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North County Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.8Zachary Halvorson11.64cCAOak Crest
2.8Tommy Garbarini11.87aCAMaranatha Christian
3.8Adam Larson12.21aCAMaranatha Christian
4.8Javier Garcia12.34cCAVista Acad of Arts
5.8Ricardo Campos12.44cCAValley
8Josiah Villagomez12.44cCAValley
8Jack Rimbach12.44cCAOak Crest
7Reilly Joseph12.44cCAValley
9.8Grant Senn12.64aCAMaranatha Christian
10.8Daniel Seplovich12.75aCAMaranatha Christian
200 Meters
1.8Tommy Garbarini25.66aCAMaranatha Christian
2.7Reilly Joseph25.84cCAValley
3.8Zachary Halvorson26.14cCAOak Crest
4.8Zak Kleppe26.34cCAVista Acad of Arts
5.8Josiah Villagomez26.54cCAValley
6.8Josh Villagomez27.04cCAValley
7.8Jaydin Moses27.14cCAOak Crest
8.8Ricardo Campos27.24cCAValley
9.8Grant Senn27.74aCAMaranatha Christian
10.8Jose Huerta28.14cCAVista Acad of Arts
400 Meters
1.8Tommy Garbarini59.34aCAMaranatha Christian
2.8Ben Stein60.85aCAOlive Peirce
3.8Mitchell Spencer61.44cCAOak Crest
4.8Allen Yun61.78aCAMaranatha Christian
5.7Danny Edwards61.88aCAOlive Peirce
6.8Daniel Seplovich62.49aCAMaranatha Christian
7.8Grant Senn62.84aCAMaranatha Christian
8.6Fausto Gomez63.14cCAVista Acad of Arts
9.8Jack Matt63.24cCAValley
10.7Jacob Uhl63.54cCAAviara Oaks
800 Meters
1.8Jack Matt2:25.00CAValley
2.8Cory Large2:26.70CAValley
3.8Chad Hengesbach2:30.00CAValley
4.8Bryan Johnson2:31.00CAOak Crest
5.6Amanuel Mikel2:31.10CAAviara Oaks
6.8Cooper Edgar2:32.00CAVista Acad of Arts
7.8Robby Yamaguchi2:32.74aCAMaranatha Christian
8.8Tommy Garbarini2:34a.0CAMaranatha Christian
9.7Jacob Uhl2:34.40CAAviara Oaks
10.8Daniel Seplovich2:36.74aCAMaranatha Christian
1600 Meters
1.8Chad Hengesbach5:13.20CAValley
2.8Marco Jewell5:19.00CAOak Crest
3.8Cory Large5:20.90CAValley
4.8Bryan Johnson5:27.00CAOak Crest
5.7JT Roulier5:27.28aCAOlive Peirce
6.8Joey Jauregui5:33.00CAOlive Peirce
7.6Amanuel Mikel5:34.50CAAviara Oaks
8.8Joe Curran5:42.00CAAviara Oaks
9.6Mitchell Scaglione5:43.00CAAviara Oaks
10.6Christopher Suzuki5:44.00CAAviara Oaks
4x100 Relay
1.-Jaydin 82Moses
Mitchell 77Spencer
Zachary 66Halvorson
Jack 73Rimbach
51.74cCAOak Crest
2.-Ricardo Campos
Chad Hengesbach
Josh Villagomez
Josiah Villagomez
3.-Adam Larson
Daniel Seplovich
Grant Senn
Tommy Garbarini
53.56aCAMaranatha Christian
4.-Austin Goodwin
Parker Christopher
Jackson Sutter
Todd Roberts
55.10aCAOlive Peirce
5.-Zak Kleppe
Jose Huerta
Jordan Epstein
Javier Garcia
57.14cCAVista Acad of Arts
6.-Joe Curran
KJ MacDonald
Christian Bill
