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Hogoheegee Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.12Nick Hagy10.98aVAGeorge Wythe
2.11Andrew Storms11.22aVAGeorge Wythe
3.12Hunter Tolley11.39aVAGeorge Wythe
4.12Isaac Young11.43aVAGeorge Wythe
5.11Dominique Epps11.48aVARural Retreat
6.11Tyron Austin11.61aVAGeorge Wythe
7.10Gregory Hogston11.74aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
8.11Daniel Jean-baptiste12.02aVANorthwood
9.10Logan Henderson12.10aVANorthwood
10.9Trey Skeens12.19aVAGeorge Wythe
200 Meters
1.12Nick Hagy22.14aVAGeorge Wythe
2.11Andrew Storms22.84aVAGeorge Wythe
3.12Hunter Tolley23.43aVAGeorge Wythe
4.11Dominique Epps24.14aVARural Retreat
5.12Timothy McCloskey24.16aVAChilhowie
6.12Sam Hadaway24.28aVARural Retreat
7.10Gregory Hogston24.36aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
8.10Logan Henderson24.46aVANorthwood
9.9Travis Hedgepeth25.12aVAGeorge Wythe
10.9Trey Skeens25.63aVAGeorge Wythe
400 Meters
1.12Sam Hadaway51.58aVARural Retreat
2.12Isaac Young51.61aVAGeorge Wythe
3.11Tyron Austin52.39aVAGeorge Wythe
4.10Ryan Layman52.50aVAGeorge Wythe
5.12Timothy McCloskey53.86aVAChilhowie
6.-Wyatt Rasnake57.13aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
7.10Kyle Johnson59.16aVAHolston
8.10Ethan Allen59.54aVAHolston
9.9Channing Call60.24aVANorthwood
10.-Kevin Anderson60.64aVAHolston
800 Meters
1.11J.B Wright2:08.11aVARural Retreat
2.11Job Stanley2:09.02aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
3.10Brian Crockett2:10.78aVARural Retreat
4.11Eli Copenhaver2:21.55aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
5.-DJ Price2:24.24aVANorthwood
6.9Grayson Blackburn2:28.90aVAHolston
7.11Jake Caudill2:31.97aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
8.-Micheal Stewart2:37.26aVAGeorge Wythe
9.9Seth Thomas2:38.19aVAHolston
10.11Josh Goff2:40.97aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
1600 Meters
1.10Matthew Farmer4:36.47aVARural Retreat
2.11Job Stanley4:45.53aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
3.11Eli Copenhaver5:11.19aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
4.-Ryan Moore5:35.27aVAGeorge Wythe
5.11Jake Caudill5:36.00aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
6.-Matthew Foster5:37.30aVAChilhowie
7.-Brandon Testerman5:37.32aVAChilhowie
8.11Luke Poe5:40.87aVANorthwood
9.9Nathaniel Mitchell5:46.87aVANorthwood
10.9Grayson Blackburn5:48.85aVAHolston
3200 Meters
1.10Matthew Farmer10:56.24aVARural Retreat
2.11Job Stanley11:51.65aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
3.11Eli Copenhaver12:10.32aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
4.11Luke Poe12:20.59aVANorthwood
5.-Ryan Moore12:25.44aVAGeorge Wythe
6.10Ethan Allen12:51.18aVAHolston
7.11Sam Altizer12:53.31aVAHolston
8.11Dylan Osborne13:29.24aVANorthwood
9.9Nathaniel Mitchell13:29.30aVANorthwood
10.12Billy Chandler13:31.49aVARural Retreat
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Andrei Stoker16.18aVAGeorge Wythe
2.11Dominique Crockett17.02aVAGeorge Wythe
3.10Dre Cook17.33aVAGeorge Wythe
4.10Cody Puckett18.34aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
5.11Chaz Jones18.43aVANorthwood
6.-Matthew Osborne20.00aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
7.-Stone Mullins20.78aVARural Retreat
8.-Nolan Ryan22.67aVARural Retreat
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Andrei Stoker43.21aVAGeorge Wythe
