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100 Meters
1.12Darren Hiatt11.43aORBandon
2.12Mike Christoffersen11.54cORReedsport
3.10Sean Andy11.85aORMyrtle Point
4.12Joshua Frasier12.04cORCoquille
10Claude Wilson12.04cORMyrtle Point
6.9Gregory Puhl12.14cORBandon
9Kole Freestone12.14cORReedsport
8.12Skyler Harrison12.24cORMyrtle Point
11Nathan Moore12.24aORGold Beach
9Keelan Mcduffy12.24aORReedsport
200 Meters
1.12Darren Hiatt22.97aORBandon
2.12Mike Christoffersen23.44cORReedsport
3.12Joshua Frasier23.94cORCoquille
4.12Skyler Harrison24.52aORMyrtle Point
5.11Nathan Moore24.54cORGold Beach
10Claude Wilson24.54cORMyrtle Point
7.9Keelan Mcduffy24.64cORReedsport
8.10Sean Andy24.70aORMyrtle Point
9.11Anthony Anderson24.74cORGlide
10.12Ammon Cluff25.13aORCoquille
400 Meters
1.12Skyler Harrison51.58aORMyrtle Point
2.12Joshua Frasier52.14cORCoquille
3.12Darren Hiatt52.35aORBandon
4.11Nathan Moore52.82aORGold Beach
5.11Anthony Anderson53.50aORGlide
6.10Jesse Hopkins54.04cORGlide
7.12Ammon Cluff54.79aORCoquille
8.9Isaac Taylor55.04cORBandon
9.9Gregory Puhl55.06aORBandon
10.12Asa Acuna55.20aORMyrtle Point
800 Meters
1.12Joshua Frasier1:55.22aORCoquille
2.12Logan Scherer2:05.36aORBandon
3.10Cole Scherer2:06.26aORBandon
4.10Jesse Hopkins2:10.0ORGlide
5.11Michael Caddock2:11.3ORGlide
6.12Asa Acuna2:14.56aORMyrtle Point
7.12Darren Hiatt2:16.8ORBandon
8.12Patrick Harris2:16.86aORReedsport
9.11Nathan Moore2:17.8ORGold Beach
10.11Levi Dieu2:20.4ORCoquille
1500 Meters
1.12Joshua Frasier4:01.09aORCoquille
2.12Logan Scherer4:12.22aORBandon
3.10Cole Scherer4:16.73aORBandon
4.11Michael Caddock4:27.6ORGlide
5.9Miles Bernadett-Peters4:42.2ORGold Beach
6.11Jacob Brown4:45.4ORGlide
7.10John Covey4:54.0ORReedsport
8.10Scott Clark5:02.74aORMyrtle Point
9.12Kent Trigg5:03.24aORCoquille
10.10Jesse Hopkins5:07.5ORGlide
3000 Meters
1.10Cole Scherer9:26.28aORBandon
2.11Michael Caddock9:46.16aORGlide
3.12Logan Scherer9:47.0ORBandon
4.12Christian Reiter9:54.1ORReedsport
5.9Miles Bernadett-Peters10:13.87aORGold Beach
6.10John Covey10:55.78aORReedsport
7.12Kent Trigg11:22.00aORCoquille
8.9Jake Thomas11:29.68aORBandon
9.9Josh Dyer11:29.88aORGlide
10.10Gerald Davis11:48.63aORBandon
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Justin Smith15.90aORBandon
2.10Tavin Morgan17.40aORGlide
3.9Cory Christoffersen17.84cORReedsport
4.10Sean Andy18.21aORMyrtle Point
5.10Kyle Blanton18.95aORMyrtle Point
6.10Jarrid Doffing19.84cORBandon
7.11Sean Cyphert20.24cORGlide
8.9Isaac Taylor20.54cORBandon
9.10TJ Williams20.58aORMyrtle Point
10.10Kody Lawrence22.04cORBandon
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Justin Smith42.10aORBandon
2.10Sean Andy43.08aORMyrtle Point
3.9Dylan Wilson45.04aORMyrtle Point
4.11Sean Cyphert45.44cORGlide
5.10Tavin Morgan46.34cORGlide
6.10Daven Cagley46.74cORMyrtle Point
7.10Cole Scherer47.14cORBandon
8.10Jarrid Doffing47.54cORBandon
9.9Isaac Taylor48.24cORBandon
10.11Michael Dieu48.37aORCoquille
4x100 Relay
1.-Cory Christoffersen
