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100 Meters
1.8Samson Brown12.24cWACheney
2.8Tevin Duke12.32aWACentennial
3.8Thomas Cook12.34cWAEast Valley
4.8Josh Bowers12.44cWAEast Valley
5.8Ryan Hunter12.74cWACentennial
8Zach Tataryn12.74c8WAFreeman
8Waylon Dashiell12.74c8WAFreeman
8.8Talen Rogers12.84cWAEast Valley
9.8Derek Sumpter12.94cWAEast Valley
10.8Jonathan Paulson13.04cWACentennial
200 Meters
1.8Thomas Cook26.04cWAEast Valley
2.8Josh Bowers26.14cWAEast Valley
3.8Colton Brown26.44cWAEast Valley
4.7Gavin Thorpe26.54cWAEast Valley
8Talen Rogers26.54cWAEast Valley
7Chase D Reed26.54cWACheney
7.7Devonte Gorman26.74cWAEast Valley
8.8Waylon Dashiell26.84c8WAFreeman
8Aiden W Hubbard26.84cWACheney
10.8Riley Lewis26.93aWACentennial
400 Meters
1.8Colton Brown56.94cWAEast Valley
2.8Granite Gilbert57.04cWACheney
3.8Nadden Shaw58.34cWACentennial
4.8Thomas Cook59.04cWAEast Valley
5.7Drake Johnson-Villanu64.54cWACheney
6.7Zack Berezay64.84cWAEast Valley
7.8Ryan M Axtell64.94cWACheney
8.8Jonathan M Abraham65.64cWACheney
9.8Keenan M Loughery67.14cWACheney
10.7Randy McDonald68.64cWAEast Valley
800 Meters
1.8Mason Van Stone2:20.90WACheney
2.8Gaige Felix2:24.60WACheney
3.7Nathan Chapman2:24.70WAEast Valley
4.7Kyle D Sewright2:28.00WACheney
5.8Blake Marsh2:30.00WACentennial
6.8Jonathan Gonzales2:31.40WAEast Valley
7.7Jacob Nicholson2:34.50WACentennial
8.8Colton Brown2:35.00WAEast Valley
9.7Trevor A Babcock2:36.60WACheney
10.8Billy Bakke2:37.10WACheney
1600 Meters
1.8Mason Van Stone5:17.70WACheney
2.8Trevor Jacobs5:23.00WAEast Valley
3.8Blake Marsh5:26.40WACentennial
4.7Nathan Chapman5:33.90WAEast Valley
5.7Jacob Nicholson5:34.00WACentennial
6.8Jonathan Gonzales5:34.60WAEast Valley
7.8Conley Ovnicek5:46.50WACentennial
8.7Kyle D Sewright5:47.00WACheney
9.8Billy Bakke5:48.20WACheney
10.8Brock J Jongeward5:52.80WACheney
4x100 Relay
1.-Ryan Hunter
Blake Marsh
Nadden Shaw
Tevin Duke
2.-Jamiel J Worthem
Billy Bakke
Samson Brown
Nathaniel Gilson
3.-Zack Berezay
Gavin Thorpe
Antonio Ibarrra
Devonte Gorman
52.34cWAEast Valley
4x400 Relay
1.-Mason Van Stone
Cooper Pontier
Brock J Jongeward
Keenan M Loughery
2.-Colton Brown
Trevor Jacobs
Tanner Jacobs
Thomas Cook
4:14.30WAEast Valley
3.-Nadden Shaw
Blake Marsh
Ryan Hunter
Conley Ovnicek
4.-Josh Saeger
Bailey VanSlyke
Bradley Williams
Bobby Landoe
Discus - 1kg
1.8Kris Brewer124' 1.00WACheney
2.8Nathaniel Gilson98' 6.00WACheney
3.8Granite Gilbert97' 9.00WACheney
4.8Zach Tataryn90' 11.008WAFreeman
5.7Thomas Roulier78' 1.00WACheney
6.8Liam Doloughan75' 9.008WAFreeman
7.7Hunter Long74' 0.00WACheney
8.8Dylan L Williams69' 4.00WACheney
9.7Christian J Lamphere63' 7.00WACheney
10.8Garrett LaRue63' 3.008WAFreeman
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.8Kris Brewer155' 3.00WACheney
2.8Gaige Felix147' 5.00WACheney
3.8Aiden W Hubbard135' 11.00WACheney
4.8Mason Van Stone135' 2.00WACheney
5.8Talen Rogers134' 9.00WAEast Valley
6.8Billy Bakke129' 5.00WACheney
7.8Liam Doloughan126' 10.008WAFreeman
8.8Jonathan Nap124' 2.00WACentennial
