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District of Columbia Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.12Vontae Davis10.97aDCDunbar (DC)
2.-Tyrone Lewis11.00aDCAnacostia Senior
3.12James Roberts11.01aDCSt John's College
4.-Ranald Richardson11.12aDCSpingarn
5.-Delonte Armstrong11.25aDCSt John's College
6.-Arrelious Benn11.30aDCDunbar (DC)
7.10Daryn Higgs11.38aDCArchbishop Carroll
8.-Eugene Celestan11.42aDCCoolidge
9.-Keith Hardy11.53aDCRoosevelt
10.12Tyler Fisher11.73aDCGonzaga College
200 Meters
1.12James Roberts22.43aDCSt John's College
2.11Delano Meriwether22.62aDCSidwell Friends
3.12Vontae Davis22.78aDCDunbar (DC)
4.-Arrelious Benn22.83aDCDunbar (DC)
5.12Jeff Tracy22.89aDCGeorgetown Day
6.10Daryn Higgs22.92aDCArchbishop Carroll
7.12Tyler Fisher23.14aDCGonzaga College
8.-Jamal Jefferson23.16aDCSt Albans For Boys
9.12Adrian Williams23.22aDCSt John's College
10.12Adrien McDonald23.35aDCSt John's College
400 Meters
1.12Randy Lee48.92aDCArchbishop Carroll
2.11Delano Meriwether49.66aDCSidwell Friends
3.11Charles Dunston50.62aDCArchbishop Carroll
4.12Ola Williams50.73aDCSt John's College
5.11Aaron Talyor51.27aDCGonzaga College
6.11Jason Campbell51.46aDCGeorgetown Day
7.11Evan Shields51.80aDCGonzaga College
8.-Jamal Jefferson51.85aDCSt Albans For Boys
9.-Ranald Richardson52.40aDCSpingarn
10.10Carter Ward52.46aDCGonzaga College
800 Meters
1.12Randy Lee1:55.79aDCArchbishop Carroll
2.12Alex Stern1:58.34aDCGeorgetown Day
3.11Evan Shields1:58.67aDCGonzaga College
4.10Brione Reid-Carthan1:59.91aDCArchbishop Carroll
5.10Carter Ward2:01.41aDCGonzaga College
6.12Brian Gillis2:02.33aDCSt Albans For Boys
7.12Adam Levin2:05.47aDCGeorgetown Day
8.10Tom Hill2:07.45aDCGonzaga College
9.11Malcolm Drewery2:07.67aDCSt John's College
10.11Tom Kelly2:08.93aDCGonzaga College
1600 Meters
1.12Matt Chandler4:30.92aDCGonzaga College
2.11Tom Kelly4:35.50aDCGonzaga College
3.10Ollie St. John4:38.73aDCEdmund Burke
4.11James Moss4:41.70aDCGeorgetown Day
5.10Tom Hill4:46.63aDCGonzaga College
6.11Lenny Pierce4:48.03aDCSt Albans For Boys
7.11John Gerdes4:48.25aDCField
8.12Will McKitterick4:49.41aDCEdmund Burke
9.-John Davitt4:56.42aDCMaret
10.9Francis Thumpasery4:57.57aDCSt Albans For Boys
3200 Meters
1.12Matt Chandler9:44.04aDCGonzaga College
2.-Jeff Perlis9:48.03aDCSidwell Friends
3.-Michael Panzer9:52.71aDCGeorgetown Day
4.11Tom Kelly9:58.11aDCGonzaga College
5.10Brian Rooney9:58.31aDCSt Albans For Boys
6.11John Gerdes10:02.43aDCField
7.10Hudson Riehle10:09.33aDCGonzaga College
8.10Ollie St. John10:15.55aDCEdmund Burke
10Riehle Hudson10:15.55aDCGonzaga College
10.12Darin Martin10:30.52aDCEdmund Burke
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Ola Williams15.00aDCSt John's College
2.12Tyler Fisher15.07aDCGonzaga College
3.9Seck Barry15.39aDCSt Albans For Boys
4.11Joseph Collins17.99aDCGonzaga College
5.-David Warner18.11aDCArchbishop Carroll
