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District 10 Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.12Cyril Grayson10.97aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
2.12Lorenzo Doss11.36aLASt Augustine
3.10Brian Hunt11.52aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
4.10Greg Holmes11.53aLASt Augustine
5.11Matthew Guidry11.60aLABro Martin
11Benton Brown11.60aLABro Martin
7.11Chris Ricks11.81aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
8.11Dontayue Fly12.37aLAJesuit
9.11Josh Deblieux12.80aLAJesuit
200 Meters
1.10Leonard Fornette22.88aLASt Augustine
2.11Matthew Trammell23.80aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
10Joshua Tannehill23.80aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
4.11Chance Creppel24.73aLABro Martin
5.11John Ellison25.71aLABro Martin
6.11Josh Deblieux26.05aLAJesuit
400 Meters
1.12Cyril Grayson47.56aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
2.10Brian Hunt50.08aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
3.11Benton Brown51.22aLABro Martin
4.10Errol Brown53.40aLASt Augustine
5.10Jared Robinson53.58aLABro Martin
6.10Reggie Williams56.26aLAArchbishop Shaw
7.11Nicholas Gobert56.52aLAJesuit
8.11Andrew Ferdinand60.02aLAJesuit
800 Meters
1.12Cyril Grayson1:53.53aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
2.12Hunter Hidalgo1:59.98aLAArchbishop Shaw
3.11Quint Crozier2:05.85aLAJesuit
4.12Christopher Banks2:07.11aLASt Augustine
5.-Michael Saacks2:09.74aLABro Martin
6.12Ken Newburger2:11.42aLABro Martin
7.12Richard Guidry2:15.58aLAJesuit
8.10Darrin Paul2:16.72aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
9.10Jimmy Rezny2:18.11aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
1600 Meters
1.12Chris Lomonaco4:32.38aLAArchbishop Shaw
2.11Andrew Pettus4:39.08aLAJesuit
3.10Justin Copling4:46.97aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
4.10Dylan Yates4:49.72aLABro Martin
5.11Taylor Varisco4:51.32aLAJesuit
6.12Kevin Kirchner4:51.57aLAArchbishop Shaw
7.10Michael Maldonado4:52.02aLABro Martin
8.12Ethan Sehrt5:03.41aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
9.9Darius Cunningham5:22.38aLASt Augustine
10.9Duane Bush5:22.56aLASt Augustine
3200 Meters
1.11Neal Fitzpatrick9:22.23aLAJesuit
2.12Jared Allen10:01.53aLABro Martin
3.12Nick Franco10:30.87aLABro Martin
4.9Kyle Soulant10:36.36aLAArchbishop Shaw
5.10Liam Fitzgerald10:38.99aLAJesuit
6.11Corey Harris11:28.18aLAArchbishop Shaw
7.10Patrick Madden12:00.84aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
8.9Jushua Brown12:07.00aLASt Augustine
2 Miles
1.11Neal Fitzpatrick9:41.07aLAJesuit
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Morgan Cormier14.26aLABro Martin
2.12Lionel Ellison14.42aLAArchbishop Shaw
3.12Yuki Kurusu15.14aLABro Martin
4.11Joshua Brumfield16.35aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Morgan Cormier37.97aLABro Martin
2.12Yuki Kurusu41.47aLABro Martin
3.11Joshua Brumfield42.65aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
4.10Keith Fulton43.28aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
5.9Chris Mills45.35aLAJesuit
6.11Nicholas Gobert48.02aLAJesuit
7.11Felix Farinas49.89aLASt Augustine
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team43.19aLASt Augustine
2.-Relay Team46.21aLABro Martin
