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District 4 Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.10Hunter Ferguson11.74cNMMonte Del Sol
2.10Konrad Asprodites12.14cNMSanta Fe Prep
3.11Adam Fishbein12.24aNMSanta Fe Prep
4.9Mason Hurlocker12.64cNMSanta Fe Prep
5.12Carlos Dominguez12.94cNMPecos
6.9Marcus Varela13.04cNMPecos
7.-Liam Suddith16.24cNMSanta Fe Prep
200 Meters
1.10Hunter Ferguson24.19aNMMonte Del Sol
2.11Adam Fishbein25.31aNMSanta Fe Prep
3.9Marcus Varela27.04cNMPecos
4.9Mason Hurlocker27.24cNMSanta Fe Prep
5.10DJ Casados27.84cNMSanta Fe Prep
12Kevin Pacheco27.84cNMPecos
7.9Joshua Lopez28.04cNMPecos
8.12Billy Fox28.54cNMSanta Fe Prep
9.12Henry Lanman28.74cNMSanta Fe Prep
400 Meters
1.12Derek Hurtado53.04aNMMora
2.10Wyatt Trevathan57.78aNMSanta Fe Prep
3.11Mario Torrez60.14cNMPecos
4.9Michael Quintana60.24cNMPecos
5.9Joshua Lopez60.34cNMPecos
6.10DJ Casados60.64cNMSanta Fe Prep
7.11Ryan Evaldson60.84cNMSanta Fe Prep
8.12Darius Gonzales62.24cNMPecos
9.9Elvis Parker-Jones69.34cNMSanta Fe Prep
800 Meters
1.11Alonzo Chavez2:03.63aNMMora
2.11Paul CdeBaca2:11.23aNMPecos
3.12P.J. C De Baca2:15.70NMPecos
4.12Aaron Lujan2:20.10NMPecos
5.12Henry Lanman2:21.40NMSanta Fe Prep
1600 Meters
1.11Alonzo Chavez4:22.79aNMMora
2.11Andrew Trujillo5:03.50NMPecos
3.12Antonio Varela5:04.00NMPecos
4.12Aaron Lujan5:09.80NMPecos
5.10Kyle Evaldson5:10.80NMSanta Fe Prep
6.11Jake Lyon5:26.20NMSanta Fe Prep
3200 Meters
1.11Alonzo Chavez9:51.81aNMMora
2.12Antonio Varela9:51.86aNMPecos
3.11Paul CdeBaca10:36.47aNMPecos
4.10Jimmy Buchanan10:41.55aNMSanta Fe Prep
5.12P.J. C De Baca10:57.70NMPecos
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Danny Quinn16.62aNMSanta Fe Prep
2.11Mason Heidenberger17.24cNMSanta Fe Prep
3.12James Lopez19.14cNMPecos
4.11Isaac Varela20.54cNMPecos
5.12Billy Fox22.84cNMSanta Fe Prep
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Noah Garcia43.56aNMMonte Del Sol
2.11Mason Heidenberger46.54cNMSanta Fe Prep
3.12James Lopez47.54cNMPecos
4.12Billy Fox52.24cNMSanta Fe Prep
5.11Isaac Varela58.64cNMPecos
4x100 Relay
1.-Danny Quinn
Konrad Asprodites
Rob Weiner
Adam Fishbein
46.05aNMSanta Fe Prep
4x200 Relay
1.-Konrad Asprodites
Adam Fishbein
Daniel Van Essen
Graham Sides
1:37.67aNMSanta Fe Prep
2.-Relay Team1:45.60NMPecos
4x400 Relay
1.-Tim Romero
Derek Hurtado
Amrick Vasquez
Louis Montoya
2.-Relay Team4:03.50NMPecos
3.-Jimmy Buchanan
Jake Lyon
Henry Lanman
Jeremy Montoya
4:18.80NMSanta Fe Prep
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Danny Quinn
