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100 Meters
1.12Austin Simpkins10.77 (2.7)CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
2.12Kendall Holmes10.82 (2.7)CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
3.12Drake Alvarez-Cates10.90 (4.9)CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
4.12Titus Hasson10.98 (2.7)CANewport HarborMay 03Sunset League Finals
5.12Kyle Roberts11.10 (2.7)CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
6.12Dominique Parham11.14 (2.7)CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
7.12Troy Baljeu11.16 (2.7)CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
8.11Ricardo Molina11.20 (2.7)CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
9.12Ramon Vargas11.27 (2.1)CAHuntington BeachMar 28Fountain Valley/Edison/Huntington Beach
10.12Fisher Chavira11.29 (2.4)CAHuntington BeachApr 27Sunset League Prelims
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200 Meters
1.12Drake Alvarez-Cates21.91 (2.9)CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
2.12Austin Simpkins21.97 (2.9)CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
3.12Titus Hasson22.18 (2.9)CANewport HarborMay 03Sunset League Finals
4.12Troy Baljeu22.30 (2.9)CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
5.12Anthony Johnson22.46 (2.9)CAFountain ValleyMay 03Sunset League Finals
6.11Ricardo Molina23.00 (2.4)CALos AlamitosApr 27Sunset League Prelims
7.12Fisher Chavira23.05 (3.1)CAHuntington BeachApr 27Sunset League Prelims
8.12Jared Cerda23.16 (4.1)CALos AlamitosApr 27Sunset League Prelims
9.10Jeremy Maxwell23.17 (2.4)CAEdison (HB)Apr 27Sunset League Prelims
10.10Matt Oyakawa23.31 (3.1)CAFountain ValleyApr 27Sunset League Prelims
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400 Meters
1.12Anthony Johnson50.31CAFountain ValleyMay 12CIF-SS - Division I Prelims
2.10Jeremy Maxwell51.28CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
3.10Kyle Vanleer51.42CAEdison (HB)May 12CIF-SS - Division I Prelims
4.10Matt Oyakawa51.71CAFountain ValleyMar 03Saddle Up Invitational
5.11Josh Cerda51.73CAFountain ValleyMay 03Sunset League Finals
6.12Christian Bandley52.05CALos AlamitosApr 21Orange County Championships
7.11Brian Skinner52.37CAHuntington BeachMar 10Irvine Invitational
8.11Evan Natland52.79CALos AlamitosApr 21Orange County Championships
9.11Wyatt Marlow52.91CAHuntington BeachApr 27Sunset League Prelims
10.10Cooper Davies53.05CAMarinaMar 10Irvine Invitational
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800 Meters
1.12Jay Bonthius1:58.47CAFountain ValleyMay 03Sunset League Finals
2.11Abhinav Nagpal1:58.76CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
3.9Cooper Kossick1:59.73CAEdison (HB)May 12CIF-SS - Division I Prelims
4.12Daniel Litty1:59.81CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
5.11Jeff Thies2:00.01CAEdison (HB)Apr 27Sunset League Prelims
6.12Julian Chew2:00.90CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
7.10Eamon Smythe2:01.38CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
8.12Jesse Saldana2:01.40CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
9.12Krystian Lahage2:02.41CAHuntington BeachMar 24Beach Cities Invitational
10.11William Kokal2:03.29CAFountain ValleyMar 24California Relays
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1600 Meters
1.12Jay Bonthius4:16.63CAFountain ValleyApr 21Orange County Championships
2.11Jeff Thies4:21.17CAEdison (HB)Apr 21Orange County Championships
3.9Cooper Kossick4:26.86CAEdison (HB)Mar 24Distance Meet of Champions
4.12Jake Barber4:27.01CANewport HarborMar 10Irvine Invitational
5.11Max Chern4:29.96CAFountain ValleyMar 10Irvine Invitational
6.10Kyle Aube4:30.21CAMarinaMar 24Beach Cities Invitational
7.10Hunter Gulino4:30.70CAFountain ValleyMar 24Distance Meet of Champions
8.12Daniel Litty4:32.18CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
9.11Nathan Ritter4:32.78CAEdison (HB)Apr 27Sunset League Prelims
10.10Danny Vargas4:33.66CAHuntington BeachMar 31Trabuco Hills Invitatonal
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3200 Meters
1.12Jay Bonthius9:17.04CAFountain ValleyMar 24Distance Meet of Champions