3.-Relay Team46.43aLAJesuit
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team89.07aLASt Augustine
2.-Relay Team89.73aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
3.-Relay Team1:35.36aLAJesuit
4x400 Relay
1.-Benton Brown
Morgan Cormier
Jared Robinson
Matthew Guidry
3:23.61aLABro Martin
2.-Relay Team3:25.58aLAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
3.-Relay Team3:38.01aLAJesuit
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team8:12.09aLAArchbishop Shaw
2.-Relay Team8:12.97aLABro Martin
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Christopher Williams47' 4.50LABro Martin
2.11Stefan Oddo46' 11.00LAJesuit
3.11Jacob Campos44' 0.00LAJesuit
4.11Marcus Holland39' 9.25LASt Augustine
5.10John Fox31' 2.00LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
6.11James Cavalero27' 5.00LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Tim Dwyer111' 10.00LAJesuit
2.12Ryan Demaria107' 7.00LABro Martin
3.9Joseph Prevost102' 9.00LAArchbishop Shaw
4.12Dylin Hartzheim86' 2.00LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
5.11Andrew Joseph75' 10.00LAJesuit
6.11William Hamblin75' 0.00LABro Martin
7.9Kevin Worley64' 1.00LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
8.11Todd Dupree10' 3.00LAArchbishop Shaw
Javelin - 800g
1.-Andrew Bridge163' 9.00LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
2.12Zachary Hennessey153' 4.00LABro Martin
3.10Cameron Troxler143' 5.00LAArchbishop Shaw
4.10Alex Migliore139' 8.00LABro Martin
5.10Jack Hebert134' 11.00LAJesuit
6.11Ryan Silva122' 7.00LAArchbishop Shaw
7.11Grant Mackles116' 8.00LAJesuit
High Jump
1.12Lionel Ellison6' 10.00LAArchbishop Shaw
2.11Matthew Trammell6' 2.00LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
3.12Jonathon Ramsey5' 10.00LABro Martin
10Steven Dunbar5' 10.00LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
12Brian Bird5' 10.00LABro Martin
6.11Payton Nelson5' 6.00LASt Augustine
Pole Vault
1.11Dominick Casadaban12' 0.00LABro Martin
2.11Matthew Brennan10' 0.00LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
12Evan Leboeuf10' 0.00LAArchbishop Shaw
11Patrick Hoppe10' 0.00LABro Martin
Long Jump
1.10Joshua Tannehill21' 3.75LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
2.12Jonathon Ramsey19' 2.00LABro Martin
3.12Dominick Carter19' 0.75LASt Augustine
4.12Lionel Ellison18' 7.50LAArchbishop Shaw
5.10Cole Rogers18' 6.50LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
6.11Nathaniel Peters18' 2.75LABro Martin
Triple Jump
1.11Larry Dace41' 3.50LASt Augustine
2.11Joshua Brumfield40' 6.25LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys
3.12Jonathon Ramsey39' 6.50LABro Martin
4.10Keith Fulton38' 7.50LAArchbishop Rummel-Boys

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.11Kaitlin Fortuna13.06aLAAcademy of Our Lady
2.9Victoria Young13.62aLAArchbishop Chapelle
3.11Hannah Abney13.75aLASt Marys Dominican
4.11Lauren Landry13.92aLASt Marys Dominican
5.11Cecilia Genova14.28aLAMt Carmel Academy
6.9Amber Cooper14.70aLAAcademy of Our Lady
200 Meters
1.12Hailey Deichmann26.59aLAMt Carmel Academy
2.9Victoria Young26.63aLAArchbishop Chapelle
3.11Kaitlin Fortuna27.06aLAAcademy of Our Lady
4.9Kendall Raymond27.34aLASt Marys Dominican
5.11Hannah Abney30.01aLASt Marys Dominican
