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Mid-Atlantic (MAAC)-Boys Track & Field Top 10

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Mens xshow...

100 Meters
1.12Jamal Lewis11.37aDCSidwell Friends
2.11Ben Phillips11.48aDCGeorgetown Day
3.12Jordan Marion11.54cDCSidwell Friends
4.10Malik Jones11.62aDCGeorgetown Day
5.11Christopher Meyerhoff11.64cDCSidwell Friends
12Mike Klain11.64cDCGeorgetown Day
7.11Matthew Seifu11.77aDCSidwell Friends
8.12James Akinsanya11.91aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
9.12Lukas Thimm11.94cDCGeorgetown Day
10Erin Rust-Tierney11.94cDCGeorgetown Day
10Khalil Jones11.94cDCGeorgetown Day
200 Meters
1.11Ben Phillips23.22aDCGeorgetown Day
2.11Matthew Seifu23.70aDCSidwell Friends
3.11Christopher Meyerhoff23.74cDCSidwell Friends
4.12Jordan Marion23.87aDCSidwell Friends
5.10Malik Jones24.04cDCGeorgetown Day
6.10Khalil Jones24.06aDCGeorgetown Day
7.11Jay Wilson24.10aDCMaret
8.11Ture Lawrence24.21aDCMaret
9.12James Akinsanya24.22aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
10.12Lukas Thimm24.24cDCGeorgetown Day
400 Meters
1.12Mike Klain49.71aDCGeorgetown Day
2.12John Steele50.45aVAPotomac School
3.12Aleck Silva-Pinto51.27aDCGeorgetown Day
4.11Christopher Meyerhoff51.72aDCSidwell Friends
5.11Matthew Seifu52.43aDCSidwell Friends
6.10Max Urbany52.95aVAPotomac School
7.12Greg Pawlow53.15aVAFlint Hill
8.12Lukas Thimm53.18aDCGeorgetown Day
9.10Malik Jones53.19aDCGeorgetown Day
10.10Eric Magalhaes53.32aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
800 Meters
1.12Peter Metz2:00.50DCGeorgetown Day
2.12Mike Klain2:00.64aDCGeorgetown Day
3.11Billy Cox2:00.90DCGeorgetown Day
4.12Greg Pawlow2:01.02aVAFlint Hill
5.12Daniel Samet2:01.40DCGeorgetown Day
6.10Alex Armbruster2:03.10MDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
7.10Nate Folger2:05.39aVAFlint Hill
8.11Nick Kensinger2:05.41aVAPotomac School
9.12Matthew Kim2:05.43aDCSidwell Friends
10.12Daniel Perlis2:06.52aDCSidwell Friends
1600 Meters
1.12Daniel Samet4:21.98aDCGeorgetown Day
2.10Alex Armbruster4:25.89aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
3.10Griffin Colaizzi4:30.00DCGeorgetown Day
4.12Peter Metz4:31.28aDCGeorgetown Day
5.10Nate Folger4:33.47aVAFlint Hill
6.11Billy Cox4:33.90DCGeorgetown Day
7.11Colin Smith4:34.45aDCSidwell Friends
8.12Matthew Kim4:35.05aDCSidwell Friends
9.10Sam Boardman4:35.35aDCGeorgetown Day
10.12Colin Losey4:38.41aDCSidwell Friends
3200 Meters
1.12Daniel Samet9:38.37aDCGeorgetown Day
2.10Griffin Colaizzi9:47.29aDCGeorgetown Day
3.12Matthew Kim9:49.17aDCSidwell Friends
4.10Alex Armbruster9:50.64aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
5.11Colin Smith9:55.07aDCSidwell Friends
6.11EJ Douglass9:56.41aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
7.10Sam Boardman9:56.54aDCGeorgetown Day
8.10Hale Ross9:57.09aVAPotomac School
9.12Colin Losey10:05.75aDCSidwell Friends
10.12Peter Metz10:08.00DCGeorgetown Day
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Jamie Sandel15.34aDCSidwell Friends
2.12Ben Coleman16.40aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
3.12Daniel Miller16.47aDCGeorgetown Day
4.11Ben Kunst16.62aDCGeorgetown Day
5.11Adam Reid17.70aDCMaret
6.11Mike Greene17.75aDCMaret
7.12Connor Evans17.94cVAFlint Hill
8.9Zane Homsi18.62aVAFlint Hill
9.11Jeffrey Billingslea19.07aVAPotomac School
10.11Daniel Meyer19.74cDCGeorgetown Day
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Jamie Sandel39.72aDCSidwell Friends
2.12Daniel Miller41.01aDCGeorgetown Day
3.11Ben Kunst41.21aDCGeorgetown Day