2.10Cody Puckett43.26aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
3.9Elijah Onks43.90aVAGeorge Wythe
4.11Chaz Jones44.00aVANorthwood
5.11Ethan Miller44.78aVAHolston
6.11Dominique Crockett48.00aVAGeorge Wythe
7.-Matthew Osborne49.43aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
8.-Dovid Chapman55.48aVANorthwood
9.-Stone Mullins55.90aVARural Retreat
10.-Nolan Ryan56.48aVARural Retreat
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team42.62aVAGeorge Wythe
2.-Johnny Thomas
Brian Crockett
Tyler Holliday
Dominique Epps
46.61aVARural Retreat
3.-Chaz Jones
Daniel Jean-baptiste
Logan Henderson
Channing Call
4.-Zach Farmer
Evan Cole
Seth Thomas
Ethan Allen
5.-Billy Graham
Cody Bartley
Ethan Forrester
Matthew Osborne
51.58aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team1:32.85aVAGeorge Wythe
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team3:29.88aVAGeorge Wythe
2.-Relay Team3:32.74aVARural Retreat
3.-Wyatt Rasnake
William Keesee
Cody Puckett
Gregory Hogston
3:52.84aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
4.-Ethan Miller
Grayson Blackburn
Anderson Kevin
Kyle Johnson
5.-Dovid Chapman
DJ Price
Channing Call
Dylan Osborne
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Isiah Thomas
Ethan Miller
Evan Cole
Grayson Blackburn
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Myron Wynn50' 10.50VAGeorge Wythe
2.-Dakota Martin43' 1.50VAGeorge Wythe
3.11Cody Rasnick43' 0.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
4.-Stacy Taylor42' 4.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
5.10Connor Patton41' 10.00VARural Retreat
6.-Wyatt Rasnake41' 8.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
7.-Jacob Lawson41' 4.00VARural Retreat
8.11Jhiran Phillips40' 6.00VAGeorge Wythe
12J.R. Taylor40' 6.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
10.11Isiah Thomas37' 5.00VAHolston
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Myron Wynn149' 7.00VAGeorge Wythe
2.12Matthew Coleman124' 4.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
3.12Chase Coleman120' 7.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
4.11Jhiran Phillips120' 6.00VAGeorge Wythe
5.10Connor Patton116' 5.00VARural Retreat
6.11Isiah Thomas106' 0.00VAHolston
7.12J.R. Taylor105' 11.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
8.11Cody Rasnick105' 6.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
9.-Dakota Martin105' 5.00VAGeorge Wythe
10.-Kody Justiss103' 11.00VAHolston
High Jump
1.12Isaac Young6' 4.00VAGeorge Wythe
2.12Shaquille Calfee6' 2.00VAGeorge Wythe
3.12Myron Wynn6' 0.00VAGeorge Wythe
4.-Tyler Holliday5' 6.00VARural Retreat
9Monterick Phillips5' 6.00VAGeorge Wythe
10Logan Henderson5' 6.00VANorthwood
7.-Evan Cole5' 4.00VAHolston
8.-Anderson Kevin5' 2.00VAHolston
11Dominique Crockett5' 2.00VAGeorge Wythe
Long Jump
1.11Daniel Jean-baptiste19' 10.25VANorthwood
2.12Timothy McCloskey19' 9.50VAChilhowie
3.-Evan Cole19' 3.50VAHolston
4.11Andrei Stoker19' 2.00VAGeorge Wythe
5.11Johnny Thomas19' 1.50VARural Retreat
6.10Logan Henderson18' 11.75VANorthwood
7.11Jalen France18' 11.00VAGeorge Wythe
8.11Dominique Crockett18' 0.75VAGeorge Wythe
9.-Tyler Holliday17' 5.50VARural Retreat
10.11Chaz Jones17' 2.25VANorthwood
Triple Jump
1.11Dominique Crockett43' 0.00VAGeorge Wythe
2.11Jalen France41' 3.50VAGeorge Wythe
3.12Timothy McCloskey40' 8.75VAChilhowie
4.-Evan Cole38' 2.00VAHolston
5.9Monterick Phillips37' 9.00VAGeorge Wythe
6.11Ethan Miller37' 5.25VAHolston
