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Heart of America (HAAC) Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.SrJoshua Stewart10.95aMOLindenwood
2.SrTerren Craddock-Moore11.11awKSBaker
3.FrCarey Nolan11.19aMOCentral Methodist
4.FrBurt Taylor11.30aMOEvangel
5.SrJosh Duncan11.33aMOWilliam Jewell
6.SoKi'anie Brooks11.63aKSBaker
7.JrMatthew Falk11.70aMOEvangel
8.SrBlake Jackson11.71aMOCulver-Stockton
9.SrJon Bundrick11.72aMOEvangel
10.FrJordan Mesmer11.74aMOCentral Methodist
200 Meters
1.FrCarey Nolan21.84aMOCentral Methodist
2.JrJeremy Gathright21.95aKSBaker
3.JrRyan Sherman21.96aMOCentral Methodist
4.JrClint Ederer22.06aMOWilliam Jewell
5.SrJoshua Stewart22.23aMOLindenwood
6.SrTerren Craddock-Moore22.57awKSBaker
7.-Eddison Mason22.63awKSBaker
8.JrAlex Hughes22.93aMOWilliam Jewell
9.FrBurt Taylor23.00aMOEvangel
10.SoChris Speed23.01aMOWilliam Jewell
400 Meters
1.JrJeremy Gathright47.25aKSBaker
2.JrClint Ederer48.31aMOWilliam Jewell
3.JrJonas Kerhbraum50.14cMOLindenwood
4.JrRyan Sherman51.07aMOCentral Methodist
5.FrJonathan Randle51.42aKSBaker
6.JrMatthew Falk51.51aMOEvangel
7.-Eddison Mason51.75aKSBaker
8.SoIgnacio Franco52.06aMOMissouri Valley
9.SrJon Bundrick52.28aMOEvangel
10.SoKi'anie Brooks52.53aKSBaker
800 Meters
1.SrLucas Manring1:49.84aMOCentral Methodist
2.FrBryan Groeper1:58.29aMOCentral Methodist
3.FrVincent Tadokoro1:59.74aKSBaker
4.JrKellen Kristoffersen2:00.50aKSBaker
5.JrKyle Gillett2:00.63aMOWilliam Jewell
6.SrGrant Gastineau2:00.97aMOWilliam Jewell
7.FrPaul Goldsmith2:02.52aMOWilliam Jewell
8.-Andrew Heim2:03.07aKSBaker
9.SrRaul Toscano2:06.30MOLindenwood
10.FrChristopher Groh2:06.68aMOEvangel
4x100 Relay
1.-Jeremy Gathright
JL Anderson
Ki'anie Brooks
Terren Craddock-Moore
2.-Burt Taylor
Jeremy Weimer
Matthew Falk
Jon Bundrick
4x400 Relay
1.-Clint Ederer
Logan Petz
Kyle Gillett
Chris Speed
3:21.83aMOWilliam Jewell
2.-Kellen Kristoffersen
Vincent Tadokoro
Jonathan Randle
Jeremy Gathright
3.-Ryan Sherman
Carey Nolan
Dustin Menk
Bryan Lechner
3:26.77aMOCentral Methodist
4.-Burt Taylor
Keith Hardecke
Jon Bundrick
Matthew Falk
5.-Kenneth Lewis
Jonathon Leonard
A.J. Wirts
Jacoby Bellard
3:33.01aMOMissouri Valley
Javelin - 800g
1.SrAlex Stewart178' 6.91IAGraceland
2.SrNick Orf164' 0.50MOLindenwood
3.SrCody Cross152' 9.46MOCentral Methodist
4.SoCody Viergever148' 5.89KSBaker
5.JrBrett Whisler148' 5.50MOWilliam Jewell
6.JrTravis Miller145' 6.06KSBaker
7.FrJordan Kukal144' 3.50MOCentral Methodist
8.JrDrew Hinton120' 7.24MOCentral Methodist
9.SoJeff Crouch116' 5.64MOMissouri Valley
10.FrBrandon Gehle101' 8.47MOCulver-Stockton
High Jump
1.SoAndrew Longboy6' 8.71MOMissouri Valley
2.JrTravis Miller6' 6.74KSBaker
3.FrLogan Holmer6' 4.77MOCulver-Stockton
4.SrAshston Ousley6' 2.80KSBaker
5.SrLogan Petz5' 10.87MOWilliam Jewell
6.JrDrew Hinton5' 4.17MOCentral Methodist
Pole Vault
1.FrKiefer Smith14' 5.23MOCentral Methodist
2.SrLogan Petz13' 1.48MOWilliam Jewell
