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North Coast Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.8Kyle Wheeler12.14cCAEdna Hill
2.8Spencer Rohrer12.58aCABristow
3.8Wyat Viss12.74cCAEdna Hill
8Devin Whitmire12.74cCAAdams
5.8Devin Dillingham12.84cCAExcelsior
6.7Ronald Herron12.94cCAEdna Hill
7.8Josiah Williams13.04cCAEdna Hill
8.8Jason Miller13.29aCABristow
9.7Tate Barrera13.52aCAZane
10.7Andrew Agena13.54cCAAdams
8Jordan Ridgley13.54cCARedwood Elementary
200 Meters
1.8Spencer Rohrer26.04cCABristow
2.8Adam Winding26.30aCABristow
3.8Alex Robinson26.94cCABristow
4.8Devin Dillingham27.04cCAExcelsior
5.8Jordan Ridgley27.24cCARedwood Elementary
6.8Noah Spaulding27.74cCAEdna Hill
7.8Josiah Williams28.34aCAEdna Hill
8.7Andrew Agena28.54cCAAdams
9.8Ashlan Parker28.64cCAEdna Hill
10.8Ramon Torres28.94cCAAdams
400 Meters
1.8Adam Winding60.57aCABristow
2.7Andrew Agena62.51aCAAdams
3.8William Manalilli63.04aCABristow
4.8Jordan Ridgley64.14cCARedwood Elementary
5.8Sean Moser65.17aCAAdams
6.8Thomas Luckhardt65.44cCAAdams
7.8Ramon Torres65.64cCAAdams
8.8Justin DeLosSantos65.80aCADelta Vista
9.8Imraan Yusaf-Sada66.74cCAAdams
10.8Andrew Magana67.14cCABristow
800 Meters
1.8Bobby Hodgson2:30.00CAExcelsior
2.8William Manalilli2:32.31aCABristow
3.8Justin Hansz2:35.00CABristow
4.8Thomas Luckhardt2:37.60CAAdams
5.8Justin DeLosSantos2:37.84aCADelta Vista
6.8Noah Weeden2:38.40aCAExcelsior
7.8Amador Rubio2:38.68aCAEdna Hill
8.6Amrit Signh2:38.90CAAdams
9.8Mikey Morris2:39.05aCAExcelsior
10.8Steven Vance2:45.40CARedwood Elementary
6Jack Hodgson2:45.40CAExcelsior
1600 Meters
1.8Altione Bell5:17.03aCABristow
2.8Bobby Hodgson5:27.90CAExcelsior
3.8Thomas Luckhardt5:43.10CAAdams
4.8Amador Rubio5:45.50CAEdna Hill
5.8Ramon Torres5:46.32aCAAdams
6.8Nick Garcia5:48.40CAExcelsior
7.8Adam Winding5:49.00CABristow
8.6Jack Hodgson5:52.09aCAExcelsior
9.7Hunter Lehman5:52.21aCAEdna Hill
10.6Amrit Signh5:52.40CAAdams
4x100 Relay
1.-Noah Spaulding
Kyle Wheeler
Wyat Viss
Josiah Williams
51.30aCAEdna Hill
2.-Alex Robinson
Khalil Carter
Altione Bell
Spencer Rohrer
3.-Imraan Yusaf-Sada
Nicholas Menjivar
Jacob Balabon
Devin Whitmire
4.-TY Latimer
Mason Dickerson
Bradley Livingston
Tate Barrera
5.-Trevor Robinson
Jake Mason
Dillon Williams
Devin Dillingham
6.-Relay Team56.14cCAMcKinleyville
7.-Graeson Cameron
Kyle Cleland
Kagett Donahue
Austin Healy
58.04cCARedwood Elementary
8.-Relay Team60.80aCAO'Hara Park
4x400 Relay
1.-Kyle Bayot
Justin Hansz
Spencer Rohrer
Jason Miller
2.-Noah Spaulding
Josiah Williams
Amador Rubio
Wyat Viss
4:28.21aCAEdna Hill
3.-Nick Garcia
Mikey Morris
Noah Weeden
Bobby Hodgson
4.-Kyle Cleland
Nick Payne
Jordan Ridgley
Austin Healy
4:42.40CARedwood Elementary
5.-Amrit Signh
Hasaan Williams
Xavier Williams
Andrew Agena
6.-Sam Lipiec
Austin Nolan
Christian Coley
Michael Davis
7.-Relay Team5:24.90aCAZane
Shot Put - 6lb
1.7Henry Morgan33' 8.00CAMcKinleyville
2.7Dylan Hutt29' 7.00CAMcKinleyville
3.6Jordan Stanley29' 0.00CAEdna Hill
4.6Ulysses Contreras28' 2.00CAEdna Hill
5.6Nick Kamalakis28' 1.00CAEdna Hill
6.6Jett Stanley27' 0.00CAEdna Hill
7.6Alex Heaney24' 1.00CAEdna Hill
8.6Evan Estrada22' 11.00CAEdna Hill