7.9Seth Thomas36' 6.00VAHolston
8.11Chaz Jones35' 9.50VANorthwood
9.-Wyatt Rasnake35' 9.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
10.-Tyler Holliday35' 3.50VARural Retreat

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.8Meredith Willis12.86aVAGeorge Wythe
2.11Shannon Coffey13.29aVARural Retreat
3.10Makala Johnson13.36aVAGeorge Wythe
4.12Megan Honaker13.62aVAHolston
5.11Kimberly Tate13.86aVAGeorge Wythe
6.-Devynne Stiltner13.92aVAHolston
7.9Leah Richards14.59aVAChilhowie
8.9Kyla Brickey14.78aVANorthwood
9.12Lindsay King15.26aVARural Retreat
10.-Tyree Wilmoth15.44aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
200 Meters
1.8Meredith Willis26.20aVAGeorge Wythe
2.8Tyra Hedgepeth27.00aVAGeorge Wythe
3.12Jordan Quinn27.70aVAGeorge Wythe
4.10Ckareekeea Branch28.09aVAChilhowie
5.-Aria Asbury30.64aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
6.9Kyla Brickey32.75aVANorthwood
7.9Leah Richards35.30aVAChilhowie
8.-Jessie Smith35.36aVAChilhowie
9.-Lauren Fritz41.03aVAHolston
400 Meters
1.12Jordan Quinn59.64aVAGeorge Wythe
2.10Ckareekeea Branch63.66aVAChilhowie
3.8Meredith Willis63.67aVAGeorge Wythe
4.12Kara Montgomery63.74aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
5.11Shannon Coffey70.57aVARural Retreat
6.9Leah Richards72.34aVAChilhowie
7.-Tyree Wilmoth73.84aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
8.9Morgan Stallard75.58aVARural Retreat
9.11Alexis Powers79.84aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
10.9Abigail Daniels83.84aVAHolston
800 Meters
1.12DeAnna Hedgepeth2:40.54aVAGeorge Wythe
2.10Haley Huffard2:47.98aVARural Retreat
3.-Brooke Carnett2:50.45aVAGeorge Wythe
4.9Cassidy Bear2:51.91aVARural Retreat
5.12Jasmine Cressell2:52.04aVARural Retreat
6.9Morgan Stallard3:01.35aVARural Retreat
7.10Ashleigh Guynn3:01.48aVAHolston
8.9Alex Wright3:01.63aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
1600 Meters
1.12Sarah Stanley6:09.81aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
2.9T.J. Howell6:12.25aVAChilhowie
3.10Ashleigh Guynn6:16.59aVAHolston
4.9Alex Wright6:22.82aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
5.-Brooke Carnett6:25.59aVAGeorge Wythe
6.9Morgan Stallard6:25.64aVARural Retreat
7.11Tasha Adams6:42.74aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
8.-Kara Dennis7:43.91aVAGeorge Wythe
3200 Meters
1.12Sarah Stanley13:18.12aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
2.9Cassidy Bear14:26.87aVARural Retreat
3.-Kara Dennis17:18.48aVAGeorge Wythe
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Kasey Uecker17.40aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
2.11X Veker18.74aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
3.9Emma Buchanan19.24aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
4.-Samantha Davenport19.28aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
5.11Kimberly Tate19.40aVAGeorge Wythe
6.-Adrienne Atwood20.87aVAHolston
7.9Tykia Crockett21.07aVAGeorge Wythe
8.10Haley Huffard21.52aVARural Retreat
9.-Cara Stuart21.94aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
10.-X Reed22.34aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.-Samantha Davenport55.29aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
2.10Makala Johnson55.79aVAGeorge Wythe
3.9Emma Buchanan57.53aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
4.9Taylor Billings59.00aVAChilhowie
5.9Tykia Crockett64.88aVAGeorge Wythe
4x100 Relay
1.-DeAnna Hedgepeth
Jordan Quinn
