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Charlotte Independent Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.10Bo Hines11.04cNCCharlotte Christian
2.11Bryon Fields11.14cNCProvidence Day
3.11Royce Turnbull11.17aNCCharlotte Country Day
4.12Zack Tysinger11.27aNCCannon
5.12JD Wimbish11.29aNCCannon
12States Lee11.29aNCCharlotte Country Day
7.11Hayden Sanders11.39aNCCharlotte Christian
8.12Haamid Williams11.45aNCProvidence Day
9.12Spencer Ball11.74cNCCharlotte Latin
10.12William Roberts11.76aNCCharlotte Country Day
200 Meters
1.12States Lee22.30aNCCharlotte Country Day
2.11Royce Turnbull22.70aNCCharlotte Country Day
3.11Bryon Fields22.73aNCProvidence Day
4.10Bo Hines23.26aNCCharlotte Christian
5.12Spencer Ball23.44aNCCharlotte Latin
6.12William Roberts23.54cNCCharlotte Country Day
7.10Byron Smith23.65aNCCharlotte Country Day
8.12Zack Tysinger23.78aNCCannon
9.12JD Wimbish23.79aNCCannon
10.11Hayden Sanders23.86aNCCharlotte Christian
400 Meters
1.11Bryon Fields49.43aNCProvidence Day
2.12States Lee49.66aNCCharlotte Country Day
3.12Tyler Mott51.17aNCCharlotte Latin
4.12Rob Saunders51.87aNCCharlotte Country Day
5.12Chase Cisne52.45aNCCharlotte Latin
6.9Walker Cisne52.77aNCCharlotte Latin
7.10Cameron Hightower53.19aNCCharlotte Latin
8.10James Finch53.35aNCCharlotte Christian
9.11Patrick Shearer53.47aNCProvidence Day
10.10Evan Gray53.48aNCProvidence Day
800 Meters
1.12Rob Saunders1:58.27aNCCharlotte Country Day
2.10Ben Huffman2:02.69aNCProvidence Day
3.10Evan Gray2:04.75aNCProvidence Day
4.12Reed Payne2:05.40NCProvidence Day
5.9Nick Linder2:05.80NCProvidence Day
6.10James Finch2:06.40NCCharlotte Christian
7.11Michael Metzger2:06.41aNCCharlotte Latin
8.12Conor Jones2:07.01aNCCharlotte Country Day
9.11Patrick Shearer2:07.97aNCProvidence Day
10.9James Miller2:08.66aNCCharlotte Country Day
1500 Meters
1.9Nick Linder4:31.00NCProvidence Day
2.10Evan Gray4:47.20NCProvidence Day
3.11Matthew McCorkle4:48.70NCProvidence Day
4.10Jimmy Messmer4:49.80NCProvidence Day
5.9Ryan Payne4:59.80NCProvidence Day
6.11Austin Gray5:00.60NCProvidence Day
7.12Ryan Melton5:00.90NCProvidence Day
8.10Matthew Bacon5:01.30NCProvidence Day
9.12Peter Bowman5:01.80NCCharlotte Latin
10.10Austin Buben5:05.10NCProvidence Day
1600 Meters
1.10Ben Huffman4:28.46aNCProvidence Day
2.12Reed Payne4:31.79aNCProvidence Day
3.9Nick Linder4:35.21aNCProvidence Day
4.12John Good4:35.63aNCCharlotte Christian
5.12Rob Saunders4:38.50NCCharlotte Country Day
6.12Tim Gruber4:43.00NCCannon
7.9Patrick Hunter4:45.79aNCCannon
8.9James Miller4:47.04aNCCharlotte Country Day
9.11Eric Wineteer4:47.51aNCProvidence Day
10.12Eddie Lee4:54.01aNCCharlotte Latin
3200 Meters
1.10Ben Huffman9:42.22aNCProvidence Day
2.12Reed Payne9:51.24aNCProvidence Day
3.12Tim Gruber9:58.80aNCCannon
4.9Nick Linder10:03.90aNCProvidence Day
5.12John Good10:13.40aNCCharlotte Christian
6.9Patrick Hunter10:16.09aNCCannon
7.11Mark McAlister10:18.49aNCCharlotte Latin
8.10Jimmy Messmer10:49.69aNCProvidence Day
