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District 11 Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

55 Meter Dash
1.10Chris Bruno6.90aPAMarian Catholic
2.-Dan McSurdy6.91aPANorth Schuylkill
3.12Ethan Motsney6.94aPANorth Schuylkill
4.11Sam Tomlin7.20aPAMarian Catholic
5.10Sam Gilkes7.26aPAJim Thorpe
6.10Ben Hinkel7.34cPAMinersville Area
7.11Mike Malatak7.39aPAJim Thorpe
8.10Tadd Shiffer7.44cPAPine Grove Area
9.10Zach Tritt7.61aPAPine Grove Area
10.12Ryan Sheidy7.64cPAPine Grove Area
60 Meter Dash
1.12Austin Biege7.83aPABethlehem Catholic
200 Meters
1.12Tyler Horton23.85aPABethlehem Catholic
2.12Ethan Motsney24.45aPANorth Schuylkill
3.10Chris Bruno24.46aPAMarian Catholic
4.11Sam Tomlin24.70aPAMarian Catholic
5.10Sam Gilkes25.44aPAJim Thorpe
6.12Eric Hertzog25.64cPATamaqua Area
7.10Ben Hinkel25.84cPAMinersville Area
8.-Dan McSurdy25.86aPANorth Schuylkill
9.11Zachary Nace26.84aPAJim Thorpe
10.10Tadd Shiffer27.74cPAPine Grove Area
400 Meters
1.10Andrew Schaeffer56.30aPABethlehem Catholic
2.12Austin Biege57.18aPABethlehem Catholic
3.11Zachary Nace59.08aPAJim Thorpe
4.10John Spirk59.85aPABethlehem Catholic
5.12Ian Lengel60.44cPAPine Grove Area
6.11Nick Lentz63.34cPAPine Grove Area
7.9Clement Rushanan63.64cPAMinersville Area
8.9Jian Gentile65.37aPAJim Thorpe
9.-Liam Cassidy66.20aPANotre Dame Green Pond
800 Meters
1.12Brendan Shearn2:09.51aPANorth Schuylkill
2.11Mike Duffy2:14.90aPABethlehem Catholic
3.12Angelo Degateno2:16.70aPABethlehem Catholic
4.12Robert Taylor2:16.76aPAJim Thorpe
5.10Wesley Yutko2:19.40aPAMinersville Area
6.12Lemuel White2:22.51aPAJim Thorpe
7.-Michael Grega2:23.07aPAMarian Catholic
8.12Devon Macon2:28.97aPAMinersville Area
9.9Clement Rushanan2:33.09aPAMinersville Area
10.-Conner Robers2:50.85aPAMarian Catholic
1600 Meters
1.12Brendan Shearn4:36.75aPANorth Schuylkill
2.10Wesley Yutko5:13.70PAMinersville Area
3.12Gregory Lerch5:34.16aPAPalisades
4.12Ian Lengel5:36.02aPAPine Grove Area
5.10Michael Hoptak5:49.70PAMinersville Area
6.-Jeremy Klinger5:55.40aPAPine Grove Area
7.10Nick Kriston6:17.90PAMinersville Area
1 Mile
1.-Jake Saxon5:05.93aPAJim Thorpe
2.9Devon Fogel5:27.22aPANotre Dame Green Pond
3.11Jake McGeehan5:35.35aPAJim Thorpe
4.-Alex Gosciniak5:45.42aPANotre Dame Green Pond
5.11Dominic Santanasto5:49.88aPABethlehem Catholic
6.-Conner Robers6:19.86aPAMarian Catholic
3000 Meters
1.12Brendan Shearn8:40.53aPANorth Schuylkill
2.11Christian Fields10:37.83aPAJim Thorpe
3.11Sterling Tobin11:17.30PAMinersville Area
4.10Nathan Fields11:57.93aPAJim Thorpe
3200 Meters
1.11Sterling Tobin12:06.68aPAMinersville Area
2.10Michael Hoptak13:04.78aPAMinersville Area
55m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Eric Hertzog7.70aPATamaqua Area
