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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.11Darryn Say11.29ORHosanna Christian
2.10Jordan Baeza11.35ORLife Christian
3.12Eli Cunningham11.72ORNew Hope Christian
4.10Anthony Stephens11.87ORNew Hope Christian
5.11Morris Koester11.94cORHosanna Christian
6.12Joe Dunn12.07ORPowers
7.12Joel Phillips12.26ORHosanna Christian
8.12James Rossiter12.30ORNew Hope Christian
9.12Ryan Crenshaw12.34cORHosanna Christian
12Tyler Brown12.34cORPerrydale
200 Meters
1.10Jordan Baeza23.02ORLife Christian
2.11Darryn Say23.17ORHosanna Christian
3.12Eli Cunningham23.86ORNew Hope Christian
4.10Cameron Perreault24.60ORPowers
12Shane VanNice24.60ORPerrydale
6.10Luke McKay24.64ORPaisley
7.11Craig Garcia24.75ORNew Hope Christian
8.12Joe Dunn24.84cORPowers
9.11Morris Koester24.94cORHosanna Christian
10.12Tyler Park24.99ORNew Hope Christian
400 Meters
1.12Eli Cunningham50.48ORNew Hope Christian
2.11Craig Garcia53.33ORNew Hope Christian
3.12Shane VanNice53.71ORPerrydale
4.9David Johnson53.80ORNew Hope Christian
5.10Jordan Baeza55.12ORLife Christian
6.12Paul Justman55.19ORHosanna Christian
7.12James Rossiter55.68ORNew Hope Christian
8.12Tyler Park55.96ORNew Hope Christian
9.11David Madison56.44ORNorth Clackamas Christian
10.10Cameron Perreault57.04cORPowers
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Eli Cunningham50.00cORNew Hope Christian
2.11Craig Garcia52.90cORNew Hope Christian
3.9David Johnson53.30cORNew Hope Christian
4.12James Rossiter53.60cORNew Hope Christian
5.12Tyler Park56.40cORNew Hope Christian
6.10Anthony Stephens57.40cORNew Hope Christian
7.11Ben Leisy1:03.60cORNew Hope Christian
8.12Justin Colvin1:08.50cORNew Hope Christian
9.9Daniel Rossiter1:13.30cORNew Hope Christian
10.9Tim Pierce1:29.80cORNew Hope Christian
800 Meters
1.11David Madison2:01.0hORNorth Clackamas Christian
2.10Jack O'Leary2:06.27ORPaisley
3.9David Johnson2:07.10ORNew Hope Christian
4.12Ryan Brooks2:09.97ORPerrydale
5.12James Rossiter2:12.4hORNew Hope Christian
6.9Zach Steele2:13.56ORNorth Clackamas Christian
7.11Preston Jones2:17.03ORHosanna Christian
8.12Tyler Park2:19.80ORNew Hope Christian
9.10Mark Kamp2:19.92ORLife Christian
10.11Lukas Richter2:22.33ORHosanna Christian
1500 Meters
1.11David Madison4:13.06ORNorth Clackamas Christian
2.10Jack O'Leary4:15.32ORPaisley
3.12Ryan Brooks4:32.20ORPerrydale
4.9David Johnson4:32.37ORNew Hope Christian
5.12Tyler Park4:36.72ORNew Hope Christian
6.9Zach Steele4:39.47ORNorth Clackamas Christian
7.10Mark Kamp4:40.54ORLife Christian
8.9Mikey Janecke4:47.81ORHosanna Christian
9.11Lukas Richter4:51.96ORHosanna Christian
10.10Andrew Crawford4:54.4hORHosanna Christian
1500m Racewalk
1.9Mick Hawes5:10.7hORPerrydale
1 Mile
1.10Mark Kamp5:09.2hORLife Christian