Long Jump
1.SoTyler Davis23' 2.35MOMissouri Valley
2.JrAlex Hughes23' 0.77wMOWilliam Jewell
3.JrJeremy Gathright22' 4.90KSBaker
4.JrTravis Miller21' 3.91wKSBaker
5.SoChris Speed21' 3.12wMOWilliam Jewell
6.SoAursland Seymour21' 2.33MOMissouri Valley
7.FrKris Kuoppamaki20' 11.18MOCentral Methodist
8.FrBryan Lechner20' 4.09MOCentral Methodist
9.JrDrew Hinton20' 2.91wMOCentral Methodist
10.FrDerek Musgrove19' 10.58MOCentral Methodist
Triple Jump
1.JrJeremy Gathright47' 11.20KSBaker
2.SoTyler Davis44' 10.98MOMissouri Valley
3.SoMartin Sarov44' 4.68MOLindenwood

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.FrDiamond Griffith12.68awKSBaker
2.FrBilli Pipes12.74aMOMissouri Valley
3.SoHannah Moore12.78aKSBaker
4.JrShelby Garrigus12.93aMOCentral Methodist
5.JrDominica Pigford12.95aMOEvangel
6.SrJulissa Watt12.96aMOCulver-Stockton
7.SrStephanie Rusnak13.31awKSBaker
8.SoKatie Thurbon13.43aKSBaker
9.FrCecillee Kidd13.74aMOMissouri Valley
10.FrBrianna Daniels14.11aMOMissouri Valley
200 Meters
1.FrBilli Pipes25.46aMOMissouri Valley
2.SoHannah Moore26.18awKSBaker
3.SrJulissa Watt26.61aMOCulver-Stockton
4.SrRebeca Barajas26.93aMOCentral Methodist
5.SoKothney-Issa Guillaume26.94aMOWilliam Jewell
6.JrChina Moore27.14cMOLindenwood
7.JrAmelia Truex27.62aMOCentral Methodist
8.JrCallie Anderson27.72awKSBaker
FrShelby Roberts27.72aMOCulver-Stockton
10.SrStephanie Rusnak28.31awKSBaker
400 Meters
1.FrKelsey West62.32aMOCentral Methodist
2.SoKothney-Issa Guillaume62.37aMOWilliam Jewell
3.JrCallie Anderson63.38aKSBaker
4.SoAriella Harrison64.04aKSBaker
5.JrPhylica Grayson64.57aMOCulver-Stockton
6.JrBrittni Woods66.06aMOEvangel
7.JrMelea Shimkus67.58aMOCentral Methodist
800 Meters
1.FrJenna Stanbrough2:26.67aKSBaker
2.FrSarah Niemeier2:27.57aMOMissouri Valley
3.SoAdriana Romero2:28.35aMOCentral Methodist
4.SoJessica Wheeler2:28.54aMOWilliam Jewell
5.SoMcKenzie Reagan2:28.82aMOWilliam Jewell
6.FrHailey Breusch2:29.15aMOCentral Methodist
7.FrMary Kate Brosamer-Senger2:30.13aMOLindenwood
8.SoJessie Johnson2:32.23aMOWilliam Jewell
9.JrDana Loveland2:32.87aKSBaker
10.FrTia Rider2:33.48aMOMissouri Valley
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.FrTyler Sloan14.06aKSBaker
2.SoHannah Moore15.10awKSBaker
3.SrSara Shippy15.28aMOWilliam Jewell
4.SrRebeca Barajas15.34awMOCentral Methodist
5.JrChina Moore15.84cMOLindenwood
6.FrDiamond Griffith15.96awKSBaker
7.JrAmelia Truex16.07aMOCentral Methodist
8.SoAriella Harrison16.34awKSBaker
9.SrCourtney Wilmsmeyer16.42awMOWilliam Jewell
10.JrDominica Pigford17.46awMOEvangel
4x100 Relay
1.-Hannah Moore
Tyler Sloan
Diamond Griffith
Katie Thurbon
2.-Relay Team49.74aIAGraceland
3.-Shelby Garrigus
Kelsey West
Amelia Truex
Kate Fulton
51.61aMOCentral Methodist
4.-Aussett Culberson
Fanny UN Bertalan
Gabby Lovelace
Cecillee Kidd
53.15aMOMissouri Valley
4x400 Relay
1.-Hannah Moore
Ariella Harrison
Callie Anderson
Jenna Stanbrough
2.-Cecillee Kidd