Keelan Mcduffy
kole Freestone
Mike Christoffersen
2.-Anthony Anderson
Dennis Franklin
Jesse Hopkins
Sean Cyphert
3.-Dylan Wilson
Claude Wilson
Garren Hitner
Skyler Harrison
46.74aORMyrtle Point
4.-Relay Team48.94cORBandon
5.-Hugo Rosa
Todd Martin
Mitch Longwill
Nathan Moore
49.14cORGold Beach
4x400 Relay
1.-Isaac Taylor
Cole Scherer
Logan Scherer
Darren Hiatt
2.-Tavin Morgan
Dennis Franklin
Anthony Anderson
Jesse Hopkins
3.-Relay Team3:40.42aORCoquille
4.-Relay Team3:46.03aORMyrtle Point
5.-Ryan Anderson
Cory Christoffersen
Patrick Harris
Mike Christoffersen
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9Ismael Osorio45' 9.5ORReedsport
2.11Garren Hitner45' 4ORMyrtle Point
3.12Justin Doty44' 9ORGlide
4.10Logan Hockema43' 4.75ORGold Beach
5.12Billy Miller41' 11.75ORGlide
6.12Nathen Perkins41' 1.5ORBandon
7.12Erik Collins41' 0ORGlide
8.11Mitch Longwill40' 3.5ORGold Beach
9.10Brice Young38' 3ORReedsport
10.12Carl Gunter37' 3.5ORBandon
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Mitch Longwill137' 11ORGold Beach
2.9Ismael Osorio129' 0ORReedsport
3.12Darren Hiatt122' 6ORBandon
4.10Logan Hockema117' 2ORGold Beach
5.12Billy Miller110' 10ORGlide
6.12Ben Carnahan104' 11ORCoquille
7.12Justin Doty103' 11ORGlide
8.9Adam Chase100' 6ORReedsport
9.12Josh Youravish99' 6ORBandon
10.11Mark Murray97' 11ORBandon
Javelin - 800g
1.11Garren Hitner165' 7ORMyrtle Point
2.11Sean Cyphert164' 2ORGlide
3.10Cole Scherer160' 6ORBandon
4.10Cody Libbett154' 4ORMyrtle Point
5.12Jake Cochran152' 8ORCoquille
6.12Erik Collins150' 8ORGlide
7.9Adam Chase143' 10ORReedsport
8.12Robby Fegles143' 7ORReedsport
9.10Brice Young135' 2ORReedsport
10.11Nathan Moore128' 6ORGold Beach
High Jump
1.12Darren Hiatt6' 4ORBandon
2.10Kyle Blanton5' 10ORMyrtle Point
3.12Brad Harvey5' 8ORBandon
4.12John Stanley5' 6ORReedsport
10Cody Libbett5' 6ORMyrtle Point
11Gentry King5' 6ORMyrtle Point
7.12Matt Clark5' 4ORGlide
8.11Casey Cagley5' 2ORMyrtle Point
9.9Cory Christoffersen5' 0ORReedsport
Pole Vault
1.12Robby Fegles14' 9ORReedsport
2.11Casey Cagley13' 9ORMyrtle Point
3.10Scott Clark12' 0ORMyrtle Point
4.12Shane Medero10' 6ORGlide
10TJ Williams10' 6ORMyrtle Point
6.11Jacob Brown9' 6ORGlide
12Basil Broman9' 6ORBandon
8.10Jarrid Doffing9' 0ORBandon
9.10Jesse Hopkins8' 0ORGlide
9Isaac Taylor8' 0ORBandon
Long Jump
1.12Darren Hiatt21' 9ORBandon
2.12Jake Cochran19' 7ORCoquille
3.12Justin Smith19' 6.25ORBandon
4.12Matt Clark19' 2.25ORGlide
5.11Anthony Anderson18' 9ORGlide
10Kyle Blanton18' 9ORMyrtle Point
7.12Brad Harvey18' 7ORBandon
8.12Robby Fegles18' 6ORReedsport
9.11Casey Cagley18' 5ORMyrtle Point
12Mike Christoffersen18' 5ORReedsport
Triple Jump
1.12Matt Clark39' 9.5ORGlide
2.11Craig Minkler39' 3.5ORBandon
3.12Jerry Boice38' 4.5ORGold Beach
4.10Jarrid Doffing38' 4ORBandon
5.12Jake Cochran38' 3ORCoquille
6.9Dylan Wilson38' 2ORMyrtle Point
7.10Kyle Blanton37' 7ORMyrtle Point
8.10Glen Hall37' 5ORGlide
9.12Brad Harvey36' 8ORBandon
10.9Kole Freestone36' 6ORReedsport

Womens xshow...

