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14 Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.12Johnny Tubbs11.30aTXWills Point
2.-Aaron Smith11.84aTXLindale
3.9Deandre Williams11.85aTXLindale
4.-Reece Sumner12.03awTXCanton
5.10Jesse Hudson12.14cTXEmory Rains
6.10Michael Diaz12.34cTXEmory Rains
7.-Mike Jones12.64cTXEmory Rains
200 Meters
1.12Ray Gaines22.48aTXWills Point
2.-Dakota Hesskew23.41awTXCanton
3.-Hunter Hopkins23.55aTXVan
4.-Conner Eiland24.63awTXCanton
5.-Jared Barnett24.84cTXEmory Rains
6.10Michael Diaz25.54cTXEmory Rains
400 Meters
1.11Lachlan Brown51.87aTXEmory Rains
2.11Tony Sanchez52.64aTXVan
3.-Damien Lopez54.94aTXCanton
4.10Jesse Hudson55.74cTXEmory Rains
5.11Hunter Dickens57.24cTXEmory Rains
6.10Gannon Brown57.64cTXEmory Rains
7.10Grant Russell57.94cTXEmory Rains
8.-Timothy Stone66.54cTXEmory Rains
800 Meters
1.12Matthew Cecotti1:59.48aTXLindale
2.11Lachlan Brown2:02.04aTXEmory Rains
3.12Ethan Fields2:07.62aTXCanton
1600 Meters
1.12Matthew Cecotti4:37.43aTXLindale
2.10Jeffrey Watson4:52.40aTXLindale
3.12Dan Gudger4:55.23aTXEmory Rains
3200 Meters
1.10Jeffrey Watson10:30.71aTXLindale
2.12Dan Gudger10:51.20TXEmory Rains
3.-Ruben Lopez11:02.26aTXLindale
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Joseph Thompson15.94aTXWills Point
2.-Scott Munroe18.02aTXCanton
3.11Fernando Venages18.54cTXEmory Rains
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Fernando Venages42.34cTXEmory Rains
2.-Bret Branson43.50aTXCanton
3.-Conner Lind44.28aTXLindale
4x100 Relay
1.-Trey Acy
Tanthony Griffin
Demarcus Lynch
Deandre Williams
2.-Colton Williams
Reece Sumner
Conner Eiland
Dakota Hesskew
3.-Billy Raibon
Hunter Hopkins
Jacob Tobias
Dalton Santos
4x200 Relay
1.-Trey Acy
Tanthony Griffin
Demarcus Lynch
Aaron Smith
2.-Colton Williams
Reece Sumner
Conner Eiland
Dakota Hesskew
3.-Jesse Hudson
Lachlan Brown
Grant Russell
Michael Diaz
1:35.30TXEmory Rains
4x400 Relay
1.-Tanthony Griffin
Trenton Sir Louis
Joel Small
Matthew Cecotti
2.-Lachlan Brown
Jessie Hudson
Fernando Venages
Grant Russell
3:38.77aTXEmory Rains
3.-Mason Welch
Kaden Wallace
Taylor Sikorsky
Angel Castilleja
3:40.65aTXQuinlan Ford
4.-Relay Team3:48.08aTXCanton
Shot Put - 12lb
1.-Dalton Santos49' 7.50TXVan
2.12Micah Simmons48' 2.00TXLindale
3.-Bryan Schultz39' 9.75TXQuinlan Ford
Discus - 1.6kg
1.-Dalton Santos148' 5.00TXVan
2.12Jonathon Northcutt122' 3.00TXEmory Rains
3.-James Melton120' 5.00TXQuinlan Ford
4.12Micah Simmons118' 8.00TXLindale
5.11Shawn Smith117' 2.00TXEmory Rains
High Jump
1.-Austin Drawbond6' 0.00TXLindale
2.-Aaron Smith5' 10.00TXLindale
Pole Vault
1.-Greg Stiles13' 0.00TXLindale
2.10Jesse Hudson12' 6.00TXEmory Rains
12Billy Kelm12' 6.00TXLindale
-Skylar Cotton12' 6.00TXVan
5.-Caleb Kuntzman12' 0.00TXVan
-Corey Evans12' 0.00TXLindale