4.12Ben Coleman41.96aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
5.11Jeffrey Billingslea44.73aVAPotomac School
6.9Isaiah Davis44.81aDCSidwell Friends
7.12Connor Evans45.13aVAFlint Hill
8.11Adam Reid45.45aDCMaret
9.10Sam Boardman45.78aDCGeorgetown Day
10.12Josh Sen46.73aVAPotomac School
4x100 Relay
1.-Malik Jones
Lukas Thimm
Erin Rust-Tierney
Ben Phillips
44.53aDCGeorgetown Day
2.-Christopher Meyerhoff
Matthew Seifu
Jordan Marion
Jamal Lewis
44.64cDCSidwell Friends
3.-Zach Popkin
Alex Peltier
Ture Lawrence
Mike Greene
4.-Ashkhan Alikhani
Brian Bies
Hunter Warburton
Danny Terman
48.24cMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
5.-Relay Team49.74aVAPotomac School
6.-Anthony Lynch
Hooman Azad
Christophe Simpson
Zane Homsi
50.34aVAFlint Hill
4x400 Relay
1.-Lukas Thimm
Anthony Campbell
Aleck Silva-Pinto
Mike Klain
3:27.29aDCGeorgetown Day
2.-Christopher Meyerhoff
Matthew Seifu
Jamie Sandel
Isaiah Davis
3:32.02aDCSidwell Friends
3.-Max Urbany
Adam Moses
Nick Kensinger
John Steele
03:34.7aVAPotomac School
4.-Relay Team3:42.00aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
5.-Greg Pawlow
Hooman Azad
Nate Folger
Darron Coley
3:48.10VAFlint Hill
6.-Maurice Hicks
Adam Reid
Alex Peltier
Jay Wilson
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Neville Palmer45' 2.00DCGeorgetown Day
2.12Stephen Weiner36' 10.50DCSidwell Friends
3.11Derrick Carr36' 1.50MDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
4.12Nicky Kirsch35' 1.00DCSidwell Friends
5.11Cameron Blackwell35' 0.50VAFlint Hill
6.11Ali Jalaie34' 10.50VAFlint Hill
7.11Wilson Zavala34' 9.75VAFlint Hill
8.11Ben Thomas34' 9.00VAFlint Hill
9.12Will Mendez33' 11.50DCSidwell Friends
10.11Zander Dick33' 11.00DCGeorgetown Day
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Neville Palmer127' 5.00DCGeorgetown Day
2.12Will Mendez108' 0.75DCSidwell Friends
3.12Stephen Weiner105' 2.50DCSidwell Friends
4.10David Newman102' 7.00DCSidwell Friends
5.9Grant Voeks95' 5.00VAPotomac School
6.12Adam Frank94' 4.75DCGeorgetown Day
7.11Cameron Blackwell94' 0.50VAFlint Hill
8.11Ryan Jory91' 0.00VAPotomac School
9.12Nicky Kirsch89' 2.00DCSidwell Friends
10.10Eric Foster88' 11.00DCSidwell Friends
High Jump
1.12Anthony Campbell6' 0.00DCGeorgetown Day
2.11Ture Lawrence5' 8.00DCMaret
11Aaron Lipsey5' 8.00DCMaret
4.10Stefan Bindley-Taylor5' 6.00DCGeorgetown Day
12Jamal Lewis5' 6.00DCSidwell Friends
6.12Jesse Gainsburg5' 4.00DCGeorgetown Day
7.11Cooper Overholt5' 2.00VAFlint Hill
8.11Cameron Blackwell5' 0.00VAFlint Hill
10Ahmad Jones5' 0.00DCGeorgetown Day
10.9Cornell Brooks4' 10.00VAPotomac School
9Jordan Barr4' 10.00DCMaret
Long Jump
1.11Matthew Seifu21' 9.75DCSidwell Friends
2.12Anthony Campbell20' 7.25DCGeorgetown Day
3.12Jamal Lewis20' 6.00DCSidwell Friends
4.12James Akinsanya19' 9.50MDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
5.10Erin Rust-Tierney19' 4.75DCGeorgetown Day
6.11Ben Phillips19' 1.50DCGeorgetown Day
7.11Jay Wilson18' 11.25DCMaret
8.12Jesse Gainsburg18' 6.25DCGeorgetown Day
9.10Matt Loughney17' 11.75VAPotomac School
10.10Diamente Holloway17' 11.50DCSidwell Friends
Triple Jump
1.12Anthony Campbell47' 7.75DCGeorgetown Day
2.10Erin Rust-Tierney41' 8.50DCGeorgetown Day
3.12Jesse Gainsburg41' 4.00DCGeorgetown Day
4.10Maurice Hicks39' 6.00DCMaret
5.11Ben Phillips36' 10.00DCGeorgetown Day
10Ahmad Jones36' 10.00DCGeorgetown Day
7.10Matt Loughney36' 0.50VAPotomac School
8.11Mike Greene34' 7.75DCMaret
9.11Cooper Overholt34' 7.00VAFlint Hill
10.9Bennett Caplin33' 4.00VAPotomac School

Womens xshow...

