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Northern Idaho Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.8Conner Newby12.64cIDLakes
2.8Miles Mahaffey12.74cIDLakes
3.7Jake Kaschmitter13.14cIDGrangeville
8Jordan Prosser13.14cIDLakes
5.8Jordan Spooner13.24cIDLakes
8Travis Goehring13.24cIDGrangeville
7.8Cole Weddle13.34cIDKamiah
8.7Evan Pfau13.44cIDLakes
9.8Ryan Kelso13.54cIDOrofino
10.8Brendon Judd13.64cIDOrofino
200 Meters
1.8Jordan Spooner26.54cIDLakes
2.8Michael Wilson27.04cIDGrangeville
3.8Conner Newby27.14cIDLakes
4.8Wyatt Dewey27.54cIDGrangeville
8Chase Sanchez27.54cIDLakes
6.7Jake Kaschmitter27.74cIDGrangeville
7.8Travis Goehring28.14cIDGrangeville
8.8Miles Mahaffey28.24cIDLakes
9.8Killian Konda29.24cIDLakes
10.8Ryan Kelso29.64cIDOrofino
400 Meters
1.8Michael Wilson57.14cIDGrangeville
2.8Chase Sanchez60.14cIDLakes
3.8Cole Weddle60.84cIDKamiah
4.7Ian Anderson64.14cIDKamiah
8Wyatt Dewey64.14cIDGrangeville
6.7Dylan Canaday66.34cIDGrangeville
7.7Diego Barela66.94cIDGrangeville
8.7Shane Wood67.04cIDGrangeville
9.7Evan Pfau67.14cIDLakes
10.8Drew Lindsley68.14cIDGrangeville
800 Meters
1.7Max Evans2:28.20IDLakes
2.8Michael Stevens2:31.60IDGrangeville
3.8Carson Hill2:36.20IDKamiah
4.7Diego Barela2:36.40IDGrangeville
5.8Zach Wilkins2:40.00IDKamiah
6.7Logan Cork2:45.00IDLakes
7.7Dillon Alder2:46.00IDGrangeville
8.8Wes Goldman2:47.20IDGrangeville
9.8Damon Nuttman2:48.00IDGrangeville
10.8Caleb Weeks2:56.00IDLakes
1600 Meters
1.7Max Evans5:34.00IDLakes
7Diego Barela5:34.00IDGrangeville
3.8Carson Hill5:46.20IDKamiah
4.7Dillon Alder5:59.30IDGrangeville
5.7Shane Wood5:59.60IDGrangeville
6.8Caleb Weeks6:06.00IDLakes
7.7Logan Cork6:13.00IDLakes
8.7Travis McDowell6:16.00IDLakes
9.7Erik Messenger6:18.20IDKamiah
10.8Josh Frei6:19.70IDGrangeville
110m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Conner Newby15.54cIDLakes
2.8Corey Cook16.84cIDLakes
3.8Jordan Spooner17.04cIDLakes
4.8Shawn Briseno17.84cIDLakes
5.8Cody Jahns17.94cIDLakes
6.7Aleczander Hamilton20.24cIDLakes
4x100 Relay
1.-Miles Mahaffey
Kaleb Beebout
Corey Cook
Gage Coppage
-Travis Goehring
Jake Kaschmitter
Drew Lindsley
Wyatt Dewey
-Kolby Brink
Drake Kuykendall
Tomas Crawford
Brendon Judd
4.-Bailey Christopherson
Thomas Harper
Brian Kramer
Cole Weddle
4x200 Relay
1.-Michael Wilson
Wyatt Dewey
Jake Kaschmitter
Travis Goehring
2.-Kolby Brink
Drake Kuykendall
Ryan Kelso
Brendon Judd
3.-Clay Larson
Jordan Prosser
Gage Coppage
Chase Sanchez
4.-Brian Kramer
Bailey Christopherson
Carson Beckman
Parker Whipple
4x400 Relay
1.-Jake Kaschmitter
Diego Barela
Michael Stevens
Michael Wilson
2.-Brian Kramer
Bailey Christopherson
Kyl Donaldson
Ian Anderson
Shot Put - 4kg
1.8Drake Kuykendall37' 11.50IDOrofino
