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West Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

55 Meter Dash
1.11Aaron Tindall6.44cNCOlympic
2.12Brandan Napier6.54cNCArdrey Kell
3.12Christopher Thompson6.56aNCNorth Mecklenburg
4.11Josh Reid6.71aNCWest Mecklenburg
5.12Terrance Clyburn6.75aNCNorth Mecklenburg
12Gregory Cunningham6.75aNCWest Charlotte
7.-Essa Johnson6.79aNCWest Charlotte
8.9Nicholas Lawson6.80aNCNorth Mecklenburg
9.11Morgan Anderson6.84aNCNorth Mecklenburg
12Will Funchess6.84cNCSouth Mecklenburg
11Immanuel Henderson6.84cNCArdrey Kell
60 Meter Dash
1.11Aaron Tindall7.01aNCOlympic
2.-Daniel Malowsky7.82aNCA.C. Reynolds
3.10Aaron Neuhauser7.98aNCA.C. Reynolds
4.11EJ Griffith8.23aNCA.C. Reynolds
200 Meters
1.11Aaron Tindall22.56aNCOlympic
300 Meters
1.11Aaron Tindall35.94cNCOlympic
2.12Kenneth Webster36.26aNCWest Mecklenburg
3.12Will Funchess36.34cNCSouth Mecklenburg
4.12Daniel Jarrett36.64cNCArdrey Kell
5.12Gavin Walter36.70aNCButler
6.9Nicholas Lawson36.73aNCNorth Mecklenburg
7.11Josh Reid36.76aNCWest Mecklenburg
8.12Jordan McLemore37.34cNCArdrey Kell
9.-Marcus Jenkins37.57aNCT C Roberson
10.12Eric Blake37.63aNCWest Charlotte
400 Meters
1.10Aaron Neuhauser56.88aNCA.C. Reynolds
2.11EJ Griffith59.40aNCA.C. Reynolds
500 Meters
1.10Michael Parkins67.29aNCNorth Mecklenburg
2.12Kenneth Webster67.93aNCWest Mecklenburg
3.12Michael Rupinski68.23aNCLake Norman
4.12Nigel Donald68.40NCOlympic
5.12Stephen Schmal69.81aNCWatauga
6.9Nicholas Lawson69.85aNCNorth Mecklenburg
7.12DJ Jarrett70.70NCArdrey Kell
8.11Reggie Johnson-Carelock71.43aNCSouth Mecklenburg
9.11Vincent Yang71.50NCSouth Mecklenburg
12Daniel Jarrett71.50NCArdrey Kell
1000 Meters
1.10Wyatt Maxey2:35.78aNCProvidence
2.10Christian White2:38.08aNCArdrey Kell
3.11Bryan Brackney2:38.59aNCWatauga
4.12Thomas McLean2:40.80NCArdrey Kell
5.12Michael Rupinski2:41.16aNCLake Norman
6.12Jake Warren2:42.90aNCAlexander Central
7.11Reggie Johnson-Carelock2:43.60NCSouth Mecklenburg
8.11Jonathan Wagner2:43.87aNCLake Norman
9.11Josh Anderson2:44.94aNCWatauga
10.10Dylan Cohen2:45.40NCProvidence
1600 Meters
1.10Wyatt Maxey4:34.35aNCProvidence
2.11Josh Anderson4:35.48aNCWatauga
3.12Robert Kovach4:36.33aNCT C Roberson
4.12Cole Rains4:38.50aNCT C Roberson
5.11Paul Kovach4:40.10aNCT C Roberson
6.12Madden Souder4:44.60NCArdrey Kell
7.10Patrick Sheehan4:44.64aNCLake Norman
8.11Bryan Brackney4:44.97aNCWatauga
9.11Jonathan Wagner4:45.20aNCLake Norman
10.12Andrew Vandenberg4:48.59aNCWatauga
3200 Meters
1.12Cole Rains9:41.57aNCT C Roberson
2.10Wyatt Maxey9:44.49aNCProvidence
3.12Andrew Vandenberg9:47.93aNCWatauga
4.10Patrick Sheehan10:02.61aNCLake Norman
5.10Dylan Cohen10:08.14aNCProvidence
6.11Joe Sullivan10:11.60NCProvidence
7.11Josh Anderson10:11.88aNCWatauga
8.12Parth Shah10:14.80NCArdrey Kell
9.12Dan Whalen10:24.70NCArdrey Kell
10.11Alex Zorich10:24.74aNCT C Roberson
55m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Jordan Javadi7.67aNCProvidence
2.12Justin Dangelo7.90aNCT C Roberson
3.12Justin D' Angelo7.92aNCT C Roberson
