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Mid-Central (MCC) Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.JrDewayne Gray10.85aMISpring Arbor
2.SoKelly Maxwell10.99aMISpring Arbor
3.SrAhrin Lemacks11.32aINBethel (IN)
4.JrJordan Easley11.52aINIndiana Wesleyan
5.JrJay Filson11.60aINIndiana Wesleyan
6.FrRayshard Brewer11.61aMISpring Arbor
7.FrMike Childs11.63awINBethel (IN)
8.JrCalvin Lewis11.67awINBethel (IN)
9.SoTravis Patterson11.68awINBethel (IN)
10.-Matthew Thompson11.72aINTaylor
200 Meters
1.SoKelly Maxwell21.63aMISpring Arbor
2.JrDewayne Gray21.65aMISpring Arbor
3.JrJordan Easley22.75aINIndiana Wesleyan
4.SrWill Spencer22.95aINIndiana Wesleyan
5.JrTalal Maree22.99aINBethel (IN)
6.FrMike Childs23.15aINBethel (IN)
7.-Matthew Thompson23.36aINTaylor
8.JrCalvin Lewis23.43aINBethel (IN)
9.SoTaylor Swihart23.49aMISpring Arbor
10.FrRayshard Brewer23.78aMISpring Arbor
400 Meters
1.FrAlex Hendricks49.87aINIndiana Wesleyan
2.JrDewayne Gray49.96aMISpring Arbor
3.FrJustin Shaffer50.30aINIndiana Wesleyan
4.SrRobby Burns50.64aINBethel (IN)
5.SoChris Conrad50.79aMISpring Arbor
6.SoTaylor Swihart51.53aMISpring Arbor
7.JrTalal Maree52.01aINBethel (IN)
8.SoHansen Martin52.60aINIndiana Wesleyan
9.SrWill Spencer53.15aINIndiana Wesleyan
10.SoKaleb Powell53.39aMISpring Arbor
800 Meters
1.FrJared Reed1:52.92aINTaylor
2.JrCerio Rolle1:53.34aINTaylor
3.FrDonovan Graham1:54.48aINGrace
4.SoChris Hanson1:54.53aINMarian
5.FrDaniel Purdy1:54.61aINMarian
6.SoChris Conrad1:54.95aMISpring Arbor
7.SrEric Brown1:57.28aINIndiana Wesleyan
8.SoJared Lauber1:57.93aMISpring Arbor
FrDan Deller1:57.93aMISpring Arbor
10.SrIsaac Bryan1:58.24aINTaylor
4x100 Relay
1.-Tim Canfield
Dewayne Gray
Rayshard Brewer
Kelly Maxwell
42.53aMISpring Arbor
2.-Travis Patterson
Ahrin Lemacks
Mike Childs
Tanner Foust
43.51aINBethel (IN)
4x400 Relay
1.-Chris Conrad
Dewayne Gray
Michael Forsythe
Taylor Swihart
3:26.73aMISpring Arbor
2.-Kevin McGregor
Kyle Anderson
Brandan Wilchcombe
Cerio Rolle
Javelin - 800g
1.JrBJ Vanderzwaag173' 3.13INBethel (IN)
2.FrThomas Calderone168' 2.90MISpring Arbor
3.JrCorbin Slater167' 5.06INTaylor
4.FrCarter Amnerman147' 8.83INBethel (IN)
5.FrChase Pinion133' 6.76INBethel (IN)
6.FrWill Ferguson121' 9.02INTaylor
High Jump
1.SrJacob Sullivan6' 7.13INMarian
2.JrTaylor Maxey6' 5.95INMarian
SrNick Brown6' 5.95INIndiana Wesleyan
JrSamuel Jones6' 5.95INGoshen
5.FrGage Minniear6' 3.98INTaylor
6.FrCaleb King6' 3.59INIndiana Wesleyan
7.SoAaron Cory6' 2.02MISpring Arbor
8.FrTanner Foust6' 0.83INBethel (IN)
9.SoJeremy Cutshaw6' 0.05INTaylor
Pole Vault
1.JrJeremy Rogers16' 0.91MISpring Arbor
2.FrTim Canfield15' 7.01MISpring Arbor
