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100 Meters
1.12Anthony Langford11.09ORLebanonMay 04Lebanon & Sweet Home @ South Albany
2.12Jamal Abdoul11.11 (1.8)ORCorvallisMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
3.12Joe Bochsler11.30ORSilvertonApr 22Canby Invititational
4.12L.T. Avants11.35ORLebanonMay 04Lebanon & Sweet Home @ South Albany
5.12Steven Langford11.37ORLebanonMay 04Lebanon & Sweet Home @ South Albany
6.10Chris Alexander11.44cORCorvallisMay 04Corvallis @ West Albany
12Caleb Kuenzi11.44ORSilvertonApr 22Canby Invititational
8.12Jimmy Nguyen11.46ORCrescent ValleyApr 22Canby Invititational
9.9Michael Hobson11.47ORWoodburnMar 16West Albany @ Woodburn
10.11Torrey Rogness11.48 (1.2)ORSilvertonMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
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200 Meters
1.12Jamal Abdoul22.48 (1.3)ORCorvallisMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
2.12L.T. Avants22.64 (.3)ORLebanonMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
3.12Anthony Langford22.74ORLebanonMay 04Lebanon & Sweet Home @ South Albany
4.10Mitchell Gable22.92 (.5)ORSouth AlbanyMay 10Mid Willamette Conference
5.12Nic Reinhard22.97 (.6)ORSilvertonMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
6.12Arcadio Gomez23.28ORWoodburnMay 10Mid Willamette Conference
7.10Kenneth Pike23.32ORSilvertonMay 04Woodburn @ Silverton
8.12Connor Benson23.47ORCrescent ValleyApr 22Canby Invititational
10Chris Alexander23.47ORCorvallisApr 29Dean Nice Invitational
10.9Michael Hobson23.50ORWoodburnMar 30Woodburn @ Corvallis
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400 Meters
1.10Mitchell Gable49.95ORSouth AlbanyMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
2.12Nic Reinhard50.18ORSilvertonMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
3.9Michael Hobson50.68ORWoodburnMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
4.12Levi Lammert51.08ORLebanonApr 2347th Centennial Invitational
5.12Arcadio Gomez51.33ORWoodburnMay 04Woodburn @ Silverton
6.12L.T. Avants51.34ORLebanonApr 13Lebanon @ Silverton
7.12Joe Bochsler51.67ORSilvertonMay 04Woodburn @ Silverton
8.11Torrey Rogness52.08ORSilvertonApr 22Canby Invititational
9.9Rodolfo Hernandez53.15ORWoodburnMay 10Mid Willamette Conference
10.12Stefan Zuber53.25ORWoodburnApr 22Cotton Invitational
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800 Meters
1.11Will Strahl1:58.20ORCrescent ValleyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
2.10Morgan Coxen1:58.62ORSilvertonMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
3.12Ben Kane1:59.08ORCorvallisMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
4.11Nolan Sekermestrovich1:59.51ORCorvallisMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
5.12Henry Hall2:01.29ORCorvallisApr 20Silverton @ Corvallis
6.11Juve Guzman2:02.39ORWoodburnMay 04Woodburn @ Silverton
7.12Max Zemtsov2:02.44ORWoodburnMar 30Woodburn @ Corvallis
8.10Micah White2:03.7hORSilvertonApr 22Canby Invititational
9.10Zach Roth2:04.32ORWest AlbanyApr 15Springfield Rotary Invitational
10.12Vladislav Ishenin2:04.52ORSouth AlbanyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
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1500 Meters
1.11Will Strahl4:04.35ORCrescent ValleyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
2.12Henry Hall4:07.67ORCorvallisMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
3.11Juve Guzman4:11.54ORWoodburnApr 09The Willamette Falls Invitational
4.10Zach Roth4:14.12ORWest AlbanyApr 15Springfield Rotary Invitational
5.12Max Zemtsov4:14.83ORWoodburnApr 22Cotton Invitational
