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District 4 Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.12Kaleb Christensen11.24cNEColumbus Lakeview
2.11Jordan Janda11.34cNEColumbus Scotus
3.12Chad Pinkelman11.64cNENorfolk Catholic
4.11Mike Janssen12.14cNEColumbus Lakeview
5.10Braulio Castillo12.24cNEColumbus Lakeview
6.10Darnell Collins12.44cNEWayne
10Shawn Davie12.44cNEWayne
10Dillon Clarey12.44cNEColumbus Scotus
9.12Robbie Layman12.54cNELogan View
10.11Kirby Reardon12.84cNEColumbus Scotus
200 Meters
1.9Kory Schaefer23.74cNENorfolk Catholic
2.12Kaleb Christensen23.84cNEColumbus Lakeview
3.12Brandon Drahota24.64cNENorfolk Catholic
4.11Jordan Janda24.64cNEColumbus Scotus
5.12David Christensen24.74cNELogan View
6.12Matt Gates25.14cNELogan View
11Kyle Christensen25.14cNEColumbus Scotus
8.10Braulio Castillo25.84cNEColumbus Lakeview
9.12Brad Kreikemeier26.14cNELogan View
10.10Shawn Davie26.24cNEWayne
400 Meters
1.12Tony Schukei54.64cNENorfolk Catholic
10Eric Chochon54.64cNEColumbus Lakeview
3.12Chad Levi55.34cNENorfolk Catholic
4.12Shane Korte55.74cNEColumbus Lakeview
5.11Travis Reeves56.24cNENorfolk Catholic
12Travis Hochstein56.24cNENorfolk Catholic
7.12Robbie Layman57.64cNELogan View
8.10Marcus Baier58.14cNEWayne
9.9Justin Anderson59.44cNEWayne
10.9Blake Wagner59.64cNELogan View
800 Meters
1.12Mitchell Pruss2:08.9NENorfolk Catholic
2.11Jordan Pieper2:12.9NENorfolk Catholic
3.9Tyler Maguire2:14.9NENorfolk Catholic
4.10Nick Knudson2:16.9NENorfolk Catholic
5.11Travis Reeves2:20.9NENorfolk Catholic
6.12Robert Hall2:21.0NENorfolk Catholic
1600 Meters
1.10Jarren Heng4:44.0NENorfolk Catholic
2.12Mitchell Pruss4:56.2NENorfolk Catholic
3.10Nick Knudson5:09.3NENorfolk Catholic
3200 Meters
1.12Kyle Wemhoff9:59.5NENorfolk Catholic
2.10Jarren Heng10:08.1NENorfolk Catholic
3.11Jordan Pieper10:41.1NENorfolk Catholic
4.11Josh Maurer11:05.00NEColumbus Lakeview
5.10Otis Seiler11:15.00NEColumbus Lakeview
6.11Nick Raimondo11:21.00NEColumbus Scotus
7.11Sadid Carillo11:21.30NESchuyler
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Jonathon Love14.94cNENorfolk Catholic
2.12Jon Love15.14cNENorfolk Catholic
3.11Devin Neal16.44cNENorfolk Catholic
4.12Tony Schukei17.34cNENorfolk Catholic
10TJ Tuls17.34cNEColumbus Lakeview
6.9Blake Wagner19.54cNELogan View
7.10Manuel Rangel19.74cNESchuyler
8.9Nathan Wangler20.24cNEColumbus Scotus
9.10Erik Hernandez21.94cNESchuyler
10.10Matt Alexander25.84cNEColumbus Scotus
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Jonathon Love40.04cNENorfolk Catholic
2.12Jon Love42.14cNENorfolk Catholic
3.11Devin Neal42.54cNENorfolk Catholic
4.12Tony Schukei44.34cNENorfolk Catholic