2.9Mikey Janecke5:43.39ORHosanna Christian
3.10Levi Justman6:01.14ORHosanna Christian
4.11Michael Zier7:05.5hORHosanna Christian
5.12Chris Gilchrist7:29.3hORHosanna Christian
3000 Meters
1.9David Johnson10:02.52ORNew Hope Christian
2.10Mark Kamp10:07.93ORLife Christian
3.11Preston Jones10:29.22ORHosanna Christian
4.10Andrew Crawford10:37.1hORHosanna Christian
5.9Adam Arrington10:48.12ORPaisley
6.11Lukas Richter11:10.18ORHosanna Christian
7.12Tyler Park11:17.50ORNew Hope Christian
8.9Mick Hawes11:30.82ORPerrydale
9.11Michael Zier12:08.99ORHosanna Christian
10.11Nathan Swearengin12:09.40ORPaisley
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Eli Cunningham16.09ORNew Hope Christian
2.12Joel Phillips16.14cORHosanna Christian
3.12Tyler Park18.85ORNew Hope Christian
4.12James Rossiter21.57ORNew Hope Christian
5.9David Johnson23.33ORNew Hope Christian
6.11Ben Leisy24.19ORNew Hope Christian
7.9Daniel Rossiter35.12ORNew Hope Christian
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Eli Cunningham40.33ORNew Hope Christian
2.12Joel Phillips43.15ORHosanna Christian
3.12Tyler Park45.61ORNew Hope Christian
4.9Mark Peitz49.22ORNorth Clackamas Christian
5.11Ben Leisy49.53ORNew Hope Christian
6.9Carl Martinez51.93ORPowers
3k Steeplechase
1.12Tyler Park12:51.0hORNew Hope Christian
2.11Ben Leisy14:41.0hORNew Hope Christian
4x100 Relay
1.-Darryn Say
Morris Koester
Joel Phillips
Ryan Crenshaw
45.07ORHosanna Christian
2.-Ryan Crenshaw
Joel Phillips
Morris Koester
Darryn Say
45.16ORHosanna Christian
3.-Ryan Crenshaw
Joel Phillips
Darryn Say
Morris Koester
45.36ORHosanna Christian
4.-Ryan Crenshaw
Joel Phillips
Mikey Janecke
Morris Koester
46.68ORHosanna Christian
5.-Joe Dunn
Austin Morgan
Newton Allred
Cameron Perreault
6.-Ryan Crenshaw
Morris Koester
Mikey Janecke
Joel Phillips
46.92ORHosanna Christian
7.-Ryan Crenshaw
Joel Phillips
Jordan Crenshaw
Morris Koester
47.64cORHosanna Christian
8.-Cameron Perreault
Newton Allred
Carl Martinez
Joe Dunn
9.-Relay Team48.04cORHosanna Christian
-Eli Cunningham
Craig Garcia
Tyler Park
James Rossiter
48.04cORNew Hope Christian
4x400 Relay
1.-David Johnson
James Rossiter
Craig Garcia
Eli Cunningham
3:30.46ORNew Hope Christian
2.-Eli Cunningham
David Johnson
James Rossiter
Craig Garcia
3:35.62ORNew Hope Christian
3.-James Rossiter
Tyler Park
Craig Garcia
David Johnson
3:39.01ORNew Hope Christian
4.-David Johnson
Anthony Stephens
Craig Garcia
Eli Cunningham
3:41.03ORNew Hope Christian
5.-David Johnson
Tyler Park
Craig Garcia
Eli Cunningham
3:41.20ORNew Hope Christian
6.-James Rossiter
Tyler Park
Craig Garcia
Eli Cunningham
3:42.03ORNew Hope Christian
7.-Tyler Park
Anthony Stephens
Craig Garcia
Eli Cunningham
3:42.50ORNew Hope Christian
8.-Gabriel McKay
Ronald Pelroy
