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Northern Indiana Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.11Thomas Grant10.92aINPenn
2.11Wesley Thomas11.05aINClay
3.11Larry Gates11.18aINElkhart Central
4.12Blake Wogoman11.23aINElkhart Central
5.10Shaquille Vann11.49aINJohn Adams
6.12Joseph Weller11.51aINPenn
7.12Ben Morris11.60aINJames Whitcomb Riley
8.9Prince Gee11.70aINJohn Adams
9.12Wilson Wambugu11.75aINPenn
10.10Justin Cavallo11.79aINClay
200 Meters
1.11Thomas Grant22.07aINPenn
2.10Shaquille Vann22.54aINJohn Adams
3.11Wesley Thomas22.77aINClay
4.12Joseph Weller23.03aINPenn
5.12Abdul Kamara23.18aINJohn Adams
6.10Zack Walker23.58aINMishawaka
7.12Brandon Turk23.62aINSt Josephs
8.10Cameron Thomas23.82aINMishawaka
9Prince Gee23.82aINJohn Adams
10.10Thadeous Phillips24.06aINJames Whitcomb Riley
400 Meters
1.11Conner Sowders49.55aINPenn
2.10Thomas Capers50.05aINJames Whitcomb Riley
3.10Aaron Hensley51.45aINMishawaka
4.11Christian Hill51.52aINPenn
5.10Genoris Crawford51.84aINElkhart Central
6.12Ryan Williams52.65aINJohn Adams
7.10Troy Bradley52.91aINMishawaka
8.10Jame Taylor53.19aINElkhart Central
9.10Michael Bates53.24aINWashington
10.9Joel Nyjrongo55.57aINJohn Adams
800 Meters
1.12Joey Zielinski1:55.99aINSt Josephs
2.12Eric Hancock1:57.52aINMishawaka
3.12Zachery Johnson1:59.22aINPenn
4.10Thomas Gales1:59.56aINPenn
5.10Steven Siade2:00.89aINJames Whitcomb Riley
6.11Austin Quick2:01.36aINElkhart Central
7.12Justin Duvall2:01.49aINMishawaka
8.12Jordan Holloman2:03.93aINSt Josephs
9.11Tommy Favorite2:04.40aINJohn Adams
10.10Christopher Meyer2:09.19aINMarian
1600 Meters
1.12Joey Zielinski4:12.60aINSt Josephs
2.12Josh O'Brien4:24.80aINSt Josephs
3.12Eric Hancock4:26.30aINMishawaka
4.12Miguel Lozano4:26.99aINMishawaka
5.11Bruce Bragg4:29.10aINJames Whitcomb Riley
6.11Austin Ganger4:31.00aINMishawaka
7.10Andrew Timmons4:31.46aINJohn Adams
8.11Kyle Irvin4:33.44aINPenn
9.12Connor Method4:34.35aINSt Josephs
10.10Jacob Timmons4:39.36aINJohn Adams
3200 Meters
1.12Miguel Lozano9:17.37aINMishawaka
2.11Jordan Annis9:40.62aINMishawaka
3.12Josh O'Brien9:43.36aINSt Josephs
4.10Andrew Timmons9:45.52aINJohn Adams
5.12Connor Method9:50.80aINSt Josephs
6.12Paul Watts10:08.48aINPenn
7.11Logan Edwards10:11.62aINElkhart Central
8.10Jacob Timmons10:14.49aINJohn Adams
9.10Joey McGrew10:31.77aINJames Whitcomb Riley
10.10Collin Elek10:32.14aINPenn
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Jordan Hunt14.94aINClay
2.12Curlean Williams15.15aINMishawaka
3.12Colin Huff15.21aINPenn
4.12Tyler Bradley16.34aINMishawaka
5.11Johnathon Tredway16.71aINElkhart Central
6.10Tim Clark16.81aINMishawaka
7.11John Tredway17.65aINElkhart Central
8.12Jacob Lee17.75aINMishawaka
9.9Diante Swanson18.65aINWashington
10.9Bryce Talbot18.88aINPenn
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Tim Deal38.74aINPenn
2.11Jordan Hunt39.29aINClay
3.12Tyler Bradley39.37aINMishawaka
4.11Johnathon Tredway42.29aINElkhart Central
5.12Curlean Williams43.37aINMishawaka
6.12Colin Huff43.60aINPenn
7.9Diante Swanson44.89aINWashington
8.10Sean O'Brien45.36aINSt Josephs
9.11Quinlan McWilliams45.67aINJohn Adams
10.9Daryl Henderson48.13aINWashington
4x100 Relay
1.-Joseph Weller
Thomas Grant
Tim Deal
Conner Sowders
2.-Justin Cavallo
Wesley Thomas
Tony Shead
Jordan Hunt
3.-Blake Wogoman
Vince Lucchese
Larry Gates
Javonte Henderson
43.62aINElkhart Central
4.-Shaq Vann
Jake Freske
Prince Gee
Abdul Kamara
43.74aINJohn Adams
5.-Randy Mallard
Ben Morris
Torreay Harris
Thadeous Phillips
43.84aINJames Whitcomb Riley
6.-Tyler Bradley
Zack Walker
Curlean Williams
Cameron Thomas
7.-Jeffrey Collier Jr.