7.-Lucas Sartain11' 6.00TXVan
8.-Brian Wilson11' 1.00TXLindale
9.-Conner Lind10' 6.00TXLindale
10.-Bradley Curtis10' 0.00TXVan
Long Jump
1.-Aaron Smith22' 1.00wTXLindale
2.-Billy Raibon21' 10.75TXVan
3.10Grant Russell21' 0.75TXEmory Rains
4.10Michael Diaz18' 3.50TXEmory Rains
Triple Jump
1.12Stevie Burch46' 11.50wTXWills Point
2.10Grant Russell43' 1.50TXEmory Rains
3.-Billy Raibon41' 1.75TXVan
4.-Jared Barnett36' 7.00TXEmory Rains

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.10Mikala Denton12.34cTXWills Point
2.10Symonne Brookins12.95awTXLindale
3.11Bre-Tayla Davis13.14cTXWills Point
11Alice Elenes13.14cTXEmory Rains
5.9Charlotte Brown13.34cTXEmory Rains
6.-Chelsea Wilson14.54cTXEmory Rains
200 Meters
1.-Brittany Arnold25.91awTXCanton
2.10Mikala Denton26.04cTXWills Point
3.11Bre-Tayla Davis27.04cTXWills Point
4.-Brianna Rhines28.03awTXCanton
5.10Briley Cole28.04cTXEmory Rains
9Chelsea Garner28.04cTXEmory Rains
7.9Hannah Harris28.24cTXEmory Rains
8.-Zenobia Jones28.27aTXVan
9.-Chloe Rogers28.95awTXCanton
10.9Hannah Dickens30.14cTXEmory Rains
400 Meters
1.-Brittany Arnold57.67aTXCanton
2.-Harp Joshlyn60.94aTXLindale
3.10Stormy Judge63.24aTXEmory Rains
4.9Cartecia Dunn64.34cTXWills Point
5.10Francely Lopez64.94cTXEmory Rains
6.9Norma Cunigan66.20aTXWills Point
7.-Victoria Smith66.49aTXCanton
8.9Hannah Dickens67.04cTXEmory Rains
9.11Katelyn Kuhel67.54cTXWills Point
10.11Jordan Haynes67.74cTXWills Point
800 Meters
1.12Torie Talkington2:20.60TXEmory Rains
2.10Stormy Judge2:31.86aTXEmory Rains
3.10Kaylah Callaway2:33.93aTXLindale
4.9Chelsea Garner2:38.10TXEmory Rains
5.11Jordan Haynes2:38.6aTXWills Point
6.10Dani Pruitt2:40.55aTXCanton
7.11Katelyn Kuhel2:42.30TXWills Point
8.11Alexis Poarch2:43.60TXWills Point
1600 Meters
1.10Makaelea Schkade5:43.00TXWills Point
2.10Kaylah Callaway5:45.99aTXLindale
3.10Claudia Charles5:48.83aTXLindale
4.10Dani Pruitt5:54.74aTXCanton
5.10Mackenzie Roberts6:00.40TXWills Point
6.11Alice Elenes6:03.20TXEmory Rains
7.11Jordan Haynes6:24.40TXWills Point
3200 Meters
1.10Makaelea Schkade12:46.00TXWills Point
2.11Katherine Kindle12:49.10aTXCanton
3.12Samantha Bratcher12:56.76aTXCanton
4.10Ashlyn Dickerson13:06.22aTXCanton
5.10Mackenzie Roberts13:17.00TXWills Point
6.12Talour Williams13:40.90TXEmory Rains
7.11Alexis Poarch13:45.10TXWills Point
8.11Katelyn Kuhel14:51.00TXWills Point
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Gracie Tucker15.58awTXLindale
2.-Charleigh Tapia17.85aTXLindale
3.9Hailee Lancaster18.54cTXWills Point
4.-Caroline Munroe18.65awTXCanton
5.9Courtney Castleberry19.34cTXWills Point
6.-Katrina Gipson20.04cTXEmory Rains
7.12Dani Waymire20.24cTXWills Point
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Gracie Tucker47.11aTXLindale
2.-Charleigh Tapia51.66aTXLindale
3.9Courtney Castleberry52.711aTXWills Point