9.6Matt Tolero22' 8.00CAAdams
10.6Zach Hodges21' 8.00CABristow
Discus - 1kg
1.7Henry Morgan84' 1.00CAMcKinleyville
2.8Mason Dickerson81' 10.00CAZane
3.8Kyle Cleland79' 1.00CARedwood Elementary
4.8Marcus Koesterer71' 7.00CAMcKinleyville
5.7Andrew Stephens69' 3.50CAHoopa Valley Elementary
6.8Nick Payne69' 2.00CARedwood Elementary
7.7Shannon Albers65' 7.00CAHoopa Valley Elementary
8.7Dylan Hutt62' 9.00CAMcKinleyville
9.6Chris Friedley59' 0.00CAMcKinleyville
10.8Ethan Savage58' 1.00CAZane
High Jump
1.8Marcus Koesterer4' 11.00CAMcKinleyville
2.7Ronald Herron4' 10.00CAEdna Hill
8Elisa Juarez4' 10.00CADelta Vista
8Dylan Howell4' 10.00CAMcKinleyville
5.8Khalil Carter4' 8.00CABristow
8Justin Hansz4' 8.00CABristow
8Thomas Luckhardt4' 8.00CAAdams
8Altione Bell4' 8.00CABristow
9.8Ramon Torres4' 6.00CAAdams
8Austin Healy4' 6.00CARedwood Elementary
6Ryan Dutt4' 6.00CAKnightsen
6Xavier Williams4' 6.00CAAdams
Long Jump
1.8Adam Winding16' 9.00CABristow
2.8Devin Whitmire16' 0.00CAAdams
3.8Elisa Juarez15' 8.00CADelta Vista
4.8Kyle Wheeler15' 7.00CAEdna Hill
5.8Spencer Rohrer14' 11.00CABristow
6.8Wyat Viss14' 10.00CAEdna Hill
7.8Alex Robinson14' 8.00CABristow
8Altione Bell14' 8.00CABristow
7Ronald Herron14' 8.00CAEdna Hill
10.6Ulysses Contreras14' 2.00CAEdna Hill
8Zeb Carter14' 2.00CAUncharted Shores Academy

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.8Angel Johnson13.54cCAEdna Hill
2.6Lauren Walrond13.74cCAEdna Hill
3.6Alexandra Diaz13.84cCABristow
4.6Cicoia Bolden14.14cCAEdna Hill
5.8Regin Loftin14.24cCARedwood Elementary
6Courtney Feldman14.24cCAAdams
7.7Emma Koertje14.34cCABristow
8Onaleece Colegrove14.34cCAHoopa Valley Elementary
9.8Daijah Harvey14.41aCAAdams
10.7Alesha Daniels14.44cCABristow
200 Meters
1.6Alexandra Diaz29.04cCABristow
2.8Regin Loftin29.64cCARedwood Elementary
3.8Angel Johnson29.74cCAEdna Hill
4.7Emma Koertje30.28aCABristow
5.6Cicoia Bolden30.74cCAEdna Hill
6.8Onaleece Colegrove30.94cCAHoopa Valley Elementary
7.8Daijah Harvey31.04cCAAdams
8.7Jessica Kiefer31.14cCAMcKinleyville
9.6Carissa Day31.34cCABristow
10.8Mackenzie Ballard31.54cCABristow
400 Meters
1.8Emily Wylie67.28aCAEdna Hill
2.8Brooke Lochhead68.30aCABristow
3.6Natalie Hodgson71.64cCAExcelsior
4.7Demi Hart72.39aCAExcelsior
5.6Alliyah Johnson72.75aCAExcelsior
6.6Courtney Feldman73.73aCAAdams
7.6Francesca Novero74.11aCAO'Hara Park
8.7Megan Walrond74.34cCAEdna Hill
9.6Rebecca Valdez74.86aCAO'Hara Park
10.8Sydney Lim74.97aCABristow
800 Meters
1.8Emily Wylie2:40.00CAEdna Hill
2.7Mya Alves2:47.30CAMcKinleyville
3.6Natalie Hodgson2:49.60CAExcelsior
4.7Demi Hart2:51.18aCAExcelsior
5.7Jesse Hardman2:52.80aCAExcelsior
6.6Marlene Caballero2:57.50aCAAdams
7.6Cynthia Rodriquez3:00.43aCAO'Hara Park
8.8Isabella Carrera3:03.50CAEdna Hill
9.8Brooke Lochhead3:03.77aCABristow
10.6Lexi Tomicich3:05.41aCABristow
1600 Meters
1.8Emily Wylie5:55.60CAEdna Hill
2.7Mya Alves6:05.90CAMcKinleyville
3.8Morgin Coonfield6:17.10CAMcKinleyville
4.7Jesse Hardman6:20.50CAExcelsior
5.6Kayley Phillips6:29.40CAAdams
6.8Isabella Carrera6:33.76aCAEdna Hill
7.6Julia Hershberger6:36.10CAMcKinleyville
8.6Marlene Caballero6:36.75aCAAdams
9.6Cynthia Rodriquez6:38.24aCAO'Hara Park
