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District 9 Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.11Brian Christner11.54cNEHayes Center
2.12Evan Norman11.64cNEBrady
3.11Luke Clifford12.04cNEHayes Center
12Louis Benavidez12.04cNEElwood Public
5.11Evan Messersmith12.14cNEHayes Center
6.10Alvin Lunkwitz12.24cNEBrady
7.9Shawn Christensen12.34cNEWallace
12Florian Schwab12.34cNEElwood Public
9.11Casey Lundvall12.54cNEWallace
10.11Jack Loomis12.74cNEHayes Center
9Tanner Dow12.74cNEHayes Center
11DJ Pedersen12.74cNEBrady
200 Meters
1.11Brian Christner23.44cNEHayes Center
2.11Kayle Barnes23.54cNEElwood Public
3.12Evan Norman24.14cNEBrady
4.12Louis Benavidez24.84cNEElwood Public
5.10Alvin Lunkwitz24.94cNEBrady
6.12Florian Schwab25.34cNEElwood Public
11Jack Loomis25.34cNEHayes Center
8.10Keifer Messersmith26.04cNEHayes Center
9.11DJ Pedersen26.34cNEBrady
10.10Tanner Nelson26.44cNEElwood Public
400 Meters
1.11Kayle Barnes51.74cNEElwood Public
2.10Alvin Lunkwitz55.74cNEBrady
3.12Evan Norman57.24cNEBrady
4.11Cody Barnes58.54cNEElwood Public
5.11Skylar Hill59.84cNEHayes Center
6.9Christian Arterburn62.54cNEBrady
7.9Tanner Dow62.84cNEHayes Center
8.10Shawn Finnell64.14cNEBrady
9.9Kyle Pohlman64.84cNEBrady
10.11Isaac Egenberger65.44cNEBrady
800 Meters
1.11Cody Barnes2:10.0NEElwood Public
2.10Brady Rosno2:12.5NEHayes Center
3.11Kayle Barnes2:12.6NEElwood Public
4.9Dalton Riedel2:19.30NEBrady
5.11Cody Lunkwitz2:25.40NEBrady
6.11Skylar Hill2:28.0NEHayes Center
7.9Christian Arterburn2:28.90NEBrady
8.10Chevas Shaw2:40.00NEBrady
9.9Ethan Callahan2:42.00NEBrady
10.9Jacob Bourge3:03.90NEBrady
1600 Meters
1.10Braeden Banzhaf4:57.1NEElwood Public
2.11Cody Lunkwitz5:06.30NEBrady
3.9Dalton Riedel5:09.50NEBrady
4.10Brady Rosno5:31.5NEHayes Center
5.10Chevas Shaw5:55.60NEBrady
6.9Ethan Callahan6:01.20NEBrady
3200 Meters
1.10Braeden Banzhaf10:50.0NEElwood Public
2.9Dalton Riedel11:04.00NEBrady
3.11Cody Lunkwitz11:05.20NEBrady
4.10Chevas Shaw12:12.70NEBrady
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Bryson Mahlberg15.04cNEElwood Public
2.11Matt Gohl16.64cNEHayes Center
3.12Hogan Mallory18.64cNEBrady
4.10Devan Polt20.94cNEBrady
5.9Kyle Pohlman21.64cNEBrady
6.11Austin Land21.84cNEBrady
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Bryson Mahlberg40.44cNEElwood Public
2.12Hogan Mallory44.94cNEBrady
3.11Austin Land51.34cNEBrady
4.10Devan Polt53.44cNEBrady
5.9Kyle Pohlman54.24cNEBrady
6.10Corbin Blede54.34cNEBrady
4x100 Relay
1.-Evan Norman
Hogan Mallory
DJ Pedersen
Alvin Lunkwitz
2.-Relay Team47.64cNEElwood Public
3.-Evan Messersmith
Keifer Messersmith
Luke Clifford
Tyler Clifford
48.04cNEHayes Center