Fanny UN Bertalan
Dekel Nesbitt
Daniela Torres
4:10.36aMOMissouri Valley
3.-Kelsey West
Shelby Garrigus
Melea Shimkus
Amelia Truex
4:23.73aMOCentral Methodist
4.-Jessica Wheeler
McKenzie Reagan
Jessie Johnson
Jessica Connery
4:28.70aMOWilliam Jewell
5.-Randall Van Kempen
Brittni Woods
Lisa Pasche
Lindsey Mead
Shot Put - 4kg
1.SrFlorida Siaosi47' 0.17IAGraceland
2.JrSara Stafford41' 2.09MOMissouri Valley
3.SoStephanie Nelson40' 4.65KSBaker
4.-Jessica Weston39' 6.41MOLindenwood
5.SrBrittany Riley38' 6.60MOWilliam Jewell
6.FrKelly Klusmeyer38' 5.42MOCentral Methodist
7.SoValerie Schirmer35' 5.59KSBaker
8.JrSarah Stadnik34' 1.45MOWilliam Jewell
9.FrBriana Greer32' 6.16MOCentral Methodist
10.JrMelissa Morrow32' 2.61MOCentral Methodist
Discus - 1kg
1.FrKelly Klusmeyer141' 9.97MOCentral Methodist
2.SrFlorida Siaosi137' 2.06IAGraceland
3.-Jessica Weston126' 11.62MOLindenwood
4.SrBrittany Riley122' 8.83MOWilliam Jewell
5.JrMelissa Morrow115' 0.71MOCentral Methodist
6.JrEmily Fichtinger112' 3.24MOLindenwood
7.FrRuthie Wheelock107' 4.98MOCulver-Stockton
8.JrSarah Stadnik106' 11.07MOWilliam Jewell
9.FrBriana Greer103' 4.94MOCentral Methodist
10.SoValerie Schirmer96' 2.33KSBaker
Javelin - 600g
1.JrNatash Mouratidou155' 10.47MOLindenwood
2.SoStephanie Nelson149' 6.09KSBaker
3.JrChelsea Morland120' 11.97KSBenedictine (KS)
4.SoKatelyn Wolken118' 6.44KSBaker
5.SrBrittany Riley105' 5.75MOWilliam Jewell
6.JrShayna Mangiaracino100' 11.02KSBaker
7.SrRebeca Barajas89' 5.23MOCentral Methodist
8.JrAbbey Humphrey62' 10.33MOMissouri Valley
9.JrTrina Williams48' 11.01MOMissouri Valley
High Jump
1.JrKate Fulton5' 4.96MOCentral Methodist
2.SrRebeca Barajas5' 3.78MOCentral Methodist
3.FrJonisha McCoy5' 2.99MOCentral Methodist
4.FrCasandra Carson5' 0.24MOEvangel
FrSarah Lindemulder5' 0.24MOEvangel
FrPaige Rockers5' 0.24KSBaker
7.FrKatelyn Barnett4' 11.06MOCentral Methodist
SoGabby Lovelace4' 11.06MOMissouri Valley
9.SrRae Stewart4' 10.27KSBaker
10.SoAriella Harrison4' 8.30KSBaker
Pole Vault
1.SoKatie Thurbon12' 1.67KSBaker
2.JrJessica Borey10' 7.95MOWilliam Jewell
3.SrHannah Cooper9' 8.14MOWilliam Jewell
SoElayna Briggs9' 8.14MOWilliam Jewell
5.FrStephanie Atkinson9' 6.17MOCentral Methodist
Long Jump
1.JrShelby Garrigus18' 2.50wMOCentral Methodist
2.SrSara Shippy17' 11.75MOWilliam Jewell
3.-Jamie Whitfield17' 10.96IAGraceland
4.SrRebeca Barajas17' 1.12MOCentral Methodist
5.-Zakia Hart17' 0.72IAGraceland
6.JrAmelia Truex16' 4.06wMOCentral Methodist
7.FrCasandra Carson16' 0.52MOEvangel
SrMariah Willis16' 0.52IAGraceland
9.SoGabby Lovelace15' 7.40MOMissouri Valley
10.FrDaniela Torres14' 7.98MOMissouri Valley
Triple Jump
1.SrRebeca Barajas36' 1.86MOCentral Methodist
2.FrPaige Rockers35' 1.65wKSBaker
3.-Jamie Whitfield34' 8.14IAGraceland
4.FrDaniela Torres30' 8.50MOMissouri Valley
5.JrTrina Williams30' 8.11MOMissouri Valley
6.FrShelby Equels28' 4.94wKSBaker

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