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Ashwaubenon Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

55 Meter Dash
1.10Dylan Beyer6.51aWISeymour
2.11Cody Plaster6.53aWISeymour
3.10Brice Bergner6.88aWIShawano Community
4.12Wyatt Young7.18aWIShawano Community
5.9Zack Sousek7.34aWIShawano Community
6.11Riley Tuma7.43aWIShawano Community
7.9Ben Glime8.01aWIShawano Community
8.11Nonekosew Grignon8.31aWIShawano Community
9.9Daniel Boivin8.33aWIShawano Community
10.9Austin Peach8.54aWIShawano Community
200 Meters
1.9Zack Sousek27.40aWIShawano Community
2.9Ben Glime29.54cWIShawano Community
3.11Sanyog Singh30.24cWIShawano Community
4.10Bryce Wiegand30.33aWIShawano Community
5.11Nonekosew Grignon31.94aWIShawano Community
6.12Aaron Klatt32.43aWIShawano Community
400 Meters
1.12Jed Dallas59.53aWIShawano Community
2.12Andrew Knope59.97aWIShawano Community
3.10Clayton Skogman61.86aWISeymour
4.10Ryan Krahn63.23aWISeymour
5.9Austin Peach69.18aWIShawano Community
6.10Christian Kane72.66aWIShawano Community
800 Meters
1.12Sean Wagner2:06.68aWISeymour
2.12Alexander Buss2:13.22aWIShawano Community
3.12Wyatt Young2:19.67aWIShawano Community
4.10Kyle Peotter2:22.77aWISeymour
5.10Griffin Monfils2:35.70WIShawano Community
1600 Meters
1.12Alexander Buss4:49.29aWIShawano Community
2.10Justin Skinkis5:07.96aWISeymour
3.10Kyle Raddant5:20.25aWIShawano Community
4.10Christian Kane6:18.40WIShawano Community
5.9C.J. Walks6:24.16aWIShawano Community
3200 Meters
1.11Riley Tuma11:20.00aWIShawano Community
2.12Alexander Buss11:22.33aWIShawano Community
3.10Juwan White12:18.90WIShawano Community
4.10Kyle Raddant12:26.68aWIShawano Community
5.10Griffin Monfils12:36.24aWIShawano Community
6.11Kurtis Komanekin13:37.00WIShawano Community
7.12Adam Rycroft13:55.50WIShawano Community
55m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Josh Hopkins7.49aWISeymour
2.11David Leisgang9.17aWISeymour
3.12Taylor Ejnik9.56aWIShawano Community
4x160 Relay
1.-Relay Team77.54aWIShawano Community
4x200 Relay
1.-Dylan Singer
Evan Braun
Zack Sousek
Brice Bergner
1:47.15aWIShawano Community
2.-Relay Team1:48.19aWISeymour
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team4:00.89aWIShawano Community
2.-Relay Team4:11.25aWISeymour
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team9:19.04aWIShawano Community
2.-Relay Team9:26.49aWISeymour
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Dylan Singer
Brice Bergner
Jed Dallas
Riley Tuma
3:56.70WIShawano Community
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Cody Keleske41' 10.00WISeymour
2.10Jackson Kania41' 7.50WISeymour
3.11Kodiak Mahkimetas40' 4.00WIShawano Community
4.11Alex Mickelson39' 11.00WIShawano Community
5.12Nate Gerhardt37' 4.50WISeymour
6.10Adam Kramer33' 10.50WIShawano Community
7.11Matt Horne32' 9.00WIShawano Community
8.10Craig Kraning31' 7.75WIShawano Community
9.10Michael Meisner30' 10.50WIShawano Community
10.12Kyle Jones29' 10.00WIShawano Community
High Jump
1.10Alex Bloom6' 0.00WISeymour
10Sandy Cohen6' 0.00WISeymour
3.11Matt Horne5' 4.00WIShawano Community
4.10Evan Braun5' 0.00WIShawano Community
5.9Daniel Boivin4' 8.00WIShawano Community
Pole Vault
1.12Nick Effa12' 6.00WISeymour
2.11Matt Horne11' 6.00WIShawano Community
10Evan Braun11' 6.00WIShawano Community
4.10Alex Bloom11' 0.00WISeymour
5.10Michael Meisner10' 0.00WIShawano Community
9Ben Glime10' 0.00WIShawano Community
10Ethan Braun10' 0.00WIShawano Community
8.10Ryan Eckstrom9' 0.00WIShawano Community
Long Jump
1.10Sandy Cohen20' 6.50WISeymour
2.9Zack Sousek19' 6.00WIShawano Community
3.10Carlos Merino18' 2.00WIShawano Community
4.12Jed Dallas17' 10.50WIShawano Community
5.10Dakota Oskey17' 10.25WISeymour
6.10Ryan Eckstrom17' 5.00WIShawano Community
7.11Sanyog Singh15' 6.50WIShawano Community
8.9Austin Peach14' 5.00WIShawano Community
Triple Jump
1.10Sandy Cohen43' 5.50WISeymour
2.10Dakota Oskey40' 3.50WISeymour
3.9Zack Sousek40' 2.50WIShawano Community
4.12Jed Dallas36' 9.75WIShawano Community
5.10Ryan Eckstrom34' 5.25WIShawano Community
6.9Daniel Boivin32' 6.75WIShawano Community
7.10Austin Singer29' 4.00WIShawano Community

Womens show...

