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100 Meters
1.11Jermaine Parrish10.67aINNew Albany
2.12Kyle Bramble11.41aINFloyd Central
3.12Scootie Middleton11.46aINNew Albany
4.12Matt Rue11.48aINFloyd Central
5.12Quentin Hublar11.49aINProvidence
12Francis Middleton11.49aINNew Albany
7.10Seth Jenkins11.69aINFloyd Central
8.10Gabriel Kennedy11.73aINFloyd Central
9.12Austin Bray11.90aINCorydon Central
10.10Garrett Braun11.99aINProvidence
200 Meters
1.11Jermaine Parrish21.82aINNew Albany
2.12Matt Rue23.34aINFloyd Central
3.10Tuwan Payton23.55aINNew Albany
4.10Seth Jenkins23.70aINFloyd Central
5.11Ryan Bradley23.93aINNew Albany
6.12Alex Boling24.18aINFloyd Central
7.12Austin Bray24.19aINCorydon Central
8.10Justin Majors24.22aINCrawford County
9.11Marcus Jones24.23aINCorydon Central
10.11Jacob Cundiff24.25aINNorth Harrison
400 Meters
1.12Austin Wirth51.40aINFloyd Central
2.12Matt Rue53.15aINFloyd Central
3.12Max Murray53.51aINCorydon Central
4.10Micah Lane53.92aINLanesville
5.11Josh Grady54.24aINClarksville
6.12Kyle Hoon54.88aINNew Albany
7.11Josh Moore55.33aINChristian Acad Of IN
8.9Adam Wallace55.43aINFloyd Central
9.11Michael Diehl55.68aINNew Albany
10.11Ricky Logsdon55.79aINCorydon Central
800 Meters
1.11Jonathan Reynolds1:58.25aINNorth Harrison
2.10Corey Grangier1:58.69aINNew Albany
3.12Chase Broughton2:01.59aINCrawford County
4.10Lincoln Ottersbach2:02.75aINProvidence
5.10Grant Reynolds2:06.40aINFloyd Central
6.12Anthony LaPorte2:08.01aINNew Albany
7.10Dylan Knopp2:08.95aINFloyd Central
8.12Kyle Chesser2:11.48aINNorth Harrison
9.12Taylor Stepro2:12.35aINCorydon Central
10.11Travis Kaake2:12.40aINLanesville
1600 Meters
1.11Jonathan Reynolds4:24.59aINNorth Harrison
2.12Anthony LaPorte4:32.90aINNew Albany
3.10Grant Reynolds4:33.89aINFloyd Central
4.11Brian Eurton4:35.02aINBorden
5.11Murphy Sheets4:36.36aINProvidence
6.10Zack Doebbler4:42.49aINFloyd Central
7.9LUKE UHL4:43.48aINFloyd Central
8.12Adam Togami4:44.27aINNew Albany
9.9Curtis Wetzel4:49.16aINNorth Harrison
10.10Dylan Knopp4:54.00aINFloyd Central
3200 Meters
1.12Johnnie Guy9:03.85aINNorth Harrison
2.11Levi Taylor9:34.19aINCorydon Central
3.12Josh Guy9:41.83aINNorth Harrison
4.11Drew Hirsch9:43.01aINNew Albany
5.12Anthony LaPorte9:46.42aINNew Albany
6.12Adam Togami9:55.93aINNew Albany
7.10Zack Doebbler9:59.92aINFloyd Central
8.9LUKE UHL10:21.34aINFloyd Central
9.11Andrew Hirsch10:23.18aINNew Albany
10.12Jesse Hamilton10:25.00aINFloyd Central
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Owen Mattingly15.62aINProvidence
2.12Quinton Miller15.87aINFloyd Central
3.10Grant Foster16.75aINFloyd Central
4.11Travis Banet16.92aINCrawford County
5.9Chandler Berry17.81aINNew Albany
6.10Micah Lane18.14aINLanesville
7.9Zach Jones19.69aINLanesville
8.10Evan Rue19.90aINFloyd Central
9.11Zack Thomas19.91aINCorydon Central
10.10Brenton Mott20.60aINCorydon Central
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Quinton Miller40.49aINFloyd Central
2.12CJ Reynolds42.38aINNew Albany
3.10Owen Mattingly42.66aINProvidence
4.11Travis Banet42.67aINCrawford County
5.10Grant Foster43.31aINFloyd Central
6.11Zack Thomas43.66aINCorydon Central
7.9Chandler Berry45.49aINNew Albany
8.9Chase Blakeman45.89aINFloyd Central
9.10Trey Sturdy46.15aINChristian Acad Of IN
10.12Tyler Hutchison48.61aINSouth Central
4x100 Relay
1.-Francis Middleton
Tuwan Payton
Ryan Bradley
Jermaine Parrish
43.53aINNew Albany
2.-Terrence Kennedy
Matt Rue
Alex Boling
Garbiel Kennedy
44.02aINFloyd Central
3.-Austin Bray
Marcus Jones
Clayton Miller
Taylor Stepro
44.98aINCorydon Central
4.-Jacob Cundiff
Kevin Eldridge
John Fessel
William George