2.11Jeff Thies9:17.39CAEdison (HB)May 19CIF-SS Division I Finals
3.12Jake Barber9:25.21CANewport HarborApr 06Arcadia Invitational - Day One
4.10Kyle Aube9:41.98CAMarinaApr 06Arcadia Invitational - Day One
5.9George Gleason9:57.63CAHuntington BeachApr 27Sunset League Prelims
6.10Danny Vargas9:57.78CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
7.11Nathan Ritter9:58.44CAEdison (HB)Mar 24Distance Meet of Champions
8.10Jack Seward9:59.79CAEdison (HB)Mar 24Distance Meet of Champions
9.10Efrain Vargas10:00.43CAHuntington BeachMar 31Trabuco Hills Invitatonal
10.11Max Chern10:01.60CAFountain ValleyMay 03Sunset League Finals
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110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Ramon Vargas14.45 (2.8)CAHuntington BeachApr 07Arcadia Invitational - Day Two
2.12Cameron Baldwin14.93 (3.4)CALos AlamitosMay 12CIF-SS - Division I Prelims
3.10Dustin Huynh15.50 (2.2)CAFountain ValleyMay 12CIF-SS - Division I Prelims
4.11Muaz Ilyas15.82 (3.5)CAFountain ValleyApr 27Sunset League Prelims
5.11Paul Thenard15.95 (1.0)CAMarinaMar 24Beach Cities Invitational
6.12Tom Graham16.14 (2.6)CAMarinaMay 03Sunset League Finals
7.12Mark Christian16.47 (2.6)CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
8.11Justice Caleb16.51 (2.6)CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
9.11Tristan Kleinberger16.66 (2.4)CALos AlamitosApr 27Sunset League Prelims
10.10Rory Fleming16.76 (4.8)CANewport HarborApr 27Sunset League Prelims
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300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Cameron Baldwin39.23CALos AlamitosMay 12CIF-SS - Division I Prelims
2.12Ramon Vargas39.35CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
3.12Anderson Hua40.23CAFountain ValleyApr 21Orange County Championships
4.11Muaz Ilyas41.02CAFountain ValleyMay 03Sunset League Finals
5.11Tristan Kleinberger41.41CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
6.10Dustin Huynh41.96CAFountain ValleyApr 21Orange County Championships
7.11Devon Brady42.79CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
8.11Justice Caleb43.30CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
9.10Marcell DeBarros43.55CANewport HarborMay 03Sunset League Finals
10.9Manuel Gomez43.70CALos AlamitosApr 21Orange County Championships
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4x100 Relay
1.-Cody Paul
Dominique Parham
Kendall Holmes
Kyle Roberts
41.90CALos AlamitosMay 12CIF-SS - Division I Prelims
2.-Troy Baljeu
Jeremy Maxwell
Elijah Herrera
Drake Alvarez-Cates
42.76CAEdison (HB)May 12CIF-SS - Division I Prelims
3.-Relay Team42.86CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
4.-Relay Team44.30CANewport HarborMar 22Newport Harbor vs. Edison
5.-Relay Team44.33CAFountain ValleyMar 28Fountain Valley/Edison/Huntington Beach
6.-Relay Team45.89CAMarinaMar 31Trabuco Hills Invitatonal
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4x400 Relay
1.-Jeremy Maxwell
Drake Alvarez-Cates
Eamon Smythe
Kyle Vanleer
3:25.48CAEdison (HB)May 12CIF-SS - Division I Prelims
2.-Relay Team3:25.88CAFountain ValleyMar 03Saddle Up Invitational
3.-Relay Team3:28.57CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
4.-Relay Team3:33.46CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
5.-Relay Team3:36.06CANewport HarborMay 03Sunset League Finals
6.-Relay Team3:53.76CAMarinaMay 03Sunset League Finals
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Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Ethan Cochran64' 6.5CANewport HarborJun 01CIF State Meet Prelims
2.12Steve Michaelson58' 3CANewport HarborMar 31Triton Invitational
3.11Marty Taylor58' 2CANewport HarborJun 01CIF State Meet Prelims
4.12Javier Venegas55' 7CANewport HarborMar 03Eagle Invitational
5.10Ramsey Hufford51' 9CANewport HarborMar 31Triton Invitational
6.12Matthew Chiou48' 5CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
7.10Sam Bush48' 1.5CANewport HarborMar 31Triton Invitational
8.12Jack Rulon46' 7.5CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