9.8Jonathan Gonzales122' 11.00WAEast Valley
10.7Caleb S McCombie120' 7.00WACheney
High Jump
1.8Tevin Duke5' 7.00WACentennial
2.8Jonathan Nap5' 0.00WACentennial
8Derek Sumpter5' 0.00WAEast Valley
8Thomas Cook5' 0.00WAEast Valley
8Josh Bowers5' 0.00WAEast Valley
8Daniel Wee5' 0.00WACentennial
7.7Nathan Chapman4' 11.00WAEast Valley
8.8Trevor Jacobs4' 10.00WAEast Valley
8Alberto J Chavez4' 10.00WACheney
8Jamiel J Worthem4' 10.00WACheney
Long Jump
1.8Tevin Duke16' 9.50WACentennial
2.8Samson Brown16' 7.00WACheney
8Gaige Felix16' 7.00WACheney
4.7Terrell M Harrison16' 1.50WACheney
5.8Jonathan M Abraham15' 8.00WACheney
6.8Victor Zubkov14' 9.25WAEast Valley
7.7Trevor A Babcock14' 8.25WACheney
8.8Riley Lewis14' 7.00WACentennial
9.7Bryce Bennett14' 6.50WAEast Valley
10.8Daniel Wee14' 6.00WACentennial
8Waylon Dashiell14' 6.008WAFreeman
7Quintin Stansbury14' 6.00WACentennial
Triple Jump
1.8Gaige Felix37' 4.50WACheney
2.8Samson Brown37' 0.00WACheney
3.8Jamiel J Worthem30' 2.50WACheney
8Ethan H Sugimura30' 2.50WACheney
5.7Trevor A Babcock29' 9.50WACheney
6.8Waylon Dashiell29' 3.508WAFreeman
7.7Bobby Landoe29' 1.007WAFreeman
8.7Jaylen Q Worthem28' 10.00WACheney
9.7Josh Saeger28' 7.007WAFreeman
10.7Juan Mendoza25' 4.00WACheney

Womens xshow...

100 Meters
1.8Zoe Novakovich13.64cWAEast Valley
8Skylar Bastin13.64cWAEast Valley
3.8Amberly K Mitchell13.74c8WACheney
4.8Jordyn Rauer13.94cWACentennial
5.8Skyla Tisdale14.14cWACentennial
7Micaela Verdal14.14cWAEast Valley
8Hannah Burland14.14cWAEast Valley
8.8Isabel J Gustafson14.24c8WACheney
8Katelynn P May14.24c8WACheney
8Taylor Martin14.24cWAEast Valley
8Sydney Sather14.24a8WAFreeman
200 Meters
1.7Ally Jones28.74cWACheney
2.7Micaela Verdal29.14cWAEast Valley
3.7Shannen M Gladden29.24c7WACheney
4.8Jordyn Rauer29.55aWACentennial
5.8Taylor Martin29.84cWAEast Valley
6.8Skyla Tisdale30.24cWACentennial
7.8Tati Foster30.34c8WAFreeman
7Lakyn Parker30.34c7WAFreeman
9.7Madison Rubright30.67a7WAFreeman
10.7Cheyenne Baxter31.14cWAEast Valley
400 Meters
1.8Katelynn P May63.74c8WACheney
2.7Ally Jones64.24cWACheney
3.8Tati Foster65.94c8WAFreeman
7Cheris M Brown65.94c7WACheney
5.8Ashley Meyer66.10aWACentennial
6.8Jordyn Rauer66.14cWACentennial
7.8Abby Hammermeister68.04cWACheney
8.7Emily McLaughlin68.54cWACentennial
9.7Tessa Gilbert69.34c7WAFreeman
10.7AnnaBelle Schweiger70.04c7WAFreeman
800 Meters
1.8Brittnay Aquino2:35.30WAEast Valley
2.7Alyssa Zimmerman2:39.007WAFreeman
3.7McCall Henderson2:43.007WAFreeman
4.8Corissa Larsen2:45.40WAEast Valley
5.7Rylie K Pease2:45.907WACheney
6.8Katelynn P May2:47.208WACheney
7.8Amanda Gilliam2:48.008WACheney
8.7AnnaBelle Schweiger2:50.207WAFreeman
9.7Lexis Lyle2:50.70WAEast Valley
10.7Brooklyn I Spencer2:51.007WACheney
1600 Meters
1.8Brittnay Aquino5:39.60WAEast Valley
2.7Alyssa Zimmerman5:44.107WAFreeman
3.8Ashley Meyer5:50.90WACentennial
4.7McCall Henderson6:00.607WAFreeman
5.7Rylie K Pease6:02.407WACheney
6.8Ashley Jarvey6:25.00WACentennial
7.8Amanda Gilliam6:26.108WACheney
8.7Charli Bise6:32.90WAEast Valley