6.9Amber Cooper30.69aLAAcademy of Our Lady
400 Meters
1.9Victoria Young60.19aLAArchbishop Chapelle
2.11Tia Williams64.48aLAAcademy of Our Lady
3.11Peyton Palermo67.44aLASt Marys Dominican
4.12Lizzie Schultheis69.36aLAAcademy of Our Lady
800 Meters
1.12Meghan Charbonnet2:24.88aLASt Marys Dominican
2.10Mia Meydrich2:25.81aLASt Marys Dominican
1600 Meters
1.10Mia Meydrich5:20.99aLASt Marys Dominican
2.12Meghan Charbonnet5:29.57aLASt Marys Dominican
3.8Kelsey Mayer5:53.82aLAMt Carmel Academy
4.9Ashley Freese5:53.85aLAMt Carmel Academy
5.9Madison Boudoin6:28.63aLAAcademy of Our Lady
6.10Geneva Vega7:24.51aLAAcademy of Our Lady
3000 Meters
1.9Ashley Freese12:27.57aLAMt Carmel Academy
3200 Meters
1.12Sarah Carr12:00.08aLASt Marys Dominican
2.11Lisa Sakamoto12:24.95aLASt Marys Dominican
3.11Ellen Barkemeyer12:33.19aLASt Marys Dominican
4.11Sarah Bond13:32.18aLAMt Carmel Academy
5.9Madison Boudoin16:15.12aLAAcademy of Our Lady
6.10Geneva Vega16:30.56aLAAcademy of Our Lady
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Jennifer Kenyon15.95aLAAcademy of Our Lady
2.9Andrea McDonald18.75aLASt Marys Dominican
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Cecilia Genova53.74aLAMt Carmel Academy
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team52.17aLAMt Carmel Academy
2.-Relay Team53.75aLASt Marys Dominican
3.-Relay Team54.52aLAAcademy of Our Lady
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team1:48.66aLAMt Carmel Academy
2.-Relay Team2:01.66aLASt Marys Dominican
4x400 Relay
1.-Lauren Torich
Sarah Jeffries
Jordan Owens
Caitlin Robert
4:03.97aLAMt Carmel Academy
2.-Relay Team4:25.35aLASt Marys Dominican
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team10:46.07aLASt Marys Dominican
2.-Relay Team11:10.54aLAMt Carmel Academy
3.-Relay Team12:44.61aLAAcademy of Our Lady
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Y-Nhi Vu28' 3.50LAAcademy of Our Lady
2.10Emily Ross27' 6.25LASt Marys Dominican
3.10Korinne Sauvage27' 1.00LAMt Carmel Academy
4.12Kathryn Ernst21' 2.00LASt Marys Dominican
Discus - 1kg
1.12Y-Nhi Vu104' 6.00LAAcademy of Our Lady
2.9Victoria Young74' 4.00LAArchbishop Chapelle
3.12ReShea Garrison74' 2.00LAAcademy of Our Lady
4.12Nicole Delesdernier72' 8.00LASt Marys Dominican
5.10Julia Delesdernier70' 0.00LASt Marys Dominican
Javelin - 600g
1.12Nicole Delesdernier116' 6.00LASt Marys Dominican
2.12ReShea Garrison93' 5.00LAAcademy of Our Lady
3.10Julia Delesdernier83' 5.00LASt Marys Dominican
4.10Korinne Sauvage80' 0.00LAMt Carmel Academy
High Jump
1.9Andrea McDonald5' 0.00LASt Marys Dominican
12Jennifer Kenyon5' 0.00LAAcademy of Our Lady
3.11Janaya Hampton4' 10.00LASt Marys Dominican
4.10Sarah Jeffries4' 8.00LAMt Carmel Academy
Pole Vault
1.12Hailey Deichmann10' 6.00LAMt Carmel Academy
2.10Lauren Torsch10' 0.00LAMt Carmel Academy
3.11Katie Legarde7' 6.00LASt Marys Dominican
10Megan Beard7' 6.00LASt Marys Dominican
Long Jump
1.9Andrea McDonald15' 5.25LASt Marys Dominican
2.11Gabby Perez14' 7.50LASt Marys Dominican
Triple Jump
1.12Jennifer Kenyon34' 1.50LAAcademy of Our Lady
2.11Taylor King32' 8.75LAAcademy of Our Lady
3.-Brooke Petkovich31' 7.92LAMt Carmel Academy
4.11Rebecca Vorisek31' 7.00LAMt Carmel Academy
5.10Rachel Barbaro29' 6.75LAMt Carmel Academy

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