100 Meters
1.12Brittney Dixon13.14cORReedsport
2.12Danielle Barnett13.84aORMyrtle Point
3.12Goldie Thornton13.94cORMyrtle Point
11Sara Smaha13.94cORGlide
5.9Briana Steen14.04cORMyrtle Point
6.9Emily Wickstrom14.11aORBandon
7.11Demi Stinson14.17aORGlide
8.11Jordan James14.24cORReedsport
9.10Phylicia Barnett14.37aORMyrtle Point
10.9McKaley Trussell14.44cORMyrtle Point
200 Meters
1.9Brandi Crisp27.95aORCoquille
2.12Brittney Dixon28.64cORReedsport
3.12Danielle Barnett28.84aORMyrtle Point
4.9Briana Steen28.93aORMyrtle Point
5.12Melanie Hensley29.04cORGlide
6.12Goldie Thornton29.34cORMyrtle Point
7.11Demi Stinson29.54cORGlide
8.9Emily Wickstrom29.64cORBandon
9.9Jenna Stone29.71aORCoquille
10.12Breezy McNamara30.00aORGlide
400 Meters
1.9Brandi Crisp61.99aORCoquille
2.12Breezy McNamara65.24cORGlide
3.11Sara Smaha65.34cORGlide
4.12Melanie Hensley65.74cORGlide
5.12Goldie Thornton66.14cORMyrtle Point
6.11Demi Stinson67.44cORGlide
7.11Sandra Rivera68.27aORGlide
8.11Heather Crook69.14cORCoquille
9.10Kayla Schiermeister69.64cORGlide
10.9Kacy Crook70.98aORBandon
800 Meters
1.12Breezy McNamara2:29.35aORGlide
2.9Rachel Ledig2:30.67aORBandon
3.9Brandi Crisp2:34.18aORCoquille
4.10Francesca Frasier2:35.90aORCoquille
5.10Sam Sanders2:45.4ORMyrtle Point
6.12Morgan Grove2:46.72aORMyrtle Point
7.9Meshah Burwell2:47.7ORGlide
8.11Jessie Denning2:49.6ORGold Beach
9.9Audrey Moss-Strong2:50.51aORBandon
10.9Hailie Huffman2:53.7ORMyrtle Point
1500 Meters
1.9Rachel Ledig5:09.02aORBandon
2.10Francesca Frasier5:12.44aORCoquille
3.12Breezy McNamara5:36.0ORGlide
4.9Brandi Crisp5:37.8ORCoquille
5.11Jessie Denning5:42.7ORGold Beach
6.10Erin Fullerton5:42.71aORMyrtle Point
7.9Hailie Huffman5:46.7ORMyrtle Point
8.9Emily Carpenter5:57.69aORMyrtle Point
9.11Ali Grove6:06.7ORMyrtle Point
10.10Kayla Schiermeister6:10.0ORGlide
3000 Meters
1.10Francesca Frasier11:27.1ORCoquille
2.9Hailie Huffman12:27.15aORMyrtle Point
3.9Emily Carpenter12:36.96aORMyrtle Point
4.9Brandi Crisp12:37.09aORCoquille
5.11Jessie Denning12:43.0ORGold Beach
6.11Ali Grove13:10.47aORMyrtle Point
7.12Morgan Grove14:27.8ORMyrtle Point
8.10Sam Sanders14:27.9ORMyrtle Point
9.9Kaiti Boyer16:24.16aORGlide
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Beth Castro17.54cORBandon
2.9Karli Crook18.04cORBandon
3.11Maria Ciccarelli18.54cORMyrtle Point
4.12Danielle Barnett19.64cORMyrtle Point
5.12Mary Moore20.12aORGold Beach
6.9Haley Toland23.34cORMyrtle Point
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Heather Crook50.78aORCoquille
2.12Goldie Thornton52.73aORMyrtle Point
3.10Erin Fullerton55.55aORMyrtle Point
4.12Mary Moore57.44cORGold Beach
