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100 Meters
1.-Dwayne Johnson12.72aCAExcelsior Education Center
2.12Ejan O'Rea12.75aCAExcelsior Education Center
3.12Jorge Gomez12.85aCASummit Leadership Academy
12Jaelen Jones12.85aCAExcelsior Education Center
5.-Jordan Foster13.24aCASummit Leadership Academy
6.12Gill Trenton13.36aCASummit Leadership Academy
7.12Elijah Lugo13.40aCASummit Leadership Academy
8.10Shak Offley14.01aCAExcelsior Education Center
9.9Kevin Miramontes14.27aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
10.11Christian Silva14.68aCAExcelsior Education Center
200 Meters
1.-Dwayne Johnson26.33aCAExcelsior Education Center
2.12Gill Trenton26.72aCASummit Leadership Academy
3.12Ejan O'Rea26.77aCAExcelsior Education Center
4.12Jaelen Jones27.12aCAExcelsior Education Center
5.-Jordan Duarte27.54aCASummit Leadership Academy
6.-Elijah Freeman27.88aCASummit Leadership Academy
7.11Jerveic Spaugy27.90aCASummit Leadership Academy
8.11Kevin Traugh28.09aCASummit Leadership Academy
9.10Shak Offley28.38aCAExcelsior Education Center
10.9Kevin Miramontes28.64aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
400 Meters
1.12Jorge Gomez54.36aCASummit Leadership Academy
2.12jordan Smothers55.24aCASummit Leadership Academy
3.11Jerveic Spaugy59.90aCASummit Leadership Academy
4.11Kevin Traugh61.40aCASummit Leadership Academy
5.-Miles Norman63.06aCASummit Leadership Academy
6.-Michael Garret64.28aCASummit Leadership Academy
7.11Herman Hendrix64.87aCAExcelsior Education Center
8.-Ryan Mantooth65.65aCAExcelsior Education Center
9.9Chris Gomes68.50aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
800 Meters
1.11Steven Nelson2:16.18aCAExcelsior Education Center
2.10Bryce Turner2:27.59aCASummit Leadership Academy
3.10Wyatt DeVay2:29.28aCAExcelsior Education Center
4.11Robert Chavez2:32.28aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
5.-Andrew Lopez2:32.45aCASummit Leadership Academy
6.10Jeremy Hernandez2:32.80aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
7.10Kyle Tarbell2:35.13aCASummit Leadership Academy
8.-Rodgio Garcia2:40.05aCASummit Leadership Academy
9.9Chase Myers2:40.53aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
10.12Kyle Barrow2:43.96aCAExcelsior Education Center
1600 Meters
1.11Timmy McCloud4:53.65aCAHesperia Christian
2.11Zachary Deatley5:01.42aCAVictor Valley Christian
3.12Anthony Carrasco5:15.13aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
4.10Wyatt DeVay5:24.47aCAExcelsior Education Center
5.11Ryan Sisson5:27.91aCASummit Leadership Academy
6.11Robert Chavez5:28.42aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
7.12Kyle Barrow5:33.97aCAExcelsior Education Center
8.-Sage Carigon5:35.71aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
9.9Chase Myers5:35.95aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
10.10Jeremy Hernandez5:45.70aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
3200 Meters
1.11Bobby Knee10:36.79aCAMarywood (Palm Valley)
2.11Zachary Deatley10:50.94aCAVictor Valley Christian
3.11Ryan Sisson11:15.58aCASummit Leadership Academy
4.9Chase Myers12:00.13aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
5.10Jeremy Hernandez13:11.92aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
6.9Mikhael Fenelon14:21.64aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Joel Burdette16.79aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
2.11Levi Hooper17.65aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
3.11Devin Clark18.39awCAHesperia Christian
4.12Adam Dobney21.64aCAExcelsior Education Center
5.11Noah Hinojos21.70aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
6.10Neil Linehan26.77aCAExcelsior Education Center
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Joel Burdette44.64aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
2.12Brian Zelleck45.17aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
3.11Levi Hooper48.41aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
4.12Sterling Ware50.93aCAExcelsior Education Center
5.11Andre Guinn51.39aCAExcelsior Education Center
6.12Adam Dobney56.79aCAExcelsior Education Center
7.10Neil Linehan59.80aCAExcelsior Education Center
8.11Christian Silva61.36aCAExcelsior Education Center
4x100 Relay
1.-Jorge Gomez
Gill Trenton
jordan Smothers
Elijah Lugo
45.86aCASummit Leadership Academy
2.-Relay Team47.11aCAExcelsior Education Center