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team3:40.8NEElwood Public
2.-Evan Norman
Brad Ward
Hogan Mallory
Alvin Lunkwitz
3.-Tanner Dow
Skylar Hill
Evan Messersmith
Brady Rosno
4:03.9NEHayes Center
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team8:53.1NEElwood Public
2.-Cody Lunkwitz
Chevas Shaw
Dalton Riedel
Ethan Callahan
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Corbin Blede48' 7.00NEBrady
2.12Chris Meyer46' 1.5NEElwood Public
3.12Nathan Ernstmeyer43' 3NEElwood Public
4.11Heath Vrbas39' 3NEHayes Center
5.12Nick Fiene39' 1.5NEElwood Public
6.11DJ Pedersen38' 9.50NEBrady
7.11Matt Gohl38' 1NEHayes Center
8.11Austin Lawson37' 1.25NEHayes Center
9.12Stephen Gigax35' 9.75NEHayes Center
10.9Edgar Rodriguez33' 7.25NEHayes Center
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Chris Meyer143' 6NEElwood Public
2.12Nick Fiene130' 4NEElwood Public
3.12Jake Rowley128' 9NEHayes Center
4.10Travis Garrett116' 9NEHayes Center
5.10Corbin Blede106' 8.00NEBrady
6.11DJ Pedersen102' 10.00NEBrady
7.12Stephen Gigax94' 6NEHayes Center
8.9Jeffrey Simants92' 8.00NEBrady
9.11Matt Gohl90' 6NEHayes Center
10.10Nathan Montoya76' 0.50NEBrady
High Jump
1.12Bryson Mahlberg6' 4.25NEElwood Public
2.9Brad Ward5' 10.00NEBrady
10Tyler Clifford5' 10NEHayes Center
4.11Austin Land5' 2.00NEBrady
5.11DJ Pedersen5' 0.00NEBrady
Long Jump
1.12Bryson Mahlberg21' 1.5NEElwood Public
2.9Sean May19' 7.00NEWallace
3.9Brad Ward19' 1.75NEBrady
4.11Luke Clifford18' 10NEHayes Center
5.9Kyle Pohlman18' 4.50NEBrady
6.9Jacob Bourge16' 11.00NEBrady
7.11Evan Messersmith16' 9NEHayes Center
8.11Austin Land15' 10.00NEBrady
9.9Christian Arterburn15' 4.50NEBrady
10.9Tanner Dow14' 11NEHayes Center
Triple Jump
1.11Luke Clifford39' 10.5NEHayes Center
2.9Brad Ward39' 3.00NEBrady
3.10Keifer Messersmith37' 9NEHayes Center
4.9Kyle Pohlman36' 7.00NEBrady
5.9Ethan Callahan34' 0.75NEBrady
6.11Jack Loomis32' 6.25NEHayes Center
7.11Austin Land31' 9.50NEBrady

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.9Skyler Wigstone13.54cNEElwood Public
2.12Carli Sjomeling13.84cNEElwood Public
3.12Ashley Bailey13.94cNEBrady
4.12Krissy Warren14.24cNEBrady
9Taina Taullie14.24cNEBrady
6.9Shanice Harris14.74cNEWallace
7.9Kaiti Black14.84cNEBrady
8.9Amanda Lunkwitz15.44cNEBrady
200 Meters
1.9Skyler Wigstone28.64cNEElwood Public
2.9Taina Taullie30.54cNEBrady
3.12Ashley Bailey31.04cNEBrady
4.12Krissy Warren31.54cNEBrady
5.9Linda Long31.64cNEHayes Center
6.9Jessica Schrad31.84cNEBrady
7.9Amanda Lunkwitz32.04cNEBrady
8.9Kaiti Black32.74cNEBrady
9.11Katherine Thornsbury35.54cNEBrady
10.10Melissa Neiman36.54aNEBrady
400 Meters
1.11Tiffany Hoaglund65.04cNEBrady
2.12Kylea Foss66.14cNEElwood Public
3.10Megan Pfeifer67.94cNEBrady