9.12Grant Potter46' 4CAHuntington BeachMar 28Fountain Valley/Edison/Huntington Beach
10.10Will Fortier46' 3CANewport HarborMar 31Triton Invitational
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Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Ethan Cochran209' 8CANewport HarborApr 07Arcadia Invitational - Day Two
2.12Steve Michaelson185' 1CANewport HarborMar 31Triton Invitational
3.12Javier Venegas172' 4.9CANewport HarborApr 21Mt. Sac Relays
4.11Marty Taylor167' 9CANewport HarborMay 25CIF-SS Masters Meet
5.10Ramsey Hufford149' 10CANewport HarborApr 21Orange County Championships
6.11Izak Faoa138' 1CAMarinaMay 03Sunset League Finals
7.10Will Fortier136' 10CANewport HarborApr 27Sunset League Prelims
8.12Alex Alagata136' 6CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
9.12Cole Thompson131' 11CAMarinaMay 03Sunset League Finals
10.10Calvin Wann131' 1CAFountain ValleyApr 27Sunset League Prelims
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High Jump
1.9AJ Beynon6' 2CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
2.11Paul Thenard6' 0CAMarinaMar 10Irvine Invitational
3.11Cody Stewart5' 10CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
10Hunter Kist5' 10CAEdison (HB)Apr 21Orange County Championships
11Steele Mason5' 10CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
11Nathaniel Esquivel5' 10CAFountain ValleyMay 03Sunset League Finals
7.12Jason Pham5' 8CAHuntington BeachMar 28Fountain Valley/Edison/Huntington Beach
12Cameron Collins5' 8CAHuntington BeachMar 28Fountain Valley/Edison/Huntington Beach
11Muaz Ilyas5' 8CAFountain ValleyMar 03Saddle Up Invitational
12Tom Graham5' 8CAMarinaMay 03Sunset League Finals
12Cameron Cuevas5' 8CANewport HarborMar 22Newport Harbor vs. Edison
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Pole Vault
1.12Fritz Howser15' 1CANewport HarborMay 03Sunset League Finals
2.11Chandler Thorpe14' 6CAEdison (HB)Mar 03Monrovia/Wildcat Relays
3.11Ty Mason14' 3.25CAFountain ValleyApr 06Arcadia Invitational - Day One
4.12John Macwillie14' 3CAFountain ValleyMay 19CIF-SS Division I Finals
5.11Paul Thenard13' 11CAMarinaMay 03Sunset League Finals
6.11Christian Abbey13' 0CANewport HarborMar 03Eagle Invitational
7.11David Munoz12' 11.91CANewport HarborApr 20Mt. Sac Relays
8.11Jason Mkinnen12' 10CAFountain ValleyMay 03Sunset League Finals
9.12Peter Forest12' 0CALos AlamitosApr 27Sunset League Prelims
10.10Nick Man11' 9CAFountain ValleyApr 21Orange County Championships
10Alex Buyan11' 9CAEdison (HB)Apr 21Orange County Championships
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Long Jump
1.12Gage Mejia21' 1.25CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
2.11Steele Mason21' 0CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
12Jordan Pizzica21' 0CAEdison (HB)May 03Sunset League Finals
4.12Cameron Cuevas20' 5.5CANewport HarborMar 31Triton Invitational
5.10Dustin Huynh20' 2CAFountain ValleyMar 06Wilson (LB) v. Fountain Valley
6.12Joshua Caiquo20' 1.25CALos AlamitosApr 21Orange County Championships
7.11Muaz Ilyas20' 0.25CAFountain ValleyMay 03Sunset League Finals
8.12Anderson Hua19' 10.5CAFountain ValleyMar 28Fountain Valley/Edison/Huntington Beach
9.12Jacob Lainson19' 8CAHuntington BeachMay 03Sunset League Finals
10.12Adam Yeomans19' 7.75CANewport HarborMar 24Beach Cities Invitational
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Triple Jump
1.12Joshua Caiquo45' 5.5CALos AlamitosMar 31Trabuco Hills Invitatonal
2.11Muaz Ilyas44' 0 (2.2)CAFountain ValleyMar 31Oakland Invitational Relays
3.12Dominique Parham43' 2.75 (1.2)CALos AlamitosMay 12CIF-SS - Division I Prelims
4.11Christian Tejada42' 3CAFountain ValleyMar 10Irvine Invitational
5.12Gage Mejia41' 3CALos AlamitosMay 03Sunset League Finals
6.12Jacob Lainson41' 0.25CAHuntington BeachMar 24Beach Cities Invitational
7.10Lee Durant40' 10CAHuntington BeachApr 21Orange County Championships
8.10Dustin Huynh40' 7CAFountain ValleyMar 28Fountain Valley/Edison/Huntington Beach
9.11SIMON YOO40' 6CALos AlamitosApr 27Sunset League Prelims
10.12Adam Yeomans40' 1.5CANewport HarborMay 03Sunset League Finals
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