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TALLS Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.8Daniel Villagomez12.14cTXSt Mark Lutheran
2.8Nick Nash13.04aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
3.8Klayton Koeing13.34cTXSt Mark Lutheran
4.8Ryan Blair14.24cTXSt Mark Lutheran
5.7Jake Johnson14.34cTXSt Mark Lutheran
6.6Max Johnson14.44cTXSt Mark Lutheran
7.8Eric Rostowski14.54aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8.8Eric Steiner14.69aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
9.5Caleb Schneider15.16aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
10.6Nathan Henson15.94aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
200 Meters
1.8Daniel Villagomez25.04cTXSt Mark Lutheran
2.8Carter Teisman29.29aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.8Ryan Blair29.74cTXSt Mark Lutheran
4.8Nick Nash29.80aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
5.6Max Johnson33.54cTXSt Mark Lutheran
6.7Cole Daily34.04aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
7.6Adam Hernandez34.15aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
8.8Justin Salamone34.90aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
9.5Jason Everitt37.03aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
10.5Carson Zoch37.34cTXSt Mark Lutheran
400 Meters
1.8Eric Steiner60.24cTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
2.7Caleb Linton64.54cTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.8Ryan Blair67.14cTXSt Mark Lutheran
4.8Eric Rostowski67.54cTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5.8Trevor Banes71.14aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
6.8Nick Nash73.54aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
7.5Logan Lapole73.59aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8.6Austin Schneider76.50aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
9.6Christopher Greene82.52aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
10.5Carson Zoch85.14cTXSt Mark Lutheran
800 Meters
1.8Ken Shuff2:26.80TXSt Mark Lutheran
2.8Aaron Peters2:40.35aTXSt Mark Lutheran
3.6Landry Good2:43.63aTXSt Mark Lutheran
4.8Eric Rostowski2:49.72aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5.5Logan Lapole2:51.50aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6.6Cade Hudson2:54.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
7.8Alex Jackowski2:54.23aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8.8Justin Salamone3:15.55aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
9.5Carson Zoch3:21.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
10.6Spencer Berglund3:42.73aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
1600 Meters
1.8Ken Shuff5:28.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
2.8Aaron Peters6:11.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.7Jake Johnson19.14cTXSt Mark Lutheran
2.6Joseph McManners19.54cTXSt Mark Lutheran
3.6Cade Hudson21.34cTXSt Mark Lutheran
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.6Joseph McManners56.44cTXSt Mark Lutheran
2.6Cade Hudson59.44cTXSt Mark Lutheran
3.5Carson Zoch63.64cTXSt Mark Lutheran
4x100 Relay
1.-Ryan Blair
Daniel Villagomez
Jake Johnson
Ken Shuff
51.00aTXSt Mark Lutheran
2.-Relay Team52.84cTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4x200 Relay
1.-Ryan Blair
Jake Johnson
Klayton Koeing
Daniel Villagomez
1:53.60TXSt Mark Lutheran
4x400 Relay
1.-Jake Johnson
Ken Shuff
Daniel Villagomez
Ryan Blair
4:08.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
2.-TY Linquist
Tyler Pratt
Caleb Linton
Colton Johnson
4:21.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
Discus - 1kg
1.8Colton Johnson79' 9.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
2.6Corbett Fong76' 7.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.8TY Linquist70' 11.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4.8Rob Choate69' 7.00TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
5.8JT Eppright63' 10.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6.5Calvan Bell61' 11.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7.8Aaron Peters60' 3.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
8.7Cole Daily48' 8.00TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
9.5Timothy Williamson47' 4.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
10.5Matthew Sonne38' 2.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
High Jump
1.8Daniel Villagomez5' 0.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
2.8Nathan Flores4' 8.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.7Jake Johnson4' 6.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
4.8Ryan Blair4' 4.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
8Mitch Michel4' 4.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8TY Linquist4' 4.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7.6Nathan Henson4' 2.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6Cade Hudson4' 2.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
9.6Corbett Fong3' 10.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
Long Jump
1.8Daniel Villagomez16' 11.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
2.8Klayton Koeing14' 11.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
3.7Jake Johnson14' 2.50TXSt Mark Lutheran
4.8Trevor Banes12' 10.50TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
6Landry Good12' 10.50TXSt Mark Lutheran
6.6Corbett Fong12' 9.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7.7Caleb Linton12' 8.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8.6Max Johnson12' 3.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
9.8Ryan Blair12' 1.50TXSt Mark Lutheran
10.6Zachary Pindell11' 3.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
Triple Jump
1.7Jake Johnson32' 7.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
2.8Daniel Villagomez32' 4.25TXSt Mark Lutheran
3.8Ken Shuff29' 3.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
4.6Landry Good28' 6.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
5.6Max Johnson27' 9.50TXSt Mark Lutheran
6.8Nick Nash25' 7.00TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
7.6Joseph McManners25' 2.50TXSt Mark Lutheran
8.6Cade Hudson24' 8.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