4.10Drew Barker8.02aNCT C Roberson
5.12Kenneth Hunt8.04cNCArdrey Kell
6.12Gregory Cunningham8.18aNCWest Charlotte
7.12Zack Helms8.19aNCWatauga
8.12Eric Blake8.24aNCWest Charlotte
9.12Tyler Bell8.60aNCMooresville Senior
10.12Terry Everhart8.94cNCOlympic
60m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Aaron Neuhauser9.45aNCA.C. Reynolds
2.11EJ Griffith9.54aNCA.C. Reynolds
4x200 Relay
1.-Reid Harris
Christian Backman
Zack Helms
Stephen Schmal
4x400 Relay
1.-DJ Jarrett
Thomas McLean
Kenneth Hunt
Christian White
3:34.10NCArdrey Kell
2.-Nigel Donald
Aaron Tindall
Terry Everhart
Tanner Thompson
3.-Nicholas Lawson
Michael Parkins
Jaiquan Manning
Rashaan Williams
3:37.87aNCNorth Mecklenburg
4.-Relay Team3:39.31aNCWest Charlotte
5.-Christian Backman
Reid Harris
Zack Helms
Bryan Brackney
6.-Relay Team3:39.58aNCT C Roberson
7.-Cary Gavin
Henry Lewer
Will Wagner
Daniel Kim
8.-Will Funchess
Vincent Yang
Reggie Carelock-johnson
Nick Danner
3:43.90NCSouth Mecklenburg
9.-Clayton Johnson
Thomas Fay
Jason Lux
Logan Martin
4x800 Relay
1.-Christian White
Dan Whalen
Parth Shah
Thomas McLean
8:15.70aNCArdrey Kell
2.-Robert Kovach
River Gordon
Paul Kovach
Cole Rains
8:21.62aNCT C Roberson
3.-Ryan Hellenbrand
Josh Anderson
Dustin Hickernell
Bryan Brackney
4.-Dylan Cohen
Jeff Pacholski
Andrew Kendall
Wyatt Maxey
5.-Relay Team8:56.47aNCLake Norman
6.-Relay Team9:20.92aNCSouth Caldwell
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Peter Kalambayi51' 8.75NCButler
2.12Brian Smallwood43' 9.25NCVance
3.12Monquavorius Pryor42' 6.00NCHopewell
4.-Robert Reed36' 8.50NCNorth Mecklenburg
5.12Hayden White35' 11.00NCArdrey Kell
6.9Eric Swann35' 10.00NCProvidence
7.12John Beall34' 6.00NCArdrey Kell
8.11Erich Jegier34' 1.00NCProvidence
9.10Henry Lewer33' 0.00NCProvidence
10.9Kenan Foxx32' 4.19NCWatauga
High Jump
1.12Kendrick Johnson6' 2.00NCMooresville Senior
2.12Colby Warren5' 10.00NCAlexander Central
3.12Eric Dehus5' 8.00NCWatauga
4.12Kyle Icenhour5' 7.72NCAlexander Central
5.9Niclas Danner5' 4.00NCSouth Mecklenburg
Pole Vault
1.12Reid Harris14' 6.00NCWatauga
2.12Max Ruble13' 2.00NCWatauga
3.11Tyler Chazotte13' 0.00NCT C Roberson
4.10Michael Murray10' 0.00NCProvidence
5.11Joseph Pratt8' 6.00NCArdrey Kell
Long Jump
1.11Aaron Tindall21' 7.00NCOlympic
2.11Manny Henderson20' 10.00NCArdrey Kell
3.11Alex Turner20' 6.00NCLake Norman
4.9Nicholas Lawson20' 1.75NCNorth Mecklenburg
5.11Marthony Hobgood19' 1.50NCWest Charlotte
6.11Tanner Thompson18' 10.00NCOlympic
12DJ Cook18' 10.00NCSouth Caldwell
8.11Raheem Royal18' 8.00NCT C Roberson
11Immanuel Henderson18' 8.00NCArdrey Kell
10.12Kenneth Hunt18' 2.50NCArdrey Kell
Triple Jump
1.11Marthony Hobgood43' 10.75NCWest Charlotte
2.12Tyler Bell43' 7.50NCMooresville Senior
3.11Raheem Royal39' 9.50NCT C Roberson
4.10Devon Sutton39' 8.75NCNorth Mecklenburg
5.11Immanuel Henderson39' 5.50NCArdrey Kell
6.12Terry Everhart39' 0.00NCOlympic
7.11Manny Henderson38' 6.00NCArdrey Kell
8.12DJ Cook37' 10.75NCSouth Caldwell
9.10Justin Hall36' 10.91NCWatauga
10.12Kenny Hunt32' 11.00NCArdrey Kell

Womens show...