9.11Eric Wineteer11:04.30NCProvidence Day
10.10Eli Barr11:13.82aNCProvidence Day
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Ty Smith15.81aNCCharlotte Latin
2.12Marco Ricci15.93aNCCharlotte Latin
3.9Josh Broadway16.29aNCCharlotte Christian
4.10Akanimo Eyo16.65aNCCharlotte Country Day
5.10Matthew Wingard17.41aNCCharlotte Latin
6.11Alex Johnson17.88aNCCharlotte Christian
7.11Will Conlin18.02aNCProvidence Day
8.10Sabree Edwards18.81aNCCannon
9.11Alexander Simpson19.03aNCCharlotte Country Day
10.9Christian Ortiz19.63aNCProvidence Day
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Marco Ricci41.50aNCCharlotte Latin
2.11Alex Johnson42.70aNCCharlotte Christian
3.10Danny Morrow43.04cNCProvidence Day
4.9Josh Broadway43.36aNCCharlotte Christian
5.12Ty Smith43.77aNCCharlotte Latin
6.11Will Conlin44.87aNCProvidence Day
7.10Jordan Harris45.46aNCCharlotte Latin
8.10Thomas Nations45.67aNCCharlotte Christian
9.11Alexander Simpson45.99aNCCharlotte Country Day
10.10Matthew Wingard46.26aNCCharlotte Latin
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Marco Ricci59.88aNCCharlotte Latin
2.9Jack Schulte69.77aNCCharlotte Country Day
3.11Alexander Simpson70.99aNCCharlotte Country Day
4x100 Relay
1.-Akanimo Eyo
States Lee
William Roberts
Byron Smith
43.86aNCCharlotte Country Day
2.-Tristan Gordon
Allen Tate
Spencer Ball
Ty Smith
44.97aNCCharlotte Latin
3.-Jason Willix
JD Wimbish
Mitchell Carlson
Zack Tysinger
4.-Relay Team46.34cNCProvidence Day
5.-Bo Hines
Hayden Sanders
Alex Johnson
Mark Igbinadolor
46.78aNCCharlotte Christian
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team1:31.20NCCharlotte Country Day
2.-Cameron Hightower
Spencer Ball
Tyler Mott
Ty Smith
1:32.44aNCCharlotte Latin
3.-Relay Team1:33.10NCProvidence Day
4.-Alex Johnson
James Finch
Hayden Sanders
Bo Hines
1:34.42aNCCharlotte Christian
5.-Jason Willix
Evan Wimbish
Mitchell Carlson
Zack Tysinger
4x400 Relay
1.-Andrew Kral
Bryon Fields
Jaylin Counts
Evan Gray
3:30.31aNCProvidence Day
2.-Cameron Hightower
Marco Ricci
Walker Cisne
Tyler Mott
3:32.53aNCCharlotte Latin
3.-Martin Lee
William Roberts
Rob Saunders
States Lee
3:33.25aNCCharlotte Country Day
4.-Thomas Nations
Michael Good
John Good
James Finch
3:38.39aNCCharlotte Christian
5.-David Shaw
Kevin Ross
Mitchell Carlson
Jason Willix
4x800 Relay
1.-Evan Gray
Ben Huffman
Reed Payne
Nick Linder
8:13.33aNCProvidence Day
2.-Rob Saunders
Conor Jones
James Miller
Justin Robinson
8:31.90aNCCharlotte Country Day
3.-Tyler Mott
Cameron Hightower
Michael Metzger
Eddie Lee
8:37.17aNCCharlotte Latin
4.-John Good
Michael Good
James Finch
Christian Taylor
8:42.81aNCCharlotte Christian
5.-Patrick Hunter
Steven Bennett
Andrew Nielsen
David Shaw
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Charlie Sowers
Bryon Fields
Blake Wessinger
Luke Henegar
1:41.90NCProvidence Day
2.-Relay Team1:43.40NCCharlotte Country Day
-Relay Team1:43.40NCCharlotte Latin
4.-JD Wimbish
Dre Reid