Andrew Rowan
Brandon Turk
Tre Olive
45.27aINSt Josephs
8.-Relay Team45.46aINWashington
9.-Andrew Guinan
Jacob Burnham
Aaron McCallum
Eric Plude
4x400 Relay
1.-Mark Richards
Christian Hill
Conner Sowders
Tim Deal
2.-Tyler Bradley
Cameron Thomas
Eric Hancock
Aaron Hensley
3.-Demetre Stavros
Austen Taylor
Brandon Turk
Joey Zielinski
3:28.13aINSt Josephs
4.-Bruce Bragg
Thomas Capers
Steven Siade
Torreay Harris
3:30.90aINJames Whitcomb Riley
5.-Tommy Favorite
Prince Gee
Abdul Kamara
Ryan Williams
3:30.93aINJohn Adams
6.-Eric Plude
Brian Florin
Andrew Guinan
Michael Kokot
7.-Martin Guerra
Austin Quick
Tre Taylor
Nicholas Edwards
3:39.69aINElkhart Central
8.-Relay Team3:41.74aINWashington
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Tony Thomas53' 5.00INJames Whitcomb Riley
2.12Marcus Dozier52' 0.50INJames Whitcomb Riley
3.12Michael Snider50' 11.00INElkhart Central
4.12Robert/Bobby Nicks49' 5.00INPenn
5.12Bobby Nicks47' 6.00INPenn
6.10Isaiah Cook46' 9.00INPenn
7.12Joe De Maegd43' 7.00INSt Josephs
8.10Erik Escobedo42' 3.50INMishawaka
9.11Jeffrey Ambrose41' 10.75INClay
10.12Kashawn Price41' 3.75INJohn Adams
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Joe DeMaegd168' 1.00INSt Josephs
2.12Joe De Maegd156' 4.00INSt Josephs
3.12Marcus Dozier156' 3.00INJames Whitcomb Riley
4.11Samuel Daggy146' 4.00INPenn
5.12Michael Snider145' 4.00INElkhart Central
6.11Goeff Wilson140' 0.00INJames Whitcomb Riley
7.11Seth Rassi134' 10.00INPenn
8.12Pat Klusczynski132' 1.00INSt Josephs
9.12Michael Taylor123' 11.00INWashington
10.12Luke Street122' 0.00INMarian
High Jump
1.12Tony Shead6' 8.00INClay
2.11Mike Buchanan6' 4.00INMishawaka
3.10Robert Lambert6' 3.00INMishawaka
4.11Dylan Kruis6' 1.00INElkhart Central
5.9Brian Otieno6' 0.00INJohn Adams
6.9Treyton Harris5' 10.00INElkhart Central
11Blake Beehler5' 10.00INPenn
10Sam De Trempe5' 10.00INSt Josephs
9.12Patrick Adkins5' 8.00INPenn
10Yoshua Reed5' 8.00INJames Whitcomb Riley
12Nick Bubik5' 8.00INSt Josephs
11Lubasi Kekelwa5' 8.00INJames Whitcomb Riley
11Conner Sowders5' 8.00INPenn
Pole Vault
1.12Kyle Johnston16' 9.00INPenn
2.12Matthew Horsman13' 9.00INMishawaka
3.9Tanner Bradley12' 6.00INMishawaka
11Nicholas Edwards12' 6.00INElkhart Central
5.9Quentin Cooling12' 0.00INPenn
6.12Josh Foster11' 6.00INSt Josephs
7.10Arron White11' 0.00INJohn Adams
8.11Brendon Finnigan10' 6.00INJames Whitcomb Riley
9.10Jacob Burnham10' 0.00INMarian
10.11Matthew Lesh9' 6.00INMarian
Long Jump
1.12Tony Shead23' 1.25INClay
2.12Curlean Williams22' 7.50INMishawaka
3.10Tim Deal22' 2.50INPenn
4.10Shaquille Vann21' 7.50INJohn Adams
5.11Torreay Harris21' 2.50INJames Whitcomb Riley
6.11Larry Gates20' 9.75INElkhart Central
7.12Tre Olive20' 9.00INSt Josephs
8.12Tygerriaus Barnett20' 3.50INPenn
9.9Jon Boye19' 9.00INJames Whitcomb Riley
11Jordan Clark19' 9.00INJames Whitcomb Riley

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.12Aaliyah Mckinney12.23aINJohn Adams
2.11Chelsey Wakes12.48aINMishawaka
3.12Morgan Carroll12.54aINSt Josephs
4.11Rachel Staud12.58aINSt Josephs