Luke McKay
Jack O'Leary
9.-Paul Justman
Mikey Janecke
Lukas Richter
Preston Jones
3:51.03ORHosanna Christian
10.-Lukas Richter
Paul Justman
Levi Justman
Andrew Crawford
3:53.1hORHosanna Christian
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Joel Phillips
Andrew Crawford
Mikey Janecke
Darryn Say
1:46.3hORHosanna Christian
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Keith Sweeten42' 0ORNorth Clackamas Christian
2.12John Landaas39' 9.75ORNorth Clackamas Christian
3.12Iain Kennedy36' 1ORLife Christian
4.11Daniel Schuman34' 8.25ORPaisley
5.10Gabe Sotela34' 8ORPowers
6.10Ben Porter33' 6.5ORNorth Clackamas Christian
7.11Morris Koester32' 11.5ORHosanna Christian
8.9Daniel Rossiter32' 7.25ORNew Hope Christian
9.11Jaebyn Drake31' 1ORHosanna Christian
10.12Mike Block30' 9ORPerrydale
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Keith Sweeten142' 5ORNorth Clackamas Christian
2.10Newton Allred128' 9ORPowers
3.10Ben Porter118' 8ORNorth Clackamas Christian
4.10Gabe Sotela110' 0ORPowers
5.12John Landaas109' 9ORNorth Clackamas Christian
6.11Daniel Schuman102' 7ORPaisley
7.12Iain Kennedy97' 3ORLife Christian
8.11Jaebyn Drake90' 1ORHosanna Christian
9.11Ben Leisy79' 5ORNew Hope Christian
10.9Daniel Rossiter71' 7ORNew Hope Christian
Javelin - 800g
1.10Newton Allred156' 7ORPowers
2.12Ryan Crenshaw148' 0ORHosanna Christian
3.12John Landaas147' 3ORNorth Clackamas Christian
4.10Levi Justman139' 11ORHosanna Christian
5.9David Johnson129' 0ORNew Hope Christian
6.10Ben Porter127' 2ORNorth Clackamas Christian
7.10Gabe Sotela123' 11ORPowers
8.11Jaebyn Drake115' 1ORHosanna Christian
9.10Anthony Stephens109' 9ORNew Hope Christian
10.12Justin Colvin108' 9ORNew Hope Christian
High Jump
1.12Paul Justman5' 8ORHosanna Christian
2.12Tyler Brown5' 6ORPerrydale
3.10Luke McKay5' 4ORPaisley
4.11Ben Leisy5' 3.75ORNew Hope Christian
5.10Jack O'Leary5' 2ORPaisley
10Austin Morgan5' 2ORPowers
12Ryan Brooks5' 2ORPerrydale
8.10Newton Allred5' 0ORPowers
12James Rossiter5' 0ORNew Hope Christian
10.12Tyler Park4' 10ORNew Hope Christian
9Adam Arrington4' 10ORPaisley
Pole Vault
1.10Luke McKay12' 0ORPaisley
2.12Tyler Park11' 1ORNew Hope Christian
3.10Jack O'Leary9' 6ORPaisley
10Austin Morgan9' 6ORPowers
5.12Ryan Crenshaw8' 6ORHosanna Christian
6.11Ben Leisy8' 0ORNew Hope Christian
9Carl Martinez8' 0ORPowers
8.12James Rossiter7' 6.5ORNew Hope Christian
9.9Adam Arrington7' 0ORPaisley
Long Jump
1.11Darryn Say20' 3.75ORHosanna Christian
2.12Eli Cunningham20' 2ORNew Hope Christian
3.12Joel Phillips19' 9.5ORHosanna Christian
4.10Cameron Perreault19' 0ORPowers
5.12Ryan Crenshaw18' 7.25ORHosanna Christian
6.10Anthony Stephens18' 6.5ORNew Hope Christian
10Jordan Baeza18' 6.5ORLife Christian
8.10Nathan Linenberger18' 6ORLife Christian
