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CWAC South Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.12JP Jensen10.94cWAOthello
2.10Marco Martinez11.00aWAToppenish
3.11Juan Razo11.74cWAGrandview
4.11Jacob Johnston11.85aWAOthello
5.11Francisco Valencia11.94cWAGrandview
6.12Hadley Miller11.97aWAOthello
7.12Daniel Galaviz12.45aWAOthello
8.11Ryan Wise12.54aWAEast Valley (Yakima)
9.11John Pierre12.54cWAOthello
10.9Jonathan Buchanan12.64aWAEast Valley (Yakima)
200 Meters
1.12JP Jensen22.34cWAOthello
2.10Marco Martinez22.90aWAToppenish
3.11Francisco Valencia23.44cWAGrandview
4.12Michael Jimenez24.64cWAGrandview
5.12Mikel Danielson24.94cWAOthello
6.12Brandon Artz25.44cWAGrandview
7.10Jordan Murataya25.64cWAGrandview
8.10Matt Concienne25.64cWAGrandview
9.11Rayce Miller25.74cWAOthello
10.10Steven McEvoy25.84cWAGrandview
400 Meters
1.12James Vela52.84cWAGrandview
2.12JP Jensen54.34cWAOthello
3.12Mikel Danielson54.44cWAOthello
4.10Jordan Murataya56.54cWAGrandview
5.12Brandon Artz57.34cWAGrandview
6.11John Pierre58.04cWAOthello
7.11Adan Serna59.10aWAOthello
8.12Daniel Galaviz60.10aWAOthello
9.9Brian VanDeBrake61.94cWANaches Valley
10.10Ryan Melville65.14cWANaches Valley
800 Meters
1.12James Vela2:00.76aWAGrandview
2.10Adan Martinez2:05.90WAToppenish
3.12Mikel Danielson2:09.5WAOthello
4.9Chris Hernandez2:12.16aWAGrandview
5.12Phillip Ontiveros2:14.7WAOthello
6.10Jordan Murataya2:19.5WAGrandview
7.12Daniel Galaviz2:25.7WAOthello
1600 Meters
1.12Phillip Ontiveros4:47.0WAOthello
2.9Chris Hernandez4:59.0WAGrandview
3.9Jose Mendez5:13.0WAGrandview
4.12Steven Bentz5:19.10WANaches Valley
5.12Carson Clay5:27.7WAOthello
6.10Michael Case5:44.0WAGrandview
7.9Steven Bradshaw5:47.0WAOthello
8.11Paul Garcia6:38.26aWAOthello
3200 Meters
1.12Phillip Ontiveros10:32.2WAOthello
2.11Andy Breymeyer10:46.10WANaches Valley
3.11Jake Lewis10:51.70WANaches Valley
4.9Jose Mendez11:32.1WAGrandview
5.12Carson Clay12:10.6WAOthello
6.12Phillip Doehle12:16.70WANaches Valley
7.11Paul Garcia14:17.2WAOthello
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12JP Jensen17.14cWAOthello
2.10Matt Concienne17.64cWAGrandview
3.10Steven McEvoy18.86aWAGrandview
4.9Storm Shea19.04cWAGrandview
5.9Tim Taylor19.44cWAGrandview
6.11David Shelby20.98aWAOthello
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Juan Razo40.04cWAGrandview
2.10Charlie Howard42.95aWAToppenish
3.10Matt Concienne45.42aWAGrandview
4.11Brandon Mitchell46.94cWAOthello
5.9Storm Shea47.44cWAGrandview
6.11David Shelby48.04cWAOthello
7.9Tim Taylor48.94cWAGrandview
4x100 Relay
1.-Hadley Miller
Rayce Miller
Jacob Johnston
JP Jensen
2.-Marco Martinez
Tomas Suarez
Adan Martinez
Oscar Ramirez
3.-Francisco Valencia
Leon Knights
James Vela
Juan Razo
4x400 Relay
1.-Francisco Valencia
Brandon Artz
Juan Razo
James Vela
2.-Mikel Danielson
John Pierre
Phillip Ontiveros
Daniel Galaviz
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Jacob Johnston45' 7.75WAOthello
2.11Daniel Ramirez44' 1.25WAToppenish
3.11Jesse Rodriguez43' 11.00WAToppenish
4.11Freddy Rodriguez43' 8WAGrandview
5.12Ricardo Barajas42' 10.5WAOthello
6.12Rafael Hernandez40' 8WAGrandview
7.10Keagan Christansen38' 0WAGrandview