6.11Nolan Sekermestrovich4:18.16ORCorvallisMar 30Woodburn @ Corvallis
7.12Vladislav Ishenin4:18.32ORSouth AlbanyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
8.12Matt Auer4:20.00ORCrescent ValleyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
9.10Morgan Coxen4:20.6hORSilvertonApr 06South Albany @ Silverton
10.10Clay Stuhr4:20.69ORDallasMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
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3000 Meters
1.10Clay Stuhr9:02.19ORDallasMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
2.11Juve Guzman9:02.25ORWoodburnMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
3.12Henry Hall9:09.1hORCorvallisApr 29Dean Nice Invitational
4.11Will Strahl9:21.32ORCrescent ValleyApr 20Crescent Valley @ Woodburn
5.12Matt Auer9:23.8hORCrescent ValleyApr 22Canby Invititational
6.10Morgan Coxen9:25.7hORSilvertonApr 22Canby Invititational
7.11Alex Bird9:29.07ORDallasMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
8.12Will Park-Hoffman9:31.2hORCorvallisApr 29Dean Nice Invitational
9.11Mark Stephens9:35.3hORCrescent ValleyApr 22Canby Invititational
10.11Spencer Barrett9:37.84ORCrescent ValleyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
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110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Julian Canda15.19 (2.6)ORSilvertonMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
2.11Adam Allen15.65ORSouth AlbanyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
3.11Steven Evans16.19ORLebanonMay 04Lebanon & Sweet Home @ South Albany
4.11Ian Crist16.29ORSilvertonMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
5.11Airon Mallars16.50ORSouth AlbanyMay 10Mid Willamette Conference
6.11Robert Holstein17.13ORLebanonApr 13Lebanon @ Silverton
7.10Jacob McConnell17.17ORLebanonApr 02Wilsonville Invitational
8.12Clint Armstrong17.20ORCrescent ValleyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
9.11Chase Davis17.39ORSilvertonMar 30Crescent Valley @ Silverton
10.11Kyle Scarberry17.59ORCorvallisMar 30Woodburn @ Corvallis
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300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Julian Canda40.61ORSilvertonApr 22Canby Invititational
2.11Adam Allen40.92ORSouth AlbanyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
3.10Jacob McConnell43.08ORLebanonMay 04Lebanon & Sweet Home @ South Albany
4.11Josh Christensen43.40ORDallasMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
5.11Ian Crist43.51ORSilvertonMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
6.11Robert Holstein43.66ORLebanonApr 15Springfield Rotary Invitational
7.12Caleb Kuenzi43.87ORSilvertonMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
8.12Clint Armstrong44.28ORCrescent ValleyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
9.12Cody Byers44.79ORCrescent ValleyApr 22Canby Invititational
10.12Joe Bochsler45.24cORSilvertonMar 30Crescent Valley @ Silverton
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4x100 Relay
1.-L.T. Avants
Chris Anderlik
Anthony Langford
Steven Langford
43.36ORLebanonMay 04Lebanon & Sweet Home @ South Albany
2.-Caleb Kuenzi
Joe Bochsler
Troy Sinn
Torrey Rogness
43.40ORSilvertonMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
3.-Stefan Zuber
Rodolfo Hernandez
Michael Hobson
Arcadio Gomez
44.11ORWoodburnApr 27Dallas @ Woodburn
4.-Connor Benson
Daniel Ha
Joe Leslie
Jimmy Nguyen
44.53ORCrescent ValleyApr 22Canby Invititational
5.-Jamal Abdoul
Joseph Moran
Chris Alexander
Alex Brown
44.61ORCorvallisMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
6.-Drake Johnson
Tahlon Rogers