9.12James Rossiter17' 6.25ORNew Hope Christian
10.12Ryan Brooks17' 0.5ORPerrydale
Triple Jump
1.11Darryn Say39' 4.5ORHosanna Christian
2.11Gabriel McKay39' 1.25ORPaisley
3.12Ryan Crenshaw37' 9.25ORHosanna Christian
4.10Newton Allred37' 6ORPowers
5.12Iain Kennedy36' 9ORLife Christian
6.12Paul Justman36' 3ORHosanna Christian
7.10Cameron Perreault36' 2ORPowers
8.10Jack O'Leary34' 11ORPaisley
9.10Anthony Stephens34' 0ORNew Hope Christian
10.9Adam Arrington33' 10.5ORPaisley
Decathlon Score
1.12James Rossiter3830ORNew Hope Christian
2.12Tyler Park3385ORNew Hope Christian
3.9David Johnson2923ORNew Hope Christian
4.11Ben Leisy2501ORNew Hope Christian
5.9Daniel Rossiter1421ORNew Hope Christian

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.11Clare McKay13.24ORPaisley
2.10Anna Rose McKay13.59ORPaisley
3.11Taylor Ronnander13.74ORHosanna Christian
4.12Hannah Kirby13.84ORHosanna Christian
5.9Emma Thompson14.06ORHosanna Christian
6.10Cathy Cunningham14.14cORNew Hope Christian
10Brittany Shatto14.14ORLife Christian
9Ashley Griffin14.14cORPerrydale
9.9Bridget Regan14.17ORPerrydale
10.9Elana Hampton14.28ORHosanna Christian
200 Meters
1.12Hannah Kirby28.23ORHosanna Christian
2.11Clare McKay28.33ORPaisley
3.9Ashley Griffin28.44ORPerrydale
4.10Anna Rose McKay28.68ORPaisley
5.11Taylor Ronnander29.13ORHosanna Christian
6.10Brittany Shatto29.22ORLife Christian
7.10Cathy Cunningham29.48ORNew Hope Christian
8.10Chelsea Jones30.00ORNew Hope Christian
9.9Emma Thompson30.14cORHosanna Christian
10.12Haley Barnes30.79ORHosanna Christian
400 Meters
1.12Hannah Kirby1:02.74ORHosanna Christian
2.11Clare McKay1:04.41ORPaisley
3.10Anna Rose McKay1:04.44cORPaisley
4.9Bridget Regan1:06.29ORPerrydale
5.12Haley Barnes1:06.96ORHosanna Christian
6.12Elisabeth Overaasen1:09.09ORPerrydale
7.10Brittany Shatto1:09.13ORLife Christian
8.11AnnMarie Allen1:12.55ORPowers
9.12Danielle Myers1:14.14ORLife Christian
11Nicole Kandra1:14.14cORHosanna Christian
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Cathy Cunningham1:07.90cORNew Hope Christian
2.10Chelsea Jones1:08.50cORNew Hope Christian
3.10Jessica Goddard1:11.00cORNew Hope Christian
4.11Alese Kester1:13.90cORNew Hope Christian
800 Meters
1.11Mary Matchett2:24.30ORHosanna Christian
2.12Elisabeth Overaasen2:37.70ORPerrydale
3.10Lainie Ford2:43.47ORNorth Clackamas Christian
4.9Tess O'Leary2:43.82ORPaisley
5.12Danielle Myers2:44.17ORLife Christian
6.11Jessica Precourt2:58.02ORLife Christian
7.11Alese Kester3:07.88ORNew Hope Christian
8.11AnnMarie Allen3:09.9hORPowers
9.9Janette Brewer3:16.6hORPerrydale
10.10Nicole Delesha3:17.72ORPerrydale
1500 Meters
1.10Shelby Barter5:18.57ORLife Christian
2.9Tess O'Leary5:28.29ORPaisley
3.12Danielle Myers5:39.65ORLife Christian
4.11Jessica Precourt5:46.43ORLife Christian