8.12Brad VanHerk37' 7.18WAEast Valley (Yakima)
9.11Tim Carl36' 1WAOthello
10.9Garrett Gress35' 10.31WAEast Valley (Yakima)
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Derek Valdez137' 8.00WAToppenish
2.11Daniel Ramirez135' 4.00WAToppenish
3.11Jacob Johnston131' 2WAOthello
4.11Freddy Rodriguez123' 8WAGrandview
5.12Ricardo Barajas119' 7WAOthello
6.10Keagan Christansen112' 0WAGrandview
7.11Tim Carl111' 8WAOthello
8.10Roman Favaro87' 9WAOthello
9.10Luis Gonzalez85' 8WAGrandview
10.9Marcos Moreno81' 5WAOthello
Javelin - 800g
1.12Brandon Artz171' 10WAGrandview
2.12Rafael Hernandez147' 4WAGrandview
3.9Anthony Galaviz141' 3.00WAToppenish
4.9Tim Taylor132' 10WAGrandview
5.9Joseph Taylor128' 11WAGrandview
6.10Josh Nidifer127' 1.98WAEast Valley (Yakima)
7.12Phillip Ontiveros116' 4WAOthello
8.12Carson Clay114' 8WAOthello
9.9Storm Shea111' 5WAGrandview
10.12Jake Wilcox106' 9.00WANaches Valley
High Jump
1.11Rayce Miller5' 10WAOthello
9Joseph Babcock5' 10WAGrandview
3.9Chris Hernandez5' 4WAGrandview
4.12Carson Clay5' 2WAOthello
5.12Craig Caton5' 1.81WAEast Valley (Yakima)
Pole Vault
1.12JP Jensen14' 9WAOthello
2.11Tomas Suarez12' 6.00WAToppenish
3.12Max Saldana10' 0WAGrandview
4.10Dalton Walker9' 0WAGrandview
Long Jump
1.10Leon Knights20' 6.25WAGrandview
2.11Rayce Miller20' 6WAOthello
3.12James Vela19' 4WAGrandview
4.12Hadley Miller19' 2.5WAOthello
5.12Michael Jimenez18' 7WAGrandview
6.11Brandon Mitchell17' 9.25WAOthello
7.9Zack Peppler17' 3WAOthello
8.11Adan Serna16' 3.5WAOthello
9.12Max Saldana15' 10WAGrandview
10.9Colten Andersen14' 3WAOthello
Triple Jump
1.10Leon Knights42' 7.5WAGrandview
2.11Rayce Miller41' 8.5WAOthello
3.12Hadley Miller41' 7.5WAOthello
4.9Joseph Babcock41' 4.5WAGrandview
5.10Rodolfo Guel38' 4.00WAToppenish
6.11Brandon Mitchell34' 2.5WAOthello

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.11Ashley Walker12.84cWAOthello
2.11Kelsey Peterson13.74cWAOthello
3.9Diana Knights13.84cWAGrandview
4.12Erica Mendez14.14cWAGrandview
5.9Krystal Martinez14.24cWAGrandview
6.10Stephanie McKenna14.44cWANaches Valley
7.11Maegan Changala14.74cWANaches Valley
8.10Stephanie Faubion14.90aWAEast Valley (Yakima)
9.11Jamila West15.45aWAEast Valley (Yakima)
10.9Julie Melville16.04cWANaches Valley
200 Meters
1.9Diana Knights27.24cWAGrandview
2.11Kelsey Peterson27.64cWAOthello
3.9Allison Walker27.84cWAOthello
4.10Courtney Kirkwood28.60aWAOthello
5.9Krystal Martinez30.54cWAGrandview
6.12Ana Tinta32.14cWAGrandview
400 Meters
1.10Courtney Kirkwood64.04cWAOthello
2.11Brittnee Sanchez64.44cWAGrandview
3.11Kelsey Peterson64.74cWAOthello
4.11Marissa Herrera70.41aWAGrandview
5.9Krystal Martinez71.14cWAGrandview
6.11Sammy Bramblett85.64cWAOthello
800 Meters
1.10Jennifer Farley2:23.58aWAToppenish
2.11Brittnee Sanchez2:32.0WAGrandview
3.10Raissa Licano2:42.04aWAGrandview
4.10Courtney Kirkwood2:43.6WAOthello
5.11Anastasia Andrews2:51.4WAGrandview
6.10Khadi Zamora2:56.5WAGrandview
7.9Silvia Razo3:04.4WAGrandview
8.10Silvia Torres3:14.8WAOthello
9.10Sherie Oram3:44.8WAOthello
1600 Meters
1.11Brittnee Sanchez5:35.0WAGrandview
2.9Sarah Story5:55.20WAToppenish
3.9Stacy Kobes5:56.20WAToppenish
4.11Sammy Bramblett6:19.6WAOthello
5.12Nancy Ramirez7:26.9WAOthello
