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Montana Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.8Wes Bailey11.84cMTHellgate
2.8Yeej Moua12.44cMTTarget Range
3.7Chancey Garret12.64cMTHellgate
4.7Bo Hughes12.74cMTClinton
5.7Colby Peterson12.84cMTFrenchtown
8Matt Thao12.84cMTDeSmet
7.8Jay Dee Page12.94cMTFrenchtown
8.8Arata Young13.04cMTTarget Range
8Josh Bean13.04cMTHellgate
10.8Brandon Beaulieu13.24cMTTarget Range
12Sawyer Depee13.24cMTLolo
11Mack McPherson13.24cMTLolo
200 Meters
1.7Chancey Garret26.84cMTHellgate
2.7Colby Peterson27.04cMTFrenchtown
8Jay Dee Page27.04cMTFrenchtown
4.8Zac Homer27.14cMTHellgate
5.8Brydon Peacock27.24cMTFrenchtown
11Mack McPherson27.24cMTLolo
7.8Cade Parkinson27.84cMTFrenchtown
8Derrick Mychaylo27.84cMTFrenchtown
9.12Westley Lund28.04cMTLolo
10.7Jaret Wurth28.14cMTHellgate
400 Meters
1.8Wes Bailey56.34cMTHellgate
2.7Colby Peterson62.94cMTFrenchtown
3.12Sawyer Depee63.04cMTLolo
4.7Jaret Wurth64.54cMTHellgate
5.8Josh Bean64.94cMTHellgate
6.8Ryan Ratliff66.34cMTFrenchtown
7.12Taylor Heath66.54cMTLolo
8.8Mac Bignell67.14cMTDrummond Elementary
9.8Parker Munsey68.14cMTHellgate
10.8John Roth68.34cMTFrenchtown
800 Meters
1.8Austin Richardson2:33.6MTFrenchtown
2.8Brandon Edwards2:34.0MTHellgate
3.11Josh Wagenman2:34.1MTLolo
4.8Zane Lemons2:34.5MTFrenchtown
5.7Riley Bahin2:34.6MTHellgate
6.8Trey Curtis2:36.5MTHellgate
7.6Kevin Oberweiser2:43.0MTDrummond Elementary
8.8James Hebnas2:47.4MTFrenchtown
9.9Sage Heath2:48.1MTLolo
10.8Dallas Rosslow2:48.5MTTarget Range
1500 Meters
1.8Austin Fugleberg6:34.5MTTarget Range
1600 Meters
1.8Lane Colyer5:18.2MTTarget Range
2.8Trey Curtis5:20.0MTHellgate
3.11Josh Wagenman5:37.9MTLolo
4.6Kevin Oberweiser5:41.0MTDrummond Elementary
5.7Ryley Enich5:44.9MTHellgate
6.9Sage Heath5:54.9MTLolo
7Chase Greinger5:54.9MTFrenchtown
8.8Brady Baughman5:55.7MTFrenchtown
9.7Max Haller5:57.9MTHellgate
10.7Wyatt Deering5:59.1MTFrenchtown
4x100 Relay
1.-Brandon Beaulieu
Lane Colyer
Yeej Moua
Arata Young
50.24cMTTarget Range
2.-Eli Hampson
Josh Bean
Wes Bailey
Zac Homer
3.-Relay Team52.94cMTFrenchtown
4.-Josh Roadarmel
Brady Cather
Sawyer Depee
Taylor Heath
5.-Bo Hughes
Connor Lewis
Daniel Lympus
Zachary Fost
6.-Chance Geery
Dakota Turk
Lee Rogers
Austin Woods
7.-Edit Eian Thomas
Edit Paul Wrobel
Edit Tyler Leetch
Edit Cody Christensen
8.-Alex Allen
Brad Holland
Braxten Gray
Tony Bergerson
63.84cMTDrummond Elementary
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team4:20.8MTFrenchtown
2.-Trey Curtis
Parker Munsey
Wes Bailey
Zac Homer
3.-Arata Young
Matt Hurley
Austin Fugleberg
Dallas Rosslow
4:38.5MTTarget Range
4.-Lincoln Rogers
Josh Wagenman
Mack McPherson
Austin Brummett
5.-Chance Geery
Taylor Hill
Dakota Turk
Austin Woods
High Jump
1.8Josh Gilligan5' 8MTHellgate
2.11Mack McPherson5' 0MTLolo
7Bo Hughes5' 0MTClinton
4.8Nick Klaudt4' 10MTHellgate
5.8Eli Hampson4' 8MTHellgate