5.10Lainie Ford5:53.87ORNorth Clackamas Christian
6.10Nicole Brooks5:54.80ORPerrydale
7.11Nicole Kandra5:59.10ORHosanna Christian
8.12Juli Beenen6:01.10ORPerrydale
9.11Sara Freitag6:27.5hORLife Christian
10.9Janette Brewer6:27.99ORPerrydale
1 Mile
1.10Shelby Barter5:57.18ORLife Christian
2.12Danielle Myers6:38.63ORLife Christian
3.11Nicole Kandra6:42.1hORHosanna Christian
4.11Sara Freitag7:04.1hORLife Christian
5.11Jessica Precourt7:15.6hORLife Christian
3000 Meters
1.10Shelby Barter11:30.12ORLife Christian
2.9Tess O'Leary11:50.73ORPaisley
3.11Nicole Kandra12:43.79ORHosanna Christian
4.11Sara Freitag14:28.1hORLife Christian
5.10Nicole Delesha14:30.7hORPerrydale
6.9Janette Brewer14:40.48ORPerrydale
7.11AnnMarie Allen14:43.6hORPowers
8.11Alese Kester15:46.87ORNew Hope Christian
9.12Michelle Aslakson16:18.4hORNew Hope Christian
10.12Yoonie Chung16:18.9hORNew Hope Christian
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Elana Hampton17.04 (-.6)ORHosanna Christian
2.9Emma Thompson18.49ORHosanna Christian
3.9Megan Abbott18.83ORNew Hope Christian
4.10Kaci O'Sullivan18.92ORPaisley
5.11Chaylena Campbell19.31ORPaisley
6.12Yoonie Chung20.74cORNew Hope Christian
11AnnMarie Allen20.74cORPowers
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Elana Hampton50.27ORHosanna Christian
2.9Emma Thompson51.42ORHosanna Christian
3.10Kaci O'Sullivan54.53ORPaisley
4.9Megan Abbott54.74cORNew Hope Christian
5.11AnnMarie Allen55.95ORPowers
6.12Yoonie Chung57.20ORNew Hope Christian
4x100 Relay
1.-Mary Matchett
Taylor Ronnander
Hannah Kirby
Elana Hampton
52.84ORHosanna Christian
2.-Hannah Kirby
Taylor Ronnander
Mary Matchett
Elana Hampton
52.96ORHosanna Christian
3.-Emma Thompson
Elana Hampton
Mary Matchett
Taylor Ronnander
53.08ORHosanna Christian
4.-Mary Matchett
Taylor Ronnander
Hannah Kirby
Emma Thompson
53.64ORHosanna Christian
5.-Elana Hampton
Hannah Kirby
Mary Matchett
Taylor Ronnander
53.74cORHosanna Christian
6.-Mary Matchett
Taylor Ronnander
Emma Thompson
Elana Hampton
53.87ORHosanna Christian
7.-Mary Matchett
Emma Thompson
Taylor Ronnander
Hannah Kirby
54.14cORHosanna Christian
8.-Emma Thompson
Elana Hampton
Mary Matchett
Hannah Kirby
54.74cORHosanna Christian
9.-Anna Rose McKay
Clare McKay
Joan McKay
Kaci O'Sullivan
10.-Chelsea Jones
Megan Abbott
Cathy Cunningham
Jessica Goddard
55.47ORNew Hope Christian
4x400 Relay
1.-Hannah Kirby
Haley Barnes
Elana Hampton
Mary Matchett
4:19.12ORHosanna Christian
2.-Tess O'Leary
Kaci O'Sullivan
Anna Rose McKay
Clare McKay
3.-Anna Rose McKay
Kaci O'Sullivan
Tess O'Leary
Clare McKay
4.-Mary Matchett
Elana Hampton
Hannah Kirby
Haley Barnes
4:25.36ORHosanna Christian
5.-Elana Hampton
Haley Barnes
Hannah Kirby
Mary Matchett
4:27.21ORHosanna Christian
6.-Hannah Kirby
