiedmont
3.10Karina McAllister2:34.65aNCPiedmont
4.12Deb Guthman2:39.60NCCuthbertson
5.10Megan Kiss2:39.90NCCuthbertson
6.11Alix Stewart2:44.00NCNorth Stanly
7.12Justine Neville2:45.40NCCuthbertson
8.10Jenna Huff2:51.40NCNorth Stanly
9.9Deja Burks2:52.80NCCuthbertson
10.11Taylor Ferree2:53.00NCWest Stanly
1600 Meters
1.12Deb Guthman5:34.20NCCuthbertson
2.12Amanda Hinson5:47.80NCPiedmont
3.10Megan Kiss5:49.90NCCuthbertson
4.10Karina McAllister5:50.50NCPiedmont
5.11Megan Hunsucker6:01.70NCNorth Stanly
6.11Taylor Simpson6:03.10NCPiedmont
7.10Jenna Huff6:08.00NCNorth Stanly
8.11Katie Stegall6:36.70NCWest Stanly
9.12Rachel Miller6:44.50NCCuthbertson
10.11Kelsey Johnston6:54.30NCCuthbertson
3200 Meters
1.12Deb Guthman11:53.39aNCCuthbertson
2.12Amanda Hinson12:18.70NCPiedmont
3.10Megan Kiss12:28.97aNCCuthbertson
4.11Megan Hunsucker13:15.00NCNorth Stanly
5.11Taylor Simpson13:27.50NCPiedmont
6.10Jenna Huff14:02.80NCNorth Stanly
7.9Kristina McAlister15:03.20NCPiedmont
8.11Katie Stegall15:42.00NCWest Stanly
9.9Robyn Gilliam16:14.20NCBerry Academy Of Tech
10.10Deja Cook-Brown16:14.80NCBerry Academy Of Tech
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Justine Neville15.64cNCCuthbertson
2.10Jasmine Tims17.84cNCCuthbertson
3.11Lashonda Lotharp18.04cNCForest Hills
4.11Latasha Boyd18.14cNCCuthbertson
5.12Jessica Carelock19.64cNCForest Hills
6.9Manneja Cordray19.68aNCBerry Academy Of Tech
7.9Chandra Walls19.74cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
10Jayla Cole19.74cNCForest Hills
9.11Mahogany Monteith19.84cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
10.-Briana Walls19.86aNCBerry Academy Of Tech
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Justine Neville47.24cNCCuthbertson
2.10Jasmine Tims51.94cNCCuthbertson
3.9Manneja Cordray52.54cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
4.10Dallas Clontz56.44cNCPiedmont
5.10Jayla Cole57.24cNCForest Hills
6.11Canita Worth57.44cNCCuthbertson
7.12Jessica Carelock58.25aNCForest Hills
8.9Autumn LaBroad58.44cNCWest Stanly
9.9Chasity Johnson-Anthony63.47aNCBerry Academy Of Tech
10.12Allison Dowdey63.84cNCWest Stanly
4x100 Relay
1.-Valerie Afam
Arrianna Brenes
Raven Covington
Justine Neville
2.-Quiara Shade
Camile Mason
Manneja Cordray
Marie Jones
51.94cNCBerry Academy Of Tech
3.-Shuntel Kirkland
Destiny Thomas
Natobian Allen
Kinya Adams
53.14cNCForest Hills
4.-Tazmine Green
Alix Stewart
Tamara Green
Chelsea Barber
56.84cNCNorth Stanly
5.-Abbey Biggers
Miranda Rushing
Nicole Kippes
Erin Smith
57.34cNCWest Stanly
6.-Amanda Jenkins
Lauren Mullis
Maggie Vuncannon
Rebecca Oxendine
4x200 Relay
1.-Shuntel Kirkland
Natobian Allen
Destiny Thomas
Kinya Adams
1:51.10NCForest Hills
2.-Valerie Afam
Raven Covington
Deja Burks
Tyneshia Walker
3.-Shekinah Harrell
Camile Mason
Quiara Shade
Marie Jones
1:51.70NCBerry Academy Of Tech
4.-Amanda Jenkins
Arden Hudson
Rachel Oxendine
Shinese Allen
5.-Erin Smith
Nicole Kippes
Carrie Large
Miranda Rushing
2:00.10NCWest Stanly
6.-Emily Saunders
Tazmine Green
Chelsea Barber
Mary-Margaret Brown
2:13.00NCNorth Stanly
4x400 Relay
1.-Micalyne Zimmerman
Camile Mason
Quiara Shade
Marie Jones
4:16.00NCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.-Rachel Oxendine