4x400 Relay
1.-Jorge Gomez
Elijah Lugo
Gill Trenton
jordan Smothers
3:40.19aCASummit Leadership Academy
2.-Relay Team4:00.78aCAExcelsior Education Center
3.-Relay Team4:08.61aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Lido Lyn47' 7.00CAExcelsior Education Center
2.12Lynn Lido43' 7.23CAExcelsior Education Center
3.11Cris Montenegro39' 3.65CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
4.12Ellis DeVay36' 10.00CAExcelsior Education Center
5.12Ian McIntyre35' 2.25CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
-Jaylen Isaac35' 2.25CASummit Leadership Academy
7.-Joe Montano34' 8.50CASummit Leadership Academy
8.9Simon Hays33' 11.50CASummit Leadership Academy
9.12Andrew Ortega33' 7.75CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
10.12Marty Scarberry33' 5.75CAExcelsior Education Center
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Marty Scarberry140' 1.00CAExcelsior Education Center
2.11Lido Lyn128' 3.00CAExcelsior Education Center
3.12Colton Moon117' 5.00CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
4.12Lynn Lido117' 4.66CAExcelsior Education Center
5.12Andrew Ortega100' 10.00CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
6.12Chris Monteon100' 0.79CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
7.11Josh Loud99' 6.00CASummit Leadership Academy
8.12Ellis DeVay99' 3.00CAExcelsior Education Center
9.-Kamryn Ramirez98' 2.00CASummit Leadership Academy
10.9Simon Hays97' 6.00CASummit Leadership Academy
High Jump
1.12Corey Flores5' 7.72CAExcelsior Education Center
2.10Michael Coulter5' 6.00CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
3.12Ryan Miller4' 10.00CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
Long Jump
1.12Brian Zelleck18' 2.50CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
12Elijah Lugo18' 2.50CASummit Leadership Academy
3.10Christian Torres18' 1.72CACalifornia Military Institute
4.12Jorge Gomez18' 0.00CASummit Leadership Academy
5.11Cameron Dill17' 8.00CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
6.12Corey Flores16' 7.00CAExcelsior Education Center
10Michael Coulter16' 7.00CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
8.12Ejan O'Rea16' 6.50CAExcelsior Education Center
9.12Jaelen Jones16' 2.50CAExcelsior Education Center
10.12Raphael Flores16' 0.25CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
Triple Jump
1.10Michael Coulter35' 7.50CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
2.12Ryan Williams31' 0.50CAAcademy of Academic Ex.

Womens xshow...

100 Meters
1.12Kaile DeSevrenJacquet13.62awCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
2.10Nicole Carr14.13aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
3.12Amanda Cummings14.87aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
4.10Elliza Crockerham14.88aCASummit Leadership Academy
5.12Megan Carr14.90aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
6.10Olivia Howard15.28aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
7.-Megan Worsham15.82aCASummit Leadership Academy
8.12Ashton Ferrara16.42aCAExcelsior Education Center
9.11Tori Bayer16.49aCAExcelsior Education Center
10.12Jessica Bieda16.51aCASummit Leadership Academy
200 Meters
1.12Kaile DeSevrenJacquet28.32aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
2.10Nicole Carr29.20aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
3.11Alison Conner30.83aCAVictor Valley Christian
4.11Tanisha Jones31.65aCAExcelsior Education Center
5.10Kory Washington31.71aCAExcelsior Education Center
6.11Arlene Struther33.21aCASummit Leadership Academy
7.10Elliza Crockerham34.29aCASummit Leadership Academy
8.11Rachel Knapp34.54aCAVictor Valley Christian
9.12Ashton Ferrara34.74aCAExcelsior Education Center
10.12Jessica Bieda34.95aCASummit Leadership Academy
400 Meters
1.9Katie Potter66.08aCASummit Leadership Academy
2.12Laneese Crockerham72.67aCASummit Leadership Academy
3.10Jazmine Perez78.52aCAExcelsior Education Center
4.12Rosie Hernandez80.09aCASummit Leadership Academy
5.11Arlene Struther80.65aCASummit Leadership Academy
6.12Christie Benavides80.88aCAExcelsior Education Center
7.10Charity Mason83.19aCAExcelsior Education Center
8.11Jamie Munoz88.08aCASummit Leadership Academy
800 Meters
1.12Alexia Velarde2:22.11aCAMarywood (Palm Valley)
2.11Megan Sells2:36.95aCAExcelsior Education Center
