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South Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.12Gary Thompson10.73awCAHelix
11Nehemiah Brown10.73awCAValhalla
3.12Wes Falk10.74awCAGranite Hills
4.11Devon Allen11.14cCASteele Canyon
11Michael Adkins11.14cCAHelix
12Larell Ward11.14cCAHelix
7.11Kyle Norris11.15awCAGranite Hills
8.11Marquise Powell11.34cCAHelix
9.12Ian Manson11.35awCASteele Canyon
10.12Kyle Quarles11.44cCAValhalla
200 Meters
1.11Nehemiah Brown21.62aCAValhalla
2.12Larell Ward21.81aCAHelix
3.12Wes Falk21.88aCAGranite Hills
4.12Gary Thompson22.14cCAHelix
5.12Ian Manson22.18aCASteele Canyon
6.11Jerremy Davis22.46aCASteele Canyon
7.12Yinka Bello22.71aCAGrossmont
8.11Devon Allen22.74cCASteele Canyon
9.11Charles Tyler23.03aCASteele Canyon
10.11Scottie Warren23.14cCAHelix
400 Meters
1.12Chanceller James48.99aCASteele Canyon
2.12Juvanie Robinson49.39aCAGrossmont
3.11Jerremy Davis49.94aCASteele Canyon
4.12Larell Ward50.54cCAHelix
5.11Scottie Warren50.90aCAHelix
6.12Michael Bradley50.94cCAGrossmont
7.10Blake Dehaven51.00aCAGranite Hills
8.11Nehemiah Brown51.04cCAValhalla
9.11Erroll Johnson51.14cCAHelix
10.11Michael Adkins51.74cCAHelix
800 Meters
1.12Michael Bradley1:54.71aCAGrossmont
2.11Shelby Hernandez1:57.12aCAHelix
3.11Brandon Howard1:58.55aCASteele Canyon
4.10Cody Rhodes1:58.76aCASteele Canyon
5.11Cristian Rodriguez2:02.00CAHelix
6.10Trent Marlow2:02.40aCAValhalla
7.11Daniel Wagner2:03.69aCASteele Canyon
8.11Clayton Rule2:04.10CAValhalla
9.11Miguel Diaz2:04.82aCASteele Canyon
11Chris Corley2:04.82aCAGranite Hills
1600 Meters
1.11Shelby Hernandez4:32.30CAHelix
2.11Tyler Lee4:34.35aCASteele Canyon
3.11Clayton Rule4:35.94aCAValhalla
4.10Nick Famolaro4:36.42aCAWest Hills
5.11Daniel Wagner4:38.60CASteele Canyon
6.12Teague Senninger4:39.73aCAGranite Hills
7.12Adam Omahen4:41.00CAGrossmont
8.11Chris Corley4:41.01aCAGranite Hills
9.11Miguel Diaz4:41.56aCASteele Canyon
10.11Drew Lippa4:42.90CAValhalla
3200 Meters
1.12Gabe Gussin9:46.41aCASteele Canyon
2.11Chris Corley9:52.05aCAGranite Hills
3.12Teague Senninger9:54.71aCAGranite Hills
4.12Jovahn Thomas10:02.68aCASteele Canyon
5.9Josh Paradise10:05.70CASteele Canyon
6.11Levi Dulay10:07.30CAValhalla
7.11Tyler Lee10:22.50CASteele Canyon
8.11Daniel Wagner10:23.80CASteele Canyon
9.9Darrian Dunning10:25.18aCAGrossmont
10.11Clayton Rule10:26.00CAValhalla
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Jake James14.37aCAGranite Hills
2.12Kene Anigbogu14.94cCAHelix
3.11Kendall Keys15.24cCAHelix
4.12Austin Peterson15.39aCAWest Hills
5.12Nick Moody15.77aCASteele Canyon
6.10C.J. Anderson15.91aCASteele Canyon