Ashlann Barbee
Arden Hudson
Shinese Allen
3.-Tyneshia Walker
Deja Burks
Morgan Carlson
Veronica Pfaff
4.-Kinya Adams
Jayla Cole
Destiny DeMoss
Desiree Colston
4:41.80NCForest Hills
5.-Abby Biggers
Madison McIlwaine
Erin Smith
Nicole Kippes
4:50.90NCWest Stanly
6.-Mary-Margaret Brown
Emily Saunders
Jenna Huff
Tazmine Green
5:07.90NCNorth Stanly
4x800 Relay
1.-Ashlann Barbee
Amanda Hinson
Karina McAllister
Taylor Simpson
2.-Deja Burks
Rachel Miller
Megan Kiss
Deb Guthman
3.-Megan Hunsucker
Mary-Margaret Brown
Alix Stewart
Jenna Huff
11:21.00NCNorth Stanly
4.-Abbey Biggers
Kaley Carpenter
Taylor Ferree
Hailey Ulrick
12:25.00NCWest Stanly
5.-Destiny DeMoss
Jasarelle Brown
Desiree Colston
Breanna Chambers
12:48.41aNCForest Hills
6.-Yasmine Sanders
Deja Cook-Brown
Robyn Gilliam
Breesha Berry
13:44.00NCBerry Academy Of Tech
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Mahogany Baker34' 6.50NCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.12Rachika Jordan29' 8.25NCForest Hills
3.9Courtney Schepel29' 3.75NCCuthbertson
4.12Oceanonnia Long28' 8.50NCForest Hills
5.11Sarah Hart27' 6.00NCWest Stanly
6.9Tri-Anna Gillespie25' 10.50NCForest Hills
7.11Jalin Bivens25' 4.50NCForest Hills
8.10Ashley Etheridge25' 4.00NCCuthbertson
9.12Jaclyn Lehmann24' 8.75NCPiedmont
10.10Bria Hilliard24' 4.75NCCuthbertson
Discus - 1kg
1.9Mahogany Baker106' 0.00NCBerry Academy Of Tech
2.12Rachika Jordan91' 2.50NCForest Hills
3.11Sarah Hart80' 5.00NCWest Stanly
4.9Christy Ruszala77' 10.00NCCuthbertson
5.12Oceanonnia Long77' 8.25NCForest Hills
6.11Jalin Bivens75' 5.00NCForest Hills
7.11Madison Levan75' 1.00NCCuthbertson
8.9Camden Fraley70' 6.00NCWest Stanly
9.9Courtney Schepel69' 4.50NCCuthbertson
10.10Helms Kristin64' 1.20NCWest Stanly
High Jump
1.11Brianna Reitzel5' 0.00NCWest Stanly
9Deja Burks5' 0.00NCCuthbertson
9Morgan Carlson5' 0.00NCCuthbertson
4.11Madison McIlwaine4' 10.00NCWest Stanly
5.11Marie Jones4' 6.00NCBerry Academy Of Tech
6.11Hunter Phillips4' 4.00NCWest Stanly
7.11Paige Montgomery4' 3.97NCPiedmont
8.10Tamara Green4' 2.00NCNorth Stanly
9Sammi Panko4' 2.00NCCuthbertson
10.11Lashonda Lotharp4' 0.00NCForest Hills
10Tierra Little4' 0.00NCNorth Stanly
10Ella Hill4' 0.00NCPiedmont
9Tonjai Everett4' 0.00NCForest Hills
Pole Vault
1.9Liz Wood8' 6.00NCCuthbertson
2.9Haley Thoms8' 0.00NCCuthbertson
3.12Meghan Ludwig7' 6.00NCPiedmont
11Hannah Sjoberg7' 6.00NCCuthbertson
5.9Ashley Terkhurst7' 0.00NCCuthbertson
11Megan Ludwig7' 0.00NCPiedmont
7.9Morgan Lowder6' 6.00NCPiedmont
8.9Liz Davidson6' 0.00NCCuthbertson
Long Jump
1.12Valerie Afam18' 7.00NCCuthbertson
2.11Raven Covington17' 4.25NCCuthbertson
3.11Paige Montgomery14' 0.00NCPiedmont
4.11Brianna Reitzel13' 10.50NCWest Stanly
5.11Canita Worth13' 9.00NCCuthbertson
6.11Madison McIlwaine13' 7.00NCWest Stanly
7.11Alix Stewart13' 5.50NCNorth Stanly
8.9Tonjai Everett13' 0.00NCForest Hills
9.11Marie Jones12' 11.51NCBerry Academy Of Tech
10.12Shinese Allen12' 7.00NCPiedmont
Triple Jump
1.12Valerie Afam37' 9.00NCCuthbertson
2.10Arrianna Brenes31' 10.00NCCuthbertson
3.12Justine Neville31' 7.00NCCuthbertson
4.11Madison McIlwaine29' 1.00NCWest Stanly
5.11Paige Montgomery27' 11.50NCPiedmont

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