Adam Schamp
Mitchell Gable
45.10ORSouth AlbanyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
7.-Jacob Lacoste
Anthony Thompson
Jarret LaCoste
Tanner Keuter
45.54cORWest AlbanyMay 04Corvallis @ West Albany
8.-Cody Schiedler
Alex Campbell
Kyle Croll
Thomas Guffey
45.78ORDallasApr 27Dallas @ Woodburn
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4x400 Relay
1.-Torrey Rogness
Zach Gengler
Joe Bochsler
Nic Reinhard
3:24.07ORSilvertonMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
2.-Levi Lammert
Anthony Langford
Kyle Saulmon
L.T. Avants
3:24.67ORLebanonMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
3.-Rodolfo Hernandez
Stefan Zuber
Arcadio Gomez
Michael Hobson
3:27.57ORWoodburnMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
4.-Connor Benson
Justin Yun
Eric McDougal
Michael Lanahan
3:32.38ORCrescent ValleyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
5.-Sam Orozco
Ethan Noll
Nick Huerta
Thomas Guffey
3:38.25ORDallasMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
6.-Jamal Abdoul
Charles Dearing
Nolan Sekermestrovich
Henry Hall
3:39.20ORCorvallisMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
7.-Adam Allen
Mitchell Gable
Drake Johnson
Adam Schamp
3:43.03ORSouth AlbanyApr 01East County Classic
8.-Michael Soot
Michael Dee
Keith Harry
Tanner Keuter
3:44.20ORWest AlbanyApr 15Springfield Rotary Invitational
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Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Brandon Gomez48' 8.75ORLebanonMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
2.12Matthew Brown48' 6ORSilvertonApr 29Jesuit Twilight Invitational
3.12Cody Gomez47' 2ORSouth AlbanyMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
4.12Andrew Stewart46' 1ORCorvallisMar 30Woodburn @ Corvallis
5.12Tanner Yarbrough44' 8ORDallasMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
6.12Trevor Rediger44' 6ORSouth AlbanyMay 04Lebanon & Sweet Home @ South Albany
7.12Kyle Dibble43' 11.25ORSouth AlbanyApr 06South Albany @ Silverton
8.12Elijah Neves43' 4.25ORSilvertonMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
9.12Jarret LaCoste43' 0.25ORWest AlbanyMar 16West Albany @ Woodburn
10.12Jeff Lindland42' 8ORSilvertonApr 15Springfield Rotary Invitational
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Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Elijah Neves141' 10ORSilvertonMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
2.12Matthew Brown140' 5ORSilvertonMay 04Woodburn @ Silverton
3.12Tanner Yarbrough132' 7ORDallasApr 20Lebanon @ Dallas
4.12Cody Gomez131' 6ORSouth AlbanyMay 04Lebanon & Sweet Home @ South Albany
5.10Aidan Morell128' 8ORLebanonApr 06Lebanon @ Woodburn
6.11Aaron Potter128' 6ORWest AlbanyApr 20South Albany @ West Albany
7.11Ben Rebischke128' 2ORDallasMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
8.12Michael Vittone126' 7ORSilvertonApr 22Canby Invititational
9.12Andrew Stewart125' 11ORCorvallisMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
10.11Nolan Hansen121' 11ORCorvallisApr 27Corvallis @ South Albany
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Javelin - 800g
1.11Aaron Potter172' 2ORWest AlbanyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
2.12Forrest Boswell169' 1ORSouth AlbanyApr 27Corvallis @ South Albany
3.12Jarret LaCoste168' 5ORWest AlbanyApr 20South Albany @ West Albany
4.11Ben Rebischke163' 6ORDallasMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
5.10Andrew Rogers159' 10ORSilvertonApr 29Jesuit Twilight Invitational
6.9J'Rrett Baker157' 10ORSilvertonMar 17Dallas @ Silverton
7.11Alex Hoff155' 3ORLebanonApr 02Wilsonville Invitational
