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Frontier Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.10Shawn Schafer11.14cNYIndian River
2.12Ryan Williams11.44cNYIndian River
3.12Quinn Braithwaite11.64cNYCarthage Central
4.11Joe Carusone11.74cNYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
5.12Conner Biolsi11.94cNYCarthage Central
11Jhon Delius11.94cNYWatertown
7.9Scott Fisk12.14cNYWatertown
8.12Brandon Frary12.64cNYSouth Jefferson
9.10Jared Tibbles12.84cNYSouth Jefferson
10.10Nick Clary13.04cNYCarthage Central
200 Meters
1.12Ryan Williams22.84cNYIndian River
2.11Jhon Delius23.44cNYWatertown
3.10Mathew Olney23.54cNYWatertown
4.12Conner Biolsi23.94cNYCarthage Central
5.12Quinn Braithwaite24.14cNYCarthage Central
6.11Joe Carusone24.24cNYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
7.12Hollis Harrington25.54cNYSouth Jefferson
8.10Nick Clary26.04cNYCarthage Central
9.10Jared Tibbles26.24cNYSouth Jefferson
10.10Zack Simon27.04cNYWatertown
400 Meters
1.10Felix Garcia52.54cNYIndian River
2.11Matt Mundt54.94cNYSouth Jefferson
3.11Andrew Rockefeller56.94cNYSouth Jefferson
4.11Tyler Biolsi57.74cNYCarthage Central
5.12Eric Green59.44cNYSouth Jefferson
6.9Jonathan Dana59.74cNYSandy Creek
7.11Shane Brady60.54cNYCarthage Central
8.12Alex McAdam61.24cNYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
9.9William Grafton61.74cNYSandy Creek
10.10Zack Simon62.34cNYWatertown
800 Meters
1.10Donald Cean2:11.10NYSouth Jefferson
2.12Zach Godin2:13.80NYIndian River
3.11Noah Laconte2:16.20NYCarthage Central
4.10Isaac Aroyyo2:18.40NYCarthage Central
5.12Nate Lundquist2:20.90NYCarthage Central
6.9Jonathan Dana2:35.80NYSandy Creek
7.9William Grafton2:39.50NYSandy Creek
8.11David Adams2:41.40NYSandy Creek
9.10Anthony Haywood2:58.70NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
1500 Meters
1.12Will Moran4:40.76aNYIndian River
1600 Meters
1.11Nicholas Tyler4:51.90NYSouth Jefferson
2.11Noah Laconte5:07.30NYCarthage Central
3.10Isaac Aroyyo5:08.80NYCarthage Central
4.10Matt Fee5:10.90NYSouth Jefferson
5.10Zachary Mosher5:11.20NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
6.11Xufeng Pan5:18.10NYSouth Jefferson
7.9Nick Anderson5:30.00NYCarthage Central
8.12Chris Rouleau5:32.10NYCarthage Central
9.12Greg Hale5:35.20NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
10.12David Borerro6:51.00NYCarthage Central
3200 Meters
1.11Nicholas Tyler10:08.10NYSouth Jefferson
2.9Nick Anderson11:10.60NYCarthage Central
3.12Cody Donahue11:23.20NYSandy Creek
4.12Morgan Ashmeed11:29.80NYCarthage Central
5.12Greg Hale11:41.20NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Rayshan-Shakur Clark14.84cNYIndian River
2.12Will Moran15.72awNYIndian River
3.11Trevor Cowles18.74cNYSouth Jefferson
4.-Adam Sullivan18.91aNYIndian River
5.11Bradley Gosselin19.04cNYSouth Jefferson
6.12Jeremy Kaufmann20.31aNYCarthage Central
7.10John Hall21.34cNYIndian River
8.11Dennis Justice21.64cNYWatertown
9.-Kahlil Payne21.81aNYCarthage Central
10.10Zack Simon22.14cNYWatertown
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Trevor Cowles65.44cNYSouth Jefferson
2.-Adam Sullivan66.46aNYIndian River
3.12Jeremy Kaufmann69.54cNYCarthage Central
4.11Ben Reynolds69.76aNYCarthage Central
5.10John Hall73.44cNYIndian River
6.11Caleb Tifft75.23aNYSouth Jefferson
7.11Morgan McKinney79.34cNYWatertown
8.12Stephen Blanchard87.64cNYSouth Jefferson
4x100 Relay
1.-Jakese Crockett
Rayshan-Shakur Clark
Shawn Schafer
Ryan Williams
44.84cNYIndian River
2.-Quinn Braithwaite
John Bufford
Nick Clary
Conner Biolsi