2.12Gregory Lerch8.84aPAPalisades
3.11Austin Moffat10.24cPAMinersville Area
4.10Zach Tritt10.37aPAPine Grove Area
5.10Tadd Shiffer10.44cPAPine Grove Area
6.11Nick Lentz10.64cPAPine Grove Area
7.-Mason Constant10.88aPANotre Dame Green Pond
60m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Tyler Horton8.14aPABethlehem Catholic
2.12Eric Hertzog8.24aPATamaqua Area
3.10John Spirk10.27aPABethlehem Catholic
4x200 Relay
1.-Chris Bruno
Sam Tomlin
Stephen Whiteko
Michael Grega
1:44.75aPAMarian Catholic
2.-Sam Gilkes
Mike Malatak
Jian Gentile
Zachary Nace
1:48.20aPAJim Thorpe
4x400 Relay
1.-Chris Bruno
Sam Tomlin
Stephen Whiteko
Michael Grega
4:14.37aPAMarian Catholic
4x800 Relay
1.-Christian Fields
Jake Saxon
Robert Taylor
Lemuel White
9:17.25aPAJim Thorpe
2.-Relay Team9:56.34aPAMinersville Area
3.-Relay Team10:23.84aPANotre Dame Green Pond
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Devon Williams36' 3.25PAPine Grove Area
High Jump
1.12Tyler Horton6' 2.00PABethlehem Catholic
2.11Austin Moffat5' 0.00PAMinersville Area
Pole Vault
1.11Darris Rodriguez11' 0.00PAPalmerton Area
2.11Evan Brouse10' 0.00PANorth Schuylkill
Long Jump
1.12Tyler Horton20' 8.00PABethlehem Catholic
2.10Sam Gilkes19' 3.50PAJim Thorpe
3.11Mike Malatak18' 5.25PAJim Thorpe
4.11Austin Moffat18' 4.00PAMinersville Area
5.10Zach Tritt17' 3.25PAPine Grove Area
6.-Stephen Whiteko16' 2.50PAMarian Catholic
7.10Tadd Shiffer12' 9.25PAPine Grove Area
8.-Eric Flick12' 0.00PAPine Grove Area
Triple Jump
1.11Mike Malatak36' 1.00PAJim Thorpe
2.10Zach Tritt33' 6.00PAPine Grove Area

Womens show...

55 Meter Dash
1.9Mary Ramsden7.87aPAPalisades
2.12Angelica Poalillo8.08aPAJim Thorpe
3.9Lily Cooper8.57aPAPalisades
4.11Kelli Readinger8.64cPAPine Grove Area
5.11Maria Donati8.69aPAJim Thorpe
60 Meter Dash
1.-Destiny Keenan8.73aPABethlehem Catholic
2.9Dana Neupauer8.92aPABethlehem Catholic
3.-Gina Corvino9.33aPABethlehem Catholic
4.-Rachel Fiel9.36aPANotre Dame Green Pond
200 Meters
1.12Angelica Poalillo28.87aPAJim Thorpe
2.11Amber Castillo29.24aPAJim Thorpe
3.9Dana Neupauer29.93aPABethlehem Catholic
4.11Kelli Readinger30.94cPAPine Grove Area
5.-Gina Corvino32.21aPABethlehem Catholic
6.10Faith Bolich35.27aPAMinersville Area
400 Meters
1.9Mary Ramsden66.62aPAPalisades
2.11Amber Castillo69.26aPAJim Thorpe
3.12Amanda Purcell70.45aPAMinersville Area
4.9Lily Cooper73.63aPAPalisades
5.11Kelly Hammer73.85aPAMinersville Area
6.10Kara Pytko75.34cPAMinersville Area
7.10Emily Perry76.90aPABethlehem Catholic
8.11Ashley Real78.74cPAPine Grove Area
9.9Ashley Vesdel80.87aPAPalisades
10.10Faith Bolich82.94cPAMinersville Area
800 Meters
1.10Anna Robinson2:45.55aPAPalisades
2.12Meaghan Roszyk2:53.10aPABethlehem Catholic
3.-Amy Jaskot2:57.98aPAJim Thorpe
