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100 Meters
1.8Corey Baker12.28CASt. AgnesApr 23Qualifying Meet
2.8Aidan Gratton13.02ORCathedralApr 23Hare Field CYO Week #3
3.8Jakob Stanton13.88CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
4.7Gregory Neal13.91ORCathedralMay 15CYO Meet of Champions
5.6Gabriel Merritt14.05CASt. AgnesApr 23Qualifying Meet
6.8Kyle Weissberg14.07CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
8Rishey Shenoy14.07ORCathedralMay 15CYO Meet of Champions
8.7Ryan Kenny14.26CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
9.8Malachi Crayton14.29CASt. AgnesApr 23Qualifying Meet
10.7Owen Pilcher14.50CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
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200 Meters
1.8Aidan Gratton26.60ORCathedralMay 15CYO Meet of Champions
2.7Gregory Neal27.65ORCathedralMay 15CYO Meet of Champions
3.8Rishey Shenoy28.55ORCathedralMay 15CYO Meet of Champions
4.8Baaj Arora28.62CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
5.7Benjamin Smyers29.82CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
6.8Aidan Schaper30.46CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
7.5Yousif Dajani30.70CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
8.7Owen Pilcher30.72CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
9.7Liu Josh30.92CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
10.7Brandon Mazeffa32.07CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
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400 Meters
1.8Ian Palmer56.97CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
2.8Corey Baker59.40CASt. AgnesApr 23Qualifying Meet
3.8Aidan Gratton1:00.88ORCathedralApr 23Hare Field CYO Week #3
4.7Gregory Neal1:02.47ORCathedralMay 15CYO Meet of Champions
5.7Ryan Kenny1:04.23CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
6.6Eliot Beckman1:04.77ORCathedralMay 15CYO Meet of Champions
7.6Gabriel Merritt1:05.63CASt. AgnesApr 23Qualifying Meet
8.8Fraser Coleman1:07.25CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
9.7Eric Pirkle1:07.83CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
10.8Jack Cosentino1:09.16CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
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800 Meters
1.8Declan O'Scannlain2:29.86ORCathedralApr 23Hare Field CYO Week #3
2.8Baaj Arora2:37.87CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
3.8Carson Edwards2:47.49CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
4.7Andy Ward2:49.57CASt. AgnesApr 23Qualifying Meet
5.6Callum Bachand2:49.72ORCathedralApr 30Valley Catholic CYO Week #4
6.6Griffin Stevenson2:50.50ORCathedralApr 30Valley Catholic CYO Week #4
7.7Aidan O'Scannlain2:50.69ORCathedralApr 09La Salle CYO Week #1
8.7Cayden Castagnetto2:51.50CASt. AgnesApr 23Qualifying Meet
9.5Jack Heinz2:52.91CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
10.7Adam Hassouneh2:53.48CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
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1600 Meters
1.7Aidan DeMello5:19.9hCASt. Michael/St CharlesApr 28Sectional 1600m
2.6Dillon Maheshwari5:34.3hCASt. Michael/St CharlesApr 28Sectional 1600m
3.-Gavin Walker5:37.8hCASt. BonaventureApr 28Sectional 1600m
-Garrett Morgan5:37.8hCASt. John VianneyApr 28Sectional 1600m
5.6Colin McCarthy5:38.1hCASt. Michael/St CharlesApr 28Sectional 1600m
6.8Jack Daley5:42.81CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
7.5Justin Peterson5:44.8hCASt. Michael/St CharlesApr 28Sectional 1600m
8.-Zachery Spiker5:46.5hCASt. BonaventureApr 28Sectional 1600m
9.-Ryan Ross5:49.5hCASt. BonaventureApr 28Sectional 1600m
10.-Jack Heinz5:50.8hCASt. BonaventureApr 28Sectional 1600m
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4x100 Relay
1.Baaj Arora
Colby Allard
Aidan Schaper
Fraser Coleman
54.24cCASt Mary'sApr 02Relay Meet
2.Relay Team54.47ORCathedralApr 23Hare Field CYO Week #3
3.Luis Lopez
Angel Galan
Elisha Hesseltine
Gabriel Gomez
55.64cCAQueen of All SaintsApr 02Relay Meet
Relay Team55.64cCASaint Francis of AssisiApr 02Relay Meet
5.Oliver DeAssis
Jacob VonAustin
Brady Cook
Joseph Tugwell
58.54cCASt. John VianneyApr 02Relay Meet
6.Kyle Weissberg
Benjamin Smyers
Mallik Hassouneh
Tommy Nguyen
59.34cCAChrist the KingApr 02Relay Meet
7.7Nate Mendoza
Andy Ward
Marco Villamil
Cayden Castagnetto
59.90CASt. AgnesApr 23Qualifying Meet
8.Tristan Weed
Andre Pascal
Jordan Featherstone
Holden Hoffman
1:05.24cCASt. Michael/St CharlesApr 02Relay Meet
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4x400 Relay
1.Nick Young
Lance Heinan
Baaj Arora
Fraser Coleman
4:41.2hCASt Mary'sApr 02Relay Meet
2.Luis Lopez
Angel Galan
Elisha Hesseltine
Gabriel Gomez
5:06.4hCAQueen of All SaintsApr 02Relay Meet
3.Relay Team5:19.8hCASt. John VianneyApr 02Relay Meet
4.7Adam Hassouneh
Dylan Woodhall
Jonas Kobylik
Mallik Hassouneh
5:22.40CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
5.7Andy Ward
Alex Griffin
Marco Villamil
Cayden Castagnetto
5:25.76CASt. AgnesApr 23Qualifying Meet
6.Relay Team5:31.2hCASt. Michael/St CharlesApr 02Relay Meet
7.Relay Team6:42.2hCASaint Francis of AssisiApr 02Relay Meet
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Javelin - 800g
1.5Aidan Cooney64' 0ORCathedralApr 23Hare Field CYO Week #3
2.4Vicenzo Vargo62' 5ORCathedralApr 23Hare Field CYO Week #3
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High Jump
1.7Jonas Kobylik4' 4CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
7Eric Pirkle4' 4CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
3.7Adam Hassouneh4' 2CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
7Mallik Hassouneh4' 2CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
7Jordan Wondrusch4' 2CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
6Eliot Beckman4' 2ORCathedralMay 15CYO Meet of Champions
7.5Aidan Kilbane4' 0ORCathedralApr 23Hare Field CYO Week #3
7Kaden Bohm4' 0CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
9.7Jimmy Devine3' 10CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
7Cayden Castagnetto3' 10CASt. AgnesApr 23Qualifying Meet
5Tyler Allan3' 10CAChrist the KingApr 23Qualifying Meet
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Long Jump
1.8Corey Baker16' 0CASt. AgnesApr 23Qualifying Meet
2.8Fraser Coleman14' 11CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
3.8Rishey Shenoy14' 6ORCathedralApr 30Valley Catholic CYO Week #4
4.6Eliot Beckman14' 1ORCathedralMay 15CYO Meet of Champions
5.8Jack Cosentino13' 9CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
6.7Liu Josh13' 8.25CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
7.8Jack Daley13' 6.5CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
8.7Jalen Terry13' 6CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
9.7Owen Pilcher13' 4.5CASt Mary'sApr 23Qualifying Meet
10.3Hank Gullung13' 3ORCathedralApr 16Hare Field CYO Week #2
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