8Brydon Peacock4' 8MTFrenchtown
8Josh Nordwick4' 8MTBonner
7Ethan Donaldson4' 8MTTarget Range
7Daniel Lympus4' 8MTClinton
10.7Kale Kelley4' 6MTDeSmet
8Dave Norgulen4' 6MTBonner
8Jon Spurlock4' 6MTBonner
8Kyle Nelson4' 6MTClinton
8Ryan Ratliff4' 6MTFrenchtown
7Ryley Enich4' 6MTHellgate
8Austin Lindquist4' 6MTHellgate
7Cole Baker4' 6MTFrenchtown
7Zach Svingen4' 6MTValley Christian
7Dalton Branson4' 6MTTarget Range
8Brady Baughman4' 6MTFrenchtown
8Max Meyer4' 6MTFrenchtown
Long Jump
1.7Bo Hughes16' 10MTClinton
2.7Austin Tanner16' 5.5MTFrenchtown
3.8Austin Lindquist16' 1MTHellgate
4.8Yeej Moua15' 8MTTarget Range
5.8Matt Thao15' 5MTDeSmet
6.8Austin Richardson14' 9MTFrenchtown
7.8Josh Gilligan14' 8MTHellgate
8.8Mac Bignell14' 7MTDrummond Elementary
9.7Jaret Wurth14' 5MTHellgate
10.8Zane Lemons14' 3MTFrenchtown
Triple Jump
1.8Yeej Moua35' 5MTTarget Range
2.8Brydon Peacock34' 8MTFrenchtown
3.7Chancey Garret34' 5MTHellgate
4.8Zac Homer33' 9MTHellgate
5.8Eli Hampson32' 8MTHellgate
6.8Josh Gilligan32' 6.5MTHellgate
7.8Matt Hurley32' 2.5MTTarget Range
8.8Matt Thao31' 4MTDeSmet
9.8Austin Richardson31' 2MTFrenchtown
10.8Mark Jensen30' 10MTTarget Range

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.12Ali Laird13.44cMTLolo
2.8Katie McKay13.54cMTHellgate
8Morgan Struble13.54cMTHellgate
4.6Taylor Pfister13.84cMTPotomac
5.8Kim Mauer13.94cMTHellgate
7Lauren Murphy13.94cMTTarget Range
7.7Brielle Rolle14.24cMTTarget Range
8Angel Lowry14.24cMTFrenchtown
9.8Sarah Yovetich14.34cMTTarget Range
10.6Ana Jarrett14.44cMTTarget Range
7Mariah Clark14.44cMTBonner
7Melody Maki14.44cMTFrenchtown
200 Meters
1.8Katie McKay28.24cMTHellgate
8Morgan Struble28.24cMTHellgate
3.12Ali Laird28.94cMTLolo
4.7Lauren Murphy29.04cMTTarget Range
5.8Sarah Yovetich29.24cMTTarget Range
6.8Miranda Blake29.34cMTFrenchtown
7.8Kim Mauer29.44cMTHellgate
8.7Mariah Clark29.64cMTBonner
9.7Jenna Sedgwick30.14cMTTarget Range
12Emilee Williams30.14cMTLolo
400 Meters
1.8Elle Tinkle63.54cMTHellgate
2.8Miranda Blake67.74cMTFrenchtown
3.12Emilee Williams68.34cMTLolo
4.7Mariah Clark68.44cMTBonner
5.7Darby Moss71.44cMTHellgate
6.8Miranda Barnier73.44cMTBonner
7.7Riley Williams73.54cMTDeSmet
8.11Alex Williams73.74cMTLolo
9.12Selah Pestani74.24cMTLolo
10.6Krissy Paske75.14cMTDrummond Elementary
800 Meters
1.12Shelby Mallin2:53.1MTLolo
2.7Emily Sterbis2:55.9MTTarget Range
3.11Desiree Buss2:56.4MTLolo
4.12Selah Pestani2:58.9MTLolo
5.7Elle Johnson3:03.0MTTarget Range
6.7Nuridia Nulliner3:04.3MTHellgate
7.8Jasmine Furniss3:05.8MTFrenchtown
8.5Seirra Bryant3:07.0MTDrummond Elementary
9.7Cheyenne Cooper3:07.1MTFrenchtown
10.6Alexys Bryant3:11.0MTDrummond Elementary
1600 Meters
1.12Shelby Mallin6:19.9MTLolo
2.7Emily Sterbis6:37.8MTTarget Range
3.6Alexys Bryant6:41.0MTDrummond Elementary
4.8Marley Keating6:41.5MTFrenchtown
5.5Seirra Bryant6:48.0MTDrummond Elementary