6.10Sam Gretz18.64aDCEdmund Burke
7.9Kaleem Washington19.14cDCSt Albans For Boys
8.10Abdul Taylor19.24aDCDunbar (DC)
9.11Joey Collins19.33aDCGonzaga College
10.-Jefferey Kinard19.39aDCAnacostia Senior
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Seck Barry39.11aDCSt Albans For Boys
2.11Tyrone Putman39.64aDCGonzaga College
3.12Ola Williams41.79aDCSt John's College
4.-David Warner41.87aDCArchbishop Carroll
5.-Josh Walker42.83aDCGeorgetown Day
6.-Daniel Barringer44.17aDCEdmund Burke
7.11Rodney Thomas44.30aDCDunbar (DC)
8.-Chris Goins44.42aDCArchbishop Carroll
9.12Tyler Fisher44.64aDCGonzaga College
10.9Kaleem Washington46.34cDCSt Albans For Boys
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team42.77aDCArchbishop Carroll
2.-Relay Team43.50aDCSt John's College
3.-Rodney Thomas
Arrelious Benn
Nathan Bussey
Vontae Davis
44.33aDCDunbar (DC)
4.-Relay Team45.37aDCGonzaga College
5.-Andrew Campbell
Tyrone Lewis
Rowell Jones
Rashad James
45.98aDCAnacostia Senior
6.-Relay Team46.25aDCSt Albans For Boys
7.-Relay Team47.05aDCField
8.-Relay Team47.38aDCSpingarn
9.-Relay Team47.47aDCSidwell Friends
10.-Relay Team48.43aDCGeorgetown Day
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team3:29.42aDCArchbishop Carroll
2.-Relay Team3:30.21aDCSt John's College
3.-Relay Team3:30.52aDCGeorgetown Day
4.-Relay Team3:34.40DCSt Albans For Boys
5.-Relay Team3:37.81aDCGonzaga College
6.-Relay Team3:37.91aDCSpingarn
7.-Relay Team3:49.87aDCSidwell Friends
8.-Relay Team3:51.14aDCField
9.-Relay Team3:55.77aDCDunbar (DC)
10.-Relay Team4:07.15aDCMaret
Shot Put - 12lb
1.-Hank Speights40' 8.75DCSt Albans For Boys
2.11Alex Johns38' 7.50DCGonzaga College
3.10Allen Whearry37' 5.50DCGonzaga College
4.10Reginald Ellis37' 4DCDunbar (DC)
5.11Frank White37' 0.25DCSt John's College
6.-Edward Chase36' 7.75DCSpingarn
7.12John Bradley36' 3.50DCGonzaga College
8.-Paul Jasinowski35' 11.00DCSt Albans For Boys
9.-Alex Paige34' 5.25DCField
10.-Christopher Thomas34' 0.5DCSpingarn
-Andy Pettit34' 0.50DCSt Albans For Boys
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12John Bradley123' 5.00DCGonzaga College
2.11Alex Johns120' 8DCGonzaga College
3.-Paul Jasinowski109' 10.00DCSt Albans For Boys
4.10Allen Whearry109' 7.00DCGonzaga College
5.-Hank Speights107' 4.00DCSt Albans For Boys
6.-Patrick Boateng104' 0.00DCSt Albans For Boys
7.-Michael Lemons103' 7.00DCSt Albans For Boys
8.-John Goerlich98' 8.00DCSt Albans For Boys
9.-Andy Pettit98' 4.00DCSt Albans For Boys
10.-David Daise95' 6DCSidwell Friends
High Jump
1.11Nathan Bussey6' 0DCDunbar (DC)
2.-Mike Jackson5' 9.00DCSt John's College
3.-Nicholas Forde5' 8DCArchbishop Carroll
4.-John Milfort5' 6DCSidwell Friends
11Odohi Ettah5' 6DCSt John's College
10Darrell Wesley5' 6DCSt John's College
10Michael Jackson5' 6DCSt John's College
10Abdul Taylor5' 6DCDunbar (DC)
9.-Travon Smith5' 4DCAnacostia Senior
-Dion Bobo5' 4DCSpingarn