Zack Tysinger
Mitchell Carlson
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Reed Payne
Andrew Kral
Ben Huffman
Patrick Shearer
11:17.10NCProvidence Day
2.-Conor Jones
Justin Robinson
William Glenn
Rob Saunders
11:34.60NCCharlotte Country Day
3.-Patrick Hunter
Steven Bennett
Nik Stylianou
Tim Gruber
4.-Peter Bowman
Jay Kane
Brad Hamilton
Mark McAlister
12:37.40NCCharlotte Latin
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Marcel Souffrant48' 2.35NCCharlotte Country Day
2.10Jeb Blazevich47' 10.00NCCharlotte Christian
3.12Martin Comer43' 0.50NCCharlotte Country Day
4.12Kevin Ross41' 2.88NCCannon
5.12Alex Payne40' 9.37NCCharlotte Christian
6.12Haamid Williams40' 9.00NCProvidence Day
7.10Cameron Finley40' 3.00NCCharlotte Country Day
8.10Connor Maitland40' 2.28NCCharlotte Christian
9.10Michael Stanback40' 2.00NCCharlotte Country Day
10.11Travis Hedger39' 6.41NCProvidence Day
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Kevin Ross125' 9.00NCCannon
2.12Marcel Souffrant123' 10.22NCCharlotte Country Day
3.12Brent Thompson121' 9.50NCCharlotte Country Day
4.11Travis Hedger116' 4.00NCProvidence Day
5.10Cameron Finley115' 9.00NCCharlotte Country Day
6.10Michael Stanback112' 2.00NCCharlotte Country Day
7.12Martin Comer111' 6.19NCCharlotte Country Day
8.9Toby Okwara109' 0.00NCCharlotte Latin
9.9Henry Jones107' 8.00NCCharlotte Country Day
10.10Kevin Gregor106' 9.00NCProvidence Day
High Jump
1.11Alex Julian6' 4.00NCCharlotte Latin
2.12Charlie Sowers6' 1.00NCProvidence Day
3.11Branden Franz5' 11.65NCCharlotte Country Day
4.10Akanimo Eyo5' 8.00NCCharlotte Country Day
5.9Michael White5' 4.00NCCharlotte Country Day
9Dre Reid5' 4.00NCCannon
9Nik Stylianou5' 4.00NCCannon
8.10Melvin Howie5' 2.00NCProvidence Day
9JT Fortenberry5' 2.00NCCharlotte Latin
10.11James Yeldell5' 0.00NCProvidence Day
Pole Vault
1.11Alex Julian12' 0.00NCCharlotte Latin
2.10Ryan Acks11' 6.00NCCharlotte Latin
3.12Dan McCauley11' 0.00NCProvidence Day
11Will Conlin11' 0.00NCProvidence Day
5.9JT Fortenberry10' 6.00NCCharlotte Latin
10Ryan Love10' 6.00NCCharlotte Latin
12Matt Humphrey10' 6.00NCProvidence Day
8.11Austin Gray10' 5.98NCProvidence Day
9.10Akanimo Eyo10' 0.00NCCharlotte Country Day
10.9Colin Tidwell9' 6.00NCCharlotte Latin
Long Jump
1.12Charlie Sowers19' 11.25NCProvidence Day
2.12Mark Igbinadolor19' 3.00NCCharlotte Christian
3.10Bo Hines19' 2.00NCCharlotte Christian
12Haamid Williams19' 2.00NCProvidence Day
5.12JD Wimbish19' 1.00NCCannon
6.10James Mingoes18' 9.00NCCharlotte Latin
7.12Nori Hill18' 6.83NCCharlotte Latin
8.11James Yeldell18' 2.75NCProvidence Day
9.10Byron Smith18' 0.00NCCharlotte Country Day
10.12Jason Willix17' 7.00NCCannon
Triple Jump
1.12Mark Igbinadolor42' 0.72NCCharlotte Christian
2.10Jackson Goode40' 9.76NCCharlotte Country Day
3.10Jordan Harris40' 5.83NCCharlotte Latin
4.12Marco Ricci39' 10.00NCCharlotte Latin
5.10James Mingoes39' 7.00NCCharlotte Latin
6.12Nori Hill39' 4.00NCCharlotte Latin
