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MI Independent Athletic Conference Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.9Robert Banks11.94cMISouthfield Christian
2.11Spenser Solys12.12aMIBirmingham Roeper
3.12Kurtis McKenzie12.34cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
4.12James White12.64cMISouthfield Christian
5.12Zac Arthur12.72aMILutheran HS Westland
6.11Arkinknight Winfree12.82aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
7.9Thomas Salewske12.94cMINewport Lutheran South
8.9Conner Even12.99aMILutheran HS Westland
9.9Jacob Davenport13.00aMILutheran HS Westland
10.11Jesse Smrcka13.04cMINewport Lutheran South
200 Meters
1.11Jimmy Parks23.48aMIPlymouth Christian Academy
2.10Dan Roberts24.12aMILutheran HS Westland
3.11Spenser Solys24.31aMIBirmingham Roeper
4.9Robert Banks24.74cMISouthfield Christian
12Matt Gapski24.74aMIRochester Hills Lutheran NW
6.10Newman Harper24.91aMILutheran HS Westland
7.12Kurtis McKenzie25.24cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
8.11Garrett Slater25.34cMISouthfield Christian
9.10Aldred Williams25.44cMISouthfield Christian
10.10Jacob Bailey25.54cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
400 Meters
1.11Jimmy Parks51.76aMIPlymouth Christian Academy
2.12Caleb Kempf53.02aMILutheran HS Westland
3.10Michael Roebke55.04cMINewport Lutheran South
4.10Newman Harper55.59aMILutheran HS Westland
5.10Jacob Bailey55.84cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
6.11Garrett Slater56.14cMISouthfield Christian
7.11Trevor Baloga57.04cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
8.12Bobby Miller57.35aMILutheran HS Westland
9.12Kurtis McKenzie58.64cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
10.12Caleb Carr58.94aMINewport Lutheran South
800 Meters
1.12Josh Peterson2:07.47aMIAuburn Hills Oakland Christian
2.10Michael Roebke2:08.50MINewport Lutheran South
3.10Jacob Bailey2:09.50MIPlymouth Christian Academy
4.12Zach Foor2:09.70aMILutheran HS Westland
5.12Alexander Johnson2:11.24aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
6.11Ian Rose2:13.50MIPlymouth Christian Academy
7.11Evan Carter2:13.60MISouthfield Christian
8.11Eric Smith2:15.88aMILutheran HS Westland
9.11Ethan Levack2:20.90MIPlymouth Christian Academy
10.11Jimmy Parks2:22.80MIPlymouth Christian Academy
1600 Meters
1.11Evan Carter4:37.00MISouthfield Christian
2.11Ashwin Fujii4:42.89aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
3.11Trevor Baloga4:47.40MIPlymouth Christian Academy
4.10Cameron Santangelo4:52.50aMIRochester Hills Lutheran NW
5.12Seth Whitehouse4:58.35aMILutheran HS Westland
6.11Ethan Levack5:00.90MIPlymouth Christian Academy
7.9Ian O'Banion5:02.25aMILutheran HS Westland
8.11Dan Bunge5:07.51aMILutheran HS Westland
9.10Jacob Bailey5:12.90MIPlymouth Christian Academy
10.12Aaron Appel5:15.56aMIBirmingham Roeper
3200 Meters
1.11Evan Carter9:56.93aMISouthfield Christian
2.11Ashwin Fujii10:27.80aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
3.11Trevor Baloga11:05.20MIPlymouth Christian Academy
4.12Seth Whitehouse11:08.88aMILutheran HS Westland
5.9Ian O'Banion11:42.07aMILutheran HS Westland
6.11Pete Sillanpaa11:43.51aMILutheran HS Westland
7.11Dan Bunge11:53.14aMILutheran HS Westland
8.11Kyle McBee12:02.60MINewport Lutheran South
9.10Andrew Gitlin12:55.88aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
10.11Steven Zomermaand13:18.50MIPlymouth Christian Academy