5.9Zach Smolnik47.04cNENorfolk Catholic
4x100 Relay
1.-Brandon Drahota
Derek Rockey
Kory Schaefer
Chad Pinkelman
46.84cNENorfolk Catholic
4x400 Relay
1.-Travis Reeves
Chad Levi
Kory Schaefer
Tony Schukei
3:43.0NENorfolk Catholic
4x800 Relay
1.-Kyle Wemhoff
Jarren Heng
Mitchell Pruss
Jordan Pieper
8:32.0NENorfolk Catholic
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Corey Kracl50' 4NESchuyler
2.12Judd Went48' 0.50NEColumbus Lakeview
3.11Josh Ryba45' 9.00NEColumbus Scotus
4.11Jason Wilcox44' 2.5NENorfolk Catholic
5.11Jared Hastings44' 2NENorfolk Catholic
6.11Taylor Suess42' 10.25NEColumbus Scotus
7.11Michael Becker41' 0NENorfolk Catholic
8.12Cody Wooldrik40' 4.00NELogan View
9.11Jeremy Brabec40' 2.50NESchuyler
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Jared Hastings134' 0NENorfolk Catholic
2.11Michael Becker131' 0NENorfolk Catholic
3.11Taylor Suess127' 1.00NEColumbus Scotus
4.12Judd Went122' 10.00NEColumbus Lakeview
5.11Corey Kracl122' 4NESchuyler
6.11Josh Ryba122' 3.00NEColumbus Scotus
7.11Arturo Spindola115' 9.00NEColumbus Scotus
8.10Witt Rodehorst110' 7.00NEColumbus Lakeview
High Jump
1.12Chad Pinkelman6' 2NENorfolk Catholic
2.11Travis Reeves5' 10NENorfolk Catholic
3.10Kelby Seyl5' 8NENorfolk Catholic
12Matt Gates5' 8.00NELogan View
5.10Max VonSeggern5' 6.00NELogan View
6.10Eric Chochon5' 4.00NEColumbus Lakeview
Pole Vault
1.12Jeremy Schreiber12' 0.00NEColumbus Lakeview
2.11Brad Kelberlau11' 6NENorfolk Catholic
10Brant O'Banion11' 6NENorfolk Catholic
4.9Landon Nelson11' 0NENorfolk Catholic
11Tyler Hamik11' 0NENorfolk Catholic
6.10Austin Wallick8' 0.00NEColumbus Scotus
Long Jump
1.12Chad Pinkelman22' 7NENorfolk Catholic
2.11Tyler Daake20' 10NENorfolk Catholic
3.12Jonathon Love20' 7NENorfolk Catholic
Triple Jump
1.11Tyler Daake44' 3NENorfolk Catholic
2.12Jonathon Love43' 2NENorfolk Catholic
3.12Chad Pinkelman40' 6NENorfolk Catholic
4.12Matt Gates39' 8.75NELogan View
5.12Brad Kreikemeier38' 1.50NELogan View
6.11Kirby Reardon37' 9.00NEColumbus Scotus

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.9Amber Ewers13.04cNEColumbus Scotus
2.10Monica Boeding13.54cNEColumbus Scotus
11Ashley Paprocki13.54cNEColumbus Scotus
4.11Megan Nissen14.74cNEWayne
5.12Andrea Pieper14.94cNEWayne
6.11Teshia Steuben15.04cNEColumbus Lakeview
7.9Ronda Metz15.74cNEColumbus Lakeview
11Shanna Wagner15.74cNELogan View
9.9Jessica Bray15.84cNELogan View
10.9Jenna Janssen16.84cNEColumbus Lakeview
200 Meters
1.9Amber Ewers28.24cNEColumbus Scotus
2.10Monica Boeding28.64cNEColumbus Scotus
3.11Ashley Paprocki29.24cNEColumbus Scotus
4.11Alesha Finkey30.54cNEWayne
5.11Megan Nissen31.54cNEWayne
6.12Jessica Kranz31.84cNEWayne
7.11Teshia Steuben32.64cNEColumbus Lakeview