7.12Charlie Sowers39' 0.00NCProvidence Day
8.12Jason Willix38' 8.00NCCannon
9.9Michael White38' 2.25NCCharlotte Country Day
10.9Trent Martensen37' 11.75NCCharlotte Latin

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.11Arielle Massillon12.54cNCProvidence Day
2.12Stephanie Coma12.90aNCCharlotte Latin
3.9Jordan Wallace13.14cNCCannon
4.9Dara Tokunboh13.24cNCCannon
5.10Amanda Onwukwe13.29aNCCharlotte Latin
6.11Kelsie Grice13.33aNCCharlotte Country Day
7.11Jessica Gregory13.62aNCCharlotte Country Day
8.9Cece Ferrette13.83aNCProvidence Day
9.9Nia Scarboro13.84aNCProvidence Day
10.12Laura Hogan13.93aNCCharlotte Christian
200 Meters
1.11Arielle Massillon26.69aNCProvidence Day
2.12Stephanie Coma26.93aNCCharlotte Latin
3.10Kaytlyn Gill27.34cNCCharlotte Christian
4.9Jordan Wallace27.74aNCCannon
5.9Dara Tokunboh28.34cNCCannon
6.9Cece Ferrette28.61aNCProvidence Day
7.10Hayden Shoffner29.06aNCCharlotte Latin
8.11Sarah Whelan29.14cNCProvidence Day
9.9Nia Scarboro29.20aNCProvidence Day
10.9Gloria Babwana29.24cNCCharlotte Country Day
12Hannah Wilson29.24cNCProvidence Day
400 Meters
1.10Sarah Whitmore60.10aNCCharlotte Latin
2.11Sarah Whelan60.71aNCProvidence Day
3.11Arielle Massillon61.76aNCProvidence Day
4.9Courtney Joyner63.34cNCProvidence Day
5.11Amanda McFeeley64.24cNCProvidence Day
12Hannah Wilson64.24cNCProvidence Day
7.9Emma Brown65.04aNCProvidence Day
8.11Caroline Beuley65.24cNCCharlotte Latin
9.10Allyson Quillin66.44cNCCharlotte Country Day
10.10Laura Gill66.94cNCCharlotte Latin
12Katelyn Decherd66.94cNCCharlotte Christian
800 Meters
1.9Emma Brown2:24.16aNCProvidence Day
2.12Hannah Wilson2:26.62aNCProvidence Day
3.11Amanda McFeeley2:27.60NCProvidence Day
4.10Tricia Murphy2:29.38aNCCharlotte Latin
5.10Katie McDowell2:30.67aNCCharlotte Latin
6.10Laura Gill2:31.33aNCCharlotte Latin
7.10Allyson Quillin2:33.96aNCCharlotte Country Day
8.10Cassidy Greshko2:34.50NCProvidence Day
9.11Caroline Beuley2:35.20NCCharlotte Latin
10.9Niki Plaus2:36.20NCProvidence Day
1500 Meters
1.9Sarah Richman5:36.50NCProvidence Day
2.12Molly Yandle5:38.80NCProvidence Day
3.9Niki Plaus5:40.30NCProvidence Day
4.12Claire Pace5:46.60NCCharlotte Latin
5.10Kimmy Baudhuin5:49.30NCProvidence Day
6.10Addy Collett5:50.40NCCharlotte Latin
7.10Lea Kokenes5:55.20NCCharlotte Latin
8.9Katherine Heffner5:56.40NCProvidence Day
9.9Samantha Gilstrap6:03.90NCProvidence Day
10.9Elissa Scherer6:05.20NCProvidence Day
1600 Meters
1.9Emma Brown5:23.39aNCProvidence Day
2.10Tricia Murphy5:32.85aNCCharlotte Latin
3.10Laura Gill5:35.96aNCCharlotte Latin
4.10Katie McDowell5:36.44aNCCharlotte Latin
5.10Allyson Quillin5:36.50aNCCharlotte Country Day
6.9Niki Plaus5:36.79aNCProvidence Day
7.9Sarah Richman5:43.82aNCProvidence Day
8.12Claire Pace5:46.20aNCCharlotte Latin
9.10Addy Collett5:46.54aNCCharlotte Latin
10.12Molly Yandle5:57.00NCProvidence Day
3200 Meters
1.9Emma Brown11:41.39aNCProvidence Day
2.10Katie McDowell12:15.49aNCCharlotte Latin
3.10Tricia Murphy12:21.37aNCCharlotte Latin