7.11Jameshaid Roshnaye15.97aCAHelix
8.12Ben Gossmeyer16.07aCASteele Canyon
9.12Daniel Leon16.54cCAValhalla
10.12Joshua Thompson16.76aCASteele Canyon
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Jake James38.50aCAGranite Hills
2.12Austin Peterson40.63aCAWest Hills
3.12Ben Gossmeyer40.99aCASteele Canyon
4.12Kene Anigbogu41.14cCAHelix
5.12Nick Moody41.94cCASteele Canyon
6.12Anthony Spence42.14cCAHelix
12Daniel Leon42.14cCAValhalla
12Robert Ruiz42.14cCAValhalla
9.11Johnathan Gauthier42.27aCASteele Canyon
10.10Ryan Ramos42.52aCAGranite Hills
4x100 Relay
1.-Marquise Powell
Gary Thompson
Larell Ward
Darrion Hancock
2.-Relay Team42.50aCAGranite Hills
3.-Jerremy Davis
Ian Manson
Charles Tyler
Devon Allen
43.14cCASteele Canyon
4.-Kyle Quarles
Robert Ruiz
Franklin Foster
Nehemiah Brown
5.-Yinka Bello
Juvanie Robinson
Marcus Mackey
Patrick Makdesi
6.-Ricky Gregg
Austin Peterson
Kevin Cournoyer
Gavin Glover
46.94cCAWest Hills
4x400 Relay
1.-Jerremy Davis
Brandon Howard
LaShawn Ware
Chanceller James
3:17.54aCASteele Canyon
2.-Juvanie Robinson
Yinka Bello
Adam Omahen
Michael Bradley
3.-Relay Team3:23.55aCAHelix
4.-Blake Dehaven
Nicholas Marin
Jacob James
Wes Falk
3:29.24aCAGranite Hills
5.-Relay Team3:38.40aCAValhalla
6.-Allan Gausin
Austin Peterson
Charles Conway
Gavin Glover
3:41.39aCAWest Hills
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Mario Yakoo54' 10.00CASteele Canyon
2.11William Milo50' 7.25CAHelix
3.12Lawrence Walker49' 4.00CAGrossmont
4.11John Duya47' 0.50CASteele Canyon
5.11Bryce Kelly46' 2.00CASteele Canyon
6.11Dylan Brandelius45' 5.00CAGranite Hills
7.11Robert Phillips44' 9.00CAHelix
8.11Kevin Jaynes44' 7.00CAWest Hills
9.10Jalen Wyatt44' 4.00CAHelix
10.10Kordell Hampton43' 3.50CAHelix
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Brenden Song188' 11.00CAWest Hills
2.11Kevin Jaynes164' 1.00CAWest Hills
3.10William Hofer152' 0.00CASteele Canyon
4.12Gilbert Cisneros151' 9.00CASteele Canyon
5.10Jalen Wyatt142' 4.00CAHelix
6.10Kordell Hampton141' 6.00CAHelix
7.11Dylan Brandelius140' 0.00CAGranite Hills
8.10Samson Serrano139' 1.00CAGrossmont
9.11Ryan Sullivan138' 0.00CAWest Hills
10.12Steven Ramirez137' 11.00CAValhalla
High Jump
1.11Keith Rogers6' 3.00CAValhalla
2.11Bryce Eulitt6' 1.00CASteele Canyon
3.11Kendall Keys6' 0.00CAHelix
4.11Lonnie Tuff5' 11.00CASteele Canyon
5.10Perry Sherrod5' 10.00CAGrossmont
12Cody Wells5' 10.00CASteele Canyon
11Brandon Howard5' 10.00CASteele Canyon
8.11Shawn Charles5' 9.00CAGrossmont
9.12Josh Mcintire5' 8.00CAWest Hills
12Kene Anigbogu5' 8.00CAHelix
Pole Vault
1.12Jesse Austel15' 3.00CAValhalla