9.7Brooklyn I Spencer6:33.107WACheney
10.7Heather Becker6:43.40WACentennial
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Zoe Novakovich16.84cWAEast Valley
2.8Payton Fredricksen18.74cWAEast Valley
3.8Rachel McGLothlen19.04cWACentennial
4.7Cheris M Brown19.14c7WACheney
7Rachel Cochrane19.14cWAEast Valley
8Sammie Battin19.14cWAEast Valley
7Hannah N Brown19.14c7WACheney
8.8Jasmine A McCauley19.54c8WACheney
9.8Rianne Ellingwood19.66aWACentennial
10.7Lexis Lyle19.94cWAEast Valley
4x100 Relay
1.-Skylar Bastin
Sammie Battin
Hannah Burland
Zoe Novakovich
55.04cWAEast Valley
2.-Jasmine A McCauley
Nadezhda Mikhalchuk
Amanda Gilliam
Isabel J Gustafson
3.-Delia Rodriguez
Rianne Ellingwood
Rylee McConnell
Jordyn Rauer
4.-Stacy Johnson
Lakyn Parker
Madison Rubright
Tessa Gilbert
4x400 Relay
1.-Savanah M Hyde
Georgianna D Black
Sarah F Pierson
Katelynn P May
2.-Corissa Larsen
Megan Duff
Baylee Buchanan
Brittnay Aquino
4:52.50WAEast Valley
3.-AnnaBelle Schweiger
Alyssa Zimmerman
McCall Henderson
Rachel Arnzen
4.-Jordyn Rauer
Rianne Ellingwood
Ashley Jarvey
Taija Williams
Discus - 1kg
1.8Amparo Contreras66' 6.008WACheney
2.8Kayla Figler55' 2.008WAFreeman
3.8Maria Contreras51' 8.008WACheney
4.8Amanda N Foster51' 7.008WACheney
5.8Aleyna Iltz50' 1.008WAFreeman
6.7Andrea C McClure46' 11.007WACheney
7.7Anna Zook44' 8.007WACheney
8.8Hannah R Simonsen37' 1.008WACheney
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.7Rylie K Pease117' 2.007WACheney
2.8Skylar Bastin103' 7.00WAEast Valley
3.8Brooklynn Juris99' 1.00WAEast Valley
4.8Sydney Sather97' 3.008WAFreeman
5.8Brittnay Aquino92' 0.00WAEast Valley
6.8Sierra N Barrio89' 11.008WACheney
7.8Stacie Smith87' 8.00WAEast Valley
8.8Corissa Larsen86' 0.00WAEast Valley
9.7Kylie Plopper83' 6.00WAEast Valley
10.8Shawen Christensen82' 11.00WACentennial
High Jump
1.8Jordyn Rauer5' 0.00WACentennial
2.8Ashley Meyer4' 9.00WACentennial
3.8Morgan Ulbright4' 5.00WACentennial
8Taija Williams4' 5.00WACentennial
8Katelynn P May4' 5.008WACheney
8Hannah Burland4' 5.00WAEast Valley
7.8Megan Duff4' 3.00WAEast Valley
7Sophie LaRue4' 3.007WAFreeman
8Rylee McConnell4' 3.00WACentennial
8Rachel McGLothlen4' 3.00WACentennial
Long Jump
1.7Ally Jones15' 5.50WACheney
2.8Zoe Novakovich14' 10.75WAEast Valley
3.8Hannah Burland14' 7.50WAEast Valley
4.7Rachel Cochrane14' 2.50WAEast Valley
5.8Rianne Ellingwood14' 0.00WACentennial
6.8Rachel McGLothlen13' 5.50WACentennial
7.8Corissa Larsen13' 3.50WAEast Valley
8.7Cheris M Brown13' 1.757WACheney
7Hannah N Brown13' 1.757WACheney
10.8Audrianna G Edmondson13' 0.508WACheney
Triple Jump
1.8Amberly K Mitchell31' 9.508WACheney
2.8Nadezhda Mikhalchuk29' 7.258WACheney
3.8Savanah M Hyde28' 8.508WACheney
4.7Alexis A Brooks28' 3.757WACheney
5.7Brooklyn I Spencer28' 0.757WACheney
6.7Rachel Arnzen27' 9.757WAFreeman
7.8Jasmine A McCauley26' 4.258WACheney
8.8Angie J Leon26' 0.258WACheney
9.7Shannen M Gladden25' 1.757WACheney
10.8Reba N Eaton25' 0.508WACheney
7AnnaBelle Schweiger25' 0.507WAFreeman
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