4.9Niki Plaus12:27.35aNCProvidence Day
5.9Sarah Richman12:30.01aNCProvidence Day
6.10Allyson Quillin12:35.46aNCCharlotte Country Day
7.12Molly Yandle12:38.13aNCProvidence Day
8.12Claire Pace12:46.67aNCCharlotte Latin
9.10Laura Gill12:57.20NCCharlotte Latin
10.10Kimmy Baudhuin13:12.13aNCProvidence Day
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Sarah Whitmore15.91aNCCharlotte Latin
2.12Katelyn Decherd16.74aNCCharlotte Christian
3.10Mia Wilson16.80aNCCharlotte Country Day
4.10Lauren Burton16.84cNCCharlotte Latin
5.12Jane Campbell17.70aNCCannon
6.11Jill Lally17.94cNCProvidence Day
7.10Rachel Rolband18.49aNCProvidence Day
8.9Caroline Cary18.95aNCCharlotte Latin
9.11Mari Pillmore18.99aNCCharlotte Christian
10.11Amanda McFeeley19.04cNCProvidence Day
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Mia Wilson46.60aNCCharlotte Country Day
2.10Sarah Whitmore48.34cNCCharlotte Latin
3.12Katelyn Decherd50.08aNCCharlotte Christian
4.10Lauren Burton52.54aNCCharlotte Latin
5.9Tabia Smith52.55aNCCharlotte Latin
6.10Rachel Rolband53.91aNCProvidence Day
7.9Caroline Cary54.27aNCCharlotte Latin
8.11Mari Pillmore54.74cNCCharlotte Christian
9.9Katherine Heffner58.94cNCProvidence Day
10.9Kelli Baker61.64cNCCannon
4x100 Relay
1.-Hayden Shoffner
Amanda Onwukwe
Lily Beck
Stephanie Coma
51.79aNCCharlotte Latin
2.-Laura Hogan
Katelyn Decherd
Carson Kowar
Katelyn Gill
52.33aNCCharlotte Christian
3.-Katrina Smith
Jessica Gregory
Hope Simonoko
Kelsie Grice
53.35aNCCharlotte Country Day
4.-Sandie Bonwinkor
Josephine Grimmer
Nia Scarboro
Cece Ferrette
53.36aNCProvidence Day
5.-Jane Campbell
Olivia Somerville
Dara Tokunboh
Jordan Wallace
4x200 Relay
1.-Hayden Shoffner
Sarah Whitmore
Lily Beck
Stephanie Coma
1:50.98aNCCharlotte Latin
2.-Relay Team1:51.60NCCharlotte Christian
3.-Sarah Whelan
Nia Scarboro
Hannah Wilson
Josephine Grimmer
1:53.01aNCProvidence Day
4.-Katrina Smith
Jessica Gregory
Hope Simonoko
Kelsie Grice
1:53.72aNCCharlotte Country Day
5.-Jane Campbell
Jordan Wallace
Emily Lancaster
Dara Tokunboh
4x400 Relay
1.-Courtney Joyner
Hannah Wilson
Arielle Massillon
Sarah Whelan
4:11.62aNCProvidence Day
2.-Mia Wilson
Allyson Quillin
Natalie Kamerer
Kelsie Grice
4:17.93aNCCharlotte Country Day
3.-Caroline Beuley
Sarah Whitmore
Lea Kokenes
Laura Gill
4:24.14aNCCharlotte Latin
4.-Catherine McCreary
Mari Pillmore
Sidney Goldstein
Laura Hogan
4:51.15aNCCharlotte Christian
5.-Emily Lancaster
Bekah Harmon
Cassie Calvert
Darby West
4x800 Relay
1.-Emma Brown
Amanda McFeeley
Hannah Wilson
Nicole Plaus
9:48.28aNCProvidence Day
2.-Caroline Beuley
Laura Gill
Katie McDowell
Tricia Murphy
10:10.05aNCCharlotte Latin
3.-Lauren McFayden
Natalie Kamerer
Caroline Plyler
Allyson Quillin
10:44.15aNCCharlotte Country Day
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Stephanie Coma
Lily Beck
Tabia Smith
Sarah Whitmore
2:02.60NCCharlotte Latin
2.-Elizabeth Marks
Nia Scarborough
Cassidy Greshko
Renee Parris
2:04.10NCProvidence Day