3.9Katie Potter2:47.89aCASummit Leadership Academy
4.11Elizabeth Gustafson3:04.30aCAExcelsior Education Center
5.11Hannah Gustafson3:12.70aCAExcelsior Education Center
6.-Maianna Garcia3:17.51aCASummit Leadership Academy
7.9Brenna Sisson3:32.14aCASummit Leadership Academy
8.-Marissa Gonzales3:40.07aCASummit Leadership Academy
1600 Meters
1.12Alexia Velarde5:06.66aCAMarywood (Palm Valley)
2.11Megan Sells6:23.72aCAExcelsior Education Center
3.11Dena Mcfadden6:40.45a16CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
4.11Elizabeth Gustafson6:44.95aCAExcelsior Education Center
5.11Hannah Gustafson6:52.99aCAExcelsior Education Center
6.11Clarissa Cordero7:00.72aCAExcelsior Education Center
-Maianna Garcia7:00.72aCASummit Leadership Academy
8.11Cori Mcfadden7:18.65a16CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
9.9Brenna Sisson7:24.03aCASummit Leadership Academy
10.-Karina Mosqueda7:53.13aCASummit Leadership Academy
3200 Meters
1.12Alexia Velarde11:22.02aCAMarywood (Palm Valley)
2.11Cori Mcfadden14:18.51a16CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Morgan Hurst18.28aCAHesperia Christian
2.10Kory Washington18.91aCAExcelsior Education Center
3.10Fatima Abdul Khabir20.40aCAExcelsior Education Center
4.11Candace Cordero22.28aCAExcelsior Education Center
5.10Margarita Casillas22.52aCAExcelsior Education Center
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Morgan Hurst52.81aCAHesperia Christian
2.11Alison Conner59.37aCAVictor Valley Christian
3.11Rachel Knapp63.68aCAVictor Valley Christian
4.11Candace Cordero65.91aCAExcelsior Education Center
5.10Margarita Casillas67.32aCAExcelsior Education Center
6.10Fatima Abdul Khabir69.17aCAExcelsior Education Center
4x100 Relay
1.-Kory Washington
Jazmine Perez
Ashton Ferrara
Tanisha Jones
55.25aCAExcelsior Education Center
2.-Relay Team56.64aCAAcademy of Academic Ex.
3.-Relay Team58.16aCASummit Leadership Academy
4x400 Relay
1.-Arlene Struther
Jamie Munoz
Katie Potter
Laneese Crockerham
4:35.34aCASummit Leadership Academy
2.-Relay Team5:10.12aCAExcelsior Education Center
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Angela McKinster28' 8.00CAExcelsior Education Center
2.-Alexus Douglass25' 5.00CASummit Leadership Academy
3.11Angie Dionne24' 6.00CAExcelsior Education Center
4.12Maria Henriquez23' 6.50CAVictor Valley Christian
5.-Melody Bartholic22' 2.00CASummit Leadership Academy
6.12Sally Lloyd21' 6.00CAExcelsior Education Center
7.12Ciera Carter18' 4.75CAExcelsior Education Center
8.10Alyssa Leon18' 0.00CASummit Leadership Academy
Discus - 1kg
1.12Maria Henriquez77' 0.80CAVictor Valley Christian
2.12Angela McKinster76' 5.72CAExcelsior Education Center
3.-Alexus Douglass69' 5.00CASummit Leadership Academy
4.12Amanda Cummings68' 3.00CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
5.-Melody Bartholic61' 0.00CASummit Leadership Academy
6.11Miller Paige58' 0.00CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
7.12Haily Unferdorfer55' 10.00CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
8.12Ciera Carter52' 11.00CAExcelsior Education Center
9.10Samantha Donnelly52' 3.0016CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
10.10Alyssa Leon51' 11.00CASummit Leadership Academy
High Jump
1.11Micaela Mosley3' 10.00CAExcelsior Education Center
-Kiley Martino3' 10.00CAExcelsior Education Center
11Tori Bayer3' 10.00CAExcelsior Education Center
Long Jump
1.10Kory Washington15' 3.86CAExcelsior Education Center
2.11Julianna Phillips14' 2.25CAExcelsior Education Center
3.10Nicole Carr13' 9.50CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
4.12Claudette Harris13' 7.75CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
5.11Tanisha Jones13' 6.00CAExcelsior Education Center
6.12Kaile DeSevrenJacquet12' 9.75CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
7.10Olivia Howard12' 7.50CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
8.11Tori Bayer12' 7.00CAExcelsior Education Center
9.10Charity Mason12' 4.00CAExcelsior Education Center
10.10Samantha Donnelly11' 10.0016CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
Triple Jump
1.12Claudette Harris29' 11.75CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
2.12Amanda Cummings27' 5.25CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
3.12Kaile DeSevrenJacquet25' 0.00CAAcademy of Academic Ex.
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