55 Meter Dash
1.11Sabrina Moore7.09aNCNorth Mecklenburg
2.12Naya Tapper7.27aNCWest Mecklenburg
3.11Lakanya Legette7.34cNCOlympic
4.11Breanna Lee7.41aNCButler
5.11Brittany Sloan7.44cNCOlympic
6.12Natasala Thomas7.46aNCWest Charlotte
7.10Deagae Smith7.61aNCWest Charlotte
8.11Justice Briscoe7.63aNCMallard Creek
11Felicia McCarthy7.63aNCButler
10.11Shelby Abernathy7.76aNCWatauga
60 Meter Dash
1.9Alissa Warren9.15aNCA.C. Reynolds
200 Meters
1.12Alvonna Blakney26.26aNCWest Mecklenburg
300 Meters
1.11Kaila Smith42.28aNCArdrey Kell
2.12Alvonna Blakney42.47aNCWest Mecklenburg
3.12Michaela Williams42.76aNCWest Mecklenburg
4.11Justice Briscoe42.89aNCMallard Creek
5.12Cidney Cottle43.04cNCOlympic
6.11Sabrina Moore43.08aNCNorth Mecklenburg
7.11Gina Daniel43.64cNCProvidence
8.9Alexis Hooper43.84cNCOlympic
9.12Naya Tapper43.91aNCWest Mecklenburg
10.12Trikeria Johnson44.08aNCNorth Mecklenburg
400 Meters
1.11Noel Tapper59.56aNCWest Mecklenburg
2.11Kaila Smith59.94aNCArdrey Kell
3.12Michaela Williams61.69aNCWest Mecklenburg
4.9Marquisa Loughlin63.29aNCWest Mecklenburg
500 Meters
1.12Megan McDonald79.62aNCT C Roberson
2.11Kaila Smith80.07aNCArdrey Kell
3.12Michaela Williams80.57aNCWest Mecklenburg
4.12Julia Roberts80.70aNCWatauga
5.12Melissa Helms81.11aNCNorth Mecklenburg
6.11Gina Daniel81.56aNCProvidence
7.12Trikeria Johnson82.32aNCNorth Mecklenburg
8.11Anna Shulz-Coulon82.76aNCWatauga
9.11Justice Briscoe82.96aNCMallard Creek
10.12Cidney Cottle83.00NCOlympic
1000 Meters
1.11Darby Middlebrook3:06.22aNCWatauga
2.12Madelin Talbert3:07.20NCSouth Mecklenburg
3.11Brooke Gordon3:08.04aNCT C Roberson
4.12Hailey Middlebrook3:08.59aNCWatauga
5.12Julia Roberts3:09.45aNCWatauga
6.11Gina Daniel3:09.68aNCProvidence
7.12Kaitlyn Shetler3:10.00aNCMallard Creek
8.12Kelsie Rubino3:10.21aNCLake Norman
9.12Emily Costa3:11.80NCProvidence
10.11Madison Harmon3:12.86aNCWatauga
1600 Meters
1.11Darby Middlebrook5:01.72aNCWatauga
2.11Brooke Gordon5:09.91aNCT C Roberson
3.11Madison Harman5:17.88aNCWatauga
4.12Kaitlyn Shetler5:18.47aNCMallard Creek
5.12Madelin Talbert5:19.29aNCSouth Mecklenburg
6.12Kelsie Rubino5:21.72aNCLake Norman
7.10Bianca Bishop5:22.31aNCProvidence
8.11Madison Harmon5:23.80aNCWatauga
9.9Anastasia Soule5:25.17aNCT C Roberson
10.12Kaitlyn Kramer5:25.30NCArdrey Kell
3200 Meters
1.11Darby Middlebrook10:59.73aNCWatauga
2.11Madison Harman11:20.56aNCWatauga
3.9Lily Anderson11:31.73aNCSouth Mecklenburg
4.12Kaitlyn Shetler11:38.77aNCMallard Creek
5.12Madelin Talbert11:39.60NCSouth Mecklenburg
6.12Emily Costa11:43.50NCProvidence
7.12Kaitlyn Kramer11:45.60NCArdrey Kell
8.10Bianca Bishop11:46.13aNCProvidence
9.9Christina Nikolaou11:51.00NCOlympic
10.12Kelsie Rubino11:55.66aNCLake Norman
55m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Alvonna Blakney8.21aNCWest Mecklenburg
2.11Kaila Smith8.66aNCArdrey Kell
12Megan McDonald8.66aNCT C Roberson
4.11Taylor Drummonds9.05aNCWatauga
5.12Melissa Helms9.34aNCNorth Mecklenburg
6.10Jasmine Woods9.84aNCArdrey Kell
7.12Kenyon Hall10.11aNCWatauga
8.9Savannah Drummonds10.34aNCWatauga
