District 14 Track & Field Top 10

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100 Meters
1.12William Parker11.57aFLChristopher Columbus
12Kendrick Jones11.57aFLMiami Senior
3.10Alexander Kelsey11.73awFLChristopher Columbus
4.11Jesus Wilson11.75aFLChristopher Columbus
5.10Nayran Fernandez11.76aFLMiami Coral Park
10Joe Rodriguez11.76aFLChristopher Columbus
7.11Keaon Roberts11.96aFLChristopher Columbus
8.10Terron Hopkins12.33aFLMiami Senior
9.12Christian DeQuesada12.66aFLChristopher Columbus
10.12Terrel Summeral12.67aFLG Holmes Braddock
200 Meters
1.10Joe Rodriguez23.45aFLChristopher Columbus
2.12William Parker23.46awFLChristopher Columbus
3.12Kristopher Fuller23.56aFLCoral Gables
4.11Anthony Washington23.68aFLMiami Senior
5.8Christian Linares23.72aFLG Holmes Braddock
6.11Keaon Roberts23.80aFLChristopher Columbus
7.12Kendrick Jones23.98aFLMiami Senior
8.12Javier Galan24.18aFLMiami Coral Park
9.12Algenis Garcia24.52aFLMiami Coral Park
10.11Fabian Guerra24.78aFLChristopher Columbus
400 Meters
1.12Kristopher Fuller50.44aFLCoral Gables
2.12Christian DeQuesada52.45aFLChristopher Columbus
3.9Eric Guzman54.11aFLChristopher Columbus
4.10Daniel Halfaker54.34aFLChristopher Columbus
5.12Gervin Zuniga-Martine54.70aFLMiami Coral Park
6.12Augustin Zavalia54.74aFLChristopher Columbus
7.11Fabian Guerra54.90aFLChristopher Columbus
8.11Eduardo Leon54.93aFLMiami Coral Park
9.11Brian Palmer55.38aFLChristopher Columbus
10.12Gervin Zuniga-Mart56.02aFLMiami Coral Park
800 Meters
1.12Bryan Martinez2:03.01aFLMiami Coral Park
2.11Ricardo Blanco2:03.21aFLChristopher Columbus
3.12Kristopher Fuller2:03.33aFLCoral Gables
4.12Augustin Zavalia2:08.05aFLChristopher Columbus
5.11Pedro Ortega2:09.57aFLChristopher Columbus
6.11Fabian Guerra2:11.46aFLChristopher Columbus
7.12Manny Garcia2:11.98aFLChristopher Columbus
8.10Kenneth Castro2:12.07aFLChristopher Columbus
9.11Zachary Lyn2:13.30aFLChristopher Columbus
10.10Christian Marenco2:13.54aFLMiami Coral Park
1600 Meters
1.12Bryan Martinez4:32.36aFLMiami Coral Park
2.12Manny Garcia4:35.65aFLChristopher Columbus
3.11Danny Fernandez4:38.63aFLChristopher Columbus
4.10Kenneth Castro4:44.14aFLChristopher Columbus
5.11Danny Linares4:47.63aFLChristopher Columbus
6.10Leonel Pozo4:49.84aFLMiami Coral Park
7.11Brian Palmer4:51.91aFLChristopher Columbus
8.11Patrick Cabrera4:55.38aFLChristopher Columbus
9.9Petey Hernandez4:55.71aFLChristopher Columbus
10.10Christian Marenco4:57.09aFLMiami Coral Park
3200 Meters
1.12Manny Garcia9:35.19aFLChristopher Columbus
2.11Danny Fernandez9:40.91aFLChristopher Columbus
3.11Daniel Linares10:12.08aFLChristopher Columbus
4.11Danny Linares10:14.78aFLChristopher Columbus
5.10Marcos Garcia10:24.68aFLChristopher Columbus
6.9Petey Hernandez10:31.46aFLChristopher Columbus
7.10Leonel Pozo10:37.98aFLMiami Coral Park
8.10Kenneth Castro10:40.92aFLChristopher Columbus
9.12Bryan Martinez10:41.53aFLMiami Coral Park
10.9Pedro Hernandez10:44.28aFLChristopher Columbus
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Kristopher Fuller15.28aFLCoral Gables
2.8Christian Linares16.54aFLG Holmes Braddock
3.11Jordan Guest16.99aFLChristopher Columbus
4.12Deontay Parker17.68aFLMiami Coral Park
5.11David Vazquez18.18aFLChristopher Columbus
6.10Alexander Kelsey18.22aFLChristopher Columbus