8.12Alex Castang152' 1ORDallasMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
9.12Makiah Meritt151' 10ORSilvertonApr 29Jesuit Twilight Invitational
10.9Jodison Lassen150' 8ORCorvallisMay 04Corvallis @ West Albany
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High Jump
1.12Chris Thompson6' 6ORSouth AlbanyMay 10Mid Willamette Conference
2.11Chase Milner6' 3ORSilvertonApr 27West Albany @ Silverton
9Jacob Lacoste6' 3ORWest AlbanyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
4.12Adam Hastings6' 2ORCrescent ValleyMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
10Mitchell Gable6' 2ORSouth AlbanyMay 04Lebanon & Sweet Home @ South Albany
6.11Devin Geiger6' 1ORSilvertonMay 28All Jumps & Throws Meet
7.12Logan Bertram6' 0ORLebanonApr 02Wilsonville Invitational
8.9Cory Hainz5' 10ORLebanonApr 02Wilsonville Invitational
9Tahlon Rogers5' 10ORSouth AlbanyApr 27Corvallis @ South Albany
10Kelton Chapman5' 10ORDallasMay 04Dallas @ Crescent Valley
11Kyle Schmidt5' 10ORDallasApr 27Dallas @ Woodburn
10Travis Larson5' 10ORCrescent ValleyMay 06MWC JV District Meet
12Daniel Ha5' 10ORCrescent ValleyApr 22Canby Invititational
11Evan Landry5' 10ORCorvallisApr 29Dean Nice Invitational
11Cameron Simpson5' 10ORSilvertonMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
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Pole Vault
1.11Chase Davis13' 6ORSilvertonAug 03Willamette Striders End of the Summer Meet
2.10Preston Kirk13' 3ORSilvertonMay 28All Jumps & Throws Meet
3.12TJ Crane-Falque13' 2ORCorvallisMay 04Corvallis @ West Albany
4.11Garrett Urrutia12' 6ORLebanonApr 2347th Centennial Invitational
5.12Josh Nelson12' 0ORCorvallisApr 29Dean Nice Invitational
11Tre Larson12' 0ORLebanonMar 16Lebanon @ Corvallis
12Robby Wentland12' 0ORCrescent ValleyApr 27Lebanon @ Crescent Valley
11Chris Lutz12' 0ORLebanonApr 06Lebanon @ Woodburn
9.11Cody Schiedler11' 6ORDallasMay 04Dallas @ Crescent Valley
10.9Mathis Kuenzi11' 0ORSilvertonMay 06MWC JV District Meet
11Andy Kraemer11' 0ORSilvertonApr 22Canby Invititational
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Long Jump
1.12Adam Schamp23' 0ORSouth AlbanyApr 13Woodburn @ South Albany
2.12Joe Bochsler22' 0.75ORSilvertonMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
3.12Brandon Updike21' 4.5ORDallasMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
4.12L.T. Avants20' 7.5ORLebanonMar 30Lebanon @ West Albany
5.10Zach Gengler20' 6.25ORSilvertonApr 13Lebanon @ Silverton
6.11Devin Geiger20' 4.5ORSilvertonMay 04Woodburn @ Silverton
7.9Jacob Lacoste20' 2.5ORWest AlbanyMar 30Lebanon @ West Albany
8.12Jacob Brumbaugh19' 8.5ORSilvertonApr 20Silverton @ Corvallis
9.10Preston Kirk19' 7.5ORSilvertonMay 04Woodburn @ Silverton
12Joe Leslie19' 7.5ORCrescent ValleyApr 01Laker Classic invitational
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Triple Jump
1.12Brandon Updike42' 10.25ORDallasMay 11Mid Willamette Conference
2.11Torrey Rogness42' 9ORSilvertonMar 30Crescent Valley @ Silverton
3.9Jacob Lacoste41' 11.5ORWest AlbanyApr 27West Albany @ Silverton
4.10Zach Gengler41' 5.5 (1.6)ORSilvertonMay 21OSAA 5A State Championships Day 2
5.12Logan Bertram41' 4.75ORLebanonApr 15Springfield Rotary Invitational
6.12Chris Thompson40' 3ORSouth AlbanyApr 27Corvallis @ South Albany
7.12Adam Schamp40' 2ORSouth AlbanyApr 20South Albany @ West Albany
8.10Michael Lanahan40' 0ORCrescent ValleyApr 06Crescent Valley @ Corvallis
9.12Joe Leslie39' 9ORCrescent ValleyApr 01Laker Classic invitational
10.11Nolan Hansen39' 8ORCorvallisApr 09The Willamette Falls Invitational
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