48.09aINNorth Harrison
5.-Hayden Casey
Roerk Green
Brady Knight
Michael Wright
4x400 Relay
1.-Alex Boling
Kyle Bramble
Codie Hamsley
Seth Jenkins
3:27.57aINFloyd Central
2.-Austin Bray
Marcus Jones
Ricky Logsdon
Max Murray
3:32.37aINCorydon Central
3.-Ryan Bradley
Michael Diehl
Corey Grangier
Tanis Heath
3:36.36aINNew Albany
4.-Hayden Casey
Brian Eurton
Nathen Magallanes
Gavin Tipker
5.-Kyle Chesser
Jacob Cundiff
Johnnie Guy
Jonathan Reynolds
3:38.45aINNorth Harrison
6.-Nathaniel Banet
Matthew Bell
Jacob Braden
Daniel Fernandez
7.-Will Connelly
Daniel Doty
Cody Fryrear
Josh Moore
3:54.60aINChristian Acad Of IN
8.-Brayden Barron
Chase Broughton
William MaHoney
Seth Morganstern
4:18.22aINCrawford County
9.-Logan Carter
Zak Goodwin
Collin Kendall
Aiden Romero
4:25.06aINSouth Central
10.-Travis Kaake
Micah Lane
Brandon Price
Joseph Tyree
4x800 Relay
1.-Josh Guy
Kyle Chesser
Johnnie Guy
Jonathan Reynolds
7:57.90aINNorth Harrison
2.-Relay Team8:17.00aINNew Albany
3.-Kahler Davis
Zack Doebbler
Jesse Hamilton
Dylan Knopp
8:35.62aINFloyd Central
4.-Jeremy Buess
Ricky Logsdon
Max Murray
Jake Pitts
8:36.63aINCorydon Central
5.-Brian Eurton
Shane Little
Nathen Magallanes
Gavin Tipker
6.-Isaac Blackman
Travis Kaake
Brandon Price
Gabe Sronce
7.-Will Connelly
Daniel Doty
Cody Fryrear
Josh Moore
9:27.65aINChristian Acad Of IN
8.-Chase Broughton
Cody Carlton
Kirklan France
William MaHoney
9:54.36aINCrawford County
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Andrew Archer52' 1.00INFloyd Central
2.12Justin Dalhoff47' 6.25INLanesville
3.11Codie Hamsley46' 7.75INFloyd Central
4.12Cody Leasor44' 0.50INNew Albany
5.12Patrick Fonda43' 11.50INNorth Harrison
6.12Austin Richards43' 4.75INProvidence
7.10Dakota Curl41' 11.25INCrawford County
8.10Nate Baker40' 2.50INCrawford County
9.11Jake Matthews39' 4.75INClarksville
10.12Cairo Mitchell36' 2.00INProvidence
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Codie Hamsley184' 3.00INFloyd Central
2.12Andrew Archer151' 0.00INFloyd Central
3.11Johnny Schwartz146' 0.00INCrawford County
4.11Logan Carter132' 0.25INSouth Central
5.11Cody Benham129' 3.00INCrawford County
6.12Patrick Fonda127' 5.00INNorth Harrison
7.11Jake Matthews126' 8.00INClarksville
8.12Austin Richards125' 8.00INProvidence
9.12Ryan Smith122' 0.00INNorth Harrison
10.10Kevin Schulze117' 3.25INLanesville
High Jump
1.11Kyle Pease6' 2.00INSouth Central
10Javen Reeves6' 2.00INNew Albany
3.11Brayden Barron6' 1.00INCrawford County
4.11DeAndra Thomas5' 10.00INNew Albany
5.12Cody Morgan5' 8.00INNorth Harrison
10Grant Foster5' 8.00INFloyd Central
12Taylor Stepro5' 8.00INCorydon Central
8.10Dylan Knopp5' 6.00INFloyd Central
9.10Kevin Eldridge5' 4.00INNorth Harrison
10.10Lucas Young5' 2.00INChristian Acad Of IN
Pole Vault
1.10Jacob Marguet12' 0.00INFloyd Central
2.11Taylor Dutton11' 0.00INFloyd Central
11Michael Lynch11' 0.00INBorden
4.12Zane Rathgaber10' 6.00INNorth Harrison
12Christian Moore10' 6.00INNew Albany
6.11Jonathan Sieg10' 0.00INFloyd Central
9Logan Dunaway10' 0.00INCorydon Central
8.9Tanis Heath9' 6.00INNew Albany
9.12Jason Head9' 0.00INNorth Harrison
11Chris Tucker9' 0.00INCorydon Central
10Jared Rafferty9' 0.00INBorden
Long Jump
1.12Francis Middleton20' 3.25INNew Albany
2.11Erron Hickerson19' 10.50INProvidence
3.12Quinton Miller19' 9.75INFloyd Central
4.12Scootie Middleton19' 5.00INNew Albany
5.11Christian Brown19' 1.00INClarksville
6.10Yennes Yennes18' 11.00INCrawford County
7.11Terrence Kennedy18' 9.00INFloyd Central
8.10Trey Sturdy18' 7.75INChristian Acad Of IN
9.12Lucas Windell18' 6.50INCorydon Central
10.11Collin Kendall18' 3.75INSouth Central

Womens xshow...