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Jake Fairbairn16.25aMILutheran HS Westland
2.11Mick Noel16.94cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
3.9Austin Olson18.46aMILutheran HS Westland
4.10Jeffrey Fox19.46aMIBirmingham Roeper
5.11Jacob Nichols21.34cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
6.9Chase Solys22.78aMIBirmingham Roeper
7.9Isaac Middleton22.94cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Jake Fairbairn39.78aMILutheran HS Westland
2.11Mick Noel45.14cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
3.11Chris Krieg45.46aMIAuburn Hills Oakland Christian
4.9Austin Olson46.34aMILutheran HS Westland
5.11Jacob Nichols46.64cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
6.9Isaac Middleton47.94cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
7.10Jeffrey Fox49.59aMIBirmingham Roeper
8.9Chase Solys50.30aMIBirmingham Roeper
9.9Andrew Pampreen52.71aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
4x100 Relay
1.-Ben Agosta
Stephen Ennis
Alex Irwin
Matt Gapski
46.56aMIRochester Hills Lutheran NW
2.-Zac Arthur
Jacob Davenport
Austin Olson
Dan Roberts
48.92aMILutheran HS Westland
3.-Caleb Carr
Dylan Smith
Connor Carr
Thomas Salewske
50.94cMINewport Lutheran South
4.-Relay Team50.97aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
5.-Torre Crown
Joseph Iacopelli
Jayme Putney
Chase Robinson
52.74cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
4x400 Relay
1.-Caleb Kempf
Bobby Miller
Jake Fairbairn
Zach Foor
3:37.94aMILutheran HS Westland
2.-Trevor Baloga
Ethan Levack
Jacob Bailey
Jimmy Parks
3:43.70MIPlymouth Christian Academy
3.-Robert Banks
Garrett Slater
Aldred Williams
Evan Carter
3:53.80MISouthfield Christian
4.-Caleb Carr
Thomas Salewske
Dylan Smith
Michael Roebke
3:55.20MINewport Lutheran South
5.-Relay Team4:09.95aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
6.-Aaron Appel
Jeffrey Fox
Chase Solys
Spenser Solys
4:12.79aMIBirmingham Roeper
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Dawson Davenport48' 8.50MILutheran HS Westland
2.12Eric Jipping44' 0.75MIPlymouth Christian Academy
3.12Max Sergent41' 6.50MIAnn Arbor Greenhills
4.11Jesse Smrcka41' 1.00MINewport Lutheran South
5.11Jason Fusco38' 4.75MINovi Franklin Road Christian
6.12Jacob Hand36' 11.50MINewport Lutheran South
7.9Thomas Krueger36' 8.50MILutheran HS Westland
8.11Jacob Bartos36' 8.00MILutheran HS Westland
9.11Robert Stafford34' 6.00MIPlymouth Christian Academy
10.10Jonah Lambart32' 10.00MILutheran HS Westland
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Dawson Davenport134' 3.00MILutheran HS Westland
2.12Eric Jipping132' 1.00MIPlymouth Christian Academy
3.11Jesse Smrcka125' 2.00MINewport Lutheran South
4.12Jacob Hand108' 10.00MINewport Lutheran South
5.11Jacob Bartos106' 0.00MILutheran HS Westland
6.12Max Sergent103' 1.00MIAnn Arbor Greenhills
7.11Robert Stafford102' 6.00MIPlymouth Christian Academy
8.12Jacob Buffone98' 0.00MILutheran HS Westland
9.9Connor Carr86' 3.00MINewport Lutheran South
10.11Sungwon Hong81' 1.00MIAnn Arbor Greenhills
High Jump
1.11Mick Noel6' 0.00MIPlymouth Christian Academy
2.12Mitch Boehm5' 6.00MILutheran HS Westland
12Jake Fairbairn5' 6.00MILutheran HS Westland
4.11Matt Sumner5' 4.00MIPlymouth Christian Academy
5.10Michael Roebke5' 3.00MINewport Lutheran South
6.9Jacob Davenport5' 0.00MILutheran HS Westland
11Jesse Smrcka5' 0.00MINewport Lutheran South
Pole Vault
1.10Newman Harper8' 0.00MILutheran HS Westland