9.12Jasmine Bonaparte10.54aNCVance
10.11Kristen Erwin11.74cNCArdrey Kell
60m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Alvonna Blakney8.88aNCWest Mecklenburg
2.11Kaila Smith9.37aNCArdrey Kell
4x200 Relay
1.-Michaela Williams
Naya Tapper
Alvonna Blakney
Noel Tapper
1:44.32aNCWest Mecklenburg
2.-Taylor Potts
Shelby Maher
Cassidy Keller
Julia Rubner
1:58.18aNCAlexander Central
4x400 Relay
1.-Marquisa Loughlin
Michaela Williams
Alvonna Blakney
Noel Tapper
4:06.75aNCWest Mecklenburg
2.-Lauren Cook
Anastasia Soule
Arianna Whiteside
Megan McDonald
4:15.50aNCT C Roberson
3.-Taylor Drummonds
Hailey Middlebrook
Julia Roberts
Anna Shulz-Coulon
4.-Lauren Adamson
Gina Daniel
Arden Mattachini
Emily Costa
5.-Trikeria Johnson
Jhatanah Thomas
Jenna Parker
Melissa Helms
4:16.92aNCNorth Mecklenburg
6.-Khalia Boulware
Lakanya Legette
Brittany Sloan
Cidney Cottle
7.-Kristen Erwin
Aleisha Murrell
Kaila Smith
Mary Klemons
4:32.90NCArdrey Kell
8.-Anna McElrath
Kayla Campbell
Natilie Barnett
Brittany O'Connell
4x800 Relay
1.-Julia Roberts
Hailey Middlebrook
Darby Middlebrook
Madison Harman
2.-Gina Daniel
Grace Sullivan
Bianca Bishop
Arden Mattachini
3.-Anastasia Soule
Ashley Mull
Brooke Gordon
Casey Greenwalt
10:05.23aNCT C Roberson
4.-Relay Team11:02.43aNCLake Norman
5.-Jordi Jonas
Cere Poovey
Cierra Walker
Niki Walker
11:34.25aNCAlexander Central
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Kristian Kipp36' 10.00NCOlympic
2.11India McWhorter35' 4.80NCAlexander Central
3.10Chelsey Mack25' 11.00NCButler
4.11Julia Rubner25' 10.24NCAlexander Central
5.10Courtney Bebber25' 3.50NCAlexander Central
6.12Ashley Lanier25' 0.00NCEast Mecklenburg
7.11Lindsay Ferkol24' 0.50NCArdrey Kell
8.12Lorainne Mann23' 4.71NCWatauga
9.12Jenny Wilson23' 4.00NCEast Mecklenburg
10.11Emily Simmons23' 0.50NCAlexander Central
High Jump
1.11Anisia Starege5' 2.00NCT C Roberson
2.11Kaila Smith5' 1.00NCArdrey Kell
3.12Tara Trivette4' 10.00NCWatauga
4.10Madison Hill4' 8.00NCArdrey Kell
5.11Angelique Reynolds4' 0.00NCEast Mecklenburg
Pole Vault
1.12Lizzie Rodes10' 6.00NCMooresville Senior
2.12Callen Burril9' 6.25NCA.C. Reynolds
3.11Taylor Drummonds9' 6.00NCWatauga
4.12Kenyon Hall9' 0.00NCWatauga
5.11Stephanie Pawlyszyn8' 6.00NCWatauga
10Alison Seramur8' 6.00NCWatauga
7.9Savannah Drummonds7' 5.76NCWatauga
Long Jump
1.11Lakanya Legette17' 5.75NCOlympic
2.11Felicia McCarthy17' 3.75NCButler
3.10Deagae Smith16' 7.50NCWest Charlotte
4.11Kaila Smith16' 1.00NCArdrey Kell
5.10Jasmine Woods15' 3.00NCArdrey Kell
12Tyasia Brown15' 3.00NCHopewell
7.11Kat Mannanova14' 10.00NCT C Roberson
8.9Nicole Lawson14' 9.00NCNorth Mecklenburg
9.10Ashaunte Mitchell14' 8.00NCOlympic
10.10Alexis Davis14' 7.75NCButler
Triple Jump
1.12Jasmine Bonaparte35' 0.00NCVance
2.10Alexis Davis34' 6.00NCButler
3.11Kat Mannanova33' 6.00NCT C Roberson
4.9Nicole Lawson32' 9.00NCNorth Mecklenburg
5.10Jhatanah Thomas30' 7.00NCNorth Mecklenburg
6.-Renetta Ricks30' 5.00NCWest Charlotte
7.9Katie Marks28' 10.85NCWatauga
8.10Anna Rissanen25' 9.50NCProvidence

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