4.11Destini Spencer52.84cTXWills Point
5.9Hannah Harris53.24cTXEmory Rains
6.-Katrina Gipson54.04cTXEmory Rains
7.9Hailee Lancaster55.94cTXWills Point
4x100 Relay
1.-KeeAna Ward
Harp Joshlyn
Gracie Tucker
Symonne Brookins
2.-Meghan Phillips
Bre-Tayla Davis
Makaelea Schkade
Mikala Denton
50.42aTXWills Point
3.-Alice Elenes
Francely Lopez
Hannah Harris
Charlotte Brown
51.44cTXEmory Rains
4.-Zenobia Jones
Haleigh Moore
Annie Gable
Morgan McKenzie
4x200 Relay
1.-Alice Elenes
Francely Lopez
Hannah Harris
Briley Cole
1:49.39aTXEmory Rains
2.-Jade Mauldin
Shekinah Shively
KeeAna Ward
Symonne Brookins
3.-Carissa Luther
Haleigh Moore
Megan Calhoun
Zenobia Jones
4.-Megan Phillips
Deshanna Denton
Makaelea Schkade
Norma Cunigan
1:53.10TXWills Point
4x400 Relay
1.-Alice Elenes
Hannah Dickens
Charlotte Brown
Torie Talkington
4:11.57aTXEmory Rains
2.-Relay Team4:17.23aTXCanton
3.-Travicia Acy
Kaylah Callaway
Ashley Lacy
Harp Joshlyn
4.-Norma Cunigan
Jordan Haynes
Katelyn Kuhel
Cartecia Dunn
4:27.9aTXWills Point
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Holly Cunigan38' 9.50TXWills Point
2.11Heather Cunigan33' 11.00TXWills Point
3.9Norma Cunigan32' 3.50TXWills Point
4.10Tamera Burch32' 1.00TXWills Point
5.-Arrin Brown31' 8.00TXCanton
6.-Shayla Hill28' 8.00TXLindale
7.-Taylor Maxvill25' 6.00TXEmory Rains
8.10Shye Meador-McCray23' 11.50TXEmory Rains
9.10Katelyn DeLuche23' 10.00TXEmory Rains
Discus - 1kg
1.-Di'mond Edmond121' 3.00TXLindale
2.-Lashannae Jones107' 1.00TXVan
3.-Taylor Maxvill103' 11.25TXEmory Rains
4.11Holly Cunigan95' 2.00TXWills Point
5.11Lacey Polege90' 11.50TXWills Point
6.-Arrin Brown89' 5.00TXCanton
7.9Norma Cunigan85' 1.50TXWills Point
8.10Katelyn DeLuche80' 11.50TXEmory Rains
9.9Kaitlyn Hall69' 0.50TXWills Point
High Jump
1.9Travicia Acy5' 4.00TXLindale
2.-Katherine Rhodes5' 2.00TXVan
3.10Symonne Brookins5' 0.00TXLindale
4.11Bre-Tayla Davis4' 10.00TXWills Point
Pole Vault
1.9Charlotte Brown9' 6.00TXEmory Rains
2.9Noah Vittrup9' 0.00TXLindale
9Mackenzie Bateman9' 0.00TXLindale
10Shekinah Shively9' 0.00TXLindale
-Katrina Gipson9' 0.00TXEmory Rains
6.-Kellam Brook8' 6.00TXVan
-Ana Sharp8' 6.00TXCanton
-Katelyn Callaway8' 6.00TXCanton
9.9Brooke Adams8' 0.00TXWills Point
-Emory Elliot8' 0.00TXCanton
Long Jump
1.10Symonne Brookins16' 4.00wTXLindale
2.12Torie Talkington16' 1.50TXEmory Rains
3.9Chelsea Garner15' 7.75wTXEmory Rains
4.9Deshanna Denton15' 5.25TXWills Point
5.10Francely Lopez15' 2.00TXEmory Rains
6.10Peyton Thomas15' 0.50wTXVan
7.12Brittany White14' 9.25TXWills Point
8.9Hannah Harris14' 8.00TXEmory Rains
Triple Jump
1.10Mikala Denton37' 0.50TXWills Point
2.-Morgan McKenzie36' 6.50wTXVan
3.10Briley Cole34' 4.25TXEmory Rains
4.12Torie Talkington34' 2.00TXEmory Rains

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