Long Jump
1.12Caleb Kempf21' 3.50MILutheran HS Westland
2.12Drew Perrin20' 10.75MIAuburn Hills Oakland Christian
3.10Dan Roberts18' 1.00MILutheran HS Westland
4.9Torre Crown17' 5.00MIPlymouth Christian Academy
5.11Spenser Solys16' 10.00MIBirmingham Roeper
6.11Mick Noel16' 9.50MIPlymouth Christian Academy
7.10Aldred Williams16' 7.00MISouthfield Christian
8.12Mitch Boehm16' 3.00MILutheran HS Westland
9.11Jacob Nichols16' 1.50MIPlymouth Christian Academy
10.9Isaac Middleton15' 8.75MIPlymouth Christian Academy

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.11Grace Gardner13.01aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
2.12Melanie Anderson13.74cMINewport Lutheran South
3.12Sydney Ford13.84cMISouthfield Christian
4.11Olivia Rohde15.04cMINewport Lutheran South
5.12Savannah Diroff15.44cMINewport Lutheran South
9Sarah Thomas15.44cMISouthfield Christian
7.11Sydney Carpenter15.84cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
8.10Cathlyn Bonner15.86aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
9.9Caitlin Mier16.24cMISouthfield Christian
10.11Megan Lemieux16.64cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
200 Meters
1.8Akwia Tilton26.95aMINovi Franklin Road Christian
2.11Grace Gardner27.09aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
3.12Melanie Anderson29.34cMINewport Lutheran South
4.12Sydney Ford29.44cMISouthfield Christian
5.9Lis Ivey31.37aMILutheran HS Westland
6.11Olivia Rohde31.54cMINewport Lutheran South
7.9Caitlin Mier32.24cMISouthfield Christian
8.11Rebekah Simmons32.34cMISouthfield Christian
9.11Megan Lemieux35.54cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
10.11Leaha Dotson35.84cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
400 Meters
1.9Lizzy Rouce60.62aMIRochester Hills Lutheran NW
2.9Lindsey Wood64.87aMIAuburn Hills Oakland Christian
3.11Karen Windle65.94cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
4.12Melanie Anderson66.14cMINewport Lutheran South
5.10Rachel Smith66.54cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
6.11Grace Gardner67.86aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
7.11Alaina Clement69.84cMISouthfield Christian
8.9Chelsea Kovacs70.22aMILutheran HS Westland
9.12Sierra Patton70.60aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
10.10Terra Crown70.74cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
800 Meters
1.11Karen Windle2:28.60MIPlymouth Christian Academy
2.9Taylor Siegle2:31.20MISterling Heights Parkway
3.11Courtney Yee2:38.30aMIAuburn Hills Oakland Christian
4.12Jessica Rice2:42.08aMILutheran HS Westland
5.12Savannah Diroff2:45.10MINewport Lutheran South
6.11Allison Hogikyan2:54.38aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
7.12Melanie Anderson2:55.10MINewport Lutheran South
8.11Sydney Carpenter2:57.60MIPlymouth Christian Academy
9.9Megan McHugh3:03.80MIPlymouth Christian Academy
10.9Allison Chau3:04.00MISouthfield Christian
1600 Meters
1.10Terra Crown5:39.20MIPlymouth Christian Academy
2.11Erin Hardin5:41.58aMILutheran HS Westland
3.11Karen Windle6:08.50MIPlymouth Christian Academy
4.9Maria Froman6:10.06aMIHuron Valley Lutheran
5.10Marie Carrozza6:29.60aMIBirmingham Roeper
6.9Kellen Smith6:40.00MISouthfield Christian
7.9Megan McHugh6:45.00MIPlymouth Christian Academy
8.9Courtney Fox6:47.16aMIBirmingham Roeper
9.9Allison Chau6:58.00MISouthfield Christian
10.12Anna Forringer-Beal7:03.81aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