55 Meter Dash
1.10Kess Ryan7.16aWISeymour
2.10Kia Smurawa8.12aWIShawano Community
3.10Olivia Gray8.40aWISeymour
4.10Malory Soper8.48aWIShawano Community
5.12Jamie Clark8.52aWIShawano Community
6.12Megan Marotz8.57aWIShawano Community
7.9Meghan Opgenorth8.81aWISeymour
8.11Raven Wagner8.88aWIShawano Community
9.10Molly Hass9.67aWIShawano Community
200 Meters
1.10Kia Smurawa30.25aWIShawano Community
2.10Malory Soper31.14aWIShawano Community
3.10Kayla Hokenstad31.40aWIShawano Community
4.10Isabella Gonzalez31.42aWIShawano Community
5.12Amanda Custode33.62aWIShawano Community
400 Meters
1.11Bridget Murphy65.27aWISeymour
2.10Kayla Hokenstad71.06aWIShawano Community
3.10Alise Gray72.19aWISeymour
4.10Isabella Gonzalez72.21aWIShawano Community
800 Meters
1.11Bridget Murphy2:31.32aWISeymour
2.9Taylor Ambrosius2:50.62aWISeymour
3.12Alexandria Pagel2:52.49aWIShawano Community
4.10Lindsey Kurtz2:58.50WIShawano Community
1600 Meters
1.12Alexandria Pagel6:17.24aWIShawano Community
2.9Lindsay Holstrom6:22.99aWIShawano Community
3.9Courtney Schlichting6:49.00aWIShawano Community
4.10Alexa Brill7:11.25aWISeymour
5.10Kalli Vandenheuvel7:22.04aWISeymour
3200 Meters
1.9Lindsay Holstrom13:58.14aWIShawano Community
2.9Courtney Schlichting14:43.00WIShawano Community
3.12Allison Novak17:55.38aWIShawano Community
55m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Amanda Custode9.98aWIShawano Community
2.9Jolene Downs11.09aWIShawano Community
3.10Samantha Bohm11.32aWIShawano Community
4x160 Relay
1.-Relay Team1:36.60aWIShawano Community
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team2:03.74aWISeymour
2.-Megan Marotz
Malory Soper
Raven Wagner
Kia Smurawa
2:06.91aWIShawano Community
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team4:37.86aWISeymour
2.-Relay Team5:00.70aWIShawano Community
4x800 Relay
1.-Scarlett Young
Allison Novak
Abbie Braun
Ali Smurawa
11:18.74aWIShawano Community
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Megan Marotz
Samantha Bohm
Allison Novak
Ali Smurawa
5:28.53aWIShawano Community
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Allison Novak
Isabella Gonzalez
Scarlett Young
Alexandria Pagel
16:39.16aWIShawano Community
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Jamie Clark40' 5.75WIShawano Community
2.12Melanie Wichman35' 3.75WISeymour
3.9Kristina Herman32' 9.75WISeymour
4.9Madilyn Heinke30' 4.75WISeymour
5.11Samantha Jentsch29' 10.50WIShawano Community
6.11Savanna Malitz24' 3.00WIShawano Community
7.11Chelsey Haberl19' 4.00WIShawano Community
High Jump
1.12Taylor Deperry5' 4.00WIShawano Community
2.10Isabella Gonzalez5' 2.00WIShawano Community
3.12Allison Novak4' 6.00WIShawano Community
4.12Scarlett Young4' 2.00WIShawano Community
Pole Vault
1.10Rachael Whitefield9' 0.00WIAshwaubenon
2.11Bridget Murphy8' 0.00WISeymour
3.9Michelle Wenninger7' 6.00WISeymour
4.10Malory Soper6' 6.00WIShawano Community
12Abbie Braun6' 6.00WIShawano Community
6.12Scarlett Young6' 0.00WIShawano Community
Long Jump
1.10Kia Smurawa15' 8.50WIShawano Community
2.10Kayla Hokenstad14' 8.00WIShawano Community
3.12Megan Marotz11' 11.50WIShawano Community
9Taylor Ambrosius11' 11.50WISeymour
5.9Jolene Downs11' 7.25WIShawano Community
6.12Jordan Riemer11' 6.00WIShawano Community
7.10Kalli Vandenheuvel10' 10.25WISeymour
8.11Chelsey Haberl10' 6.00WIShawano Community
Triple Jump
1.10Kia Smurawa32' 4.50WIShawano Community
2.10Samantha Bohm26' 0.00WIShawano Community

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