Discus - 1kg
1.8Drew Lindsley135' 6.00IDGrangeville
2.8Drake Kuykendall130' 7.00IDOrofino
3.8Eli Stovern105' 9.00IDLakes
4.8Zach Frei101' 5.00IDGrangeville
5.8Wyatt Dewey100' 9.00IDGrangeville
6.7Sterling Lee99' 8.00IDKamiah
7.7Cole Lindsley93' 0.00IDGrangeville
8.8Wes Goldman85' 6.00IDGrangeville
9.8Hunter Trulock84' 5.00IDKamiah
10.7Dylan Canaday84' 2.00IDGrangeville
High Jump
1.8Michael Wilson5' 6.00IDGrangeville
2.8Jordan Spooner5' 2.00IDLakes
3.8Zach Wilkins4' 10.00IDKamiah
4.8Michael Stevens4' 8.00IDGrangeville
5.8Kyl Donaldson4' 6.00IDKamiah
6.8Cody Frei4' 4.00IDGrangeville
7Dillon Alder4' 4.00IDGrangeville
8.7Shane Wood4' 2.00IDGrangeville
8Max Cawley4' 2.00IDGrangeville
7Diego Barela4' 2.00IDGrangeville
Pole Vault
1.7Bailey Christopherson9' 0.00IDKamiah
2.7Tyler Schwartz8' 0.00IDOrofino
3.7Branson Ballantyne7' 0.00IDKamiah
4.7Chris Pethtel6' 6.00IDKamiah
5.7Gabe Turner6' 0.00IDOrofino
8Max Cawley6' 0.00IDGrangeville
7Trevor Howard6' 0.00IDOrofino
Long Jump
1.8Jordan Spooner16' 5.00IDLakes
2.8Michael Wilson16' 3.00IDGrangeville
3.8Brendon Judd14' 7.00IDOrofino
4.7Kolby Brink14' 4.00IDOrofino
5.8Zach Wilkins13' 11.50IDKamiah
6.7Brian Barnett13' 11.00IDKamiah
7.8Aidan Parris13' 5.00IDOrofino
8.8Gary McEwen13' 3.25IDGrangeville
9.8Cody Frei13' 3.00IDGrangeville
10.8Jason Lloyd13' 1.00IDKamiah
Triple Jump
1.8Brendon Judd32' 10.75IDOrofino
2.7Kolby Brink32' 6.25IDOrofino
3.8Cody Frei29' 5.00IDGrangeville
4.8Rory Martress29' 0.00IDOrofino
5.7Ian Anderson28' 9.00IDKamiah
6.8Aidan Parris28' 5.00IDOrofino
7Parker Whipple28' 5.00IDKamiah
8.8Josh Frei26' 11.00IDGrangeville
9.7Seth Mikesell25' 9.50IDKamiah
10.8Ethan Sessions25' 2.50IDGrangeville

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.7Hailey Sullivan13.64cIDGrangeville
2.8Piper Glover14.04cIDLakes
3.8Erica Fortin14.14cIDGrangeville
8Elizabeth Forsmann14.14cIDGrangeville
5.7Shavauna Fortin14.34cIDGrangeville
6.7Izii Greene14.54cIDLakes
7.8Sydney Bell15.04cIDLakes
7Courtney Cuffe15.04cIDGrangeville
9.7Desirae Nasura15.34cIDKamiah
7Macy DuCoeur15.34cIDLakes
7Lindsay Dekeyser15.34cIDLakes
7Sami Davis15.34cIDLakes
8Azriel Johnson15.34cIDLakes
200 Meters
1.7Hailey Sullivan29.24cIDGrangeville
7Shavauna Fortin29.24cIDGrangeville
3.8Piper Glover29.54cIDLakes
4.7Desirae Nasura31.64cIDKamiah
5.7Izii Greene32.34cIDLakes
6.8Danielle Hubbard32.94cIDLakes
7Tarryn Ott32.94cIDKamiah
8.8Morgan Jett33.24cIDLakes
8Katie Daughtery33.24cIDKamiah
10.8Sydney Bell33.34cIDLakes
400 Meters
1.8Kaleala Bass61.54cIDGrangeville
2.7Hailey Sullivan66.54cIDGrangeville
3.8Piper Glover68.14cIDLakes
4.7Baylie Reed75.74cIDKamiah
5.7Sarah Wilson75.94cIDGrangeville
6.8Danielle Hubbard76.14cIDLakes
7.7Kareena Stamper76.44cIDKamiah