Daniel Van Essen
Rob Weiner
Henry Lanman
3:57.91aNMSanta Fe Prep
2.-Amrick Vasquez
Tim Romero
Derek Hurtado
Alonzo Chavez
3.-Carlos Dominguez
Brandon Velasquez
Jason Henderson
Antonio Varela
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Noah Barna34' 8.00NMPecos
2.12Adrian Ortiz34' 4.25NMPecos
3.9Marcus Varela31' 5.50NMPecos
4.12Andres Carillo29' 9.50NMPecos
5.12Jeremy Montoya27' 4.00NMSanta Fe Prep
6.9Nathan Montoya25' 1.00NMSanta Fe Prep
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Noah Barna101' 7.00NMPecos
2.10Cruz Armendariz56' 11.00NMSanta Fe Prep
Javelin - 800g
1.12Adrian Ortiz125' 10.00NMPecos
2.12Noah Barna125' 0.00NMPecos
3.12Kevin Pacheco114' 0.00NMPecos
4.9Michael Ewers93' 8.00NMSanta Fe Prep
5.12Jeremy Montoya92' 8.00NMSanta Fe Prep
High Jump
1.10Jason Henderson5' 6.00NMPecos
12Tim Romero5' 6.00NMMora
3.11Mason Heidenberger5' 4.00NMSanta Fe Prep
Pole Vault
1.12Darius Gonzales11' 0.00NMPecos
2.12James Lopez8' 6.00NMPecos
Long Jump
1.12Tim Romero21' 2.50NMMora
2.10Jason Henderson17' 1.00NMPecos
3.9Joshua Lopez13' 8.00NMPecos
4.12Jeremy Montoya13' 6.00NMSanta Fe Prep
5.9Adrian Vigil13' 3.50NMPecos
Triple Jump
1.12Tim Romero41' 9.50NMMora
2.11Mason Heidenberger36' 2.00NMSanta Fe Prep
3.10Jason Henderson35' 2.50NMPecos
4.12Brandon Quintana35' 1.00NMPecos
5.12Brandon Velasquez29' 2.75NMPecos
6.12James Lopez29' 2.00NMPecos

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.10Sarah Ihlefeld12.98aNMSanta Fe Prep
2.12Jennifer Gutierrez13.00awNMMonte Del Sol
3.9Jasmine Garcia14.74cNMPecos
4.9Cheynne Clay15.04cNMPecos
5.9Peyton Lawrenz15.14cNMSanta Fe Prep
6.-Kristin Knight15.44cNMSanta Fe Prep
7.9Gabriela Rivera15.84cNMSanta Fe Prep
200 Meters
1.12Elizabeth Lanman26.77aNMSanta Fe Prep
2.10Sarah Ihlefeld27.31aNMSanta Fe Prep
3.12Jennifer Gutierrez27.56aNMMonte Del Sol
4.11Acadia Brooks30.14cNMSanta Fe Prep
5.9Jasmine Garcia31.04cNMPecos
6.9Peyton Lawrenz31.14cNMSanta Fe Prep
7.9Cheynne Clay31.74cNMPecos
8.9Bridget Bohlin33.14cNMSanta Fe Prep
9.10Shaelyn Flores35.84cNMPecos
400 Meters
1.12Elizabeth Lanman59.41aNMSanta Fe Prep
2.12Jennifer Gutierrez62.03aNMMonte Del Sol
3.11Olivia Cicci62.69aNMSanta Fe Prep
4.9Desiray Anderson65.54cNMSanta Fe Prep
5.11Acadia Brooks68.64cNMSanta Fe Prep
6.9Kate Naylor80.24cNMSanta Fe Prep
7.10Shaelyn Flores80.44cNMPecos
800 Meters
1.12Elizabeth Lanman2:20.43aNMSanta Fe Prep
2.9Cassandra CdeBaca2:32.23aNMPecos
3.11Santiana Marrujo2:34.72aNMMora
4.9Desiray Anderson2:41.50aNMSanta Fe Prep