3.-Jessica Gregory
Gloria Babwana
Katrina Smith
Kelsie Grice
2:04.20NCCharlotte Country Day
4.-Dara Tokunboh
Jordan Wallace
Jane Campbell
Emily Lancaster
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Amanda McFeeley
Hannah Wilson
Kimmy Baudhuin
Emma Brown
13:49.10NCProvidence Day
2.-Laura Gill
Caroline Beuley
Katie McDowell
Tricia Murphy
14:11.10NCCharlotte Latin
3.-Emily Borrello
Kathryn Kennedy
Molly Quillin
Allyson Quillin
15:07.20NCCharlotte Country Day
4.-Darby West
Bekah Harmon
Kelli Baker
Cassie Calvert
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Dacia Thompson38' 8.00NCProvidence Day
2.12Olivia Parker31' 3.00NCProvidence Day
3.11Sarah Drummond30' 3.50NCCharlotte Christian
4.10Meghan Flowers28' 1.00NCCharlotte Latin
5.10Renee Parris27' 5.00NCProvidence Day
6.11Caroline Dennehy26' 3.00NCCharlotte Christian
7.11Madeline Kestler25' 11.00NCProvidence Day
8.10Sydney Goldstein25' 7.00NCCharlotte Christian
9.11Hunter Hess25' 0.50NCCharlotte Country Day
10.12Jackie Ramdin24' 8.25NCCannon
Discus - 1kg
1.11Madeline Kestler98' 6.68NCProvidence Day
2.12Dacia Thompson93' 10.00NCProvidence Day
3.12Jackie Ramdin92' 7.81NCCannon
4.10Annie Smith84' 3.00NCProvidence Day
5.10Renee Parris83' 2.50NCProvidence Day
6.11Sarah Drummond80' 5.00NCCharlotte Christian
7.11Hunter Hess79' 3.50NCCharlotte Country Day
8.9Jodie Jackson78' 5.50NCCannon
9.10Meghan Flowers69' 1.00NCCharlotte Latin
10.9Rachel Parris69' 0.00NCProvidence Day
High Jump
1.11Morgan Goodson5' 2.00NCProvidence Day
2.12Katelyn Decherd5' 0.00NCCharlotte Christian
11Carson Kowar5' 0.00NCCharlotte Christian
4.9Samantha Gilstrap4' 8.00NCProvidence Day
5.9Lily Beck4' 6.00NCCharlotte Latin
9Sandie Bonwinkor4' 6.00NCProvidence Day
10Kaytlyn Gill4' 6.00NCCharlotte Christian
8.9Megan McCorkle4' 0.00NCProvidence Day
Pole Vault
1.10Emily Ho8' 6.00NCCharlotte Latin
2.10Sarah Tomlin8' 2.00NCCharlotte Latin
3.10Rachel Rolband7' 11.67NCProvidence Day
4.9Kelly Albert7' 6.00NCProvidence Day
5.9Madison Hall7' 0.00NCCharlotte Latin
6.12Sophia Tucker6' 11.86NCProvidence Day
7.10Madison Hall6' 7.00NCCharlotte Latin
8.10Annie Smith6' 1.00NCProvidence Day
Long Jump
1.10Kaytlyn Gill16' 5.50NCCharlotte Christian
2.11Carson Kowar15' 11.73NCCharlotte Christian
3.9Sandie Bonwinkor15' 7.80NCProvidence Day
4.10Amanda Onwukwe15' 4.00NCCharlotte Latin
5.9Kelly Albert15' 1.89NCProvidence Day
6.10Mia Wilson15' 0.00NCCharlotte Country Day
7.9Lily Beck14' 10.50NCCharlotte Latin
8.11Jill Lally14' 6.00NCProvidence Day
9.11Morgan Goodson14' 4.50NCProvidence Day
10.9Elizabeth Marks14' 3.65NCProvidence Day
Triple Jump
1.11Morgan Goodson35' 1.65NCProvidence Day
2.10Amanda Onwukwe34' 1.84NCCharlotte Latin
3.11Jill Lally33' 10.00NCProvidence Day
4.12Laura Hogan32' 5.76NCCharlotte Christian
5.11Carson Kowar32' 2.75NCCharlotte Christian
6.9Lily Beck31' 8.31NCCharlotte Latin
7.10Sydney Goldstein26' 11.25NCCharlotte Christian

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