5.11Jametria Culbreath12.70aINElkhart Central
6.11Georgia Williams13.31aINJohn Adams
200 Meters
1.12Aaliyah Mckinney25.12aINJohn Adams
2.12Morgan Carroll25.69aINSt Josephs
3.12Allison Garner26.05aINWashington
4.11Georgia Williams26.32aINJohn Adams
400 Meters
1.10Ayiana Gaines58.25aINJames Whitcomb Riley
2.9Ahmanah Woods59.81aINJohn Adams
3.10Margare Hartnagel59.85aINMarian
4.9Ayanna Moody60.11aINMishawaka
5.12Chrishana Stoner62.58aINJohn Adams
800 Meters
1.9Shannon Hendricks2:16.47aINMarian
2.11Amanda Farrough2:18.94aINClay
3.12Michelle Potter2:27.86aINSt Josephs
4.12Sophie Glassford2:31.64aINPenn
1600 Meters
1.12Jessica Balko5:20.74aINMishawaka
2.12Darby Mountford5:35.32aINSt Josephs
3.10Molly Ogren5:35.46aINMarian
4.9Natalie McCann5:48.64aINJohn Adams
5.9Aubrey Curl6:19.15aINJohn Adams
3200 Meters
1.12Kristina Galat11:00.82aINPenn
2.9Anna Rohrer11:11.04aINMishawaka
3.10Lauren Pottschmidt11:20.34aINPenn
4.9Michaela Lewis12:13.13aINJohn Adams
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Mikaila Chamblee14.84aINSt Josephs
2.10Dezha Moore15.11aINJohn Adams
3.9Brenna Huff16.30aINPenn
4.10Jenna Thomas18.46aINJohn Adams
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Mikaila Chamblee45.03aINSt Josephs
2.10Dezha Moore47.58aINJohn Adams
3.10Kelcie Bailey48.17aINPenn
4.10Jenna Thomas51.55aINJohn Adams
4x100 Relay
1.-Georgia Williams
Ashley Locke
Chrishana Stoner
Aaliyah Mckinney
48.82aINJohn Adams
2.-Rachel Staud
Morgan Carroll
Michelle Weaver
Mikaila Chamblee
48.88aINSt Josephs
3.-Tatiyana Gates
Olivia Jenks
Beatrice Thomas
Jametria Culbreath
50.26aINElkhart Central
4.-Alexys Harper
Chelsey Wakes
Casidhe Vandall
Hannah Roth
4x400 Relay
1.-Georgia Williams
Ahmanah Woods
Chrishana Stoner
Aaliyah Mckinney
4:02.11aINJohn Adams
2.-Breaunna Jackson
Aryauna Herron
sherrie Brown
Aiyanna Gaines
4:02.98aINJames Whitcomb Riley
3.-Michelle Potter
Ellen McClain
Mikaila Chamblee
Morgan Carroll
4:04.47aINSt Josephs
4.-Maggie Hartnagel
Gabrielle Ravotto
Tracy Scott
Shannon Hendricks
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Maria Tomlinson40' 10.75INMishawaka
2.12Leticia Welch35' 6.50INWashington
3.11Melanie Nellis34' 0.50INPenn
4.11Maggie Reisdorf32' 8.25INMishawaka
5.10Taloni Reese32' 3.00INJohn Adams
6.10Jenna Thomas31' 9.00INJohn Adams
Discus - 1kg
1.10Jenna Thomas102' 2.00INJohn Adams
2.12Maria Tomlinson102' 0.00INMishawaka
3.12Krystle Crume97' 4.00INPenn
High Jump
1.11Michelle Adeniyi5' 3.00INClay
12Abby Darr5' 3.00INMishawaka
3.10Azariah Stahl5' 2.00INElkhart Central
4.10Donya McKinney4' 10.00INElkhart Central
5.9Alexis Dodge4' 8.00INPenn
Pole Vault
1.12Whitney Grace11' 6.00INPenn
2.11Elizabet Eversole10' 0.00INMarian
12Casidhe Vandall10' 0.00INMishawaka
4.10Ashley Jerue9' 6.00INJohn Adams
5.11Kourtney Sappenfield9' 0.00INPenn
Long Jump
1.12Lindsey Grochowalski16' 10.25INPenn
2.12Chrishana Stoner15' 9.75INJohn Adams
3.12Casidhe Vandall15' 6.00INMishawaka
4.10Ashley Jerue14' 8.00INJohn Adams
5.9Alexys Harper13' 9.75INMishawaka

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