100 Meters
1.10Jayla Bethel13.05aINNew Albany
2.12Erin McLeland14.34cINProvidence
3.11Kacie Pace15.64cINProvidence
200 Meters
1.10Charmaine Solis26.49aINProvidence
2.10Jayla Bethel26.81aINNew Albany
400 Meters
1.10Temple Ricke65.56aINNew Albany
2.9Brianne Nixon67.01aINNew Albany
3.12Mackenzie Wilson67.94cINProvidence
4.9Courtney Palmer70.69aINNew Albany
800 Meters
1.11Alyssa Moore2:28.78aINFloyd Central
2.12Jamie Wallace2:28.84aINFloyd Central
3.10Rachel Bowden2:43.49aINNew Albany
4.12Mary Graf2:50.80INProvidence
5.11Erin Denis2:51.20INProvidence
1600 Meters
1.9Ashton Bosler5:24.25aINNorth Harrison
2.11Phoebe Bauer5:29.06aINNew Albany
3.10Jamie Bierman5:30.49aINFloyd Central
4.10Baylee Balgemann5:43.53aINFloyd Central
5.12Katie Perkins5:53.42aINFloyd Central
6.10Rachel Bowden5:53.71aINNew Albany
7.11Bailey Knable5:54.03aINNew Albany
8.11Lacy Emerson5:54.40aINFloyd Central
9.11Jenni Fifer5:56.15aINFloyd Central
10.9Cassie Nale5:57.27aINFloyd Central
3200 Meters
1.9Ashton Bosler11:27.64aINNorth Harrison
2.11Phoebe Bauer11:59.31aINNew Albany
3.11Alyssa Moore12:20.56aINFloyd Central
4.10Zoe Doebbler12:44.81aINFloyd Central
5.11Bailey Knable13:07.26aINNew Albany
6.12Casey McCauley13:23.50INProvidence
7.-S. Stiner14:18.40INProvidence
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Roshawnda McDowell17.70aINNew Albany
2.9Madison Kaiser17.71aINFloyd Central
3.11Roshanda McDowell17.91aINNew Albany
4.11Kim Foster18.70aINFloyd Central
5.11Maryashley Betz19.44cINProvidence
6.-T. Pace20.64cINProvidence
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Maryashley Betz48.10aINProvidence
2.11Tori Kingsly50.18aINFloyd Central
3.9Leah Ellis51.60aINFloyd Central
11Roshanda McDowell51.60aINNew Albany
5.11Roshawnda McDowell51.77aINNew Albany
6.-T. Pace57.94cINProvidence
4x100 Relay
1.-Markayla Stubbins
Courtney Palmer
Lauren Palmer
Jayla Bethel
50.63aINNew Albany
2.-Kelsey Mayfield
Carmen Keehn
Leah Ellis
Rachael Kavgazoff
52.32aINFloyd Central
3.-Relay Team53.65aINNorth Harrison
4.-Relay Team54.94cINProvidence
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team4:23.99aINFloyd Central
2.-Relay Team4:30.58aINNew Albany
3.-Relay Team4:31.80INProvidence
4.-Relay Team4:43.35aINNorth Harrison
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team10:34.45aINFloyd Central
2.-Relay Team10:47.93aINNew Albany
3.-Relay Team11:14.90INProvidence
4.-Relay Team11:44.93aINNorth Harrison
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Essence Simmons32' 1.00INNew Albany
2.11Cailee DuVall30' 7.50INNew Albany
9Madison Kaiser30' 7.50INFloyd Central
4.11Makenzie Ackermann28' 9.50INProvidence
5.12Kayla Meisner28' 8.00INProvidence
6.11Leah Wolf26' 7.25INFloyd Central
Discus - 1kg
1.11Leah Wolf126' 2.96INFloyd Central
2.10Essence Simmons82' 8.00INNew Albany
3.12Kayla Meisner78' 3.00INProvidence
4.11Makenzie Ackermann68' 1.00INProvidence
High Jump
1.10Schyler Cerqueira4' 10.00INFloyd Central
2.9Claire Hirsch4' 9.87INNew Albany
3.-M. Daniel4' 6.00INProvidence
9Alexis Lete4' 6.00INNew Albany
5.12Mackenzie Wilson4' 4.00INProvidence
Pole Vault
1.10Rachael Kavgacoff10' 6.00INFloyd Central
2.10Rachael Kavgazoff9' 11.69INFloyd Central
3.11Abby Marguet7' 6.00INFloyd Central
4.11Abby Stone7' 0.00INNorth Harrison
Long Jump
1.12Emily Giles16' 4.50INNorth Harrison
2.9Courtney Palmer15' 11.00INNew Albany
3.10Schyler Cerqueira15' 2.25INFloyd Central
4.10Emma Poff14' 0.50INFloyd Central
5.10Katelyn Koopman12' 8.00INProvidence
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