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SPC Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.8Esteban Pimentel11.84cTXCistercian Prep
2.8Christopher Adesanya12.14cTXCistercian Prep
3.8Justin Estrada12.54cTXGreenhill
4.7Corday Cruz12.74cTXSt Mark's of Texas
7Rish Basu12.74cTXSt Mark's of Texas
6.8Noah Mele12.75aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
7.8Jack Albert12.84cTXCistercian Prep
8.8Kevin He13.14cTXSt Mark's of Texas
9.7William Ingram13.24cTXSt Mark's of Texas
10.7Cole Forson13.34cTXGreenhill
200 Meters
1.8Justin Estrada24.84aTXGreenhill
2.8Esteban Pimentel25.44cTXCistercian Prep
3.8Jamison Clay25.94cTXCistercian Prep
4.8Sam Hughes26.04aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
5.8Niegel Stevens26.84cTXSt Mark's of Texas
6.8Jack O'toole27.14cTXCistercian Prep
7Rish Basu27.14cTXSt Mark's of Texas
8.8Jordan Robinson27.39aTXGreenhill
9.8Jack Albert27.64cTXCistercian Prep
10.8Cameron Lam28.04cTXSt Mark's of Texas
400 Meters
1.8Cole Baker56.54aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
2.8Eli Hart-Johnson59.23aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
3.8Esteban Pimentel59.74cTXCistercian Prep
4.8Cameron Lam62.46aTXSt Mark's of Texas
5.7Cole Forson63.66aTXGreenhill
6.8Harrison Chen63.74cTXSt Mark's of Texas
7.8Davis Marsh64.64cTXSt Mark's of Texas
8.8Christopher Adesanya65.14cTXCistercian Prep
9.8Max Talkington65.34cTXCistercian Prep
10.7Bryant Caballero66.79aTXGreenhill
800 Meters
1.8JT Graass2:08.40TXSt Mark's of Texas
2.8Rocky Khoshbin2:21.31aTXGreenhill
3.7Jordan Pemberton2:24.00TXCistercian Prep
4.8Marco Quaroni2:26.07aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
5.7Victor Barton2:27.40TXSt Mark's of Texas
6.8Cameron Lam2:27.60TXSt Mark's of Texas
7.8Joshua Choe2:29.50TXSt Mark's of Texas
8.7Christopher Novinski2:34.70TXCistercian Prep
9.8Nicolas Suarez2:35.34aTXGreenhill
10.8Henry Gaudin2:35.69aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
1600 Meters
1.8JT Graass4:54.70TXSt Mark's of Texas
2.8Marco Quaroni5:12.01aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
3.8Henry Gaudin5:21.35aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
4.8Rocky Khoshbin5:26.85aTXGreenhill
5.7Victor Barton5:32.50TXSt Mark's of Texas
6.8Sam Johnson5:35.10TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
7.8Joshua Choe5:35.40TXSt Mark's of Texas
8.7Jordan Pemberton5:38.20TXCistercian Prep
9.8Cameron Lam5:42.47aTXSt Mark's of Texas
10.7Will Traweek5:52.10TXSt Mark's of Texas
7Brian Buckenham5:52.10TXSt Mark's of Texas
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.8Jordan Robinson48.94cTXGreenhill
2.8Joey Nied50.34cTXCistercian Prep
3.7Patrick Andrews52.84cTXCistercian Prep
4.8Alexander Ober55.34cTXCistercian Prep
5.8Philip Spence55.44cTXCistercian Prep
8Nicolas Madhavapeddy55.44cTXCistercian Prep
7.8Will Odom56.54cTXCistercian Prep
8.7Matt Harris57.44cTXCistercian Prep
4x100 Relay
1.-Sam Hughes
Noah Mele
Eli Hart-Johnson
Cole Baker
48.31aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
2.-Jack Albert
Christopher Adesanya
Jack O'Toole
Esteban Pimentel
49.14cTXCistercian Prep
3.-Relay Team50.97aTXGreenhill
4.-Relay Team51.47aTXSt Mark's of Texas
4x200 Relay
1.-Esteban Pimentel
Jack Albert
Christopher Adesanya
Michael Molash
1:47.30TXCistercian Prep
2.-Cameron Lam
William Ingram
Kevin He
Corday Cruz
1:51.90TXSt Mark's of Texas
3.-Connor Marshall
Nolan McNearney
Read Barbee
Davison Thompson
1:54.95aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
4.-Justin Estrada
Jordan Robinson
O'Bryant Vinson
Krish Shetty
4x400 Relay
1.-Sam Hughes
Noah Mele
Eli Hart-Johnson