1600 Meters
1.9Cassandra CdeBaca5:35.56aNMPecos
2.12Andrea Romero5:41.92aNMMora
3.10Cassie C de Baca5:53.30NMPecos
4.9Erin Shulhofer6:46.70NMSanta Fe Prep
5.9Zoe Unverfurth7:14.30NMSanta Fe Prep
6.9Bailey Cofa7:23.70NMMonte Del Sol
3200 Meters
1.12Andrea Romero12:41.73aNMMora
2.11Santiana Marrujo14:02.24aNMMora
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Daria Buloskty17.19aNMMonte Del Sol
2.12Aysia Felson17.64aNMSanta Fe Prep
3.9Courtney Rose Timlen19.74cNMSanta Fe Prep
4.9Gabriela Rivera21.84cNMSanta Fe Prep
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Daria Buloskty49.86aNMMonte Del Sol
2.9Courtney Rose Timlen50.16aNMSanta Fe Prep
3.9Bridget Bohlin55.24cNMSanta Fe Prep
4.11Caitlin Martinez63.34cNMPecos
4x100 Relay
1.-Catherine Monks
Aysia Felson
Olivia Cicci
Courtney Rose Timlen
51.88aNMSanta Fe Prep
2.-Relay Team60.24cNMPecos
4x200 Relay
1.-Acadia Brooks
Laura Hamilton
Catherine Monks
Aysia Felson
1:53.39aNMSanta Fe Prep
2.-Relay Team2:06.30NMPecos
4x400 Relay
1.-Olivia Cicci
Sarah Ihlefeld
Desiray Anderson
Elizabeth Lanman
4:15.50aNMSanta Fe Prep
2.-Relay Team5:07.00NMPecos
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Lori Enriquez
DJ Chavez
Chantel Rivera
Andrea Romero
2.-Aysia Felson
Peyton Lawrenz
Acadia Brooks
Catherine Monks
4:38.12aNMSanta Fe Prep
3.-KeeAnna Trujillo
Ida Valencia
Anjelica Ortiz
Cassie CdeBaca
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Destiny Pacheco29' 10.00NMMora
2.8Brianna Pacheco25' 2.75NMMora
3.9Gressia Burrola24' 4.50NMSanta Fe Prep
Discus - 1kg
1.12Elizabeth Lanman75' 3.00NMSanta Fe Prep
2.10Destiny Pacheco65' 1.00NMMora
3.9Gressia Burrola58' 10.00NMSanta Fe Prep
Javelin - 600g
1.11Madeleine Fort104' 8.00NMSanta Fe Prep
2.12Aysia Felson96' 0.00NMSanta Fe Prep
3.9Brooke Morrow41' 0.00NMSanta Fe Prep
4.9Lila Brooks36' 4.00NMSanta Fe Prep
High Jump
1.10Sarah Ihlefeld4' 10.00NMSanta Fe Prep
2.11Caitlin Martinez4' 2.00NMPecos
Pole Vault
Long Jump
1.9Daria Buloskty14' 4.00NMMonte Del Sol
2.11DJ Chavez14' 3.00NMMora
3.9KeeAnna Trujillo12' 3.50NMPecos
4.9Jasmine Garcia11' 6.00NMPecos
5.9Peyton Lawrenz11' 5.25NMSanta Fe Prep
6.9Bridget Bohlin11' 2.50NMSanta Fe Prep
7.11Anjelica Ortiz10' 11.50NMPecos
8.10Shaelyn Flores10' 11.00NMPecos
Triple Jump
1.12Jennifer Gutierrez32' 6.50NMMonte Del Sol
2.9KeeAnna Trujillo29' 6.00NMPecos
3.9Desiray Anderson28' 4.75NMSanta Fe Prep
4.11Caitlin Martinez27' 11.50NMPecos
5.9Gabriela Rivera24' 4.00NMSanta Fe Prep

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