46.84cNYCarthage Central
3.-Hollis Harrington
Matt Mundt
Collin Barber
Brandon Frary
48.54cNYSouth Jefferson
4.-Scott Fisk
Eric Coe
Khalil Butler
Devin Abram
4x400 Relay
1.-Felix Garcia
Jakese Crockett
Lane Roanhorse
Shawn Schafer
3:43.60NYIndian River
2.-Trevor Cowles
Andrew Rockefeller
Garrett Strough
Hollis Harrington
3:54.90NYSouth Jefferson
3.-Isaac Aroyyo
Bob Bailey
Shane Brady
Tyler Biolsi
4:02.40NYCarthage Central
4.-Relay Team4:23.70NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
4x800 Relay
1.-Nicholas Tyler
Andrew Rockefeller
Donald Cean
Matt Fee
9:21.00aNYSouth Jefferson
2.-Isaac Aroyyo
Noah Laconte
Morgan Ashmeed
Nate Lundquist
9:28.00NYCarthage Central
3.-Xavier Ehresman
Jonathan Maher
Tyeler Brown
Felix Garcia
9:50.00NYIndian River
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Andrew Russell45' 8.75NYWatertown
2.10Alex Rogers39' 11.25NYSouth Jefferson
3.11Peter Kilcer38' 1.50NYIndian River
4.11Shane Brady36' 9.75NYCarthage Central
5.11Ivan Grossman36' 4.25NYSandy Creek
6.10Jacob Calendar35' 11.00NYWatertown
7.11Kaden Black35' 4.25NYIndian River
8.12John Brown34' 7.00NYSandy Creek
9.-Marvin Ruffin34' 6.00NYIndian River
10.10Jacob Davis31' 11.00NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Andrew Russell157' 5.00NYWatertown
2.10Jacob Calendar108' 7.00NYWatertown
3.12Dalton Boyd108' 0.00NYIndian River
4.11Ivan Grossman104' 2.00NYSandy Creek
5.11Kevin Ritchie94' 4.00NYIndian River
6.12John Brown91' 6.00NYSandy Creek
7.11Shane Brady89' 10.00NYCarthage Central
8.-Brandon Bliss88' 9.00NYIndian River
9.10Alex Rogers86' 10.00NYSouth Jefferson
10.10Nikita Bedore85' 6.00NYSouth Jefferson
High Jump
1.10Mathew Olney6' 0.00NYWatertown
2.12Will Moran5' 8.50NYIndian River
3.12Cody Donahue5' 8.00NYSandy Creek
4.10John Bufford5' 4.00NYCarthage Central
5.11Tyler Biolsi5' 0.00NYCarthage Central
11Devin Abram5' 0.00NYWatertown
Pole Vault
1.12Michael Lopresti12' 6.00NYWatertown
2.11Matt Mundt12' 0.00NYSouth Jefferson
3.11Andrew Pfiel11' 6.00NYSouth Jefferson
4.12Ryan Anderson10' 0.00NYIndian River
Long Jump
1.12Rayshan-Shakur Clark22' 11.50NYIndian River
2.12Will Moran20' 7.75NYIndian River
3.12Ryan Williams19' 3.00NYIndian River
4.10Mathew Olney18' 8.50NYWatertown
5.12Quinn Braithwaite18' 4.50NYCarthage Central
6.12Hollis Harrington17' 11.00NYSouth Jefferson
7.10Collin Barber17' 10.00NYSouth Jefferson
8.11Joe Carusone17' 8.00NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
9.11Ivan Grossman17' 5.75NYSandy Creek
10.9Scott Fisk15' 8.00NYWatertown
Triple Jump
1.10Mathew Olney39' 0.50NYWatertown
2.11Joe Carusone38' 4.00NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
3.10Jakese Crockett37' 9.25NYIndian River
4.11Andrew Rockefeller36' 0.00NYSouth Jefferson
5.10Collin Barber33' 11.25NYSouth Jefferson
6.11Gabe Acosta31' 6.00NYCarthage Central
7.10Anthony Haywood25' 1.00NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.10Ellory Roberts13.36aNYLowville Academy-Central
2.8Tessa Winkler13.87aNYSouth Jefferson
3.12Elaine Cruz13.98aNYWatertown
4.10Leah Denny14.26aNYSouth Jefferson
5.10Alena Nagy14.28aNYSouth Lewis Central
6.12Meghan Everett14.35aNYIndian River
7.12Angela Hutchinson14.47aNYSouth Lewis Central
8.9Shantia Isiah14.50aNYWatertown
9.12Kamarie Perkins14.57aNYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
10.12Tronaea Outlaw15.05aNYIndian River
200 Meters
1.9Skylar Pastor26.80aNYSouth Jefferson
2.11Ronni Ehlers28.00aNYSouth Lewis Central
3.12Angela Hutchinson28.34aNYSouth Lewis Central
4.12Kamarie Perkins28.71aNYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