2.12Peter McCoy14' 3.00CASteele Canyon
3.12Myles Anderson13' 6.00CASteele Canyon
12Robert Ruiz13' 6.00CAValhalla
5.12AUSTIN ASH13' 4.00CAValhalla
6.11Kyle Norris13' 0.00CAGranite Hills
7.11Gerald Mora12' 3.00CAGranite Hills
11Brian Parker12' 3.00CAGrossmont
12Dillon Cao12' 3.00CAHelix
10.11Alexander Elwers11' 9.00CAValhalla
12Adam Omahen11' 9.00CAGrossmont
Long Jump
1.11Kyle Norris22' 6.00CAGranite Hills
2.11Kendall Keys21' 9.00CAHelix
3.10Alex Wiley21' 4.50CASteele Canyon
4.12Darrion Hancock21' 3.00CAHelix
5.12Josh Mcintire20' 10.50CAWest Hills
6.12Jalen Bettis20' 10.00CAHelix
7.12Lawson Medeiros20' 8.00CAGrossmont
12Cody Wells20' 8.00CASteele Canyon
9.12Franklin Foster20' 5.00CAValhalla
11Deven Lattier20' 5.00CASteele Canyon
12Ian Manson20' 5.00CASteele Canyon
Triple Jump
1.11Kendall Keys44' 1.50CAHelix
2.12Ken Walls43' 11.00CASteele Canyon
3.10Alex Wiley43' 2.50CASteele Canyon
4.12Jalen Bettis42' 7.50CAHelix
5.11Taszabza Bealer-West42' 7.00CAGrossmont
12Darrion Hancock42' 7.00CAHelix
7.10Jelani Pritchard42' 0.00CAHelix
8.11Jeffrey Wilson41' 4.25CAValhalla
9.12Lawson Medeiros41' 2.50CAGrossmont
10.10Jediah Curl41' 1.00wCAHelix

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.9Melissa Mongiovi12.68awCAWest Hills
2.10De'Jah Curtis12.74cCASteele Canyon
9Bree Harmel12.74cCAValhalla
4.12Na'Tavia Lee12.81aCAGranite Hills
5.10Tahjaneke Roberts12.84cCAHelix
6.11Monique Ferrez12.94aCAHelix
7.9Lauryn Huff12.99awCAGranite Hills
8.9Sonia Scott13.04cCAGrossmont
12Mackenzie Cartmill13.04cCAValhalla
10.11Rae'chelle Ransaw13.13aCAGrossmont
200 Meters
1.9Melissa Mongiovi25.07awCAWest Hills
2.12Kori Gilley25.96aCAGranite Hills
3.11Angelique Carrillo26.04aCASteele Canyon
4.12Na'Tavia Lee26.62awCAGranite Hills
5.10De'Jah Curtis26.84cCASteele Canyon
9Bree Harmel26.84cCAValhalla
7.9Lauryn Huff26.93aCAGranite Hills
8.10Tahjaneke Roberts27.07aCAHelix
9.9Sonia Scott27.13awCAGrossmont
10.9Alyssa Campa27.51aCASteele Canyon
400 Meters
1.9Melissa Mongiovi55.72aCAWest Hills
2.12Kori Gilley57.29aCAGranite Hills
3.12Devin Collins58.22aCAGranite Hills
4.11Angelique Carrillo58.64aCASteele Canyon
5.10Myha Castro58.94aCAValhalla
6.10Haley Corlett-Dose62.63aCAGranite Hills
7.10Lane Griffith62.65aCAGrossmont
8.10Ameerah Beckom63.86aCAWest Hills
9.11Brenda Perez64.14cCAHelix
10.11Shanika McAllister64.42aCAHelix
800 Meters
1.12Madison Nocon2:21.33aCASteele Canyon
2.10Myha Castro2:21.63aCAValhalla
3.11Elaine Ribeiro2:22.80CAHelix
4.10Kristin Semancsin2:23.07aCAValhalla
5.11Samantha Bojorquez2:23.90CAHelix
6.9Alexandra Hernandez2:26.24aCAGranite Hills
7.11Abigail Sanchez2:26.40CASteele Canyon
