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Pennsylvania (PSAC) Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.JrDJ Chisom10.94aPASlippery Rock
2.SoHerman Kirkland11.09aPAShippensburg
3.SoDevin Barr11.29aPABloomsburg
4.FrShawn Geiser11.30aPABloomsburg
5.FrHunter Williams11.35aPASlippery Rock
6.-Yaw Boetang11.45aPAMansfield
7.JrMason Mclaughlin11.46aPASlippery Rock
8.SoTrevor Foley11.47aPASlippery Rock
FrMonte Chapman11.47awPASlippery Rock
10.JrEthan Geisler11.51awPASlippery Rock
200 Meters
1.SoDevin Barr22.09aPABloomsburg
2.FrRobert Bales22.32aPAShippensburg
3.JrDJ Chisom22.36awPASlippery Rock
4.FrHunter Williams22.41aPASlippery Rock
5.SoJessie Mustapha22.56aPABloomsburg
6.JrMason Mclaughlin22.76awPASlippery Rock
7.SrEric Wolfe22.83aPAShippensburg
8.FrMonte Chapman22.85awPASlippery Rock
9.JrMichael Treese22.96aPAShippensburg
10.FrAndrew Kujawski23.06aPAShippensburg
400 Meters
1.FrHunter Williams49.24cPASlippery Rock
2.FrRobert Bales49.25aPAShippensburg
3.SoJessie Mustapha49.33aPABloomsburg
4.FrAndrew Kujawski49.38aPAShippensburg
5.SrMarvin Carter49.76aPABloomsburg
6.SrEric Wolfe49.87aPAShippensburg
7.JrMichael Treese50.59aPAShippensburg
8.FrRobert McCoy50.67aPAMansfield
9.-Shane O'Neal50.83aPAShippensburg
10.JrBobby Ralls51.34cPACalifornia U of PA
800 Meters
1.JrKevin Jewel1:52.90PASlippery Rock
2.JrJoel Flott1:53.04aPAShippensburg
3.SrAlex Smith1:54.80PACalifornia U of PA
4.-Tom Kehl1:54.87aPAShippensburg
5.JrEli Weeks1:55.11aPAKutztown
6.-Matthew Ahearn1:56.88aPAShippensburg
7.SoDan Dreeman1:56.89aPAShippensburg
8.JrTom Troxell1:57.73aPAShippensburg
9.SoZach Eyer1:58.00aPABloomsburg
10.FrBernard England1:58.79aPAShippensburg
4x100 Relay
1.-Michael Treese
Tyrek Nelson
Robert Bales
Herman Kirkland
4x400 Relay
1.-Nathan Sweeley
Sean Harper
Chris Jones
Steve Roberts
3:13.26aPALock Haven
2.-Robert Bales
Andrew Kujawski
Tyrek Nelson
Eric Wolfe
3.-Mitchell Fawcett
Alex Smith
Vincent Wilson
Brice Myers
3:18.00PACalifornia U of PA
4.-Relay Team3:20.91aPABloomsburg
5.-Mason Mclaughlin
Trevor Foley
Kevin Jewel
Hunter Williams
3:23.20PASlippery Rock
6.-Alex Bock
Maxwell Lalwani
Robert McCoy
Michael Leiwant
Javelin - 800g
1.-Derek Nothstein202' 7.89PAShippensburg
2.-Andrew Korrubin181' 8.71PAShippensburg
3.SoWilliam Breiner178' 6.91PAWest Chester
4.FrTyler Rolshausen178' 2.19PAKutztown
5.-Blake Stahl176' 0.60PAShippensburg
6.-Sean Houck164' 0.50PAShippensburg
7.SoBryant Myers162' 3.24PAMansfield
8.-Dillon Wallner161' 7.76PAWest Chester
9.FrJames Rizzuto155' 7.72PABloomsburg
10.SoAustin Strine149' 6.09PAShippensburg
High Jump
1.FrJakob Nance6' 2.80PAMansfield
2.SoEarvin Paul6' 0.05PABloomsburg
3.SoAustin Strine5' 10.87PAShippensburg
4.-Leland Tate5' 8.50PAShippensburg
5.JrStephen Grib5' 8.11PABloomsburg
Pole Vault
1.SoAdam Phillippi14' 11.92PAShippensburg
2.JrMatthew Stuck14' 7.20PABloomsburg
3.SoMitch Codd14' 1.29PACalifornia U of PA
4.JrStephen Grib13' 7.39PABloomsburg
5.-David Kloepping13' 6.20PAShippensburg
6.FrEric Hunter13' 3.45PAWest Chester