5.8Tessa Winkler29.12aNYSouth Jefferson
6.11Gabby Hartley29.25aNYSouth Lewis Central
7.12Sabrina Jantzi29.46aNYLowville Academy-Central
8.10Leah Denny29.60aNYSouth Jefferson
9.9Hope Bryant30.35aNYWatertown
10.9Christina Miller30.83aNYWatertown
400 Meters
1.9Skylar Pastor57.07aNYSouth Jefferson
2.10Olivia Barker66.05aNYSouth Jefferson
3.11Gabby Hartley66.75aNYSouth Lewis Central
4.12Elaine Cruz68.61aNYWatertown
5.10Ellexis Cecconi69.12aNYLowville Academy-Central
6.10Bethany Eassa71.83aNYWatertown
7.9Dakota Jones71.92aNYIndian River
8.10Makayla Baslow72.28aNYSouth Lewis Central
9.10Shannon Guler77.62aNYIndian River
10.10Alexandria Swiernik78.44aNYSouth Lewis Central
800 Meters
1.10Erin Fayle2:36.12aNYLowville Academy-Central
2.9Kylee Bartlett2:36.54aNYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
3.11Anna Platz2:40.08aNYLowville Academy-Central
4.8Sierra Corbett2:42.24aNYSouth Lewis Central
5.12Anna Valentine2:45.14aNYWatertown
6.10Eleanor Brooks2:46.10aNYSouth Jefferson
7.9Kylie Snow2:49.65aNYSouth Jefferson
8.9Courtney Cavellier2:51.66aNYSouth Jefferson
9.8Delaney Ward2:55.42aNYSouth Jefferson
10.11Cheyenne Fraser2:58.07aNYSouth Lewis Central
1500 Meters
1.11Tori Campanian5:10.48aNYSouth Lewis Central
2.8Christina Platt5:12.54aNYSouth Lewis Central
3.10Gabby Thompson5:20.48aNYImmaculate Heart Central
4.10Jackie Miller5:21.56aNYSouth Jefferson
5.8Aubrey Harrington5:27.58aNYSouth Jefferson
6.12Alexandra Doney5:30.88aNYSouth Lewis Central
7.8Sierra Corbett5:32.39aNYSouth Lewis Central
8.10Emma St. Croix5:53.74aNYLowville Academy-Central
9.9Gaelyn Bronson6:09.98aNYSouth Lewis Central
10.9Hailey Heyrman6:16.62aNYIndian River
3000 Meters
1.11Tori Campanian10:35.62aNYSouth Lewis Central
2.10Jackie Miller11:26.87aNYSouth Jefferson
3.10Gabby Thompson11:29.00aNYImmaculate Heart Central
4.10Emma St. Croix12:47.29aNYLowville Academy-Central
5.11Leah Conners13:10.29aNYSouth Jefferson
6.12Katie Lamanna13:18.33aNYSouth Lewis Central
7.12Chelsea Finn13:53.15aNYLowville Academy-Central
8.11Elizabeth Kolodgy15:10.19aNYIndian River
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Kylee Bartlett15.67awNYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
2.12Emmaline Voss17.53aNYSouth Jefferson
3.12Kerri Keegan17.92aNYSouth Jefferson
4.11Ronni Ehlers18.04aNYSouth Lewis Central
5.10Alexis Stevens18.33aNYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
6.9Courtney Cavellier18.36aNYSouth Jefferson
7.12Sara Young18.64aNYSouth Lewis Central
8.9Christina Miller19.40aNYWatertown
9.9Hope Bryant19.72aNYWatertown
10.12Ashley Capone19.75aNYLowville Academy-Central
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Kerri Keegan71.27aNYSouth Jefferson
2.11Ronni Ehlers71.90aNYSouth Lewis Central
3.9Serena Vargulick73.48aNYLowville Academy-Central
4.11Asia Bliss81.87aNYIndian River
5.10Mikaela Rutter82.58aNYSouth Jefferson
6.10Alena Nagy83.87aNYSouth Lewis Central
7.9Kylie Snow85.71aNYSouth Jefferson
8.9Anika Felix1:30.17aNYIndian River
4x100 Relay
1.-Kerri Keegan
Tessa Winkler
Leah Denny
Skylar Pastor
53.49aNYSouth Jefferson
2.-Tronaea Outlaw
Meghan Everett
Makele Shanks
Taylor Baynham
53.96aNYIndian River
3.-Angela Hutchinson
Chloe Stinebrickner
Gabby Hartley
Ronni Ehlers
54.25aNYSouth Lewis Central
4.-Rachel Thormann
Courtney Cefaratti
Alexis Stevens
Kamarie Perkins
57.07aNYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
5.-Shantia Isiah
Elaine Cruz
Bethany Eassa
Christina Miller
4x400 Relay
1.-Ronni Ehlers
Angela Hutchinson
Gabby Hartley
Christina Platt