-Sircharles Lee5' 4DCRoosevelt
-Jamal Jefferson5' 4.00DCSt Albans For Boys
9Hilton Augustine5' 4DCGeorgetown Day
10Evan Glover5' 4DCSt John's College
Pole Vault
1.-Mike Raffaniello9' 0.00DCSt Albans For Boys
2.-JP Grasser8' 0.00DCSt Albans For Boys
3.-Willis McGregor7' 6.00DCSt Albans For Boys
4.-Richard He6' 6.00DCSt Albans For Boys
Long Jump
1.-Nicholas Forde20' 8DCArchbishop Carroll
2.11Tyrone Putman20' 0.5DCGonzaga College
-Tyrone Putam20' 0.50DCGonzaga College
4.12Jeff Tracy19' 10DCGeorgetown Day
5.10Michael Jackson19' 1.5DCSt John's College
6.10Anthony Coleman18' 10.25DCSt John's College
7.-Daniel Barringer18' 10DCEdmund Burke
8.11William Thornberry18' 2.5DCGonzaga College
9.11Wachira Reed17' 11.50DCGonzaga College
10.9Seck Barry17' 10.00DCSt Albans For Boys
Triple Jump
1.11Tyrone Putman44' 6.75DCGonzaga College
2.-Stevie Wilson42' 2DCEdmund Burke
3.10Christian Stephens40' 7.5DCSidwell Friends
4.-Daniel Barringer39' 0.75DCEdmund Burke
5.12Jeff Tracy38' 10DCGeorgetown Day
6.10Michael Jackson38' 4DCSt John's College
7.11Nathan Bussey37' 11DCDunbar (DC)
8.11William Thornberry37' 3DCGonzaga College
9.10Darrell Wesley36' 7DCSt John's College
10.-Robert Buffaloe35' 6DCAnacostia Senior

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.10Deanna Brown11.80aDCDunbar (DC)
2.-Virginia Owens12.38aDCDunbar (DC)
3.9Lola Adetu12.50aDCSidwell Friends
4.12Laura McDaniel12.62aDCEdmund Burke
5.-Alex Collins12.71aDCSt John's College
6.10Keneshia Watts12.76aDCSt John's College
7.10Leah Bailey12.84aDCGeorgetown Day
8.-Adwoa Baah-Dwomoh13.05aDCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
9.10Kierra Roulhac13.09aDCDunbar (DC)
10.9Elizabeth Evans13.10aDCGeorgetown Day
200 Meters
1.10Deanna Brown25.02aDCDunbar (DC)
2.-Virginia Owens25.87aDCDunbar (DC)
3.-Ada Mdbolie26.14aDCSt John's College
4.-Ada Mdgobile26.24aDCSt John's College
5.11Ada Mgbodille26.34aDCSt John's College
6.10Leah Bailey26.36aDCGeorgetown Day
7.10Denesha Jiles26.45aDCSt John's College
8.10Victoria Strickland27.31aDCMaret
9.11Emily Dick27.84cDCNational Cathedral for Girls
10.12Eris Woodard27.97aDCDunbar (DC)
400 Meters
1.9Lola Adetu58.07aDCSidwell Friends
2.10Victoria Strickland59.81aDCMaret
3.11Ashlyn DeCruise60.43aDCSt John's College
9Christian Hickson60.43aDCArchbishop Carroll
5.10Deanna Brown60.54aDCDunbar (DC)
6.11Ashley DeCruise61.40aDCSt John's College
7.9Elizabeth Evans61.47aDCGeorgetown Day
8.11Emily Dick62.12aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
9.10Anja Sherry62.75aDCEdmund Burke
10.10Ashley Williams62.99aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
800 Meters
1.-Jennifer Chichester2:22.53aDCArchbishop Carroll
2.9Ashley Seymour2:24.82aDCArchbishop Carroll
3.10Anja Sherry2:30.21aDCEdmund Burke
4.9Libby Ulman2:31.78aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
5.12Meredith Mcentee2:32.25aDCEdmund Burke
6.12Sophia Maravall2:32.82aDCGeorgetown Day