Nelson Girod
57.74cCAAviara Oaks
4x400 Relay
1.-Danny Edwards
JT Roulier
Eder Landgrave
Noah Hirsch
4:29a.0CAOlive Peirce
2.-Raphael Cooper
Robert Rasul
Connor Uriell
Reilly Joseph
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Mitchell Spencer43' 2.00CAOak Crest
2.8Christian Bill39' 6.00CAAviara Oaks
3.8Camden Fisher35' 9.00CAOak Crest
4.7Quinn Lozar32' 1.00CAAviara Oaks
5.6Calvin Goldby31' 9.00CAAviara Oaks
6.6Oliver McConnell30' 9.60CAAviara Oaks
7.8Matt Jacobs30' 4.00CAOak Crest
8.6Jake Watkins26' 0.00CAAviara Oaks
9.7Nico Marino25' 9.00CAOak Crest
10.7Sam Wilson22' 4.00CAOak Crest
High Jump
1.8Dylan Horton4' 10.00CAOak Crest
8Jaydin Moses4' 10.00CAOak Crest
8Peyton Gaston4' 10.00CAOak Crest
4.8Jack Rimbach4' 8.00CAOak Crest
7Jed Jirak4' 8.00CAOak Crest
6.8Allen Yun4' 6.00CAMaranatha Christian
8Jake Stamos4' 6.00CAOak Crest
8Chad Hengesbach4' 6.00CAValley
9.8Jon Dittoe4' 4.00CAOak Crest
8Camden Fisher4' 4.00CAOak Crest
7Trevor White4' 4.00CAOlive Peirce
Long Jump
1.8Jaydin Moses15' 2.00CAOak Crest
2.8Cameron Hakala15' 1.00CAOlive Peirce
3.8Nelson Girod14' 10.00CAAviara Oaks
4.8Josiah Villagomez14' 8.00CAValley
5.7Jacob Uhl14' 6.00CAAviara Oaks
6.7Danny Edwards14' 5.00CAOlive Peirce
7.8Parker Christopher14' 4.00CAOlive Peirce
8.8Tanner White14' 1.00CAOak Crest
9.8Zak Kleppe13' 11.00CAVista Acad of Arts
10.8Josh Villagomez13' 10.00CAValley
8Robby Yamaguchi13' 10.00CAMaranatha Christian

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.8Holly Stallman13.25aCAOlive Peirce
2.8Hayley Mayne13.34cCAOak Crest
3.8Morgan Wurtzler13.43aCAMaranatha Christian
4.8Hannah Farhat13.45aCAOlive Peirce
5.7Claire Karaffa13.54cCAAviara Oaks
6.7Ella Boyce13.64cCAOak Crest
7.8Lucy Jones14.04cCAAviara Oaks
8.8Katia Mezey14.14cCAValley
9.7Robert Rasul14.24cCAValley
10.7Tuesday Christopher14.30aCAOlive Peirce
200 Meters
1.7Kiley McCarthy28.04cCAValley
2.8Morgan Wurtzler28.52aCAMaranatha Christian
3.8Hayley Mayne28.84cCAOak Crest
4.8Riley Prohaska29.84cCAOak Crest
5.7Claire Karaffa30.14cCAAviara Oaks
6.8Lucy Jones30.34cCAAviara Oaks
7.8Katia Mezey30.64cCAValley
8.8Julia Fontaine31.14cCAOak Crest
9.7Alana Snow31.24cCAValley
7Hannah Elias31.24cCAOak Crest
400 Meters
1.7Kiley McCarthy63.44cCAValley
2.8Nicole Martin65.14cCAOak Crest
3.8Riley Prohaska65.64cCAOak Crest
4.7Hannah Elias67.14cCAOak Crest
8Savannah Boyd67.14cCAOak Crest
6.8Rachel Freeman-Cook68.14cCAOak Crest
7.8Ciara Lucas69.64aCAOlive Peirce
8.8Emma Veidt70.94cCAValley
9.7Alana Snow71.04cCAValley
10.8Julia Fontaine71.14cCAOak Crest