9.8Ryan Blair24' 1.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
10.5Carson Zoch21' 11.00TXSt Mark Lutheran

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.8Grace Featherston14.14cTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
2.8Athena Co14.51aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
3.8Annie Messina14.70aTXSt Mark Lutheran
4.6Alex Francis14.86aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5.6Maddie Koehn14.94cTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5Emma Maibach14.94cTXSt Mark Lutheran
7.8Lauren Jaehne15.05aTXSt Mark Lutheran
8.7Amber Velazquez15.09aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
9.7Chandler Lawn15.33aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
10.8Allie Seldenrust15.43aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
200 Meters
1.8Annie Messina30.53aTXSt Mark Lutheran
2.5Emma Maibach30.84cTXSt Mark Lutheran
3.8Lauren Jaehne31.64cTXSt Mark Lutheran
4.7Breanna Bolt32.44cTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5.7Amber Velazquez32.73aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
6.6Vivienne Walker33.64cTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7.6Isabella McCorkie33.86aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
8.5Emma Bond34.94cTXSt Mark Lutheran
9.7Kasey Pickett35.27aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
10.5Cheri Tang36.24cTXSt Mark Lutheran
400 Meters
1.6Breanna Lauder70.92aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
2.7Reagan Satterfield72.50aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.8Annie Messina72.74cTXSt Mark Lutheran
4.8Athena Co74.36aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
5.7Chandler Lawn74.93aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6.8Lauren Jaehne75.75aTXSt Mark Lutheran
7.5Emma Maibach77.23aTXSt Mark Lutheran
8.6Isabella McCorkie79.85aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
9.5Cheri Tang80.14cTXSt Mark Lutheran
10.6Sophia Salamone80.35aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
800 Meters
1.6Sophia Salamone2:57.12aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
2.8Kayla Clark2:57.83aTXSt Mark Lutheran
3.5Alyssa Schatte3:07.67aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4.5Lindsey Winkler3:18.14aTXSt Mark Lutheran
5.5Emma Maibach3:25.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
6.5Emma Bond3:33.10TXSt Mark Lutheran
7.5Cheri Tang3:41.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
8.5Haley Castleman3:47.40TXSt Mark Lutheran
9.8Hope Tang3:50.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
1600 Meters
1.8Kayla Clark6:40.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Annie Messina19.05aTXSt Mark Lutheran
2.6Emily Brandenburg19.15aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.7Allison Hubbard19.67aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4.7Ashley Otte20.04aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5.8Erica Sheets20.47aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6.7Victoria Junkans20.67aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
7.6Maddie Koehn20.96aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8.6Madison Beauchamp21.04aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
9.7Kathryn McFarland21.44cTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
10.6Anita Hopman22.56aTXTrinity Lutheran Houston
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Annie Messina60.14cTXSt Mark Lutheran
4x100 Relay
1.-Madison Beauchamp
Breanna Lauder
Emily Brandenburg
Alex Francis
58.67aTXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
2.-Kayla Clark
Lauren Jaehne
Annie Messina
Hope Tang
64.14cTXSt Mark Lutheran
4x200 Relay
1.-Emma Bond
Haley Castleman
Emma Maibach
Cheri Tang
2:25.70TXSt Mark Lutheran
4x400 Relay
1.-Allie Seldenrust
Grace Featherston
Rebekah Callahan
Reagan Satterfield
5:04.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
2.-Cheri Tang
Lindsey Winkler
Emma Bond
Haley Castleman
5:40.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
Shot Put - 6lb
1.7Kasey Pickett27' 10.50TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
2.8Hope Tang22' 9.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
3.7Amanda Daniels21' 3.50TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4.7Payton Gibson18' 5.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5.8Maria Escamillia18' 4.00TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
6.5Jenna Hudson14' 5.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
Discus - 1kg
1.7Kasey Pickett60' 0.00TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
2.8Hope Tang47' 6.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
3.7Payton Gibson42' 6.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4.8Maria Escamillia38' 1.00TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
High Jump
1.5Emma Maibach4' 0.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
2.7Breanna Bolt3' 10.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.5Emma Bond3' 6.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
Long Jump
1.5Emma Maibach12' 11.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
2.8Elizabeth Hopman12' 2.00TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
3.7Victoria Junkans11' 11.25TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
4.8Annie Messina11' 8.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
5.7Amber Velazquez10' 10.50TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
6.8Lauren Jaehne10' 0.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
7.8Kayla Clark9' 11.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
8.7Zoe Feinberg9' 8.50TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
9.6Anita Hopman9' 8.00TXTrinity Lutheran Houston
10.7Breanna Bolt9' 6.00TXSalem/Trinity Lutheran
Triple Jump
1.8Annie Messina26' 3.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
2.8Lauren Jaehne24' 9.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
3.8Kayla Clark21' 6.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
4.5Lindsey Winkler21' 2.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
5.5Emma Bond20' 11.00TXSt Mark Lutheran
6.5Haley Castleman19' 10.50TXSt Mark Lutheran

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