7.11Nini Moorhead2:33.74aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
8.-Kacie Varriali2:35.17aDCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
9.11Ashlyn DeCruise2:41.05aDCSt John's College
10.-Mary Alex Heller2:42.50aDCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
1600 Meters
1.9Ashley Seymour5:18.42aDCArchbishop Carroll
2.-Jennifer Chichester5:27.65aDCArchbishop Carroll
3.12Meredith Mcentee5:29.17aDCEdmund Burke
4.12Anne Aufhauser5:37.25aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
5.10Audrey Bowes5:54.67aDCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
6.10Tiffany Fung5:55.77aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
7.10Melanie Williams5:58.19aDCSt John's College
8.10Juashaunna Kelly6:02.61aDCRoosevelt
9.9Brooke Bode6:06.77aDCSidwell Friends
10.10Marina Leith6:07.79aDCMaret
3200 Meters
1.12Meredith Mcentee11:53.80aDCEdmund Burke
2.-Elsa Stewart12:14.88aDCEdmund Burke
3.10Becky Durling12:18.20aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
4.10Kat Dougherty12:26.01aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
5.12Sophia Maravall12:58.52aDCGeorgetown Day
6.10Kathryn Meehan13:12.30DCNational Cathedral for Girls
7.10Juashaunna Kelly13:16.28aDCRoosevelt
8.10LJ Kott13:25.86aDCSidwell Friends
9.12Megan Huber13:33.05aDCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
10.11Colleen Morrissey13:43.13aDCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Tiffany McCarty15.44aDCSt John's College
2.11Morghen Johnson16.01aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
3.11Leia Roberts-Brown16.22aDCArchbishop Carroll
4.9Lauren Lewis17.43aDCSidwell Friends
5.11Alicia Lorick18.29aDCAnacostia Senior
6.10Tyra Martin18.76aDCAnacostia Senior
7.11Monica Pyles19.14cDCNational Cathedral for Girls
8.-Anika Sellier19.29aDCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
9.12Mikeisha Allen19.61aDCSt John's College
10.-Leah Fall19.73aDCRoosevelt
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Lauren Lewis46.69aDCSidwell Friends
2.11Morghen Johnson46.93aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
3.11Leia Roberts-Brown47.14aDCArchbishop Carroll
4.10Tiffany McCarty47.95aDCSt John's College
5.-Anika Sellier51.00aDCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
6.11Alicia Lorick51.44aDCAnacostia Senior
7.11Monica Pyles51.83aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
8.-Leah Fall52.54aDCRoosevelt
9.11Kara Miller53.64cDCNational Cathedral for Girls
10.-Sherrell Williams54.46aDCDunbar (DC)
4x100 Relay
1.-Deanna Brown
Virginia Owens
Marilyn Scott
Eris Woodard
49.07aDCDunbar (DC)
2.-Relay Team49.20aDCSt John's College
3.-Relay Team51.24aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
4.-Relay Team53.26aDCGeorgetown Day
5.-Relay Team57.70aDCField
6.-Robbin Crawford
Danielle Burke
Diamond Eason
Lamisha Mills
60.88aDCAnacostia Senior