Mary Matchett
Elana Hampton
Haley Barnes
4:29.5hORHosanna Christian
7.-Haley Barnes
Elana Hampton
Hannah Kirby
Mary Matchett
4:30.79ORHosanna Christian
8.-Chaylena Campbell
Tess O'Leary
Anna Rose McKay
Kaci O'Sullivan
9.-Haley Barnes
Hannah Kirby
Mary Matchett
Elana Hampton
4:33.52ORHosanna Christian
10.-Juli Beenen
Bridget Regan
Ashley Griffin
Elisabeth Overaasen
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Felicia Douglas32' 3ORLife Christian
2.10Tori Castle32' 0ORHosanna Christian
3.11Tessa Weems29' 9.5ORPaisley
4.9Megan Cummins26' 6ORPerrydale
5.12Liz Linderman25' 9.5ORPowers
6.12Olivia McIntyre25' 6.5ORPerrydale
7.10Chelsea Jones25' 6ORNew Hope Christian
8.11Katie Standley25' 4ORPowers
9.10Jessica Goddard24' 5ORNew Hope Christian
12Ashley Elliott24' 5ORHosanna Christian
Discus - 1kg
1.11Tessa Weems94' 6ORPaisley
2.11Katie Standley85' 9ORPowers
3.12Liz Linderman79' 0ORPowers
4.10Shyanne Barker78' 7ORNew Hope Christian
5.12Felicia Douglas73' 0ORLife Christian
6.12Michelle Aslakson70' 6ORNew Hope Christian
7.10Tori Castle67' 7ORHosanna Christian
8.11AnnMarie Allen66' 9ORPowers
9.11Chaylena Campbell64' 2ORPaisley
10.12Ashley Elliott60' 1ORHosanna Christian
Javelin - 600g
1.12Liz Linderman99' 3ORPowers
2.11Taylor Stallard93' 8ORPowers
3.10Jessica Goddard87' 4ORNew Hope Christian
4.12Olivia McIntyre79' 9ORPerrydale
5.9Adamma Robb76' 7ORNorth Clackamas Christian
6.11AnnMarie Allen76' 4ORPowers
7.10Shyanne Barker75' 11ORNew Hope Christian
8.9Megan Abbott74' 10ORNew Hope Christian
9.10Kionna Jones59' 8ORNorth Clackamas Christian
10.11Katie Standley58' 2ORPowers
High Jump
1.11Clare McKay4' 10ORPaisley
2.11Nicole Kandra4' 6ORHosanna Christian
10Kaci O'Sullivan4' 6ORPaisley
4.12Juli Beenen4' 2ORPerrydale
Pole Vault
1.10Kaci O'Sullivan8' 0ORPaisley
2.9Tess O'Leary7' 6ORPaisley
11Nicole Kandra7' 6ORHosanna Christian
4.12Haley Barnes7' 0ORHosanna Christian
Long Jump
1.11Clare McKay15' 11.5ORPaisley
2.10Anna Rose McKay15' 6ORPaisley
3.10Cathy Cunningham14' 0.5ORNew Hope Christian
4.9Ashley Griffin13' 8ORPerrydale
5.11AnnMarie Allen12' 11ORPowers
6.10Nicole Brooks12' 2.5ORPerrydale
7.9Tess O'Leary12' 1.5ORPaisley
8.11Taylor Stallard12' 1ORPowers
9.12Michelle Aslakson12' 0.5ORNew Hope Christian
10.12Yoonie Chung11' 11.5ORNew Hope Christian
Triple Jump
1.10Cathy Cunningham32' 0.25ORNew Hope Christian
2.11Mary Matchett31' 11ORHosanna Christian
3.9Tess O'Leary29' 2.75ORPaisley
4.11Taylor Stallard27' 10ORPowers
5.12Michelle Aslakson26' 5.5ORNew Hope Christian
6.12Yoonie Chung24' 7.5ORNew Hope Christian
7.9Mackenzie Aslakson22' 9ORNew Hope Christian
8.11Alese Kester15' 4ORNew Hope Christian
9.10Winnie Yiu14' 2ORNew Hope Christian

* = Recent improvement

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