3200 Meters
1.11Erin Hardin12:22.39aMILutheran HS Westland
2.10Terra Crown12:28.80MIPlymouth Christian Academy
3.9Lucido Isabella13:36.72aMIAuburn Hills Oakland Christian
4.9Anna Krauss14:56.69aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
5.9Megan McHugh15:20.60MIPlymouth Christian Academy
6.9Kellen Smith16:04.90MISouthfield Christian
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Briana Ratchford15.49aMIBirmingham Roeper
2.12Amanda Terranella18.08aMILutheran HS Westland
3.11Karen Windle19.34cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
4.11Alissa Flury19.41aMILutheran HS Westland
5.9Allison Johnson19.91aMILutheran HS Westland
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Alissa Flury53.11aMILutheran HS Westland
2.11Karen Windle53.34cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
3.12Briana Ratchford53.43aMIBirmingham Roeper
4.12Amanda Terranella53.54aMILutheran HS Westland
5.10Rachel Smith57.14cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
6.9Rachel Wiggins63.26aMILutheran HS Westland
7.11Sydney Carpenter66.74cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
4x100 Relay
1.-Olivia Rohde
Savannah Diroff
Jacki Morgan
Melanie Anderson
59.04cMINewport Lutheran South
2.-Sydney Carpenter
Leaha Dotson
Megan McHugh
Megan Lemieux
65.44cMIPlymouth Christian Academy
4x400 Relay
1.-Chelsea Kovacs
Alissa Flury
Jessica Rice
Amanda Terranella
4:37.74aMILutheran HS Westland
2.-Rachel Smith
Sydney Carpenter
Terra Crown
Karen Windle
4:47.00MIPlymouth Christian Academy
3.-Rebekah Simmons
Sarah Thomas
Allison Chau
Kellen Smith
4:54.00MISouthfield Christian
4.-Elena Bakaluca
Briana Ratchford
Courtney Fox
Marie Carrozza
5:09.50aMIBirmingham Roeper
5.-Relay Team5:33.40aMIAnn Arbor Greenhills
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Briana Ratchford38' 8.75MIBirmingham Roeper
2.10Kristi Smrcka33' 5.00MINewport Lutheran South
3.10Leah Refenes27' 4.00MILutheran HS Westland
4.12Aleijah Mollenhauer27' 2.00MILutheran HS Westland
5.12Sierra Patton26' 4.00MIAnn Arbor Greenhills
6.12Jacki Morgan25' 4.25MINewport Lutheran South
7.9Sarah Thomas23' 11.00MISouthfield Christian
8.12MyLee Krug23' 9.50MINewport Lutheran South
9.12Staci Rudolph23' 8.50MISouthfield Christian
10.10Emily Brown21' 3.00MILutheran HS Westland
Discus - 1kg
1.11Megan Lemieux92' 2.00MIPlymouth Christian Academy
2.12Abbey Pierce92' 0.00MIRochester Hills Lutheran NW
3.10Kristi Smrcka89' 2.00MINewport Lutheran South
4.10Leah Refenes87' 9.00MILutheran HS Westland
5.11Jannine Erickson82' 3.00MILutheran HS Westland
6.12Staci Rudolph79' 9.00MISouthfield Christian
7.12Jacki Morgan77' 9.00MINewport Lutheran South
8.12Sierra Patton71' 1.00MIAnn Arbor Greenhills
9.12MyLee Krug71' 0.00MINewport Lutheran South
10.12Aleijah Mollenhauer51' 3.00MILutheran HS Westland
High Jump
1.10Cathlyn Bonner4' 8.00MIAnn Arbor Greenhills
Pole Vault
1.11Alissa Flury7' 9.00MILutheran HS Westland
Long Jump
1.8Akwia Tilton15' 4.50MINovi Franklin Road Christian
2.12Melanie Anderson14' 11.00MINewport Lutheran South
3.9Lis Ivey12' 1.50MILutheran HS Westland
4.12Sydney Ford11' 10.00MISouthfield Christian
5.9Emma Buffone11' 8.50MILutheran HS Westland
6.12Sierra Patton10' 10.50MIAnn Arbor Greenhills
7.11Sydney Carpenter10' 9.00MIPlymouth Christian Academy
8.12Savannah Diroff10' 2.50MINewport Lutheran South
9.11Allison Hogikyan9' 5.50MIAnn Arbor Greenhills

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