7.SoJohn Piserchio13' 1.48PASlippery Rock
-Tyler Savarese13' 1.48PAMansfield
9.SoBobby Turner12' 7.57PABloomsburg
10.SoAustin Strine11' 11.31PAShippensburg
-Leland Tate11' 11.31PAShippensburg
Long Jump
1.JrCody Deboer21' 7.06PAShippensburg
2.SoAustin Strine21' 2.72PAShippensburg
3.-Leland Tate19' 10.58PAShippensburg
4.SoDerick Fiedler19' 4.68PASlippery Rock
SoHans Lubich19' 4.68PASlippery Rock
JrAndrew Greenslade19' 4.68PASlippery Rock
Triple Jump
1.SrTerrace Draper45' 2.91wPASlippery Rock

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.SoBria Jay12.54cPACalifornia U of PA
2.FrKatelyn Wetzel12.70aPASlippery Rock
3.FrBrianne Dietrich12.74cPAEdinboro U of PA
SoMonique Sims12.74cPACalifornia U of PA
5.JrValerie Homer12.86aPABloomsburg
6.JrCourtney Martin12.90aPAShippensburg
7.SrChrissy Savage12.94cPAMillersville
8.JrJordyn Reagan13.04cPACalifornia U of PA
9.SrJayme Stanek13.06aPASlippery Rock
10.JrMonique Clemons13.11aPAShippensburg
200 Meters
1.FrKatelyn Wetzel25.72aPASlippery Rock
2.SoMonique Sims25.84cPACalifornia U of PA
SoBria Jay25.84cPACalifornia U of PA
4.FrDanesha Butler26.21aPAShippensburg
5.-Yaneshia Gaston26.22aPAShippensburg
6.JrCourtney Martin26.41aPAShippensburg
7.FrAlexis Rankin26.50aPABloomsburg
8.JrMonique Clemons26.51aPAShippensburg
9.FrBrianna Fells26.71aPAShippensburg
10.SoChristina Ransom27.29aPASlippery Rock
400 Meters
1.FrBrianna Fells58.05aPAShippensburg
2.SrShakeria Love58.14cPACalifornia U of PA
3.SoKat Faller58.74cPAEdinboro U of PA
4.FrOlivia Lopes58.78aPAMansfield
5.FrAlexis Rankin58.93aPABloomsburg
6.FrJanae Turner59.24cPACalifornia U of PA
SrSamatha Valiton59.24cPACalifornia U of PA
8.JrShantae Motley60.14cPACalifornia U of PA
9.SrSam Smarkola60.18aPAWest Chester
10.JrRebecca Canderan60.21aPABloomsburg
800 Meters
1.SrAmanda Radabaugh2:08.41aPAShippensburg
2.SrLindsay Bingaman2:12.21aPAShippensburg
3.SoMaria Borland2:13.16aPAKutztown
4.SoStephanie Borland2:14.35aPAKutztown
5.SoMegan Meyer2:18.70aPAMillersville
6.JrNicole Smith2:20.81aPAWest Chester
7.SrKathleen Casey2:21.45aPAWest Chester
8.FrLauren Lehman2:23.57aPABloomsburg
9.JrKatie Filemyr2:24.33aPABloomsburg
10.JrAshley Bauer2:25.20aPABloomsburg
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.SoTabitha Bemis14.64cPAEdinboro U of PA
2.JrCaitlin Stuetz14.88aPAShippensburg
3.SoDaniesa Lyles15.18aPAShippensburg
4.SoCourtnee Whitaker15.24cPACalifornia U of PA
5.FrDanesha Butler15.39aPAShippensburg
6.JrStephanie Smigiera15.74cPAEdinboro U of PA
7.SoLyndsay Barna16.03aPAShippensburg
8.FrSarah Cook16.24cPACalifornia U of PA
9.JrTara Catone16.27awPASlippery Rock
10.SrSara Wagner16.61aPAShippensburg
4x100 Relay
1.-Monique Clemons
Lauren Redington
Danesha Butler
Courtney Martin
2.-Jordyn Reagan
Bria Jay
Samatha Valiton
Monique Sims
48.34cPACalifornia U of PA
3.-Jayme Stanek
Katelyn Wetzel
Samantha Zampetti
Christina Ransom
49.54cPASlippery Rock
4x400 Relay
1.-Lindsay Bingaman
Caitlin Stuetz
Brianna Fells
Amanda Radabaugh
2.-Shakeria Love
Jordyn Reagan
Janae Turner
Monique Sims
3:54.20PACalifornia U of PA