100 Meters
1.10Dayo Adetu12.69aDCSidwell Friends
2.12Danielle Joe13.04cDCSidwell Friends
3.12Bethany Robinson13.06aDCSidwell Friends
4.9Hannah Natanson13.24cDCGeorgetown Day
5.10Olivia Givens13.29aVAPotomac School
6.11Katie Case13.36aDCMaret
7.10Molly Minnig13.46aDCMaret
8.11Aja McKeython13.54cDCGeorgetown Day
9.9Olivia Kobayashi13.57aVAPotomac School
10.9Madisyn Augustine13.75aDCGeorgetown Day
200 Meters
1.10Dayo Adetu25.93aDCSidwell Friends
2.10Olivia Givens27.15aVAPotomac School
3.9Hannah Natanson27.54cDCGeorgetown Day
4.10Kelsey Brandon27.67aVAPotomac School
5.11Aja McKeython27.74cDCGeorgetown Day
6.9Madison Matthews28.10aDCSidwell Friends
7.10Molly Minnig28.15aDCMaret
8.11Joan Fleischman28.24cDCSidwell Friends
9.11Charlotte Garrett28.36aVAFlint Hill
10.12Heather Nickels28.51aDCGeorgetown Day
400 Meters
1.10Dayo Adetu59.01aDCSidwell Friends
2.9Hannah Natanson60.23aDCGeorgetown Day
3.11Joan Fleischman60.94cDCSidwell Friends
4.12Lacy Rosse61.92aVAPotomac School
5.12Kate Cullen62.98aDCGeorgetown Day
6.12Heather Nickels63.94cDCGeorgetown Day
7.9Emilia Kaslow-Zieve64.16aDCGeorgetown Day
8.10Rebecca Range64.71aDCSidwell Friends
9.9Merritt Vance65.16aVAPotomac School
10.9Natasha Cox65.60aDCSidwell Friends
800 Meters
1.12Sydney Cogswell2:20.29aDCSidwell Friends
2.12Kate Cullen2:23.30DCGeorgetown Day
3.12Lacy Rosse2:23.85aVAPotomac School
4.12Alex Hastings2:25.07aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
5.11Joan Fleischman2:27.54aDCSidwell Friends
6.11Naomi Miller2:29.10DCGeorgetown Day
7.9Yasmin Siahpoosh2:30.55aDCSidwell Friends
8.10Julia Ernst2:30.91aDCGeorgetown Day
9.12Tess Krasne2:33.00DCGeorgetown Day
10.12Tory Yeonas2:35.03aVAPotomac School
1600 Meters
1.12Sydney Cogswell5:18.81aDCSidwell Friends
2.12Tess Krasne5:22.20DCGeorgetown Day
3.12Julia Dohner5:34.40DCGeorgetown Day
4.11Naomi Miller5:36.68aDCGeorgetown Day
5.9Logan Cunningham5:39.02aVAFlint Hill
6.12Kate Cullen5:40.60DCGeorgetown Day
7.9Yasmin Siahpoosh5:42.00DCSidwell Friends
8.10Julia Ernst5:42.48aDCGeorgetown Day
9.12Tory Yeonas5:45.67aVAPotomac School
10.10Sophie Dunkelberger5:48.14aVAPotomac School
3200 Meters
1.12Sydney Cogswell12:18.00DCSidwell Friends
2.12Marisa Messina12:19.51aDCGeorgetown Day
3.9Michelle Brouckman12:35.92aVAPotomac School
4.11Caroline Gottllieb12:45.52aDCGeorgetown Day
5.9Logan Cunningham12:48.31aVAFlint Hill
6.11Julia Keller12:51.30VAPotomac School
7.10Madison Oliver12:55.60VAFlint Hill
8.11Naomi Miller12:57.00DCGeorgetown Day
9.9Meryl Goeke13:38.18aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
10.11Alessa Karam13:42.70DCGeorgetown Day
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Britt Savage16.61aVAFlint Hill
2.12Asha-Kai Grant17.14aDCSidwell Friends
3.11Grace Chupka17.97aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
4.9Anna Fishbein18.34cDCSidwell Friends
5.9Caira Blackwell18.84cVAFlint Hill
6.10Tiffany Luehrs18.88aVAPotomac School
7.9Hannah Natanson19.14cDCGeorgetown Day
9Camille Jones19.14cDCSidwell Friends
9.10Hannah Green19.83aDCMaret