7.10Luis Henriguez18.58aFLMiami Coral Park
8.11Robert Bello20.18aFLMiami Coral Park
9.10Ki-Jana King20.38aFLCoral Gables
10.9Eric Guzman20.63aFLChristopher Columbus
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Kristopher Fuller38.65aFLCoral Gables
2.11Jordan Guest43.90aFLChristopher Columbus
3.9Eric Guzman44.25aFLChristopher Columbus
4.10Luis Henriguez44.57aFLMiami Coral Park
5.11David Vazquez44.61aFLChristopher Columbus
6.11Keaon Roberts45.01aFLChristopher Columbus
7.12Deontay Parker46.64aFLMiami Coral Park
8.10Ki-Jana King48.20aFLCoral Gables
9.11Robert Bello48.79aFLMiami Coral Park
10.11Nichola Hernandez51.13aFLChristopher Columbus
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team43.93aFLMiami Senior
2.-Keaon Roberts
Joe Rodriguez
William Parker
Alexander Kelsey
44.53aFLChristopher Columbus
3.-Relay Team46.46aFLCoral Gables
4.-Relay Team47.49aFLMiami Coral Park
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team3:35.31aFLChristopher Columbus
2.-Relay Team3:48.10aFLMiami Coral Park
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team8:31.19aFLChristopher Columbus
2.-Relay Team9:07.35aFLMiami Coral Park
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Kevin Delgado56' 5.50FLMiami Coral Park
2.11Steven Delgado51' 9.50FLMiami Coral Park
3.11Erik Gonzalez49' 2.50FLChristopher Columbus
4.11Steven Catanach44' 8.61FLChristopher Columbus
5.11Juan Jimeno41' 8.00FLMiami Coral Park
6.11Ulises Marquez41' 6.43FLChristopher Columbus
7.10Eleazar Garcia37' 7.97FLMiami Coral Park
8.10John Wesley33' 5.97FLG Holmes Braddock
9.12Jordi Manyoma33' 5.50FLG Holmes Braddock
10.12Robert Zaila32' 5.76FLMiami Coral Park
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Steven Delgado153' 4.94FLMiami Coral Park
2.11Kevin Delgado145' 5.00FLMiami Coral Park
3.11Erik Gonzalez125' 8.00FLChristopher Columbus
4.11Steven Catanach124' 7.67FLChristopher Columbus
5.11Ulises Marquez112' 1.67FLChristopher Columbus
6.11Ivan Duran104' 3.97FLMiami Coral Park
7.12Robert Zaila95' 8.82FLMiami Coral Park
8.10John Wesley84' 10.90FLG Holmes Braddock
9.10Eleazar Garcia81' 8.00FLMiami Coral Park
10.12Jordi Manyoma71' 4.50FLG Holmes Braddock
High Jump
1.10Nayran Fernandez5' 10.00FLMiami Coral Park
2.11Jordan Guest5' 8.00FLChristopher Columbus
11Carlos Budyszewick5' 8.00FLMiami Coral Park
Pole Vault
1.10Michael Amat9' 5.78FLChristopher Columbus
2.10Sean Bonilla8' 11.87FLChristopher Columbus
3.11Charles Knight7' 11.67FLChristopher Columbus
Long Jump
1.12William Parker20' 1.00FLChristopher Columbus
2.12Javier Galan19' 7.83FLMiami Coral Park
3.8Christian Linares19' 6.65FLG Holmes Braddock
4.10Jami Lee19' 6.25FLMiami Coral Park
5.10Nayran Fernandez18' 11.75FLMiami Coral Park
6.11Kevin Prado18' 4.87FLCoral Gables
7.11Daniel Ramis17' 11.00FLChristopher Columbus
10Joshua Rodriguez17' 11.00FLMiami Senior
9.11Keaon Roberts17' 10.50FLChristopher Columbus
10.12Kristopher Fuller17' 8.00FLCoral Gables
Triple Jump
1.11Jordan Guest45' 1.73FLChristopher Columbus
2.10Jami Lee38' 7.78FLMiami Coral Park
3.10Ki-Jana King38' 1.87FLCoral Gables
4.11Kevin Prado37' 8.36FLCoral Gables
5.12Algenis Garcia36' 1.00FLMiami Coral Park
6.12Fabian Perez35' 9.00FLMiami Coral Park
7.12David Ramis35' 6.77FLChristopher Columbus

Womens xshow...