Makala Johnson
Tyra Hedgepeth
51.34aVAGeorge Wythe
2.-Megan Honaker
Makenzie Richardson
Lauren Fritz
Devynne Stiltner
3.-Morgan Stallard
Lindsay King
Haley Huffard
Jasmine Cressell
56.61aVARural Retreat
4.-Jessie Powers
Aria Asbury
Samantha Davenport
Nikki Rouse
60.87aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
4x200 Relay
1.-Jasmine Cressell
Shannon Coffey
Haley Huffard
Morgan Stallard
2:09.34aVARural Retreat
4x400 Relay
1.-DeAnna Hedgepeth
Tyra Hedgepeth
Meredith Willis
Jordan Quinn
4:10.75aVAGeorge Wythe
2.-Kasey Uecker
Kara Montgomery
Tyree Wilmoth
Emilee Deskins
4:40.35aVAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
3.-Jasmine Cressell
Haley Huffard
Cassidy Bear
Shannon Coffey
5:09.16aVARural Retreat
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Chantel Nickles28' 4.00VAHolston
2.9Katelyn Allison28' 3.50VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
3.11Jem Williams28' 2.50VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
4.12Sharon Pekar27' 5.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
5.11Presley Patrick25' 4.00VAHolston
10X Williams25' 4.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
7.11Taylor Mills24' 7.00VAGeorge Wythe
8.10Jessie Powers23' 9.50VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
9.9Jasmine Harber23' 2.00VAGeorge Wythe
10.-Kimberly Cline23' 1.00VAChilhowie
Discus - 1kg
1.11Chantel Nickles89' 11.00VAHolston
2.11Jem Williams87' 4.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
3.11Taylor Mills81' 8.00VAGeorge Wythe
4.-Samantha Kiser78' 6.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
5.9Jessica Jones77' 11.00VAChilhowie
6.9Jasmine Harber76' 2.00VAGeorge Wythe
7.-Kimberly Cline69' 6.00VAChilhowie
8.12Lindsay King68' 5.00VARural Retreat
9.12Sharon Pekar68' 0.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
10.-X Poore67' 9.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
High Jump
1.8Meredith Willis5' 0.00VAGeorge Wythe
2.8Tyra Hedgepeth4' 8.00VAGeorge Wythe
11Kasey Uecker4' 8.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
4.11Presley Patrick4' 6.00VAHolston
11Kimberly Tate4' 6.00VAGeorge Wythe
6.10Makala Johnson4' 4.00VAGeorge Wythe
9Emma Buchanan4' 4.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
-Emilee Deskins4' 4.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
-X Hecker4' 4.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
10.10Ckareekeea Branch4' 2.00VAChilhowie
Long Jump
1.8Meredith Willis16' 6.00VAGeorge Wythe
2.12DeAnna Hedgepeth16' 2.75VAGeorge Wythe
3.11Shannon Coffey15' 5.25VARural Retreat
4.11Kasey Uecker14' 10.50VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
5.10Makala Johnson14' 7.50VAGeorge Wythe
6.11Presley Patrick14' 3.00VAHolston
7.-Adrienne Atwood14' 0.75VAHolston
8.12Jasmine Cressell13' 10.14VARural Retreat
9.11Kimberly Tate13' 9.25VAGeorge Wythe
10.-Shannon Laffey13' 6.60VARural Retreat
Triple Jump
1.10Makala Johnson34' 5.75VAGeorge Wythe
2.11Kasey Uecker33' 7.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
3.12DeAnna Hedgepeth32' 9.50VAGeorge Wythe
4.8Meredith Willis32' 7.50VAGeorge Wythe
5.11Shannon Coffey31' 8.00VARural Retreat
6.9Taylor Billings30' 10.25VAChilhowie
7.-Adrienne Atwood30' 4.25VAHolston
8.-Emilee Deskins28' 9.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)
9.11Presley Patrick27' 0.25VAHolston
10.-Tyree Wilmoth25' 9.00VAPatrick Henry (Glade Spring)

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