8.9Noel Beher2:28.06aCAGranite Hills
9.11Rachel Johnston2:28.15aCAWest Hills
10.10Taylor Sorilla2:28.67aCAValhalla
1600 Meters
1.11Elaine Ribeiro5:03.12aCAHelix
2.11Andrea Hughes5:06.30aCAValhalla
3.10Shea Ricketts5:12.00aCAValhalla
4.11Abigail Sanchez5:15.00aCASteele Canyon
5.9Alexandra Hernandez5:21.22aCAGranite Hills
6.10Kristin Semancsin5:23.58aCAValhalla
7.11Rachel Johnston5:26.48aCAWest Hills
8.12Madison Nocon5:28.20CASteele Canyon
9.12Rebecca Rodriguez5:33.00CAValhalla
10.9Giselle Cahill5:34.39aCASteele Canyon
3200 Meters
1.11Andrea Hughes11:24.19aCAValhalla
2.12Madison Nocon11:36.13aCASteele Canyon
3.11Abigail Sanchez11:40.70aCASteele Canyon
4.10Shea Ricketts11:42.13aCAValhalla
5.11Rachel Johnston11:56.88aCAWest Hills
6.11Elaine Ribeiro11:57.00aCAHelix
7.12Rebecca Rodriguez12:05.00CAValhalla
8.11Adrienne Elliott12:07.68aCAGrossmont
9.10Kristin Semancsin12:16.45aCAValhalla
10.12Sydney Dole12:17.53aCASteele Canyon
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Devin Collins14.33awCAGranite Hills
2.12Deborah Cardenas15.58aCAHelix
3.9Leah Molter16.39aCAValhalla
4.10Catherine Cuthrell16.42aCAValhalla
5.12Aimee Valencia16.84cCASteele Canyon
6.11Justine Fordyce17.04cCAWest Hills
7.11Andrea Pelicano17.34cCAValhalla
8.10Brittney Yost17.50aCASteele Canyon
9.12Amber Scott17.51aCAHelix
10.10Natalie Wager17.70awCASteele Canyon
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Devin Collins44.35aCAGranite Hills
2.11Monique Van45.49aCASteele Canyon
3.10Catherine Cuthrell47.82aCAValhalla
4.12Deborah Cardenas47.97aCAHelix
5.9Leah Molter48.11aCAValhalla
6.10Rachael Mora50.09aCAGranite Hills
7.9Victoria Stroman50.55aCASteele Canyon
8.9Alana Lucas51.98aCAValhalla
9.10Brittney Yost52.13aCASteele Canyon
10.10Natalie Wager52.25aCASteele Canyon
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team48.28aCAGranite Hills
2.-Alyssa Campa
Angelique Carrillo
Kiana Quarles
Deja Curtis
50.16aCASteele Canyon
3.-Relay Team50.64cCAHelix
4.-Justine Fordyce
Savannah Michonski
Melissa Mongiovi
Jaida Scott
51.24aCAWest Hills
5.-Relay Team51.28aCAValhalla
6.-Amanda Chandler
Amari Daniels
Rae'chelle Ransaw
Sonia Scott
4x400 Relay
1.-Alexandra Hernandez
Kori Gilley
Haley Corlett-Dose
Devin Collins
3:57.55aCAGranite Hills
2.-Deja Curtis
Mechelle Negrete
Monique Van
Angelique Carrillo
4:03.20aCASteele Canyon
3.-Bree Harmel
Catherine Cuthrell
Taylor Sorilla
Myha Castro
4.-Claudia Peinado
Rachel Johnston
Jaida Scott
Melissa Mongiovi
4:12.60aCAWest Hills
5.-Relay Team4:13.00CAHelix
6.-Lane Griffith
Sonia Scott
Gabriella Sierra
Alondra Hernandez
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Cynthia Jones38' 0.50CAHelix