800 Meters
1.8Emma Veidt2:34.50CAValley
2.8Savannah Boyd2:40.00CAOak Crest
3.7Alana Snow2:45.50CAValley
4.7Courtney Drisko2:49.40CAAviara Oaks
5.7Samantha Schneider2:50.00CAAviara Oaks
6.7Barbara DeSilva2:52.10CAAviara Oaks
7.6Kendall Drisko2:53.00CAAviara Oaks
8.7Mackinley Sebahar3:00.10CAAviara Oaks
9.8Winter Schweibold3:04.00CAValley
10.8Kate Carter3:13.00CAValley
1600 Meters
1.8Emma Veidt5:44.10CAValley
2.8Kori Cortez5:51.98aCAOlive Peirce
3.8Savannah Boyd5:59.00CAOak Crest
4.7Barbara DeSilva5:59.60CAAviara Oaks
5.6Kendall Drisko6:00.10CAAviara Oaks
6.8Keely Boyd6:18.00CAOak Crest
7.8Kate Carter6:19.30CAValley
8.7Morgan Vice6:23.00CAOak Crest
9.8Christina Indudhara6:30.00CAOak Crest
10.7Lindsay Fessinger6:35.00CAOak Crest
4x100 Relay
1.-Kinley McKay
Holly Stallman
Felicia Fisher
Hannah Farhat
57.10aCAOlive Peirce
2.-Morgan Fakuda
Jensen Myers
Alana Snow
Kiley McCarthy
3.-Kendall Drisko
Megan Bomgardner
Sofia Marie Rodriguez
Claire Karaffa
60.24cCAAviara Oaks
4.-Hannah 7Elias
Delaney 12Hulshof
Ella 3Boyce
Madison 19Theodore
60.74cCAOak Crest
5.-Amanda Gwaltney
Anna Corey
Ellie Kitabjian
Morgan Wurtzler
65.58aCAMaranatha Christian
4x400 Relay
1.-Alana Snow
Morgan Fakuda
Raquel Rodriguez
Kiley McCarthy
2.-Ciara Lucas
Alexa Shutler
Kinley McKay
Lexie Hall
5:16a.0CAOlive Peirce
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Erin Vaupel29' 2.00CAAviara Oaks
2.8Jenna Kearney27' 10.00CAOak Crest
3.7Courtney Drisko24' 7.00CAAviara Oaks
4.8Savannah Boyd23' 7.00CAOak Crest
5.8Katrina Nunez23' 0.00CAVista Acad of Arts
8Hayley Hein23' 0.00CAOak Crest
7.8Logan Feinberg19' 7.00CAOak Crest
8.7Delaney Hulshof19' 2.00CAOak Crest
9.8Alexa Loera18' 0.00CAVista Acad of Arts
10.8Jenna Greene17' 9.00CAOak Crest
7Claire Karaffa17' 9.00CAAviara Oaks
High Jump
1.7Alana Snow5' 0.00CAValley
2.8Erin Vaupel4' 6.00CAAviara Oaks
3.8Reece Schweibold4' 2.00CAValley
4.8Katrina Nunez4' 0.00CAVista Acad of Arts
5.8Morgan Wurtzler3' 10.00CAMaranatha Christian
6.6Shyan Rader3' 9.00CAValley
7.7Alaina Sill3' 6.00CAOlive Peirce
Pole Vault
1.8Sara Wagenveld9' 0.00CACalvin Christian
Long Jump
1.7Alana Snow15' 1.00CAValley
2.8Hayley Mayne14' 2.00CAOak Crest
3.8Morgan Wurtzler13' 10.80CAMaranatha Christian
4.7Kiley McCarthy13' 9.00CAValley
5.8Megan Leigh13' 7.00CAOak Crest
6.8Hayley Hein13' 2.00CAOak Crest
8Nicole Martin13' 2.00CAOak Crest
8.8Julia Fontaine13' 0.00CAOak Crest
9.7Hannah Elias12' 9.00CAOak Crest
10.8Holly Stallman12' 8.00CAOlive Peirce

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