8.10Brea Muhle33.14cNEColumbus Lakeview
9.12Steph Schmidt33.24cNEColumbus Lakeview
10.9Jessica Bray35.34cNELogan View
400 Meters
1.9Amber Ewers62.84cNEColumbus Scotus
2.11Sarah Wheeldon63.24cNESchuyler
3.12Kelllie Korth65.84cNEColumbus Scotus
4.10Emily Rath68.54cNESchuyler
5.12Jessica Kranz73.04cNEWayne
6.10Brea Muhle73.14cNEColumbus Lakeview
7.9Taylor Stowater74.54cNEWayne
8.9Elisa Robinson76.24cNEWayne
9.11Shanna Wagner83.84cNELogan View
800 Meters
1.11Sarah Wheeldon2:34.0NESchuyler
2.10Sarah Brichacek2:37.7NESchuyler
1600 Meters
1.10Sarah Brichacek6:24.0NESchuyler
3200 Meters
1.10Emily Jarecki12:51.40NEColumbus Scotus
2.10Jordan Alexander13:16.50NEWayne
3.11Maggie Stollberg13:18.40NELogan View
4.12Guitterez Jaisa13:26.70NEColumbus Scotus
5.11Erin Wacker13:45.90NELogan View
6.11Anna West14:24.00NEWayne
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Kelllie Korth17.24cNEColumbus Scotus
2.12Maddy Moser17.54cNEWayne
3.9Kelsey Knutson18.14cNESchuyler
4.12Steph Schmidt18.64cNEColumbus Lakeview
5.12Estee Heitshusen19.14cNELogan View
6.9Jenna Janssen19.74cNEColumbus Lakeview
7.12Brooke Groteluschen20.44cNEColumbus Lakeview
8.12Caitlin Gustafson21.34cNEWayne
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Kelsey Knutson53.24cNESchuyler
4x400 Relay
1.-Sarah Wheeldon
Kelsey Knutson
Emily Rath
Sarah Brichacek
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Kellie Wachal38' 9.5NESchuyler
2.12Ashley Wurdeman37' 9.75NEColumbus Lakeview
3.11Katie Flynn37' 7NESchuyler
4.12Blaine Muhle35' 6.50NEColumbus Lakeview
5.10Emily Dahl34' 2.75NELogan View
6.12Paige Pillen32' 11.00NEColumbus Scotus
7.12Danielle Mowinkel32' 10.00NELogan View
8.12Jayme Houdek27' 9.5NESchuyler
9.9Christy Mach27' 0NESchuyler
Discus - 1kg
1.10Emily Dahl98' 7.00NELogan View
2.12Ashley Wurdeman96' 11.00NEColumbus Lakeview
3.11Megan Kresha94' 1.00NEColumbus Scotus
4.12Danielle Mowinkel89' 8.00NELogan View
High Jump
1.11Shanna Wagner4' 6.00NELogan View
2.11Kelli Schumacher4' 4.00NEColumbus Scotus
11Kaitlynn Klassen4' 4.00NEColumbus Scotus
4.10Lisa Temme4' 2.00NEWayne
Pole Vault
1.10Lexie Gutzmer7' 6.00NEColumbus Scotus
10Alex Gutzmer7' 6.00NEColumbus Scotus
3.11Kaitlynn Klassen7' 0.00NEColumbus Scotus
4.11Makala Mejstrik6' 6NESchuyler
Long Jump
1.12Ashley Wurdeman15' 7.75NEColumbus Lakeview
2.10Monica Boeding14' 10.00NEColumbus Scotus
3.12Bogus Kara14' 7.00NEColumbus Scotus
4.11Kelli Schumacher14' 2.75NEColumbus Scotus
Triple Jump
1.11Kelli Schumacher32' 10.00NEColumbus Scotus
2.11Sarah Wheeldon32' 1.5NESchuyler
3.12Bogus Kara30' 7.50NEColumbus Scotus
4.10Emily Rath27' 4.75NESchuyler

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