3.SoAaron Austin14' 7.98MISpring Arbor
4.JrKeith Pavlish14' 7.59INMarian
5.FrChase Pinion13' 1.48INBethel (IN)
FrTyler Sawicki13' 1.48INBethel (IN)
7.SrBryce Winslow12' 6.00INTaylor
Long Jump
1.SoDarrian Mikell24' 0.19INIndiana Wesleyan
2.JrRobert Dickey21' 10.60INTaylor
3.JrDewayne Gray21' 9.02MISpring Arbor
4.SrRandy Magnuson21' 5.87wINTaylor
5.FrDesmond Sleigh21' 2.72INIndiana Wesleyan
6.SoBrandon White20' 8.82MISpring Arbor
7.FrRayshard Brewer20' 2.13MISpring Arbor
8.SoAlec Betz19' 11.37INBethel (IN)
9.JrKent Corsbie19' 3.89INBethel (IN)
Triple Jump
1.SrRandy Magnuson45' 0.94INTaylor
2.SoJeremy Cutshaw43' 4.08INTaylor
3.JrRobert Dickey41' 0.52INTaylor
4.SoBrandon White40' 6.61MISpring Arbor
5.SoTaylor Swihart38' 7.39MISpring Arbor
6.FrGage Minniear34' 11.29INTaylor

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.JrHenrietta Carey12.11aINTaylor
2.FrBetty Graber12.73aINBethel (IN)
3.SoJessica Lee12.80aMISpring Arbor
4.SoKayla Finkbeiner13.22aMISpring Arbor
5.SrTammera Bean13.29aMISpring Arbor
SoKaylie Lindberg13.29aMISpring Arbor
7.SoJessica Czinder13.34aMISpring Arbor
8.FrKristen Zielenga13.50aINBethel (IN)
9.SoKate Carr13.96awINBethel (IN)
10.FrMegan Joiner14.08aMISpring Arbor
200 Meters
1.SoKyla Morgan25.77awINIndiana Wesleyan
2.SrLaJoya Smith26.15aINTaylor
3.JrHenrietta Carey26.17aINTaylor
4.SoJessica Lee26.73aMISpring Arbor
5.SrLauren Preuter27.48aMISpring Arbor
6.SrTammera Bean27.59aMISpring Arbor
7.SoJessica Czinder27.69aMISpring Arbor
8.SoLindsey Prether27.86aMISpring Arbor
9.FrAmanda Curtis27.94aMISpring Arbor
10.SoAmanda Cregier28.04awINBethel (IN)
400 Meters
1.SrKaila Stevens58.12aINBethel (IN)
2.SrStephanie Kenney58.30aINTaylor
3.SrLauren Preuter59.03aMISpring Arbor
4.JrDominique Dvojacki60.43aINBethel (IN)
5.SrLaJoya Smith61.01aINTaylor
6.FrAmanda Curtis61.39aMISpring Arbor
7.SoFaith Gunderson61.68aMISpring Arbor
8.SoShana Crouch62.66aMISpring Arbor
9.SoLauren Dudley62.83aINBethel (IN)
10.SoLindsey Prether63.03aMISpring Arbor
800 Meters
1.SrMariJean Wegert2:15.47aINGrace
2.SrAmanda Johnson2:18.09aINIndiana Wesleyan
3.SoFaith Gunderson2:18.50aMISpring Arbor
4.FrTracey Tiernon2:21.28aINIndiana Wesleyan
5.FrAmanda Curtis2:21.90aMISpring Arbor
6.SoTanya Rogers2:22.70aINTaylor
7.SoChristina Sandberg2:23.24aINIndiana Wesleyan
8.SrLibby Allen2:24.90aMISpring Arbor
9.SoLauren Borchelt2:25.07aINMarian
10.FrAmanda Wolfe2:25.09aINIndiana Wesleyan
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.SrSamantha Etter15.38aINBethel (IN)
2.FrKristen Zielenga15.41awINBethel (IN)
3.SoErin Price16.76aINTaylor
4.SoKyla Morgan17.04aINIndiana Wesleyan
5.FrMegan Joiner17.55aMISpring Arbor
6.SoJeanette Solis17.83aMISpring Arbor