3.-Katelyn Wetzel
Jayme Stanek
Caitlin Hancox
Janine Powis
4:01.90PASlippery Rock
4.-Relay Team4:04.38aPABloomsburg
5.-Relay Team4:06.73aPAWest Chester
6.-Relay Team5:39.91aPAMansfield
Shot Put - 4kg
1.JrSamantha Minich40' 2.68PACalifornia U of PA
2.FrKayla Owens38' 8.96PAWest Chester
3.FrTayler Harkins36' 5.40PABloomsburg
4.SoBriana Lumley35' 9.13PACalifornia U of PA
5.JrPatriece Thompson35' 1.26PACalifornia U of PA
6.SrSara Wagner34' 7.35PAShippensburg
7.FrAmanda Hughes31' 7.13PAWest Chester
8.SrKate Slonaker31' 6.74PAShippensburg
9.JrTara Catone30' 4.17PASlippery Rock
10.JrBrooke Klett28' 1.40PAMansfield
Discus - 1kg
1.SrSarah Brotzman130' 8.50PAShippensburg
2.FrAmanda Hughes120' 0.94PAWest Chester
3.FrNechole Hill-Perry111' 1.86PABloomsburg
4.JrSamantha Minich110' 8.74PACalifornia U of PA
5.FrKayla Owens110' 7.95PAWest Chester
6.FrTayler Harkins102' 1.59PABloomsburg
7.SoErin Harrson74' 10.82PAMansfield
Javelin - 600g
1.JrAlexandra Arnold137' 8.76PASlippery Rock
2.SoAshley Merton135' 11.10PAShippensburg
3.JrKim Goth130' 1.81PASlippery Rock
4.SoLauren Merk122' 4.50PAShippensburg
5.FrAmanda Hughes121' 4.30PAWest Chester
6.FrNechole Hill-Perry120' 5.67PABloomsburg
7.JrElley Trubic112' 3.24PAMansfield
8.-Amanda Krise111' 5.40PASlippery Rock
9.FrHeather Holmes109' 2.24PASlippery Rock
10.FrLauren Bauer102' 0.02PABloomsburg
High Jump
1.SoBrittany Whitmer5' 7.32PALock Haven
2.JrErin Flick5' 4.57PAShippensburg
3.JrAmber Saunders5' 2.99PACalifornia U of PA
4.FrAmelia Wren5' 1.02PASlippery Rock
5.SrSara Wagner4' 10.27PAShippensburg
SoMeagan Sondermann4' 10.27PAShippensburg
7.SoDilshani Madawala4' 9.09PASlippery Rock
8.-Janine McNabb4' 7.12PAWest Chester
9.SrKate Slonaker4' 5.54PAShippensburg
10.FrBailey Davis4' 4.36PAShippensburg
Pole Vault
1.JrMegan Breski12' 9.54PAShippensburg
2.SoEllie Ressler11' 3.83PAShippensburg
SoKellie Bresz11' 3.83PAShippensburg
4.SrKelly Fisher10' 11.89PASlippery Rock
SoKelsey Davis10' 11.89PABloomsburg
6.SrKamber Schrann10' 7.95PAWest Chester
7.FrKeriann Hill10' 0.08PASlippery Rock
8.SoStasi Osmolenski9' 10.11PAShippensburg
9.FrEmily Schubert9' 6.17PASlippery Rock
JrJackie Glaser9' 6.17PABloomsburg
Long Jump
1.SoTabitha Bemis19' 4.28wPAEdinboro U of PA
2.FrBrianne Dietrich17' 5.06PAEdinboro U of PA
3.SoDamaris Schrum17' 0.33PAShippensburg
4.SrLauren Redington16' 8.00PAShippensburg
5.SoLyndsay Barna16' 7.21PAShippensburg
6.FrSamantha Beckerleg16' 6.82PACalifornia U of PA
7.JrStephanie Smigiera16' 2.88PAEdinboro U of PA
8.SrSara Wagner16' 2.09PAShippensburg
9.SoCarly Senko16' 1.31PACalifornia U of PA
10.SrSam Smarkola16' 0.13PAWest Chester
Triple Jump
1.SoTabitha Bemis38' 10.93PAEdinboro U of PA
2.JrKatherine Lennex37' 10.72PAMillersville
3.SoFallon Heddings37' 7.18PALock Haven
4.SoSierra Rogers36' 4.61PACalifornia U of PA
5.SrLauren Redington34' 10.11PAShippensburg
6.SoDilshani Madawala34' 7.75wPASlippery Rock
7.SoCree Banks34' 3.02PAShippensburg
8.SoDamaris Schrum32' 8.13PAShippensburg

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