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team4:07.06aDCSt John's College
2.-Relay Team4:15.75aDCGeorgetown Day
3.-Relay Team4:25.35aDCNational Cathedral for Girls
4.-Sherrell Williams
Kierra Roulhac
Stephanie Satchell
Eris Woodard
4:26.72aDCDunbar (DC)
5.-Relay Team4:38.60aDCSidwell Friends
6.-Monique Love
Candace Bruce
Shinea Gilliam
Leah Fall
7.-Relay Team4:53.64aDCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
8.-Ashley Anderson
Robbin Crawford
Diamond Eason
Lamisha Mills
5:34.43aDCAnacostia Senior
Shot Put - 4kg
1.-Charmane Chase30' 2.5DCAnacostia Senior
2.10Denesha Jiles29' 5.75DCSt John's College
3.11Camille Collier29' 0.75DCSidwell Friends
4.12Sarah Choyke29' 0DCGeorgetown Day
5.12Catherine Armstrong28' 3.75DCDunbar (DC)
6.12Ishola Bisodum27' 5DCDunbar (DC)
7.11Chrissy Whatley26' 7.25DCGeorgetown Day
8.-Juliet Joly26' 6.25DCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
9.-Christina Whittaker25' 8.25DCEdmund Burke
10.-Diamond Eason25' 5.5DCAnacostia Senior
Discus - 1kg
1.12Sarah Choyke84' 4DCGeorgetown Day
2.9Alexandra Agiliga83' 10.00DCNational Cathedral for Girls
3.-Danesha Long73' 11DCDunbar (DC)
4.12Ishola Bisodum72' 7DCDunbar (DC)
5.-Juliet Joly70' 11DCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
6.12Catherine Armstrong70' 0DCDunbar (DC)
7.10Taara Avery68' 1.00DCNational Cathedral for Girls
8.-Mary Mattison67' 0DCMaret
9.11Chrissy Whatley62' 7DCGeorgetown Day
10.10Janine Joly61' 0DCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
High Jump
1.10Tiffany McCarty5' 4DCSt John's College
2.12Marilyn Scott4' 10DCDunbar (DC)
3.12Sophia Maravall4' 8DCGeorgetown Day
4.11Monica Pyles4' 6DCNational Cathedral for Girls
10Selena Weekly4' 6DCDunbar (DC)
6.10Zayani Sims4' 4DCSidwell Friends
7.9Vivian Butali4' 2DCNational Cathedral for Girls
10Kelly Holloway4' 2DCSidwell Friends
Long Jump
1.12Marilyn Scott17' 5DCDunbar (DC)
2.-Adwoa Baah-Dwomoh16' 0DCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
3.11Morghen Johnson15' 6.00DCNational Cathedral for Girls
4.9Vivian Butali15' 3.50DCNational Cathedral for Girls
5.12Sophia Maravall15' 2.5DCGeorgetown Day
6.11Emily Dick15' 1.00DCNational Cathedral for Girls
7.10Kierra Roulhac14' 6DCDunbar (DC)
10Joncier Sloan14' 6DCSt John's College
9.-Kelli Outlaw14' 5DCEdmund Burke
10.-Charmane Chase14' 2DCAnacostia Senior
Triple Jump
1.-Adwoa Baah-Dwomoh35' 11.5DCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
2.10Tiffany McCarty34' 10.75DCSt John's College
3.12Laura McDaniel34' 5.5DCEdmund Burke
4.10Selena Weekly32' 3DCDunbar (DC)
5.11Katie Kelly31' 6DCGeorgetown Visitation Prep
6.11Robia Smith-Herman31' 1DCSidwell Friends
7.11Alicia Lorick30' 4DCAnacostia Senior
8.11Kara Miller30' 1.5DCNational Cathedral for Girls
9.11Camille Collier29' 4DCSidwell Friends
10.10Kierra Roulhac28' 10DCDunbar (DC)
-Kelli Outlaw28' 10DCEdmund Burke

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