4:18.21aNYSouth Lewis Central
2.-Makele Shanks
Jaynna Nieves
Taylor Baynham
Meghan Everett
4:34.36aNYIndian River
3.-Kylie Snow
Delaney Ward
Aubrey Harrington
Olivia Barker
4:52.24aNYSouth Jefferson
4.-Kelsey Sammon
Ellexis Cecconi
Devan Wolf
Emily Finn
5:07.48aNYLowville Academy-Central
4x800 Relay
1.-Devan Wolf
Erin Fayle
Anna Platz
Serena Vargulick
10:46.06aNYLowville Academy-Central
2.-Alexandra Doney
Sierra Corbett
Christina Platt
Tori Campanian
10:51.85aNYSouth Lewis Central
3.-Erin Hesse
Angela Petrus
Emerald Pfeffer
Malia Wallace
11:45.58aNYIndian River
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Ellory Roberts30' 2.50NYLowville Academy-Central
2.12Elaine Mathis29' 9.50NYSouth Lewis Central
3.11Elizabeth Kolodgy27' 0.50NYIndian River
4.11Hannah Griffin26' 9.00NYSouth Lewis Central
5.11Megan Washburn26' 1.00NYSouth Jefferson
6.11Leah Conners25' 11.25NYSouth Jefferson
7.9Kylee Bartlett25' 6.25NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
8.12Ashley Capone25' 5.25NYLowville Academy-Central
9.12Alisha Fregoe25' 3.00NYSouth Jefferson
10.9Hope Bryant24' 0.25NYWatertown
Discus - 1kg
1.11Hannah Griffin92' 7.00NYSouth Lewis Central
2.12Elaine Mathis92' 1.00NYSouth Lewis Central
3.11Leah Conners87' 3.00NYSouth Jefferson
4.11Elizabeth Kolodgy80' 3.00NYIndian River
5.11Megan Washburn65' 10.00NYSouth Jefferson
6.12Jasmine Beltran64' 7.00NYIndian River
7.10Kathleen Cavanaugh62' 3.00NYSouth Lewis Central
8.9Rachel Pridell58' 10.00NYLowville Academy-Central
9.10Kelsey McLean57' 4.00NYLowville Academy-Central
10.10Michaela Gaylord56' 5.00NYSouth Jefferson
High Jump
1.9Kylee Bartlett5' 1.25NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
2.9Skylar Pastor4' 8.00NYSouth Jefferson
12Anna Valentine4' 8.00NYWatertown
4.11Gabby Hartley4' 6.00NYSouth Lewis Central
12Sara Young4' 6.00NYSouth Lewis Central
12Sabrina Jantzi4' 6.00NYLowville Academy-Central
10Olivia Barker4' 6.00NYSouth Jefferson
8.12Ashley Capone4' 5.00NYLowville Academy-Central
9.11Kailey Mitchell4' 4.00NYIndian River
10.9Courtney Cavellier4' 3.50NYSouth Jefferson
Pole Vault
1.12Sara Young10' 0.00NYSouth Lewis Central
2.12Kerri Keegan8' 6.00NYSouth Jefferson
12Emmaline Voss8' 6.00NYSouth Jefferson
4.10Rachel Thormann7' 0.00NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
5.8Christina Platt6' 6.00NYSouth Lewis Central
6.9Anika Felix6' 0.00NYIndian River
11Kailey Mitchell6' 0.00NYIndian River
Long Jump
1.9Kylee Bartlett15' 11.50NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
2.12Elaine Cruz15' 3.75NYWatertown
3.12Sabrina Jantzi15' 3.00NYLowville Academy-Central
4.12Ashley Capone14' 2.25NYLowville Academy-Central
5.9Courtney Cavellier14' 1.00NYSouth Jefferson
6.12Angela Hutchinson13' 11.50NYSouth Lewis Central
7.12Kamarie Perkins13' 10.50NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
8.10Mikaela Rutter13' 9.00NYSouth Jefferson
9.9Shantia Isiah12' 10.25NYWatertown
10.10Ellexis Cecconi12' 9.50NYLowville Academy-Central
Triple Jump
1.9Alexis Olmstead31' 4.00NYSouth Lewis Central
2.12Meghan Everett30' 8.50NYIndian River
3.11Ronni Ehlers30' 4.50NYSouth Lewis Central
4.12Angela Hutchinson30' 2.00NYSouth Lewis Central
5.10Leah Denny30' 0.75NYSouth Jefferson
6.12Emmaline Voss29' 7.50NYSouth Jefferson
7.9Serena Vargulick29' 7.00NYLowville Academy-Central
8.12Angela Petrus29' 4.50NYIndian River
9.10Rachel Thormann27' 9.00NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown
10.9Taylor Benedict24' 11.25NYAltmar Parish-Williamstown

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