6.11Desiree Buss6:49.3MTLolo
7.8Lorissa Renfro6:53.5MTTarget Range
8.6Maja Holmquist7:05.9MTFrenchtown
9.6Elexis Crabtree7:18.5MTFrenchtown
10.9Kara Pullium7:26.0MTLolo
4x100 Relay
1.-Elle Tinkle
Kim Mauer
Katie McKay
Morgan Struble
2.-Rachel Dickson
Lauren Murphy
Brielle Rolle
Jenna Sedgwick
56.64cMTTarget Range
3.-Ali Laird
Lexi Long
Shelby Mallin
Selah Pestani
4.-Angel Lowry
Miranda Blake
Marley Keating
Jasmine Furniss
5.-Mariah Clark
Amanda Kump
Taylor Copp
Kelsey DiNoia
6.-Hannah Hanson
Emily Finnegan
Katie Swann
Riley Williams
7.-Paige Fickler
Frankie Bignell
Alexys Bryant
Krissy Paske
62.14cMTDrummond Elementary
8.-Relay Team63.04cMTValley Christian
9.-Taylor Pfister
Caitlin Christensen
Brooke Cheff
Brianna Pfister
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team4:59.0MTLolo
2.-Jasmine Furniss
Marley Keating
Miranda Blake
Emma Oostdyk
3.-Evan Mobley
Kylynn Kelly
Erynn Boyer
Morgan Struble
4.-Miranda Barnier
Kendra Zulegar
Jewell Friedrichs
Kalene Kuntz
5.-Teri Tritz
Hannah Cook
Jessie Kimmel
Monica Dierken
6.-Relay Team5:40.3MTValley Christian
7.-Skylar Coutinho
Rachel Dickson
Emily Sterbis
Christina Tripp
5:45.4MTTarget Range
Discus - 1kg
1.6Frankie Bignell76' 3MTDrummond Elementary
2.6Krissy Paske76' 2MTDrummond Elementary
3.12Emilee Williams70' 1MTLolo
4.11Brenna Ostertag69' 9MTLolo
5.7Amanda Kump67' 10MTBonner
6.8Sierra Saunders66' 4MTHellgate
7.8Jordann Murphy65' 7MTBonner
8.8Destiny Fowler65' 1MTHellgate
9.8Kanisha Satterwaite63' 11MTHellgate
10.8Kayla Weishaar56' 11MTHellgate
High Jump
1.8Kristen Daugherty5' 0MTTarget Range
2.8Elle Tinkle4' 10MTHellgate
8Destiny Fowler4' 10MTHellgate
4.7Brielle Rolle4' 6MTTarget Range
5.7Nicole Pettijohn4' 4MTHellgate
6.7Paige Wickum4' 2MTHellgate
7Melody McDaniel4' 2MTPotomac
7Lexi Crawford4' 2MTTarget Range
8Hannah Cook4' 2MTPotomac
10.8Erynn Boyer4' 0MTHellgate
8Emma Oostdyk4' 0MTFrenchtown
7Skylar Coutinho4' 0MTTarget Range
9Josie Gibson4' 0MTLolo
7Emalee Ratliff4' 0MTFrenchtown
8Breanna Robinson4' 0MTBonner
8Hannah Hanson4' 0MTDeSmet
6Hana Feilzer4' 0MTHellgate
6Sammi Rasmussen4' 0MTTarget Range
11Lauren Kain4' 0MTLolo
Long Jump
1.8Kristen Daugherty14' 11.5MTTarget Range
2.8Elle Tinkle14' 9.5MTHellgate
3.6Ana Jarrett13' 9MTTarget Range
4.8Kim Mauer13' 6MTHellgate
6Paige Fickler13' 6MTDrummond Elementary
6.8Angel Lowry12' 9MTFrenchtown
6Destiny Apostol12' 9MTTarget Range
8.7Paige Wickum12' 8MTHellgate
9.8Erika Peterson12' 7.5MTTarget Range
10.7Rachel Dickson12' 6.5MTTarget Range
Triple Jump
1.8Kristen Daugherty31' 9MTTarget Range
2.7Lauren Murphy31' 5.5MTTarget Range
3.12Ali Laird30' 1.5MTLolo
4.12Selah Pestani29' 8MTLolo
5.7Melody McDaniel29' 4MTPotomac
8Angel Lowry29' 4MTFrenchtown
7.8Morgan Simkins28' 9.5MTHellgate
8.7Rachel Dickson27' 11MTTarget Range
9.7Paige Wickum27' 8.5MTHellgate
10.6Ana Jarrett27' 6MTTarget Range

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