4.10Emily Ruffa3:20.06aPAJim Thorpe
1600 Meters
1.10Cassidy Mason6:08.60PAMinersville Area
2.9Nicole Gibki6:13.14aPANotre Dame Green Pond
3.12Laura Hunyara6:15.39aPAMinersville Area
4.9Conshue Amanda6:30.62aPAMinersville Area
1 Mile
1.12Katherine Downing6:13.15aPANotre Dame Green Pond
2.11Ashleigh Lesko6:32.68aPANotre Dame Green Pond
3.10Lindsay Capper7:14.39aPAJim Thorpe
4.10Victoria Asbrock7:44.16aPAJim Thorpe
3000 Meters
1.11Courtney Capper13:13.42aPAJim Thorpe
2.10Lindsay Capper14:21.56aPAJim Thorpe
55m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Kelli Readinger10.54cPAPine Grove Area
2.10Devon Matz10.56aPAJim Thorpe
3.12Katherine Garofalo10.83aPANotre Dame Green Pond
4.12Jennifer Scartelli10.88aPANotre Dame Green Pond
5.11Alexis Sherman11.73aPANotre Dame Green Pond
6.10Rachel Caputo12.04aPAJim Thorpe
60m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Alexis Sherman12.06aPANotre Dame Green Pond
2.12Jennifer Scartelli12.21aPANotre Dame Green Pond
3.10Emily Perry12.40aPABethlehem Catholic
4.-Gina Corvino12.67aPABethlehem Catholic
4x200 Relay
1.-Jade Kubitsky
Marra Blanchard
Lexi Reightler
Megan Tucker
1:51.81aPABethlehem Catholic
2.-Devon Matz
Amy Jaskot
Amber Castillo
Angelica Poalillo
2:01.10aPAJim Thorpe
3.-Rachel Fiel
Manuela Kom
Sara Bloss
Alyssa Ross
2:06.64aPANotre Dame Green Pond
4x400 Relay
1.-Jade Kubitsky
Marra Blanchard
Lexi Reightler
Megan Tucker
4:23.15aPABethlehem Catholic
2.-Relay Team5:10.18aPAMinersville Area
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team10:50.20aPANotre Dame Green Pond
2.-Relay Team11:23.53aPAMinersville Area
3.-Meaghan Roszyk
Megan Tucker
Lauren Biege
Maria Spirk
12:04.18aPABethlehem Catholic
4.-Courtney Capper
Victoria Asbrock
Lindsay Capper
Emily Ruffa
12:35.42aPAJim Thorpe
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Lauren Biege
Katie Rosynk
Zoe Cavriullo
Marissa Iannelli
5:32.78aPABethlehem Catholic
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Katherine Downing
Erika Edwards
Christina Scartelli
Delaney Jordan
13:59.94aPANotre Dame Green Pond
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Carter Green33' 0.25PANorth Schuylkill
2.10Haylee Evans22' 3.00PAMinersville Area
3.12Sierra Hunsicker21' 4.00PAJim Thorpe
4.-J Kitchell21' 3.00PANotre Dame Green Pond
5.9Brianna Kitchell20' 2.75PANotre Dame Green Pond
6.-Dianara Bucior18' 2.00PAJim Thorpe
Pole Vault
1.12Mara Blanchard10' 0.00PABethlehem Catholic
2.11Rebecca Minehan8' 6.00PATamaqua Area
3.10Katie Glore8' 0.00PAMinersville Area
-Rachel Fiel8' 0.00PANotre Dame Green Pond
Long Jump
1.12Angelica Poalillo14' 2.50PAJim Thorpe
2.10Devon Matz11' 10.25PAJim Thorpe
Triple Jump
1.11Maria Donati27' 3.50PAJim Thorpe

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