3200 Meters
1.9Sarah Story12:22.00WAToppenish
2.11Sammy Bramblett15:01.1WAOthello
3.12Nancy Ramirez16:49.9WAOthello
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Courtney Kirkwood15.24cWAOthello
2.12Kara Stanton16.94cWAGrandview
3.11Kelsi Dockins18.94cWAOthello
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Kara Stanton53.14cWAGrandview
2.11Kelsi Dockins56.04cWAOthello
3.10Luz Mendoza61.54cWAOthello
4x100 Relay
1.-Kara Stanton
Diana Knights
Erica Mendez
Kealey Johnston
2.-Kelsey Peterson
Ashley Walker
Aubree Andersen
Courtney Kirkwood
4x200 Relay
1.-Kelsey Peterson
Ashley Walker
Allison Walker
Courtney Kirkwood
2.-Diana Knights
Tohnya Wysong
Anna George
Chelsey Jones
3.-Ashlee Cameron
Arianna Mohsenian
Brittany Rose
Lindsay Bronkhorst
2:02.92aWAEast Valley (Yakima)
4x400 Relay
1.-Marissa Herrera
Kealey Johnston
Brittnee Sanchez
Kara Stanton
2.-Michelle Sanchez
Sarah Story
Jennifer Farley
Rachel Huylar
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Anna George34' 0WAGrandview
2.10Sherie Oram32' 10WAOthello
3.12Chelsey Jones32' 8WAGrandview
4.11Kyla Alexieff32' 7.34WAEast Valley (Yakima)
5.12Ali Tabor32' 7.00WANaches Valley
6.9Kay McCloud31' 2.50WAToppenish
7.10Diana Betancourth30' 9.50WAToppenish
8.12Andrea Herenas28' 3.5WAOthello
9.10Courtney Kirkwood27' 8WAOthello
10.11Julia Koch26' 2.57WAEast Valley (Yakima)
Discus - 1kg
1.12Chelsey Jones104' 5WAGrandview
2.12Serena Galaviz102' 6.00WAToppenish
3.10Raissa Licano100' 10WAGrandview
4.10Luz Mendoza100' 7WAOthello
5.12Ali Tabor88' 1.00WANaches Valley
6.10Anna George87' 11WAGrandview
7.10Sherie Oram78' 3WAOthello
8.12Vitulia Alvarez69' 4WAOthello
9.12Jessica Rangel68' 9WAOthello
10.12Tamara Ehart68' 2WAGrandview
Javelin - 600g
1.10Courtney Kirkwood156' 3.5WAOthello
2.10Anna George108' 8WAGrandview
3.12Chelsey Jones106' 5WAGrandview
4.11Michelle Reid105' 4.96WAEast Valley (Yakima)
5.11Kelsey Lounsbury89' 6.80WAEast Valley (Yakima)
6.9Lindsay Bronkhorst87' 4.82WAEast Valley (Yakima)
7.12Aubree Andersen67' 7WAOthello
8.12Andrea Herenas64' 7WAOthello
9.11Leah Ferguson62' 4.00WANaches Valley
10.10Tasha Langdon61' 1.86WAEast Valley (Yakima)
High Jump
1.9Allison Walker5' 4WAOthello
2.11Ashley Walker5' 2WAOthello
3.12Katie Moore4' 8.00WANaches Valley
10Megan Stauffer4' 8.00WAToppenish
10Courtney Kirkwood4' 8WAOthello
Pole Vault
1.12Tohnya Wysong8' 6WAGrandview
2.10Yesenia Medina7' 0.00WAToppenish
3.11Kelsey Peterson6' 0WAOthello
12Ai Tomizawa6' 0WAGrandview
5.9Yessenia Trevino5' 6WAGrandview
Long Jump
1.10Courtney Kirkwood17' 0WAOthello
2.11Ashley Walker16' 1WAOthello
3.9Diana Knights15' 4.5WAGrandview
4.12Erica Mendez14' 0WAGrandview
12Aubree Andersen14' 0WAOthello
6.11Maegan Changala13' 10.00WANaches Valley
7.9Krystal Martinez13' 8WAGrandview
8.10Stephanie McKenna13' 0.50WANaches Valley
9.12Ashlee Cameron12' 2.85WAEast Valley (Yakima)
10.11Jamila West11' 8.16WAEast Valley (Yakima)
Triple Jump
1.9Allison Walker34' 9.5WAOthello
2.11Ashley Walker33' 7WAOthello
3.10Kealey Johnston32' 8.5WAGrandview
4.12Tohnya Wysong30' 5WAGrandview
5.12Aubree Andersen29' 1WAOthello
6.10Raissa Licano27' 0WAGrandview

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