10.9Morgan Dunstan19.94cDCSidwell Friends
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Britt Savage46.70aVAFlint Hill
2.9Hannah Natanson47.50aDCGeorgetown Day
3.9Morgan Dunstan51.08aDCSidwell Friends
4.12Asha-Kai Grant51.84aDCSidwell Friends
5.9Emilia Kaslow-Zieve52.12aDCGeorgetown Day
6.9Caira Blackwell53.19aVAFlint Hill
7.10Hannah Green53.34aDCMaret
8.10Rebecca Range54.04cDCSidwell Friends
9.10Tiffany Luehrs54.14cVAPotomac School
10.9Anna Fishbein54.54cDCSidwell Friends
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team52.44aVAPotomac School
2.-Hannah Natanson
Madisyn Augustine
Heather Nickels
Aja McKeython
52.51aDCGeorgetown Day
3.-Angela Marsh-Coan
Katie Case
Molly Minnig
Alex Rosenthal
4.-Bethany Robinson
Danielle Joe
Nina Afsar
Shannon Morgan
53.41aDCSidwell Friends
4x400 Relay
1.-Fallon Bridgeland
Olivia Givens
Caroline Dove
Lacy Rosse
4:12.98aVAPotomac School
2.-Dayo Adetu
Bethany Robinson
Joan Fleischman
Natasha Cox
4:13.40aDCSidwell Friends
3.-Hannah Natanson
Julia Dohner
Tess Krasne
Kate Cullen
4:18.0aDCGeorgetown Day
4.-Britt Savage
Akua Nyarko Odoom
Camille Reiber
Gabrielle Turner
4:25.94aVAFlint Hill
5.-Relay Team4:35.65aDCMaret
6.-Relay Team4:50.13aMDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Tiara Wood37' 5.00DCSidwell Friends
2.11Valerie Melson30' 7.00DCSidwell Friends
3.11Courteney Providence28' 4.00VAFlint Hill
4.12Brittany Sweatman27' 10.50VAFlint Hill
5.12Dominique Jones25' 1.00DCSidwell Friends
6.9Madisyn Augustine24' 8.00DCGeorgetown Day
7.11Grace Chupka24' 6.50MDSt. Andrew's Episcopal
8.12Linneen Warren24' 0.00VAPotomac School
9.12Ari Robin21' 7.00DCSidwell Friends
10.11Destiny Franklin21' 3.00DCSidwell Friends
Discus - 1kg
1.11Tiara Wood98' 0.50DCSidwell Friends
2.11Valerie Melson89' 8.50DCSidwell Friends
3.12Brittany Sweatman87' 1.00VAFlint Hill
4.12Dominique Jones81' 6.00DCSidwell Friends
5.9Madisyn Augustine64' 11.00DCGeorgetown Day
6.12Ari Robin63' 5.00DCSidwell Friends
7.12Linneen Warren62' 7.50VAPotomac School
8.11Elisabeth Fisher59' 2.00DCSidwell Friends
9.9Abby Keyes52' 6.00DCMaret
10.11Angelica Young50' 5.00VAFlint Hill
High Jump
1.10Sam Chen4' 10.00VAFlint Hill
2.11Lili Davoudian4' 8.00VAPotomac School
3.9Camille Jones4' 6.00DCSidwell Friends
4.9Anna Fishbein4' 4.00DCSidwell Friends
5.10Laura McIntosh3' 10.00VAFlint Hill
Long Jump
1.12Bethany Robinson17' 0.25DCSidwell Friends
2.12Sydney Cogswell16' 1.75DCSidwell Friends
3.12Britt Savage15' 5.50VAFlint Hill
12Chandra Christmas-Rouse15' 5.50DCSidwell Friends
5.9Hannah Natanson14' 4.00DCGeorgetown Day
6.9Madison Matthews13' 8.25DCSidwell Friends
7.10Shelby Mitchell13' 5.00DCSidwell Friends
8.10Diana Cox13' 3.00VAFlint Hill
9.11Katie Case13' 2.00DCMaret
10.10Sydney Robinson12' 9.00VAPotomac School
Triple Jump
1.9Madison Matthews31' 2.25DCSidwell Friends
2.9Blair Childs-Biscoe30' 3.00DCSidwell Friends
3.10Shelby Mitchell28' 6.50DCSidwell Friends
4.10Hannah Repke28' 6.25VAPotomac School
5.12Chandra Christmas-Rouse28' 3.50DCSidwell Friends
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