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Interstate (IAC) Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.8Joshua Meka11.94cMDLandon
2.7Chris Reid12.44cVASt Stephens and St Agnes
3.8Alani Moore12.64cMDLandon
4.8Nicholas Parris12.74cMDLandon
5.6RC Walbrook13.14cDCSt Albans
8Vitaly Kleiner13.14cMDLandon
7Eric Matzelevich13.14cMDBullis
8.8Mark Ebo13.24cMDLandon
9.8Noah Dakaud13.44cDCSt Albans
8Jordan Edwards13.44cDCSt Albans
200 Meters
1.8Alani Moore25.34cMDLandon
2.8Mark Ebo26.14cMDLandon
8John Van Den Anker26.14cDCSt Albans
4.8Vitaly Kleiner26.24cMDLandon
5.7Eric Matzelevich26.84cMDBullis
6.8Carlos Austin27.24cDCSt Albans
7.8Hayden Fralin27.34cMDLandon
8.8Joshua Meka27.44cMDLandon
9.6RC Walbrook28.51aDCSt Albans
10.7Spenser Adams28.64cDCSt Albans
400 Meters
1.8Alexander Brown58.04cMDBullis
2.8Vitaly Kleiner59.04cMDLandon
3.8Hayden Fralin60.14cMDLandon
4.8Jordan Edwards60.44cDCSt Albans
5.8Colin Bruce60.51aDCSt Albans
6.7Aryemis Brown63.54cMDBullis
7.7Darrion Vinson64.14cDCSt Albans
8.8Anthony Miele65.04cMDLandon
9.7Alexander Taylor66.24cDCSt Albans
10.8Massimo (Max) Eichner66.74cMDBullis
800 Meters
1.8Colin Bruce2:23.40DCSt Albans
2.7Aryemis Brown2:29.80MDBullis
3.8Alexander Brown2:31.67aMDBullis
4.6Peter Gilbert2:32.80MDLandon
5.7Nathan Dunning2:34.00DCSt Albans
6.8Henry Smith2:35.90MDLandon
7.8Charlie O'Brien2:38.20VASt Stephens and St Agnes
8.7Jackson Powell2:39.00MDLandon
9.7Alexander Taylor2:40.52aDCSt Albans
10.7Benjamin Holman2:44.00MDLandon
1600 Meters
1.8Henry Smith5:27.90MDLandon
2.7Benjamin Holman5:31.00MDLandon
3.8Alex Leder5:38.70MDLandon
4.8Eric Karsten6:02.13aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
5.8Chris Olsen6:02.70aDCSt Albans
6.6John Sita6:03.10MDBullis
7.7Paul Weaver6:04.54aDCSt Albans
8.8Will Phelps6:10.01aDCSt Albans
9.8Evan Pugh6:31.50MDLandon
10.8Ross Munk6:37.58aDCSt Albans
3200 Meters
1.7Benjamin Holman12:16.20MDLandon
2.8Alex Leder12:28.00MDLandon
3.8Henry Smith12:51.50MDLandon
4.7Paul Weaver13:12.00DCSt Albans
5.8Evan Pugh13:26.30MDLandon
6.8Ross Munk14:27.00DCSt Albans
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Mo Feldman18.64cMDLandon
2.7Jonathan Augustine19.54cMDLandon
3.7Sam Akins20.74cMDLandon
4.8Nicholas Shevchik22.44cMDLandon
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team51.14cDCSt Albans
2.-Joshua Meka
Hayden Fralin
Alani Moore
Mark Ebo
3.-Relay Team57.34aMDBullis
4.-Relay Team57.85aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
4x200 Relay
1.-Jameel Brown
Hayden Fralin
Mark Ebo
Vitaly Kleiner
2.-Relay Team1:54.60MDBullis
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team4:17.30MDBullis
-Jameel Brown
Jackson Powell
Anthony Miele
Vitaly Kleiner
3.-Dylan Varghese
Kobe Adolph
Chuck O'Brien
Eric Karsten
4:53.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
Discus - 1kg
1.8Keith Simms103' 1.50DCSt Albans
2.8John Van Den Anker90' 7.00DCSt Albans
3.7Camaron Spence89' 10.50VASt Stephens and St Agnes
4.8Mo Feldman82' 8.00MDLandon
5.8Eric Shalloway71' 0.00MDLandon
6.8George Shalloway64' 7.00MDLandon
7.8Charlie O'Brien63' 6.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
8.8Jantay Abdychev62' 8.00MDLandon
9.7James Wilusz60' 0.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
10.6John Sita58' 7.00MDBullis
High Jump
1.8Carlos Austin5' 4.00DCSt Albans
2.8Alani Moore5' 2.00MDLandon
3.7Eric Matzelevich5' 1.00MDBullis
4.8Jordan Edwards5' 0.00DCSt Albans
8Hayden Fralin5' 0.00MDLandon
6.8Joshua Meka4' 9.00MDLandon
7Jonathan Augustine4' 9.00MDLandon
8Mark Ebo4' 9.00MDLandon
8Alexander Brown4' 9.00MDBullis
10.7Aryemis Brown4' 6.00MDBullis
7Jonathan Hsieh4' 6.00MDLandon
Long Jump
1.8Colin Bruce17' 7.00DCSt Albans
2.8Vitaly Kleiner17' 2.50MDLandon
3.8Hayden Fralin15' 9.00MDLandon
4.8Joshua Meka15' 5.50MDLandon
5.8Alexander Brown15' 2.50MDBullis