Cole Baker
3:53.78aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
2.-Justin Estrada
Nicolas Suarez
O'Bryant Vinson
Kevin Wei
3.-Jack Albert
Christopher Adesanya
Jamison Clay
Esteban Pimentel
4:03.40TXCistercian Prep
4.-Davis Marsh
Cameron Lam
Harrison Chen
Niegel Stevens
4:13.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
Shot Put - 4kg
1.8Jalen Lynch38' 4.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
2.8Justin Berry33' 1.25TXSt Mark's of Texas
3.8Eugene Song33' 0.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
4.8Mathew Dominguez32' 10.25TXSt Mark's of Texas
5.8Gaylen Hu31' 6.00TXCistercian Prep
6.8Johnathon Berry30' 3.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
7.8Phillip Eisner28' 4.50TXSt Mark's of Texas
8.8Mahir Karim26' 8.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
9.7Jamison DeCuir22' 7.00TXCistercian Prep
10.8Oscar Parmenter20' 8.00TXCistercian Prep
Discus - 1kg
1.8Jalen Lynch113' 8.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
2.8Gaylen Hu102' 4.00TXCistercian Prep
3.8Justin Berry102' 1.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
4.8Johnathon Berry94' 2.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
5.8Mathew Dominguez84' 7.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
6.8Mahir Karim84' 4.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
7.8Eugene Song82' 10.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
8.8Jamison Clay79' 9.00TXCistercian Prep
9.8Phillip Eisner62' 4.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
10.7Jamison DeCuir58' 2.00TXCistercian Prep
High Jump
1.8Niegel Stevens5' 2.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
8Jack O'toole5' 2.00TXCistercian Prep
3.8Michael Molash5' 0.00TXCistercian Prep
4.8Noah Mele4' 10.00TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
5.8Will Odom4' 8.00TXCistercian Prep
Pole Vault
1.8Nicolas Suarez8' 0.00TXGreenhill
8Justin Estrada8' 0.00TXGreenhill
Long Jump
1.8Cole Baker17' 11.25TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
2.8Justin Estrada17' 1.75TXGreenhill
3.8Michael Molash16' 9.00TXCistercian Prep
4.8Niegel Stevens16' 7.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
5.7Rish Basu16' 5.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
6.8Eli Hart-Johnson16' 1.50TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
7.8JT Graass15' 4.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
8.8Cameron Lam14' 11.00TXSt Mark's of Texas
8Esteban Pimentel14' 11.00TXCistercian Prep
10.7Connor Jackson14' 10.00TXCistercian Prep
Triple Jump
1.8Cole Baker34' 6.00TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.8Jernaya Sharp12.71aTXGreenhill
2.7Hattie Newton13.68aTXHockaday
3.7Mia Hirsch13.94cTXGreenhill
4.8Madison Goodrich14.04cTXGreenhill
5.8Brianna Buford14.18aTXHockaday
6.7Katherine Lake14.62aTXHockaday
7.7Sarah Simon14.64cTXGreenhill
8.8Katherine Baker14.66aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
9.8Grace Warner14.84cTXHockaday
10.7Elizabeth Zhou15.24cTXHockaday
200 Meters
1.8Jernaya Sharp26.86aTXGreenhill
2.8Greer Christie29.54cTXHockaday
3.8Brianna Buford29.78aTXHockaday
4.7Rheagen Smith30.03aTXGreenhill
5.7Mia Hirsch30.20aTXGreenhill
6.7Katherine Lake30.97aTXHockaday
7.8Lauren Siegele31.24aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
8.7Elizabeth Zhou32.44cTXHockaday
9.7Amanda Yang32.94cTXHockaday
10.7Neha Kapoor33.49aTXHockaday
400 Meters
1.8Samantha Smalling61.57aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
2.8Sam Taussig64.14cTXHockaday
3.8Allie Charlton69.14cTXHockaday
4.7Charlotte Smith74.74cTXHockaday