100 Meters
1.11Jessie Williams14.50aFLG Holmes Braddock
2.10Tatiana Odishoo14.91aFLCoral Gables
3.11Anusha Rmahattan15.00aFLG Holmes Braddock
4.10Jedidah Murray15.25aFLMiami Coral Park
5.11Melisa Fermin15.62aFLMiami Coral Park
6.9Maria D'Ocon15.90aFLCoral Gables
7.12Lauren Cote16.09aFLMiami Coral Park
8.10Diana Galiano17.76aFLCoral Gables
200 Meters
1.11Jessie Williams29.85aFLG Holmes Braddock
2.10Tatiana Odishoo30.11aFLCoral Gables
3.11Anusha Rmahattan30.61aFLG Holmes Braddock
4.11Melisa Fermin32.10aFLMiami Coral Park
5.10Jedidah Murray32.25aFLMiami Coral Park
6.12Lauren Cote33.07aFLMiami Coral Park
7.10Megan Quijada34.44aFLMiami Coral Park
8.9Maria D'Ocon34.69aFLCoral Gables
400 Meters
1.11Maria Ruiz66.20aFLMiami Coral Park
2.9Selena Serrano74.67aFLMiami Coral Park
3.11Jessie Williams77.84cFLG Holmes Braddock
4.12Gloria Laguna78.57aFLMiami Coral Park
5.9Maria D'Ocon81.16aFLCoral Gables
6.9Gladis Mejia88.04aFLCoral Gables
800 Meters
1.12Rosa Rivera2:49.24aFLMiami Coral Park
2.10Megan Quijada3:13.85aFLMiami Coral Park
3.11Noelcy Amador3:15.90aFLCoral Gables
4.12Megan Patterson3:22.16aFLG Holmes Braddock
5.10Annie Mena3:22.50aFLMiami Coral Park
6.9Gladis Mejia3:31.60aFLCoral Gables
1600 Meters
1.11Veerley Mejia6:05.41aFLMiami Coral Park
2.12Megan Patterson6:29.40FLG Holmes Braddock
3.10Yessica Maltes6:37.16aFLMiami Coral Park
4.9Joyce Caba7:03.40FLG Holmes Braddock
5.8Sonia Caballero7:05.67aFLG Holmes Braddock
6.9Gladis Mejia7:31.32aFLCoral Gables
7.9Thayla Buergo7:39.50aFLMiami Coral Park
8.11Noelcy Amador7:41.51aFLCoral Gables
3200 Meters
1.11Veerley Mejia14:03.06aFLMiami Coral Park
2.10Yessica Maltes15:36.33aFLMiami Coral Park
3.9Joyce Caba15:57.11aFLG Holmes Braddock
4.8Sonia Caballero16:02.40aFLG Holmes Braddock
5.9Thayla Buergo18:38.38aFLMiami Coral Park
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Kristine Gandia19.25aFLMiami Coral Park
2.11Jessica Medina20.49aFLMiami Coral Park
3.11Noelcy Amador27.79aFLCoral Gables
4.10Diana Galiano31.85aFLCoral Gables
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Jessica Medina57.45aFLMiami Coral Park
2.10Katherine Mena63.56aFLMiami Coral Park
3.11Noelcy Amador69.17aFLCoral Gables
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team58.63aFLMiami Coral Park
4x400 Relay
1.-Maria Ruiz
Gloria Laguna
Selena Serrano
Rosa Rivera
4:55.88aFLMiami Coral Park
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team11:28.91aFLMiami Coral Park
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Lucyhelena Somarriba29' 3.97FLMiami Coral Park
2.11Lucyhelena Somarri28' 3.00FLMiami Coral Park
3.11Natalie Dakka27' 11.83FLMiami Coral Park
4.11Arlene Concepcion27' 10.00FLMiami Coral Park
5.11Emeral Wright22' 9.00FLCoral Gables
6.9Presilla Fernandez22' 3.00FLMiami Coral Park
7.10Diana Galiano21' 3.91FLCoral Gables
8.10Stephan Hernandez17' 8.25FLCoral Gables
Discus - 1kg
1.11Arlene Concepcion94' 7.00FLMiami Coral Park
2.11Lucyhelena Somarriba89' 4.83FLMiami Coral Park
3.11Lucyhelena Somarri87' 6.00FLMiami Coral Park
4.11Natalie Dakka81' 10.68FLMiami Coral Park
5.9Presilla Fernandez62' 7.00FLMiami Coral Park
6.11Emeral Wright61' 0.00FLCoral Gables
7.10Stephan Hernandez43' 9.00FLCoral Gables
High Jump
1.10Katherine Mena4' 8.00FLMiami Coral Park
12Kristine Gandia4' 8.00FLMiami Coral Park
Long Jump
1.12Kristine Gandia15' 10.16FLMiami Coral Park
2.11Tacoria Smith14' 4.44FLMiami Senior
3.11Maria Ruiz13' 10.50FLMiami Coral Park
4.11Jessica Medina13' 0.30FLMiami Coral Park
5.11Tynesha Johnson11' 11.70FLMiami Senior
6.10Tatiana Odishoo11' 7.76FLCoral Gables
7.11Noelcy Amador9' 10.11FLCoral Gables
8.9Maria D'Ocon9' 7.75FLCoral Gables
Triple Jump
1.12Kristine Gandia33' 0.85FLMiami Coral Park
2.11Maria Ruiz32' 5.76FLMiami Coral Park
3.10Katherine Mena27' 1.98FLMiami Coral Park
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