4.9Taina Taullie68.44cNEBrady
5.9Kaiti Black70.64cNEBrady
6.9Jessica Schrad73.54cNEBrady
7.10Danielle Gutherless75.14cNEBrady
8.9Linda Long76.04cNEHayes Center
9.11Katherine Thornsbury76.34cNEBrady
10.9Natasha Walter83.74cNEBrady
800 Meters
1.11Jessica Flint2:36.6NEElwood Public
2.11Tiffany Hoaglund2:37.50NEBrady
3.10Megan Pfeifer2:43.80NEBrady
4.9Kaiti Black2:50.20NEBrady
5.10Danielle Gutherless3:00.00NEBrady
6.9Natasha Walter3:14.30NEBrady
7.9Amanda Lunkwitz3:17.00NEBrady
8.10Melissa Neiman3:20.00NEBrady
9.11Kim Land3:33.00NEBrady
1600 Meters
1.11Jackie Griffiths5:36.50NEWallace
2.9Amber Woodfield6:14.6NEElwood Public
3.11Jessica Flint6:16.2NEElwood Public
4.10Megan Pfeifer6:19.90NEBrady
5.10Danielle Gutherless6:27.00NEBrady
6.11Tiffany Hoaglund6:28.17aNEBrady
7.10Melissa Neiman7:06.00NEBrady
3200 Meters
1.10Danielle Gutherless14:06.40NEBrady
2.9Amanda Lunkwitz15:30.39aNEBrady
3.11Kim Land16:18.90NEBrady
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Jessica Schrad18.04cNEBrady
2.-Molly Weissert19.04cNEElwood Public
3.12Kylea Foss14:09.24cNEElwood Public
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Jessica Schrad53.34cNEBrady
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team54.34cNEElwood Public
2.-Ashley Bailey
Krissy Warren
Jessica Schrad
Taina Taullie
4x400 Relay
1.-Megan Pfeifer
Kaiti Black
Taina Taullie
Tiffany Hoaglund
2.-Relay Team4:34.5NEElwood Public
4x800 Relay
1.-Megan Pfeifer
Amanda Lunkwitz
Danielle Gutherless
Tiffany Hoaglund
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Ashley Bailey33' 7.50NEBrady
2.9Kaiti Black32' 0.75NEBrady
3.12Mary Elliott30' 1NEElwood Public
4.11Katie Schwenk28' 5NEHayes Center
5.9Monica Hamilton27' 4NEHayes Center
6.11Holly Blagdon27' 0.50NEBrady
7.12Krissy Warren25' 1.25NEBrady
8.9Taylor Ruppert23' 9.75NEHayes Center
9.9Natasha Walter23' 2.50NEBrady
Discus - 1kg
1.9Kaiti Black86' 0.50NEBrady
2.11Holly Blagdon82' 1.00NEBrady
3.12Krissy Warren68' 0.50NEBrady
4.9Monica Hamilton67' 0NEHayes Center
5.12Ashley Bailey64' 4.00NEBrady
6.9Taylor Ruppert48' 4NEHayes Center
High Jump
1.9Natasha Walter4' 6.00NEBrady
2.10Bailey Mahlberg4' 4NEElwood Public
Pole Vault
1.10Kathryn Kenning7' 0NEElwood Public
Long Jump
1.12Kylea Foss14' 9NEElwood Public
2.10Danielle Gutherless13' 8.00NEBrady
3.11Katherine Thornsbury12' 9.00NEBrady
4.10Megan Pfeifer12' 8.00NEBrady
5.9Natasha Walter12' 2.00NEBrady
6.9Linda Long10' 9NEHayes Center
Triple Jump
1.11Tiffany Hoaglund34' 3.75NEBrady
2.10Bailey Mahlberg31' 3NEElwood Public
3.10Danielle Gutherless28' 11.50NEBrady
4.9Natasha Walter26' 2.00NEBrady
5.9Amanda Lunkwitz25' 9.25NEBrady

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