5.8Sarah Ballard74.94aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
6.8Nicole Calonne74.99aTXHockaday
7.8Ida Cortez76.74cTXHockaday
8.8Rekha Sharma79.86aTXGreenhill
9.8Virginia Leopard87.15aTXGreenhill
10.8Mansi Kumar1:33.82aTXGreenhill
800 Meters
1.8Tala Vaughan2:33.96aTXHockaday
2.7Barrett Guttell2:40.20TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
3.7Ashley Neiswender2:45.41aTXGreenhill
4.8Sam Taussig2:45.66aTXHockaday
5.7Kate Keough2:48.50TXHockaday
6.8Anna Buford2:50.40TXHockaday
7.7Natalie Ozor2:56.60aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
8.8Ida Cortez2:59.20TXHockaday
9.8Audrey Nelson3:00.97aTXGreenhill
10.8Caroline Weber3:18.63aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
1600 Meters
1.8Tala Vaughan5:56.40TXHockaday
2.7Barrett Guttell6:08.90aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
3.7Ashley Neiswender6:35.00TXGreenhill
4.7Kate Keough6:46.47aTXHockaday
5.8Ida Cortez6:51.44aTXHockaday
6.8Megan Wiora7:03.84aTXGreenhill
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Amelia Jones20.36aTXGreenhill
2.8Sophia Steckler21.81aTXGreenhill
3.7Emily Nelson22.02aTXGreenhill
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Sam Taussig49.84cTXHockaday
2.8Allie Charlton56.84cTXHockaday
3.8Sophia Steckler61.50aTXGreenhill
4.7Emily Nelson65.48aTXGreenhill
5.7Sarah Simon74.74cTXGreenhill
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team53.47aTXGreenhill
2.-Relay Team54.34aTXHockaday
3.-Samantha Smalling
Lauren Siegele
Olivia Nicklos
Katherine Baker
54.71aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
4x200 Relay
1.-Mia Hirsch
Rheagan Smith
Ashley Neiswender
Jernaya Sharp
2.-Sarah Ballard
Annie Temple
Natalie Ozor
Caroline Weber
2:09.18aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
4x400 Relay
1.-Tala Vaughan
Hattie Newton
Greer Christie
Sam Taussig
2.-Katherine Baker
Lauren Siegele
Olivia Nicklos
Samantha Smalling
4:36.81aTXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
3.-Relay Team5:06.62aTXGreenhill
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Gabria Pearson30' 4.50TXHockaday
2.8Madison Goodrich23' 7.25TXGreenhill
3.7Rheagen Smith23' 5.00TXGreenhill
4.8Isabella Sanchez23' 1.00TXHockaday
5.8Felicity Henderson22' 6.75TXHockaday
6.8Megan Nguyen18' 4.00TXGreenhill
7.8Andrea Mora17' 10.50TXGreenhill
Discus - 1kg
1.8Felicity Henderson60' 7.00TXHockaday
2.8Allie Charlton59' 10.00TXHockaday
3.8Audrey Nelson53' 6.00TXGreenhill
4.8Gabria Pearson44' 10.00TXHockaday
5.8Virginia Leopard43' 2.00TXGreenhill
6.8Mansi Kumar28' 6.00TXGreenhill
High Jump
1.7Mia Hirsch4' 4.00TXGreenhill
2.8Megan Nguyen4' 2.00TXGreenhill
8Audrey Nelson4' 2.00TXGreenhill
8Sam Taussig4' 2.00TXHockaday
5.7Olivia Nicklos4' 0.00TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
Pole Vault
1.8Amelia Jones8' 6.00TXGreenhill
2.8Sophia Steckler7' 0.00TXGreenhill
3.8Mansi Kumar5' 6.00TXGreenhill
Long Jump
1.7Barrett Guttell15' 3.00TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
2.8Samantha Smalling14' 9.25TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
3.8Katherine Baker14' 1.25TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
4.8Brianna Buford12' 6.75TXHockaday
5.8Ruchita Iyer12' 4.00TXGreenhill
6.8Lauren Siegele11' 9.50TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
7.8Talia Meidan11' 2.00TXHockaday
8.7Ashley Neiswender10' 9.50TXGreenhill
9.8Megan Wiora10' 5.00TXGreenhill
Triple Jump
1.8Katherine Baker29' 3.25TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
2.8Samantha Smalling29' 2.00TXSt Andrews Episcopal (Austin)
3.7Sarah Simon19' 8.00TXGreenhill

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