6.7Dylan Varghese15' 2.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
7.8Theo Bates15' 0.50DCSt Albans
8.8Jordan Edwards15' 0.00DCSt Albans
9.7Chris Reid14' 8.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
10.6Malcolm Spencer14' 7.00DCSt Albans
Triple Jump
1.8Colin Bruce32' 11.00DCSt Albans
2.8Joshua Meka32' 8.50MDLandon
3.7Guyton Harvey28' 1.50DCSt Albans
4.8Anthony Miele27' 8.50MDLandon
5.6Malcolm Spencer27' 5.00DCSt Albans
6.7Kobe Adolph27' 1.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
7.8Evan Pugh25' 9.00MDLandon
8.8Nicholas Shevchik24' 8.50MDLandon

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.8Eleanor Hamilton13.44cMDBullis
2.7Courtney Miles14.24cVASt Stephens and St Agnes
3.8Alexandria (Lexi) Ligon15.64cMDBullis
4.7Avva Sarkarzadeh16.04cMDBullis
5.8Adrienne Atkins16.14cVASt Stephens and St Agnes
7Isobel Partee16.14aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
7.8Nicki Gray17.53aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
8.7Samantha Daley17.54cVASt Stephens and St Agnes
9.7Katerina Silis17.74cVASt Stephens and St Agnes
200 Meters
1.8Eleanor Hamilton28.14cMDBullis
2.7Courtney Miles31.05aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
3.7Kristi Palmer31.94cMDBullis
4.8Adrienne Atkins33.29aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
5.7Avva Sarkarzadeh33.44cMDBullis
6.7Samantha Daley34.77aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
7.8Nicki Gray36.44cVASt Stephens and St Agnes
8.7Katerina Silis37.54cVASt Stephens and St Agnes
400 Meters
1.7Lindsay Lewis62.34cMDBullis
2.7Anna Rosen-Birch71.14cMDBullis
3.7Courtney Miles74.73aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
4.8Adrienne Atkins74.94cVASt Stephens and St Agnes
5.7Amanda Johns79.14cMDBullis
6.7Katerina Silis79.54cVASt Stephens and St Agnes
7.8Anna Godek88.04cVASt Stephens and St Agnes
8.8Jamie Albert1:43.14cMDBullis
800 Meters
1.8Margaret Lindsay2:32.80VASt Stephens and St Agnes
2.7Lindsay Lewis2:33.10MDBullis
3.8Anna Godek3:38.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
1600 Meters
1.8Margaret Lindsay5:34.71aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
2.8Anna Godek8:03.02aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Eleanor Hamilton18.36aMDBullis
2.7Courtney Miles19.61aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team57.44cMDBullis
2.-Relay Team62.25aVASt Stephens and St Agnes
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team2:08.60MDBullis
4x400 Relay
1.-Adrienne Atkins
Katerina Silis
Margaret Lindsay
Courtney Miles
4:58.20VASt Stephens and St Agnes
Shot Put - 6lb
1.7Isobel Partee21' 1.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
2.7Kristi Palmer20' 11.00MDBullis
3.8Nicki Gray20' 10.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
4.8Alexandria (Lexi) Ligon18' 7.00MDBullis
5.8Anna Godek18' 3.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
Discus - 1kg
1.8Nicki Gray53' 6.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
2.7Isobel Partee44' 10.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
3.7Kristi Palmer33' 5.00MDBullis
4.8Alexandria (Lexi) Ligon31' 9.00MDBullis
High Jump
1.7Lindsay Lewis4' 6.00MDBullis
2.8Margaret Lindsay4' 4.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
3.8Adrienne Atkins3' 9.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
7Anna Rosen-Birch3' 9.00MDBullis
Long Jump
1.8Eleanor Hamilton15' 11.50MDBullis
2.8Adrienne Atkins14' 6.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
3.7Courtney Miles14' 5.00VASt Stephens and St Agnes
4.8Margaret Lindsay13' 7.50VASt Stephens and St Agnes
5.7Katerina Silis12' 4.50VASt Stephens and St Agnes
6.7Avva Sarkarzadeh11' 5.00MDBullis
7.7Anna Rosen-Birch11' 2.25MDBullis
8.7Samantha Daley10' 1.75VASt Stephens and St Agnes

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