2.9Sabrina Dozier36' 11.00CASteele Canyon
3.11Helen Panebianco33' 7.25CAHelix
4.11Melora Lawson33' 2.50CASteele Canyon
5.12Lauren La Clair32' 10.00CASteele Canyon
6.11Jashell Smith32' 6.00CAHelix
7.12Savanna Yager32' 2.00CAValhalla
8.12Giselle Bisharat30' 0.00CASteele Canyon
9.11Maddie Evans29' 11.00CAWest Hills
10.10Christina Sumprer29' 3.50CAValhalla
Discus - 1kg
1.9Sabrina Dozier117' 3.00CASteele Canyon
2.12Cassidy Robinson116' 9.50CASteele Canyon
3.11Jashell Smith113' 2.00CAHelix
4.10Cynthia Jones109' 5.00CAHelix
5.11Helen Panebianco107' 9.00CAHelix
6.12Carole Neri99' 10.00CASteele Canyon
7.12Beatriz Covarrubias97' 9.00CAWest Hills
8.12Lauren Robinson92' 1.00CASteele Canyon
9.12Allison White90' 3.00CASteele Canyon
10.12Savanna Yager87' 1.50CAValhalla
High Jump
1.11Sarah Vanderhoff5' 2.00CAValhalla
2.11Jailynn Lewis5' 1.00CAWest Hills
11Caitlin Nardi5' 1.00CAValhalla
4.12Haley Moss5' 0.00CASteele Canyon
11Victoria Scott5' 0.00CAGranite Hills
6.11Sydney Limond4' 10.00CAGranite Hills
10Erin Rodden4' 10.00CAValhalla
8.10Juliana Miller4' 8.00CAGranite Hills
11Arielle Bowers4' 8.00CAWest Hills
10Summer Wheeler4' 8.00CAGranite Hills
10Taylor Sivedge4' 8.00CAGranite Hills
10Annette Rainey4' 8.00CAGranite Hills
11Christine Millar4' 8.00CAValhalla
Pole Vault
1.12Mechelle Negrete11' 8.00CASteele Canyon
2.12Emily Palmer10' 8.00CAGrossmont
3.10Sierra O'Neill9' 3.00CAGranite Hills
4.10Margaret Vieira9' 2.00CAValhalla
5.12Heather Sempsrott8' 11.00CAGranite Hills
6.9Ashley Lynch8' 6.00CASteele Canyon
9Katy Lynch8' 6.00CASteele Canyon
8.9Kim Cook7' 10.00CASteele Canyon
10Juliana Miller7' 10.00CAGranite Hills
10.10Alicia Philo7' 6.00CAWest Hills
11Emily Diaz7' 6.00CAGranite Hills
Long Jump
1.11Monique Van17' 9.50CASteele Canyon
2.12Mechelle Negrete16' 3.75CASteele Canyon
3.11Skyler Williams16' 2.00CAGranite Hills
4.10Margaret Vieira16' 1.00CAValhalla
5.12Mackenzie Cartmill15' 11.00CAValhalla
6.12Jessica Harris15' 8.00CAGranite Hills
7.12Emily Palmer15' 3.00CAGrossmont
8.11Anna Viettry15' 2.00CAGranite Hills
9.9Anna Wardell15' 1.50CASteele Canyon
10.9Alyssa Campa14' 11.50CASteele Canyon
Triple Jump
1.11Monique Van38' 1.50CASteele Canyon
2.12Jessica Harris32' 10.00CAGranite Hills
3.11Anna Viettry32' 9.00CAGranite Hills
4.11Skyler Williams32' 2.00CAGranite Hills
5.10Margaret Vieira31' 7.00CAValhalla
6.10Jennifer Houser31' 0.00CAGranite Hills
7.9Anna Wardell30' 10.00CASteele Canyon
8.12Haley Moss30' 7.00CASteele Canyon
10Sherrice Mullins30' 7.00CAHelix
9Janae Parlier-Ned30' 7.00CAWest Hills

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