8.7Cassidy West77.14cIDOrofino
9.8Azriel Johnson78.14cIDLakes
10.8Paige Estes82.14cIDLakes
800 Meters
1.7Ahni Anderson2:49.70IDGrangeville
2.6Qetzal Hogue2:51.00IDLakes
3.7Emily Kaschmitter2:51.20IDGrangeville
4.6Hannah Taylor2:58.00IDLakes
5.6Maddie Lauritzen3:02.00IDLakes
7Darby Finnegan3:02.00IDGrangeville
7.7Emily Gasaway3:02.20IDOrofino
8.8Sami Hill3:02.40IDKamiah
9.8Shannen Kellim3:07.40IDKamiah
10.6Chelsea Robinson3:08.90IDKamiah
1600 Meters
1.7Emily Kaschmitter6:11.40IDGrangeville
2.7Ahni Anderson6:12.90IDGrangeville
3.6Qetzal Hogue6:19.00IDLakes
4.6Hannah Taylor6:37.00IDLakes
5.6Maddie Lauritzen6:42.00IDLakes
6.8Sami Hill6:42.10IDKamiah
7.8Shannen Kellim6:46.00IDKamiah
8.6Chelsea Robinson6:47.20IDKamiah
9.7Baylie Reed6:50.00IDKamiah
10.8Paige Estes7:01.00IDLakes
4x100 Relay
1.-Erica Fortin
Elizabeth Forsmann
Courtney Cuffe
Hailey Sullivan
2.-Belen Pineda
Shanda Lozon
Cami Krieger
Desirae Nasura
3.-Courtney Adams
Cassidy West
Crystal Lundgren
Katie Province
4x200 Relay
1.-Hailey Sullivan
Shavauna Fortin
Addie Lutz
Kaleala Bass
2.-Shanda Lozon
Katie Daughtery
Tarryn Ott
Desirae Nasura
3.-Hannah Dugger
Hannah Gering
Emily Gasaway
Rachel Knudson
4x400 Relay
1.-Ahni Anderson
Darby Finnegan
Madison Brown
Hailey Sullivan
2.-Tarryn Ott
Kareena Stamper
Shannen Kellim
Baylie Reed
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Erica Fortin
Addie Lutz
Shavauna Fortin
Kaleala Bass
2.-Cassidy West
Crystal Lundgren
Courtney Adams
Shania Odell
3.-Katie Daughtery
Shanda Lozon
Kareena Stamper
Sami Hill
Discus - 1kg
1.8Courtney Adams70' 10.00IDOrofino
2.6Cassidy Osborne68' 3.00IDLakes
3.7Courtney Cuffe62' 3.00IDGrangeville
4.8Cannon Wyman58' 6.00IDOrofino
8Brooke Hall58' 6.00IDGrangeville
6.8Hannah Gering55' 10.00IDOrofino
7.7Cami Krieger55' 2.00IDKamiah
8.8Veda Leon54' 5.00IDGrangeville
9.8Lisa Webb52' 5.00IDGrangeville
10.7Hannah Dugger51' 7.00IDOrofino
High Jump
1.8Kaleala Bass4' 10.00IDGrangeville
2.8Addie Lutz4' 4.00IDGrangeville
7Darby Finnegan4' 4.00IDGrangeville
4.7Rachel Knudson4' 0.00IDOrofino
5.7Sarah Wilson3' 10.00IDGrangeville
6.7Sara Hulett3' 4.00IDOrofino
Pole Vault
Long Jump
1.8Erica Fortin14' 8.00IDGrangeville
2.7Madison Brown14' 2.00IDGrangeville
3.8Elizabeth Forsmann13' 1.00IDGrangeville
4.8Addie Lutz12' 8.00IDGrangeville
5.7Rachel Knudson12' 0.00IDOrofino
6.8Azriel Johnson11' 11.00IDLakes
7.8Sydney Bell11' 4.00IDLakes
7Sarah Wilson11' 4.00IDGrangeville
9.8Piper Glover11' 3.00IDLakes
10.7Baylie Miller11' 1.00IDLakes
Triple Jump
1.7Madison Brown30' 10.00IDGrangeville
2.7Darby Finnegan26' 4.00IDGrangeville
3.7Crystal Lundgren25' 0.00IDOrofino
4.8Shania Odell20' 11.00IDOrofino
5.8Cannon Wyman20' 6.00IDOrofino

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