5.11Jessie Denning58.64cORGold Beach
6.9Haley Toland68.64cORMyrtle Point
4x100 Relay
1.-Sara Smaha
Breezy McNamara
Melanie Hensley
Demi Stinson
2.-Relay Team54.36aORMyrtle Point
3.-Relay Team54.42aORReedsport
4.-Relay Team54.97aORCoquille
5.-Relay Team56.16aORBandon
6.-Relay Team56.69aORGold Beach
4x400 Relay
1.-Melanie Hensley
Breezy McNamara
Kayla Schiermeister
Sara Smaha
2.-Brandi Crisp
Heather Crook
Francesca Frasier
Jenna Stone
3.-Sam Sanders
Briana Steen
Goldie Thornton
Danielle Barnett
4:45.6ORMyrtle Point
4.-Relay Team4:49.31aORBandon
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Brittney Dixon36' 10ORReedsport
2.12Brandie Kimball31' 5ORCoquille
3.10Briana Valentine31' 0.25ORBandon
4.11Kelsey England30' 3.5ORBandon
5.12Marley Kennedy28' 0ORMyrtle Point
6.9Tiana Butler25' 10ORReedsport
7.10Ayla Safaie25' 5.75ORBandon
8.10Kayla Schiermeister25' 3.5ORGlide
9.10Cally Kennedy24' 2ORMyrtle Point
10.10Beth Castro22' 7ORBandon
Discus - 1kg
1.12Brandie Kimball110' 11ORCoquille
2.10Briana Valentine105' 4ORBandon
3.11Kelsey England93' 4.5ORBandon
4.10Camille Tisler91' 2ORReedsport
5.10Cally Kennedy84' 9ORMyrtle Point
6.9Tiana Butler78' 4ORReedsport
7.12Marley Kennedy77' 3ORMyrtle Point
8.10Ayla Safaie76' 10ORBandon
9.11Amanda Wickstrom74' 3ORBandon
10.9Karissa Scott67' 5ORMyrtle Point
Javelin - 600g
1.12Brittney Dixon110' 6ORReedsport
2.12Marley Kennedy108' 8ORMyrtle Point
3.10Cally Kennedy99' 1ORMyrtle Point
4.10Sam Sanders98' 6ORMyrtle Point
5.10Ayla Safaie97' 9ORBandon
6.12Brandie Kimball88' 5ORCoquille
7.11Maya Magallanas84' 6ORBandon
8.10Briana Valentine81' 3ORBandon
9.10Kayla Schiermeister71' 3ORGlide
10.9Hannah Wall65' 3ORReedsport
High Jump
1.12Hollie Lemerande4' 10ORBandon
10Erin Fullerton4' 10ORMyrtle Point
3.11Maria Ciccarelli4' 6ORMyrtle Point
11Mary Lane4' 6ORBandon
9Haley Stephens4' 6ORCoquille
6.10Sam Sanders4' 4ORMyrtle Point
Pole Vault
1.10Beth Castro10' 0ORBandon
2.9Kacy Crook6' 6ORBandon
11Sara Smaha6' 6ORGlide
9Jackie Brown6' 6ORBandon
Long Jump
1.11Jordan James15' 10ORReedsport
2.12Danielle Barnett15' 9.75ORMyrtle Point
3.9Karli Crook14' 11.75ORBandon
4.11Demi Stinson14' 10.5ORGlide
5.10Phylicia Barnett14' 8.5ORMyrtle Point
6.11Sandra Rivera14' 0ORGlide
7.9Emily Wickstrom13' 9ORBandon
8.9Hannah Wall13' 2ORReedsport
9.9McKaley Trussell13' 1.5ORMyrtle Point
10.12Fatma Resit10' 8ORBandon
Triple Jump
1.11Maria Ciccarelli32' 0.75ORMyrtle Point
2.11Mary Lane29' 5ORBandon
3.12Hollie Lemerande29' 1.5ORBandon
4.10Phylicia Barnett28' 4ORMyrtle Point
5.10Erin Fullerton28' 1.75ORMyrtle Point
6.10Kayla Schiermeister28' 0ORGlide
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