7.FrLaura Perschbacher17.91aMISpring Arbor
8.-Demelza Ramirez18.95aINTaylor
9.SoAmanda Cregier20.29aINBethel (IN)
4x100 Relay
1.-Samantha Etter
Kaila Stevens
Betty Graber
Arielle Byl
49.42aINBethel (IN)
2.-Kayla Finkbeiner
Jessica Lee
Lindsey Prether
Kaylie Lindberg
51.00aMISpring Arbor
4x400 Relay
1.-Erin Price
Henrietta Carey
LaJoya Smith
Stephanie Kenney
2.-Amanda Curtis
Faith Gunderson
Lindsey Prether
Lauren Prueter
4:06.14aMISpring Arbor
3.-Dominique Dvojacki
Christina Adams
Lauren Dudley
Carli Mast
4:12.90aINBethel (IN)
Shot Put - 4kg
1.FrCinnamin Green42' 2.30INBethel (IN)
2.SoTina Huffman41' 8.00INIndiana Wesleyan
3.FrEmily Gibler40' 10.94MISpring Arbor
4.SoKassandra Sprinkle38' 10.93INMarian
5.SoKyla Morgan35' 7.17INIndiana Wesleyan
6.FrElizabeth Luke28' 9.28INTaylor
7.-Marissa Coolman27' 10.65INBethel (IN)
8.FrCassie Herndon27' 9.86INBethel (IN)
9.SoAndrea Bogert27' 0.41MISpring Arbor
Discus - 1kg
1.JrPaige Smith139' 7.20INIndiana Wesleyan
2.FrEmily Stearns119' 2.31INIndiana Wesleyan
3.FrEmily Blake115' 3.86INIndiana Wesleyan
4.FrHilary Fox112' 2.46INIndiana Wesleyan
5.FrCinnamin Green107' 11.28INBethel (IN)
6.FrEmily Gibler102' 4.74MISpring Arbor
7.FrCassie Herndon91' 8.79INBethel (IN)
8.FrElizabeth Luke78' 2.19INTaylor
9.-Marissa Coolman62' 2.85INBethel (IN)
Javelin - 600g
1.SrAndrea Knight116' 0.52INGrace
2.JrWhitley Emerson108' 3.61INMarian
3.SrLynn Miller103' 4.16INIndiana Wesleyan
4.SoKyla Morgan89' 11.53INIndiana Wesleyan
5.SrSarah Mott84' 4.20INBethel (IN)
6.SrEmily Simcox71' 5.87INBethel (IN)
7.-Marissa Coolman64' 3.26INBethel (IN)
8.JrCassie Natali63' 9.35INBethel (IN)
High Jump
1.SrEmily Simcox5' 4.96INBethel (IN)
FrStephanie Colter5' 4.96INIndiana Wesleyan
3.SrRachel Kenney5' 2.20INMarian
4.SoKayla Finkbeiner5' 1.81MISpring Arbor
5.FrArielle Byl5' 1.02INBethel (IN)
FrKristen Zielenga5' 1.02INBethel (IN)
7.JrErika Mestdagh4' 11.84MISpring Arbor
8.SrSarah Mott4' 11.06INBethel (IN)
9.SoKyla Morgan4' 8.30INIndiana Wesleyan
Pole Vault
1.SoKate Carr12' 1.67INBethel (IN)
2.FrCourtni Fryer10' 6.38INIndiana Wesleyan
3.SoVanessa Rogers10' 0.08MISpring Arbor
4.SoAislinn Candido9' 0.27MISpring Arbor
Long Jump
1.SoKyla Morgan16' 11.15INIndiana Wesleyan
2.SoKayla Finkbeiner15' 11.34MISpring Arbor
3.FrMegan Joiner15' 5.04MISpring Arbor
4.FrJennifer Lichtman14' 3.65MISpring Arbor
5.FrHeather Hambright13' 11.32INBethel (IN)
6.SoKaylie Lindberg13' 7.78MISpring Arbor
Triple Jump
1.SrVictoria Lee34' 8.14INIndiana Wesleyan
2.SoCaitlyn Ramirez34' 5.78INBethel (IN)
3.SoKatelyn MacDonald32' 2.22INTaylor
4.FrHeather Hambright30' 1.81INBethel (IN)

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