10.7Jasmine DeLaO6:50.86aCAAdams
3200 Meters
1.8Morgin Coonfield13:44.90CAMcKinleyville
2.7Mya Alves13:48.70CAMcKinleyville
3.7Brook Reeser14:34.00CAMcKinleyville
4.7Nikki Merrick16:35.50CAMcKinleyville
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.7Emily Holt19.34cCARedwood Elementary
2.8Marisa Gloor19.54cCAMcKinleyville
3.7Jessica Kiefer19.74cCAMcKinleyville
4.7Brook Reeser19.84cCAMcKinleyville
5.8Cayla Lynch20.44cCAMcKinleyville
6Payton Healy20.44cCARedwood Elementary
7.6Sam French20.64cCARedwood Elementary
8.7Raili Makela20.84cCARedwood Elementary
9.6Qwen Sills21.24cCARedwood Elementary
10.7Kamryn Wade21.44cCARedwood Elementary
4x100 Relay
1.-Molly Glavich
Lia Milam
Carissa Day
Alexandra Diaz
2.-Emily Holt
Maddison Smedley
Brianna Lenover
Regin Loftin
60.14cCARedwood Elementary
3.-Sydney Stanton
Emily Ramirez
Rylee Doig
Cicoia Bolden
60.59aCAEdna Hill
4.-Demi Hart
Pantera Robles
Lesly Garcia
Eelan Rosas
5.-Amanda Needham
Daijah Harvey
Emily Kuzmicky
Maya Montez
6.-Relay Team62.54cCAMcKinleyville
7.-Brielle Beckover
Julia Cole
Lauren Mejia
Bryanna Weekly
65.42aCAO'Hara Park
4x400 Relay
1.-Isabella Carrera
Miriam Perez
Stephanie Yu
Emily Wylie
5:03.00CAEdna Hill
2.-Raya Syed
Courtney Feldman
Erika De Guia
Marlene Caballero
3.-Demi Hart
Pantera Robles
Lesly Garcia
Jesse Hardman
4.-Qwen Sills
Mary Vance
Samantha Gonzalez
Brianna Brown
5:59.00CARedwood Elementary
5.-Relay Team6:32.40aCAO'Hara Park
Shot Put - 6lb
1.7Emilee Mabry27' 9.00CAHoopa Valley Elementary
2.8Cayla Lynch27' 7.00CAMcKinleyville
3.7Haley Voorhees24' 10.00CAMcKinleyville
4.6Rylee Doig24' 5.00CAEdna Hill
5.6Goldie Corona-thurman24' 4.50CAMcKinleyville
6.7Jaylon Pettis24' 1.00CABristow
7.7Raili Makela23' 10.00CARedwood Elementary
8.7Pantera Robles23' 2.40CAExcelsior
9.6Natalie Hodgson22' 9.60CAExcelsior
10.8Amanda Needham22' 8.00CAAdams
Discus - 1kg
1.8Regin Loftin75' 1.00CARedwood Elementary
2.7Emilee Mabry67' 0.00CAHoopa Valley Elementary
3.8Cayla Lynch58' 11.00CAMcKinleyville
4.8Naishian Richards56' 4.00CAHoopa Valley Elementary
5.7Julia Simmons51' 6.00CARedwood Elementary
6.7Torie Svendsen47' 4.00CAMcKinleyville
7.6Sarah Lambert42' 1.00CARedwood Elementary
8.7Bianca Moon42' 0.50CAHoopa Valley Elementary
9.8Mary Lipiec41' 1.00CAMcKinleyville
10.6Maiah Calleja40' 2.00CARedwood Elementary
High Jump
1.8Onaleece Colegrove4' 4.00CAHoopa Valley Elementary
2.6Julia Hershberger4' 2.00CAMcKinleyville
8Hannah Walker4' 2.00CABristow
4.8Danica Dolle4' 0.00CABristow
8Amanda Needham4' 0.00CAAdams
6Goldie Corona-thurman4' 0.00CAMcKinleyville
7.7Shelby Johnston3' 10.00CAAdams
7Mary Vance3' 10.00CARedwood Elementary
6Cynthia Rodriquez3' 10.00CAO'Hara Park
6Carissa Day3' 10.00CABristow
8Katie Watts3' 10.00CAAdams
Long Jump
1.6Alexandra Diaz13' 4.00CABristow
2.6Carissa Day13' 3.00CABristow
3.8Laylyne Skelley13' 2.00CADelta Vista
4.7Jennifer Plate12' 2.00CAAdams
5.8Julie Villanueva11' 11.00CAAdams
6.7Raili Makela11' 9.50CARedwood Elementary
7.7Jordynn Edison11' 9.00CAAdams
8.6Shadaya Vizoso11' 8.00CAEdna Hill
6Allyson McBroom11' 8.00CABristow
10.8Wendy Witte11' 6.50CAMcKinleyville

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